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What gets you excited?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now, once you've gotten your mind out of the gutter . . . c'mon, I know you went there.

Still thinking about goals. A goal should be exciting:

A first race, of whatever length

A great vacation

A shopping spree

Monthly massages

Well, you now know what gets me excited. Not the racing one, though. I like testing myself, but I can't say as I really get excited (and correspondingly I don't get nervous) about races. Maybe if it were in a great location? I'm pretty sure I could get excited about that.

I was thinking about how excited I was to go to Hawaii. It was almost all I could think about -- and obviously talk about! It didn't disappoint, either, and the best thing was I took away some of that calm and happiness with me. At least for a little while.

At the moment winter is really trying to beat me down. We're going thru our 3rd snowstorm of significance in as many weeks. It's hard to get out and exercise, and I've been flirting with (but thankfully so far not succumbing to) the same cold for the entire month, too.

While I am still motivated, at the moment I'm not finding much to get excited about. And so far I haven't been able to come up with much to get excited about, either.

And that's the rub -- you need to be as excited as if you're going to Hawaii. I suppose you don't, really, but it gives you that extra edge. That laser-like focus. I'll keep thinking about it, anyway.

In line with yesterday's blog, I am also trying to listen to my body. ST is on the menu today. Except I was sneezing all over the place yesterday and my throat is a tiny bit sore. So I think I will take today as a pseudo-rest day -- minus the shoveling, and maybe some gentle yoga. But I'm going to take my pedometer off and not do any Leslie or treadmill or the planned ST.

Instead I'm sucking on zinc lozenges and downing herbal teas. And because DH decided the dogs needed to go out a bit early & did it, I'm still in my jammies. I'll be getting dressed at some point -- there will be paths to shovel in the backyard. I think DH is getting his 3rd snow day of the month. We're not expecting as much as the last time, but it might include some sleet later on, it's really coming down at the moment, and they haven't even attempted to clear our street yet.

I had planned some of my tofu pasta for lunch today, but I'm going to try to make cauliflower soup instead if I can muster the energy. Much more nutrition (not to mention fewer calories since I mostly plan to be a couch potato).

I know this blog probably sounds down, but I probably don't feel as down as it sounds. Just a bit eh. Again. And working out my thoughts via blogging.

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KIMPOSSIBLE82 1/19/2011 12:19PM

    The soup sounds really good. I hope it helped you feel better. This is the time of year to start planning a great summer trip -- or, even better -- spring break!

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TEMPEST272002 1/18/2011 1:49PM

    Funny, I was just thinking this morning that we're at that point in winter when we just can't wait for it to be over! Hawaii would be lovely right about now... or anywhere else with warm water to swim in.
emoticon emoticon

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CITYZOZO 1/18/2011 10:35AM

    great thoughtful blog..zo

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LEONALIONESS 1/18/2011 10:22AM

    I'm registered to run the Portland, OR 40th anniversary marathon in October. I'm SO EXCITED. It's so so far away but I'm still so so so excited. My bestie is going to try to come, too and we just loved Portland last time we were there. The sheer amount of amazing vegan food was just... wow. And it's a beautiful city.

We figure we'll get in a couple days before the race and then spend more of our vacay after the race. We can do our recovery eating and mandatory non-exercise together while walking Portland (good for legs!) and feeling no food guilt. Heh. So. Darn. Excited.

I do have some other fun races planned, too. Going to Green Bay to visit my Nana and run a half in May. It finishes on Lambeau field, which should be interesting (even though I have no real interest in anything sports related at all!) AND there is a raw vegan restaurant there that has gotten great reviews. Yes, I'm all about destination racing places where I can try new vegan food! I love to run, I love to eat. It's a win win. LOL.

I'm doing the Minneapolis Marathon and that'll be my first marathon in my hometown with the big crowds. :D My friend Annette might be trying to come run it with me, too, which would be great! She's an online only buddy currently so I'd love to meet her.

We were supposed to be going on a week long Caribbean cruise in April but Carnival screwed us over. :( A vegan blogger/chef set it up and did long talks to ensure that the cruise line would provide us with a vegan menu so we wouldn't be stuck eating bagels, muesli, dry salads and raw veg/fruit for a week. They told her they'd be happy to feed us and it'd be no problem. Yay. About 100 vegans signed up for the cruise. Then Lindsay accidentally finds out they WON'T accommodate us and that their solution was for her to "talk to the waiter" when we got to meals. Um... there are 100 of us. A HUNDRED. How on earth could a chef handle that just dropped in his lap? After a lot of back and forth, her offering to help alter their vegetarian menu, etc. they said that they wouldn't do any of it for us. So we all canceled. Still bummed. :(

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NATPLUMMER 1/18/2011 10:12AM

    Hopefully you will finally fight off this bug and will be gone instead of toying with you. Get some rest. Try not to spend too much time outside shoveling.

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FRECKS96 1/18/2011 9:38AM

    It is that time of year. It's part of the reason I went swimming Sunday-to try and get out of my exercise rut.

Some British psychologist said that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. So, if that's true, then things can only get better from here on out. Or at least until June 17th, which he says is the happiest day of the year.

Feel Better!

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MZSLYDE01 1/18/2011 8:45AM

    I think it's called CABIN FEVER..... When we get all this snow, sleet, and gloom it tends to mess with our moods.
I know you will get up and get going. And if not maybe you need the rest.
Hope you feel better. That cauliflower soup might do the trick - that sounds good. I have never made it but might try to find a recipe and do it. The hubs and me love soup.
Have a wonderful day. emoticon

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SKINNYPOWELL1 1/18/2011 7:56AM

    Hope you feel better, and if I know you, you will find something to get excited about and.... you won't take it easy today, you'll find a workout to do, perhaps a run on the treadmill. You're like me, we can't just sit still. Being stuck inside during the winter is really getting to a lot of people, me included. Our weather here is not too bad, but cold is NOT fun. We can dream of spring. Enjoy your day.

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What does my body really want?

Monday, January 17, 2011

First, just let me say, it's not everyone that gets to meditate in the morning with a purring cat in their lap. Or try doing up dog with one on your back!

Not quite sure what got into Giz this morning. The animals tend to stay far away from me when I'm exercising -- they don't want to get stepped on, no doubt -- but something about yoga attracts them.

Gizmo doesn't usually lay on my back, so what possessed him to crawl up onto it while I was doing some cobras in preparation for up dog I'll never know. He must've been channeling one of my previous cats who used to love to lay on my back.

After my blog yesterday & some of the comments, I got to musing on the blog title. Specifically, worrying a bit about eating too much or too much of the wrong things. Thinking that if I gave myself free reign to eat what I really want, I'd be downing chocolate bars and suzy-qs all day long.

But when I thought some more about it, I knew that wasn't really true. There was a day, long ago, that it would have been true -- but no more. Because now I know indulging in those things to excess does not make me feel good.

Too much fat and sugar gives me headaches and makes me tired & sluggish.

The real trick, I suppose, is listening to what your BODY really wants, not what your mind says YOU want.

It takes a lot of practice, and like anything that must be learned, you must fail sometimes so that you can learn from your failures. In fact, chances are you're going to fail a lot of times. But you WILL learn. Someday you will learn that the things your mind want aren't really what your body wants. You will begin to crave the things that make your body feel good.

And what makes my body feel good might not be what makes YOUR body feel good. Which is why you have to keep an open mind and experiment. Listen to your body. Figure out what makes it feel good, and what doesn't.

Someday, perhaps, I will intuitively know what my body needs and give it to myself. For now, though, I still have to play referee. Because my mind might still say I need more than my body really wants, or it might decide it wants something my body really doesn't want.

It was still a revelation to me to realize that my body really does know what it wants; it's just my mind that sometimes gets in the way of giving it the right things.

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DEE797 1/18/2011 1:31PM

    I am also trying hard to listen to my body without my mind taking over. I love your insightful blogs. You have a way of getting to the heart of things.

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NATPLUMMER 1/17/2011 8:20PM

    Some days I listen to my body more than my mind and some days, not so much. The days I listen to my body are far greater.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 1/17/2011 1:04PM

    Great insight, I am trying more and more to listen to my body and not give it what my mind THINKS it wants. Takes a lot of discpline.

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EOSTAR_45 1/17/2011 12:38PM

    :-) Must have been such a sight--the pets helping out.

The eternal food fight--body vs mind! I am working on listening to my body. Am I hungry? How do I feel when I eat this or that? Am I really hungry?? Or maybe just thirsty or maybe just bored. It is a slow learning process for sure.

Great blog.

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 1/17/2011 10:54AM

    Oh, dear heavens, I just had a response typed up and I accidently hit some button which cleared it all.

Anyway, an excellent thought-provoking blog. It is inspiring to think that deep down my body does know what is best for me.

As for exercising and pets......they do seem to get very excited when we get down on their level! I'm going to take my "beasts" out for "our" walk in a few minutes. It is a beautiful sunny day here, with a light snow down and about -5 degrees C.

Take care!

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TEMPEST272002 1/17/2011 10:27AM

    Dog definitely wants to "help" me with my workouts! We're working on teaching her that she can't bite my hair while I'm doing crunches on the ball!

You mentioned on my blog that Dog looks like a small breed... but the vet estimated that she'll be 90-100lbs when full grown (she was 30lbs at 13 weeks). She's a mutt, so it's hard to determine what breeds are in her... but the vet is guessing Irish Wolfhound is in the mix!

I relate to what you said about learning to differeniate between what the body wants & what the mind wants. I guess it's a matter of being mindful of it.

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KARBIE18 1/17/2011 9:12AM

    Sunnie likes to HELP me do yoga. Weird.

I just don't know if I can tell what my body wants. I crave veggies, fruits and dairy more often than I crave junk, but the junk cravings definitely seem the strongest. And it occured to me after I posted my reply to your blog yesterday that PMS is upon me, and it likely had more to do with my carb cravings than winter does. I actually didn't feel too bad after that carb loading, but I do know that once I eat that way, I tend to want more the next day. Fortunately, I stuck to my guns, and ate well yesterday. Today will be more of the same, and hopefully I can get throught he rest of PMS and TOM without another one of those days.

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A weird week of eating

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I was thinking, today, that maybe we are truly meant to slow down during the winter. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean we shouldn't move or that we should hibernate, but that it really ought to be a time of rest & renewal. Not just at new year's, but during all of the dark, short winter days. A time to reflect -- before our "rebirth" during the spring.

I try to eat seasonally, in general, with some exceptions (bananas & avocados don't grow here at all, and I do eat them year round -- not to mention you wouldn't be finding a whole lot of lettuce outside just now either). My cravings definitely change during the winter, too.

This week has been particularly weird in the eating department. I'd plan out healthy foods, and then just change my mind at the last minute. Oh, what I chose was also healthy, but heavy on the carbs and lighter on the veggies. I've gotten in my 5 servings of freggies, but usually I get in way more.

Friday, for instance, I was going to make some soup. But by the time I was done with my run it was getting later and I was hungry and I didn't really feel like making soup. Instead I made one of my favorite pasta dishes, which is *almost* healthy: whole wheat shells with tofu & vegenaise (vegetarian mayo). Not a veggie in the sight. Would definitely be healthy if it weren't for the mayo -- it's meant to resemble pasta with cottage cheese. I could live off that stuff like I could live off my oatmeal + cashini + chocolate chips.

Unfortunately when dinner rolled around, I really just didn't feel like cooking. We haven't eaten dinner out in over a month. We've had takeout a few times, but haven't gone out to eat (the last time we even went out to eat was on New Year's Day after my race).

I didn't want pizza -- I'd already carb-loaded for the day! It wasn't that long since we'd had Chinese and I'm getting a bit bored with that. In the end, I made some Indian frozen dinners I'd picked up recently. Which is kind of weird in and of itself cause I almost never make frozen dinners at all. It was veggie "meat" balls and a steamed chickpea patty & I added some baby carrots on the side. It was good, and they had a short ingredient list that were all real foods!

And then yesterday I made waffles for dinner. Homemade, from scratch, buckwheat waffles. Once again, nary a veggie in sight.

I don't usually eat a lot of pasta or bread, and I think my body just wanted it. It wasn't like these were intense cravings, it was more "this is just what I feel like eating right now".

Right now I feel good about my choices. Hopefully I can hold on to those feelings on my WI day.

Do you find you crave different foods in different seasons?

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KANSASROSE67 1/17/2011 1:14PM

    I think you're right. I've always believed what we crave changes with the seasons. And I think it's ok as long as we keep it moderate and mindful!

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LEONALIONESS 1/16/2011 3:58PM

    Yup, I'm eating more grain based carbs than usual, too.
I'm still eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies (thought yesterday was a bit light) but I find myself wanting whole wheat pasta, starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and squash and I'm absolutely loving my hot oats.

Yesterday it was really lots of grains! Oats with banana and chia/PB for breakfast, a Luna bar post run, ww vegan mac n' cheese for lunch (with some dehydrated kale chips and an apple), ethiopian for dinner (split peas, stew with carrots, cabbage, potatoes and greens with LOTS of delicious injera) and then I made myself my newest favorite treats for dessert - protein brownie with part defatted peanut flour and part ww flour AND a peanut butter/ww flour mini pancake dealy. It was less than 1/4 c. of wheat flour in my desserts, total, but yeah.

I did my longest run since the marathon (8.5) and did it outside in the cold so I decided if my body said "hey, some grain would be stellar!" I'd just do 'er up.

I'm rolling with it. I figure at least I'm eating ww flour! My nutrients were all right on and I've already had raw kale salad and a bowl of homemade, veggie heavy soup for lunch today. :)

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NATPLUMMER 1/16/2011 9:48AM

    That pasta dish sounds a lot like one my Mom used to make with cottage cheese and sour cream. I have changed it as an adult to use whole wheat shells and greek yogurt. I also throw in some veggies but I can't make it when my husband is home ;-)
We do sometimes have frozen Indian meals night. At least they are relatively healthy and have a lot of veggies.
Buckwheat waffles...yum. Except I'm more of a pancake person than a waffle person.
Winter does sort seem more carb heavy in general. I guess it's more comforting in a way.

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KARBIE18 1/16/2011 9:30AM

    I have been eating fairly well this month, but yesterday I was definitely craving carbs. Had the hungries all day, too. By 10:30 in the morning I had already eaten breakfast AND lunch! Everything was relatively healthy, but seriously carb laden. Or cheese-filled. Made meatless lasagne for dinner, and couldn't keep out of the fresh parm (thought of you and BLTs!). And I didn't measure much of anything.

I've decided I can't possibly afford to do that again today and maintain the pound I just lost, so the goal for the next couple of days is to stick to the plan. But in answer to your question, winter definitely makes me crave carbs.

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XFITSTRONG 1/16/2011 9:28AM

    What an interesting thought! I have never really looked at it having to do with seasons, but I think you are right. I much prefer fresh fruits and veggies when it is hot outside... it's hard for me to eat them when it is cold. I am going to keep note of this... very interesting!

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FRECKS96 1/16/2011 8:56AM

    I absolutely think our bodies cycle naturally with the seasons. It's one of the ways we've adapted. I know I also tend to be more carb heavy in the winter, especially with things like sweet potatoes (yum!)

I also don't grill as much, so I find we eat a lot less steak in the winter, much more chicken and pork.

Enjoy the variety, stick to your portions and lets hope spring is right around the corner.

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4 steps to a better race (not only for runners)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last year my goal was just to run one 5k, something I'd never done before in my life. I ran two, months apart. So I focused on each one -- working hard, trying to do speedwork, tapering, and so on.

This year I plan to race more than last year. I'm not sure how many I plan to run -- not planning on going nutso -- but I've done my first race already and have loose plans for at least 3 more. Reading "The Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running" has helped me to look at racing in a whole new way.

Instead of focusing on each individual race, I'm focusing more on the "important" one -- my first 10k (altho I don't yet know when that will actually be). And here are the 4 steps the author suggests:

1. Base building

Just getting the miles in. Not worrying so much about the types of runs you're doing, just doing it, basically.

2. Strengthening

Basically, go longer and harder to build up strength.

3. Sharpening

Focus more on speedwork to get more speed.

4. Tapering

Lightening up your workouts so you're fresh for your race

So that's one way you can break it down for your most important races. The other races? You can view them as training for the "big" one.

And for you non-runners, here's a quote that I think applies very well to our healthy lifestyle journeys:

"You'll need to practice your prerace planning, physical preparation, a positive attitude, self-control, wise choices, and yes, a bit of dumb luck."

Boy, if that doesn't describe the process of losing weight succinctly or what?!

And finally, I found this quote that really speaks to me about my own problems with my plateau:

"Of course you're going to feel tired. But quite often, if you can hang on through a rough segment of a run or race, you'll eventually feel fresher -- in fact, chances are that you'll go through such ups and downs in the course of a race. If you're busy destroying your momentum with negative thinking you'll never find your second wind. By becoming used to the sensation of fatigue and responding with assurance you can train yourself to run through it."

Good advice for running. Good advice for losing weight. Good advice for life!

Are you reading anything that's inspiring you?

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XFITSTRONG 1/17/2011 9:23AM

    I have that book and I love it. It is very motivating and encouraging! I also highly reccommend Jeff Galloway's books. His method of run/walk is what is giving the strength and the courage to go for the half marathon. When you run/walk you can preserve your energy and strength and actually go some considerable distance.

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 1/17/2011 5:39AM

    Great blog! I found it ALL inspiring but especially the quote about plateaus! Thank you for always managing to brighten my day! emoticon

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HALFFAST 1/15/2011 12:45PM

    "Are you reading anything that's inspiring you?" Yes I am- this blog! emoticon

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TAFODIL24 1/15/2011 12:06PM

    great tips ~ thank you for sharing! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 1/15/2011 9:04AM

    Excellent advice for everything. I have that book as well but haven't gotten to that part yet.

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SHEILA1505 1/15/2011 8:31AM

    This is indeed excellent advice for living! Thanx, Judy.

I am reading (well, dipping into - it has been my companion for many months already) Romancing the Ordinary - A Year of Simple Splendour by Sarah Ban Breathnach - which goes hand in hand with my daily Gratitudes and reminds me to take joy in the crisp scrunch of autumn leaves underfoot, the white foam of the white horses on the sea when the wind howls across the bay and the exquisite aromas of spices and many other simple pleasures like using the best linens for oneself

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What I DO love about running

Friday, January 14, 2011

I spend a lot of time running, and a lot of time explaining why I don't love to run. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate it; if I did, I wouldn't still be doing it after a couple of years. It's just that I don't love it like some of my other spark buddies do -- for instance, it would make me very unhappy if I could never swim again.

Can I say the same about running?

Maybe, actually. Because one of the things I love about running is how I feel after I run. Maybe not really a high, but I sure do feel good. Even when it's been a hard workout, I usually feel energized -- more energized than I think any other workout leaves me feeling. I certainly don't get the same feeling from walking, and I do love to walk (probably cause it isn't as difficult).

The other thing I really love about running is the efficiency. I have no trouble getting in all my steps when I run. I may not get them all in during my run, but the rest of my everyday activities usually insures I do get them in.

Let's take yesterday, for instance. I got up & did 2 fast miles with Leslie. Then I shoveled some paths in the backyard and the front walk & steps. Later in the day I did about half an hour of ST plus 20 minutes of walk intervals on the treadmill. Finished off by 30 minutes of swimming -- really easy swimming, easier than normal, cause I was feeling exhausted since the previous night (must be all that shoveling -- we had enough snow that we had to shovel more than once throughout the day).

The final verdict? Less than 10,000 steps. Obviously I don't get steps for swimming, but I really didn't push myself cause I was very tired. Used it more as a way to relax (unlike running, swimming for me is very Zen and leaves me feeling very relaxed).

So there you have it. And a question for all you runners out there: do you have a favorite running sparkteam?

And a question for the foodies to end. I was inspired by my WW meeting yesterday to try to work more power foods into my day. I'd already planned a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. This is something I almost never eat -- it's a real treat -- and I made sure it would fit into a healthy eating day.

After my meeting, tho, I decided I would bump up the sandwich with some tofu to make it more filling, figuring the tofu would bulk it up (full fat cheese, which is what I use, is highly caloric after all and makes for a very thin sandwich). So I fried up tofu slices without any fat, put the cheese slices on top to get them a bit melty, and then assembled & grilled my sandwich.

Not exactly a fail, but not a win, either. What can I do to the tofu to make it more tasty? Didn't take on as much flavor of the cheese as I'd hoped to, which was a bit of a bummer as the sandwich turned out just beautifully grilled -- you know how sometimes it doesn't brown enough or it gets a bit burnt? No, this was just perfectly grilled.

The only thing I've come up with so far is to maybe dredge the tofu in some nutritional yeast.

What do you love about your favorite form of exercise? Share it -- maybe it will inspire someone who hates exercising to try something new & fall in love with it!

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HEYRED221 1/14/2011 9:07PM

    I am thinking about doing a training program for beginning runners. Its starts out really slow and the goal is to work towards a 5k in 3 months.

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 1/14/2011 4:38PM

    To be completely honest, I've never ever tasted tofu but I've heard that it is pretty bland so you have to spice it up.

Would you believe that my first grilled cheese was introduced to me about 6 years ago by a fellow originally from Maryland but now living in Australia. He made them for us one day when he was visiting and we all loved them. Talk about leading a sheltered life!!!!

Now I'm hungry....

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HALFFAST 1/14/2011 4:28PM

    I have really tried to like tofu. I've tried it in several different forms and prepared different ways, but honestly, YUCK! I just can't do it. Same goes with beans. Guess I'll never make it as a vegetarian ;)

I don't really have a favorite running team. I prefer reading others' blogs about running, along with the comments they get.

I'm sure you know my favorite exercise is indeed running :) Why? Well partly, like you, it's the feeling afterward. The sense of accomplishment. All my life I've started things and then not finished them. Running is different. I don't even know how to explain it. The main reason though, is kind of silly really, but when I think back to happy childhood memories, I remember running. Nowhere in particular, just running, as fast as I could. It made me happy. And you know what? That's exactly how I feel again now :)

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NATPLUMMER 1/14/2011 2:01PM

    I guess I'm weird because I actually like tofu just by itself. You could marinate it in some teriyaki sauce or just put a dry rub of spices on it to give it extra flavor.
I haven't had grilled cheese in ages. I think I have had enough cheese for this week already so may next week. It does sound good.
I really do love running. But if I can't, I certainly get a great workout on the elliptical. If I can't do that, then I complain. ;-)

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ROBINKP1 1/14/2011 11:45AM

    I loved your blog. I have thought about taking running up - but really don't know how to get started. I'm sure I'd get more of the results I am wanting - if I did run.

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JRIMM4 1/14/2011 11:16AM

    How thin did you slice the tofu? I'm picturing how I would go about hiding tofu in a grilled cheese. I'm thinking 2 or three VERY thin slices, rather than one thicker one. As mentioned above I'd sear each with a bit of olive oil and some seasonings, then put chese between each slice - sort of like cheese smothered tofu inside the bread lol. They key IMO would be in the slicing of both the tofu and the cheese, keeping your calories where you want them to be but allowing enough 'pieces' to cover the tofu completely and the cheese to melt correctly.

My favorite exercise is hiking. It allows me to explore the outdoors, get lots of fresh air, see scenery I'd not otherwise see. I like long hikes, ones that are varied in terrian. Night hikes are also fun for a very different perspective. You see very different things visiting one trail in daylight and then visiting that same trial with only a headlamp to guide you. Hiking finds those hidden muscles in my body which really need work, IMO much easier (and more complete) than trying to isolate them in the gym. I always feel exhausted yet energized after a long hike - its the best feeling!


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FRECKS96 1/14/2011 10:37AM

    No advice on the tofu other than to season it heavily before you sear it. Maybe with a dash of olive oil and some Italian herbs?

As for the running, I don't have a favorite Sparkteam for running but I will say that it has quickly become one of my favorite exercises. And like you, I don't always love it while I'm doing it, but it does help me clear my mind and it gives me a way to compete against myself. I'm always running to beat my time.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 1/14/2011 9:45AM

    Grill cheese is my favorite, I'm hungry just thinking of it. Can't offer much in the tofu area, but great job on trying. Enjoy your day and WOW, running, swimming and ST all in one day - YOU ROCK !!!! emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 1/14/2011 8:44AM

    My fave is bike riding - a carryover from early childhood. Have a fun weekend.

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MZSLYDE01 1/14/2011 8:44AM

    HMMM - The tofu dilema - HOW TO GET FLAVOR.... I am not sure about this one except marinate it before hand with something - I love Tofu but usually buy it pre-made at my local health food store so I don't have to deal with cooking it myself. Sorry I am no help in that.
However I must say loved your blog - I love swimming too and I don't hardly ever get to do it. Maybe I will get to swim more when the weather gets nice again. I am glad you get to do it even when it's nasty outside - That would be nice.
I love any form of exercise - Just because it makes you feel so good.

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BEEBEE1936 1/14/2011 8:09AM

    Nice blog. Wish I could add to it and say I loved running, or swimming or any exercise. Its a little late for me (because of age and health issues). I would like to encourage younger ones to get involved in running now, while they can. When I read these comments about running and marathons etc., I am so envious. Because now I would love to run, but can't. Should have started earlier. So "go for it"--enjoy--have fun. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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