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Ask for what you need . . .

Sunday, June 08, 2008

. . . but do the work.

Have you read "The Secret"? Believe in the law of attraction? Many people believe that it means if you ask for what you want, you'll get it. Which is an oversimplification. Bear in mind I haven't read "The Secret"; and if you're interested in more information, there are some Sparkteams around that are law of attraction-themed, I believe (hey, you do the work -- find them if you're interested).

And that's the point. Yes, you do have to put out there what you want. Part of my longhand journal is a list, every day, of 10 things I want. They can be big things; they may be small things; they may be things I want to happen that day; they may be things I know won't come for a while.

Just asking for them isn't enough. I have to do the work, too. One thing that is almost always on the list is to lose more pounds and inches. And as I've begun to set some specific weight-related goals, they're in there too.

But that doesn't mean I just sit back, eat anything I want, never get off my butt, and expect the weight will magically melt off. It means I've got to get out there and move. It means I have to plan what I eat. It means I have to be conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth, and why.

I think part of the reason making these kinds of lists works is because it keeps your goals in mind. Which is a reason I took the top 3 things I most want to happen, wrote them down on a post-it note, and put in on my monitor. So I see it every day. 2 of the 3 things have already happened. The third (or the first, according to my list) is a biggie, and something that's actually mostly out of my control. But I still keep that in my thoughts, which helps me ponder how I might help it happen.

So now it's probably time to make a new list.

ETA: I just wanted to make one comment about eating every 2-3 hours. We're not robots. If I'm not hungry, then I don't eat. I listen to my body. There are times I'm perfectly content to go from breakfast to lunch without eating anything, although they're rare. It's not a contest to see if I can, tho; if I'm hungry, I eat, and if I'm not, I don't. That's what thin people do naturally!

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KITS4CHANGE 6/9/2008 11:24AM

    Very well said! You too, WoodlandM!

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WOODLANDMYST 6/8/2008 12:33PM

  Giving you a round of applause! I couldn't agree with you more. We do indeed have to work to reach our goals - but we also have to believe. Believe in ourselves, believe in our abilities and believe we are deserving. I'm also applying the same priniciples to my eating - eat when hungry (ie: don't eat just cause the clock says it's time to), eat slowly, etc. I work at being a thin person, acting like one, eating like one.

I haven't read The Secret, but I have read "The Seven Secrets of Slim People", "Diets Don't Work" and "Thin Within". They all have a common theme. All these voices all these years and I'm just now hearing it. Better late than never!!

And there's a copy of "Quantum Wellness" is waiting patiently on my nightstand. Going off now to make my list.....

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Clean eating

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hmm, did I already write this blog post? The title came up when I started to type if.

If you haven't heard of clean eating, check out www.cleaneatdiet.com . There's also a magazine, "Clean Eating" (not to mention books, of course). And a sparkteam, http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/groups_

Truly, I've been eating clean, mostly, for a while now. I know when I first started WW, a couple of decades ago, I used a lot of their products. And I'd still like to: some of the desserts and snack stuff looks so yummy, and is so low in points. But read the ingredients, folks: there's a lot of artificial junk in there. It's very disappointing. It's one of the few areas where I think WW has really failed.

Which brings me to another reason I love WW: it's a business, never mistake that. If they didn't make money, they wouldn't still be around. Of course part of the reason they're still around is that it actually works if you work the program, but the bottom line is that it's a business.

So what's to love? It may be a business, but all those involved have been in the same boat you are, and they genuinely care about you. They may mention products, but they'll never give you a hard sell. I can't say the same of some of the other weight loss programs I've checked out.

And the internet is your friend, folks. You can find out a lot about the various weight loss programs by googling. You've got to weigh the good & the bad, and weed out the disgruntled, because there will always be the disgruntled. But if you consider it carefully, you can get a pretty good idea.

Finally, back to clean eating. One of its tenets is to eat every 2 - 3 hours. Now, I know everyone is different, and what works for one person won't necessarily work for everyone. But this really works for me. I am rarely hungry during the day. This is not an invitation to binge, but you start to get truly hungry after 4 - 5 hours -- and when you're too hungry, you tend to grab whatever is right in front of you (which is a good reason to put those fruit & veggies front & center in your refrigerator); it can just lead to very bad decisions.

Thought for the day:

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this you haven't."
-- Thomas Edison

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MTER67 6/7/2008 9:58AM

    Love the Edison quote. You always find the best quotes! I am a big believer in eating every couple hours. If I know I am going to be out for a while, I will pack a Soyjoy bar or a banana in the car. It saves me from stopping to grab fast food because it tides me over until I can get home and eat a proper lunch. When I am really, really hungry, I get very irritable and shaky--then, I'll grab the fastest, most "comforting" food I can find. It's often not the healthy stuff, so it pays to keep fueling myself every couple hours.

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Why scales are evil

Friday, June 06, 2008

No, I haven't gained a lot of weight. The opposite, in fact (for me). I almost missed my WW meeting this morning. I opened the door to take the dogs for the walk, and it started to rain . . . and didn't stop for an hour and a half. So much for our 10% chance of rain (we really need it, though).

Luckily, it stopped in enough time so that I could take them on a short walk and go. Now, it's been almost 2 weeks since I weighted in, simply because I was going to the Sunday meeting and wanted to try today's meeting. I didn't feel a connection with the leader of the Sunday meeting, and besides, it's a shot in the arm to be able to go before the weekend. Or motivation to do better.

Imagine my shock when I opened my booklet and saw -4.8. OMG, almost 5 pounds? Are you kidding me? I still think there's something wrong with that scale. Granted, that's over a 2 week period, but for me, that's still excellent. Totally unexpected.

And here is where we get to the evil part. I really don't feel almost 5 pounds thinner. I also keep in mind that I was weighing in at 2pm before (after lunch), vs 10:30am -- that may account for some of it. You WILL weight differently throughout the day. You WILL weight differently if you don't weigh yourself on the same scale, at the same time, on the same day of the week. This is why weighing yourself multiple times a day, especially on different scales, is a really bad idea (the scales at WW are calibrated before meetings, btw).

Even more evil? Of course I'm elated. The power of numbers; it's truly amazing. I'm also not cocky; I know it might be that the next time I weigh in I could stay the same, or I could even gain weight. It's possible. No one loses weight steadily. No one. Which is why I celebrate the non-scale victories, too. Which is why I won't weigh in next week, although I will go to the meeting.

And then, of course, you start playing games with yourself. You've got to eat the same things, or weigh on exactly the same scale, or wear the same clothes (okay, guilty there, I've been wearing the same pair of jeans each week). The truth is none of those things matter; what matters is what I put in my mouth, how much I move my body, and how much I dig into my feelings that caused me to gain weight in the first place -- because it's rarely about the food, not really.

And the meeting? It was great. I really, really liked this leader. This is a better time for me. I'll stick with these Friday meetings, when I can.

I think SP + WW is going to work very well for me. WW keeps me accountable. It's got the virtue of meeting with real live people. And it actually forces me to eat just a little less than counting calories alone do, which may account for the weight loss over the past 2 weeks. SP keeps me motivated -- both my friends encouraging me, and encouraging or helping others. It's always there for me. It's priceless, and it's free.

And don't worry, I'm no saint. I already claimed my weight loss on my ticker!

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OHNOYOUDONT 6/7/2008 2:13PM

    How funny since my post today was before I read yours, but really helps me to put it in perspective. Congratulations to you though!!!

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KARBIE18 6/6/2008 10:24PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I would be stunned if I lost that much in a two week period. I'm glad to hear you like this leader - I would think that would make a huge difference in a person's motivation to attend. Anyway, I think reading your blogs played a big part in convincing me not to worry about the scale so much, and to pay closer attention to the other signs of fitness. As I said before, we seem (until this week!) to lose weight at a similar rate, and you, and some of my other SP friends, helped me see that that's okay. I'm grateful, and I'm happy to hear your efforts have paid off for you in such a big way this week!

Best of luck to you,


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MTER67 6/6/2008 10:11PM

    You nailed it--all the reasons I hate scales, too. There are just too many variables. When I was doing a fitness boot camp last fall, we had to weigh in on Monday mornings. I was always careful not to gulp much water before class and to wear the same "lightweight" shorts and tee. It was silly, really, but the scale wields incredible power! Your pictures have already shown the progress you've made, so I think you are justified in doing a "happy dance" because of your scale loss, too. Congrats on your progess.

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VEGANSUNNY 6/6/2008 4:54PM

    Haha. Well, when you put it that way, yes, they're evil!


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Friday Fit Tip: Curbing sugar cravings

Friday, June 06, 2008

If you're like me, sugar is one of your big downfalls. And it isn't an easy one to kick, either. So here are some tips:

1. Drink some water and wait 20 minutes. Sometimes we think we're hungry when we're really thirsty (that's where those 8 glasses of water a day comes in), and it takes about 20 minutes after eating to feel full.

2. Wait it out & be mindful of how it actually feels to crave sugar. What physical sensations are you feeling? Is it making you irritable? Giving you a headache? Making you jittery? Maybe if you really allow yourself to feel it, you'll find it's not that bad a feeling after all.

3. Substitute something healthier. Fruit, yogurt, a smoothie, pudding -- whatever works for you. Personally, I'm not a big fan of sugar substitutes. I think it's okay to have real sugar, but in moderation, like everythng else. I just feel sugar substitutes are too processed, and I try to stay away from processed foods.

Last night I was debating whether or not to have one of the brownies I'd made. Not high fat, but not without calories, either. Intensely chocolate (but no butter or eggs; a vegan recipe). But small, and I was hungry.

I realized for the same number of points I could make myself a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie -- much more satisfying, and much better ingredients for me. Doesn't hurt that today is my WW weigh-in. That is the one good thing about weighing yourself -- it helps you to weigh your decisions, too! I went with the smoothie.

Oh, and those peanut butter M&Ms I picked up 3 weeks ago on my vacation? Still untouched. I'll eat them someday, but so far, they haven't called my name.

4. This one I picked up on SP: resist your cravings all day. Reward yourself with a non-food reward at the end of the day for not caving in.

5. Finally, employ good ole HALT (are you hungry, angry, lonely, tired?).

Got another good way to cure the sugar blues? Share it!

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DOODERQUEEN 6/6/2008 10:46AM

    Great tips for all of us, especially going into the weekend.

These could work for some of us with those salt cravings.

This is the first I have heard of HALT. Thanks!


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Bootcamp results

Thursday, June 05, 2008

At the end of the swimsuit bootcamp, I lost one inch off my hips & waist, and maybe 2 pounds.

I know that doesn't sound like much. I'm not exactly sure how many pounds I lost, as I didn't weigh myself at the beginning. I was also sick a few days, and out of town for a week. No, I am not making excuses.

Actually, I consider a 2 pound weight loss a month good -- for me. I'm working to raise that number, but we will see the results. I'm thinking I might try to continue taking photos every month.

I won't see much of a difference in one month, but I think I see very subtle results in the photos above. A slightly less protruding stomach. Slightly slimmer thighs (so why don't those tight shorts fit yet?). You may not be able to see it -- I barely can!

But the photos are a way to capture what's going on, painful as that may be. If you don't take periodic photos, one day you'll be at your goal weight, and you won't have a photographic record of what your journey was like. How you may not have noticed results month to month, but boy, what a difference from beginning to end!

And even though I still can't say I'm at all happy with my photos -- in fact, I tend to be happier when I look in a mirror than when I look at my photos -- it does motivate me to keep on working. Because I can change the picture.

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MTER67 6/6/2008 12:10AM

    There is definitely a difference! Every inch counts and it shows in the pictures. It's working--congratulations!


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CSONIA 6/5/2008 9:24PM

  emoticon 2 pounds is alot and I can see the difference as everyone else can too..

If you look your tummy is not as puffy as before.. emoticonI think that you look SUPER!! Keep it going girl!! DONT STOP NOW!! emoticon emoticon Hugs Sonia

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KIMMERQU 6/5/2008 7:21PM

    I can see the difference also. I guess there's quite a few of us out there who lose about 2 lbs a month....lol. Great job!

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WOODLANDMYST 6/5/2008 4:05PM

  I see a difference! Congratulations on your success ~ Cyndy

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JENNIFER124 6/5/2008 3:39PM

    I can see a difference too!!! KEEP IT UP!! jen

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DONANDMARY77 6/5/2008 2:10PM

    I can see a difference!! Way to go!!! I'll take a pound or two however it goes off. Thanks for all the good advice on Cat People. Love Simba.

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KARBIE18 6/5/2008 11:38AM

    You're doing great! I can see the changes you mentioned, and I think you have more definition in your arms as well. Sounds like we lose at about the same rate - 2 pounds a month. I'd prefer it to be a little faster too, but I'm satisfied with my progress. Keep up the good work, and the great attitude.


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