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What are you rushing to?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Before I get to my blog title, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the triatheletes out there. You are amazing!

Yesterday was a very busy day, with barely any computer time at all. I started off with an early morning swim.

Came home, fed the animals, took the dogs out for their walk.

Went grocery shopping at 2 different stores (and still managed to forget stuff that wasn't on the list, but I'll go grocery shopping again on Thursday).

Came home, had lunch. Did some raking.

Relaxed a bit.

Went out for an interval run.

Yes, my little legs were tired last night, and that's with spreading it out throughout the day, without a bike ride -- not doing it all back to back! No, I really don't see a triathlon in my future (especially since I haven't been on a bike since I was a tween). But never say never.

And yesterday I also got to think about the rushing. It seems this day we're all busy rushing from one thing to another.We forget stuff, so often, because we're rushing. We're not focusing at the task at hand.

Sometimes, of course, we truly are rushed, but how often are we rushing for no reason? When WAS the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Would the world explode if we just slowed down a bit and took a little extra time?

I realized that I get the dogs ready for their walk, and we go on that walk right away, and we come back and we go right back in the house. It's not THAT cold, not yet.

And so lately I've been coming back and sitting down and just enjoying a little bit of nature, while the dogs get to sniff at their leisure -- or more likely sit on my lap. It's amazing how those few minutes can really calm me.

And I got to thinking about all the rushing. And the thought came to me that it's a way to make ourselves seem important. We're busy people, therefore we must be important people, right? It's almost like a contest: I'm busier than you, so I must be more important than you.

We are made to move, but we're also supposed to enjoy our lives. And when we're too busy to even notice our lives rushing by us, we're not important -- we're just rushed.

Even on the busiest day (not today for me, thank goodness, yesterday was plenty busy) we can always grab a few seconds, maybe even a few minutes. What will you do with your stillness today?

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GEODAWG 10/26/2010 8:38PM

    I went to the beach and sunned with a Spark buddy! It was wonderful!

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HALFFAST 10/26/2010 6:55PM

    Great blog! I like how you stopped before going in the house to spend a few minutes with the dogs and nature :) We all need to just stop and "smell the roses" every now and then!

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HEYRED221 10/26/2010 2:32PM

    So true, need to slow down a bit sometimes - stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes!

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FRECKS96 10/26/2010 11:02AM

    This is something I really struggle with daily. When I do find the moments to sit in stillness, they are such a blessing and yet I never seem to make it a priority to find more of them.

For me, my favorite quiet time is snuggling with Alexis when I put her to bed. Nothing better!

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SLIMMERJESSE 10/26/2010 10:54AM

    I began stopping the rush, rush, rush syndrome a couple of years ago. It has been a real gift to myself. Makes a huge difference in daily quality of life.

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DDHEART 10/26/2010 10:12AM

    Excellent thoughts, one problem with rushing is that we can get into the situation where we make rushed decisions which are often not the best....take the time to "play" in the kitchen and make something healthy and good? or quick grab something that is not as nutrient dense and satisfying? Thanks for another thoughtful piece. BTW....you are becoming quite the runner aren't you? and you said it wouldn't happen............

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SKFEREBEE 10/26/2010 9:30AM

    This blog makes me think about many things. How I'm always thinking I have to get X, Y & Z done by so and so, but if I don't what's going to happen? NOT A DARN THING! It's just self-imposed stress. I've been so gung-ho to go back to work just to get out of the house more, but I have since started to rethink it (since I'm lucky enough to have the option) knowing that my youngest boy is growing up so fast and I just should enjoy all the little moments with him (even though on most days my patience grows thin and he drives me just a little bit crazier emoticon ). When it's time to go back to work, I'll do it because it is what's best for our family overall.

Hoping to catch the sunset (once these clouds clear out) this evening so I can get 5 minutes of zen. I love a sunset!

Thanks for the thought-provoking blog! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 10/26/2010 9:25AM

    Thank you for reminding me that I need to take some time to be still. I will try to do that today.

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MARIE625 10/26/2010 8:50AM

    Great blog! I HATE to feel rushed. While I do seem to work better when I'm under a deadline, I do enjoy being able to do things slowly enough to be mindful of what I'm doing. Even something as simple as laundry can become a happy, calming act when you can slow down and be mindful of it. As much as I complain about the never-ending supply of dirty laundry in our house, I enjoy washing that laundry when I can slow down and think about the people who created it.

Wow - that made me sound like a total crazy person!! LOL

As for me and my planned stillness, I'll be watching Rocky Horror Glee tonight while eating my weekly bowl of ice cream. What's really scary about that is that I'm much more excited about Rocky Horror Glee than I am about the ice cream. Yikes! I really am a crazy person!

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KEAKMAN 10/26/2010 8:26AM

    I rush because I can't say "no" and so end up with a plate that is too full. So more "no" would get me more "ahhhhh"

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IFDEEVARUNS2 10/26/2010 7:35AM

    I can't get to sleep without reading - that's my me time. No matter what else is going on, I read. And the rest of the time, I guess I rush.

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MZSLYDE01 10/26/2010 7:24AM

    I find that same thing happening - Rush Rush Rush.
I am going to remember this when I get back home from vacation. Stop to enjoy what ever task is at hand. Have to do them anyway might as well enjoy it.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 10/26/2010 7:10AM

    Good words today. I used to always be in a rush, now I just take it easy, life is too short to rush, you never know what you are going to miss out on when you're in such a hurry. I am going to read with my stillness today. emoticon

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KARBIE18 10/26/2010 6:54AM

    Love the message! I used to rush to do everything. I don't think it had to do with being more important than anybody else, but more about how I saw myself - I wasn't good enough, but getting more done made me better. I did everything with such urgency. I did get a lot accomplished, but, as you wrote, I forgot things, overate (ate mindlessly), had trouble relaxing, got way too stressed out, and eventually started having weird health issues. Fortunately, I've learned quite a bit about living in the moment since then, and frequently take time to smell the roses.

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EDWINA172 10/26/2010 5:35AM

    This is awesome. I would love to sit with some calmness and a doggy on my lap. I am going to find some calm today. Thank you!

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Keeping goals fresh

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My goal of looking good on vacation is fast approaching. In the past, I would set those sort of goals, only to be more out of control than ever and never meeting them. But those days seem to be behind me. My biggest challenge is to keep up with everything as I'm preparing for my trip, which is always crazy-making. And not pushing myself too hard so I don't get run down and sick.

But what happens once the vacation is over? Sometimes our goals of a healthy lifestyle fly right out the window with them, especially if we've indulged too much on our vacation.

They don't have to, of course, if we set a new goal.

I'm lucky. My husband goes to this conference on our anniversary pretty much every year, and barring act of God, he will most likely go to next year's. Which will be in Miami. Which means that I'll get some more use out of the bathing suits I bought for this vacation -- providing that I don't gain a lot of weight.

Of course, I have to set some smaller goals between now and then. A big goal a year away is too far away -- you have to break it down into smaller goals to keep moving forward, or it's all too easy to backslide.

As part of my smaller goals I have finished a month of sweeping my laundry room every morning. So I downloaded one album. And I set a new goal. To wipe down at least part of the kitchen every day. I am bad about that -- the perfectionism kicks in and I feel like I have to do the entire kitchen, but that's "work".

I often find that if I do a little bit, I'm inspired to do a bit more. Just like with exercise . . . so just having that goal to wipe down at least part of the kitchen every day should help.

Just like yesterday I went for for a run with a simple goal of running for 45 minutes at an easy pace . . . and ran for almost an hour (the new headphones help, and I'd downloaded the first biggest loser playlist -- I already had the second one).

And I may do the Jingle Bell 5k, which is a fun run -- if we're here. We might be out of town for it, so obviously I can't do it if I 'm not here, but if I am, I plan to do it. Even tho we could have snow potentially by then!

So how do you keep your goals fresh?

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SLIMMERJESSE 10/25/2010 3:20PM

    Have a wonderful, fun trip!

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SKFEREBEE 10/25/2010 11:36AM

    I say you should set goals as if your body were a company:

Have mini-goals to accomplish every month.
Set quarterly goals to work towards.
Have the mini-goals and quarterly goals move you toward your annual goal.
All of your goals should bring you closer to the body/lifestyle you envision for yourself!

Wow, I think I need to add this to my SparkPage! emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 10/25/2010 8:25AM

    Constantly setting new goals - that's what I do. I always need something to look forward to.

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TEMPEST272002 10/24/2010 7:22PM

    Like you, if I can convince myself to just do a "bit", then I usually doing a bit more and a bit more. Great job staying on track for your upcoming holiday.

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GEODAWG 10/24/2010 6:20PM

    Keeping my goals fresh is very hard. I struggle. But I like your ideas and I think I will borrow them.

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HALFFAST 10/24/2010 9:52AM

    I totally ditto what Kate said! emoticon

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KEAKMAN 10/24/2010 9:35AM

    "Which means that I'll get some more use out of the bathing suits I bought for this vacation -- providing that I don't gain a lot of weight."

Or better yet, LOSE too much weight!

As for keeping goals fresh...well, since I have a 12 year old living inside of me I have to constantly find new ways to do things. New challenges. New mini goals. New rewards. I can't do long term. It takes too long!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lola & Chester are very cute dogs, there's no denying it. It is not uncommon for people to actually stop their cars, roll down their windows, and comment on how cute they are or ask what breed they are. Thankfully, just in the neighborhood, not busy highways! Not that we're walking on busy highways anyway.

It happened again this morning. And so I bring you this blog, which wasn't at all what I was planning to write.

Are you the showstopper in your own life?

It doesn't matter what size you are. It doesn't matter how many friends you do or do not have. It doesn't matter whether or not you have a significant other.

You SHOULD be the showstopper in your own life.

If you're not, how do you become one? Simply by believing that you are. That you are beautiful, just the way you are, that you are worthy of attention and adulation just the way you are.

What, you say you don't feel worthy of attention and adulation?

Well, I'm telling you that you are. So act like you are. Fake it til you make it, as they say, if you have to. And guess what? When you do, you'll start getting more of that attention and adulation.

Wait, you don't WANT attention and adulation? Well, why the heck not? I'm not talking about guys grabbing your butt or whistling at you as you walk down the street. I'm talking about people listening to you, truly listening to what YOU want, what YOU need. I'm talking about people appreciating all the good things about you.

It isn't selfish. In fact, it's downright necessary.

So go ahead, be the showstopper in your own life. Believe in yourself. And watch the goodness unfold.

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KARBIE18 10/24/2010 10:46AM

    Working on it here, too, and actually making it happen. Amazing!

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BESSHAILE 10/24/2010 6:58AM

    right you are! thanks for posting this

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EDWINA172 10/23/2010 7:50PM

    Love this! How true! Fake it till you make it is one of my all time favorites. Have a great weekend.

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DRJJ2004 10/23/2010 7:29PM


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HALFFAST 10/23/2010 6:58PM

    I'm gonna have to try this out :) Great blog (as usual)!

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GEODAWG 10/23/2010 6:32PM

    Great blog! I needed this today, too.

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JUSTDUCKY1405 10/23/2010 5:16PM

    Beautiful BLOG! And thanks for choosing to write this one today... for it was meant to be!

I will be honest... I believe my sister sometimes resented me, because she believed I was better looking... although, I always thought her equally beautiful! Sadly... it deteriorated my confidence... and sometimes... deep down, I think, I allowed myself to get fat, so she felt she had one up on me. I know... crazy! But possibly true!

Either way... mine and my sisters relationship is changing, and she actually told me I look so pretty on my facebook profile picture... which is the one of me and my hubby... and it felt SO friggin good! I don't think I EVER heard those words come our of her mouth! It was always... sh*t brown eyes... and why do you get the beautiful thick hair, and blah blah this and blah blah that!

Things are changing... things are definitely changing! And like my recent feed suggests! My confidence is coming back in full force!


I know my legs suck! Pretty sure I've mentioned that to you in previous blogs of yours... but I am done destroying my confidence and mentality because I am not perfect! DONE with wishing for what I don't have!

I am going to be my own show stopper!

No more fearing the jealous, resentful eyes and thoughts of others!

Or, the critical, condescending thoughts of others!


Thanks Judy!

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KEAKMAN 10/23/2010 2:42PM

    Again, a GREAT blog Judy! I am working on being the star of my own life. It's difficult, but I'm going to get there. Thanks again for being such a wise woman!

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DDHEART 10/23/2010 2:36PM


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DEE797 10/23/2010 1:27PM

    What a great blog. You definitely have a way of looking at things that I hadn't thought about. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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ANGELBELIEVER 10/23/2010 12:40PM

    What a great blog and I agree with what you said. You have a way with words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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SLIMTHICK2 10/23/2010 12:17PM

    I truly enjoyed your blog, it got me thinking. emoticon

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There's an app for that!

Friday, October 22, 2010


The Right Tools


Too Many Chargers

Last night I was tired -- apparently a bit more tired than I thought I was. I needed to charge my Kindle. I knew the charger was downstairs, so I went down to bring it up. Plugged it into the outlet, then stared at it, cause it was obvious the plug on the other end wouldn't fit into the Kindle.

I kept staring at it. Fiddling with it. I knew I'd charged it -- obviously -- and yet I couldn't for the life of me figure out how. It was clear that plug wasn't going into the Kindle.

Until it dawned on me that it was the charger for my Ipod.

You need the right tools!

Speaking of tools, I bought some bluetooth headphones for my Ipod. OMG, I've only used them once, but they are Awesome with a capital A. Very comfortable, and the sound was incredible compared the the headphones I was using before (not the ones that come with it, I don't like earbuds at all). I got these -- www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002BH3I9U

So now I have a charger for my bluetooth headphones, my cell phone, my Ipod, and my Kindle to take with me. And they're all different chargers. I could've taken another real book with me! Besides music, I have meditations, yoga workouts, and running workouts on my Ipod.

Oh, and speaking of my Kindle (well, sort of), I have a variety of free and paid for ebooks that I've downloaded. Some are cookbooks, some are nutritional or motivational books. Since the Kindle can read PDFs, I've put them there (I had them on my Ipod before). So I actually use it every day, which I didn't think I would.

I was journaling this morning (even tho my first week is over), and one of the questions you're supposed to answer is what can you do today to take care of your spirit? And pray just suddenly popped into my head.

So I got on the App store and just searched on "Jewish", and sure enough, a ton of apps came up. Yup, there's an app for just about everything. Another one recommended at my WW meeting a few weeks ago is Loseit, which supposedly has a very good nutrition info database. I've downloaded it, but haven't used it yet -- altho it may come in handy when we're on vacation and I don't have access to wireless.

You need the right tools. Electronic gadgets may not be your thing. Filling your house with the right foods is always a good tool. Making sure those healthy fruits and veggies are front and center is always a good tool. The right shoes and exercise clothes (no cotton!) is always a good tool. Having those exercise tools ready is always a good tool.

What are your favorite tools?

And just a few more words on the Ultrasimple Diet. People have commented you must have such willpower, I could never give that up, etc. etc.

People, it isn't about willpower. Rely on willpower and you are surely doomed to failure cause we all have moments of weakness.

I. Never. Felt. Deprived.

I didn't crave sweets at all. I assumed that I would, but I just didn't. I even had plans ready for if I did.

It doesn't cut out any food group -- you eat fruits, you eat veggies, you eat whole grains (but not grains containing gluten), you eat protein (and no, it doesn't have to be vegetarian protein).

You do cut out common allergens: peanuts, gluten, nightshade veggies (which I do love -- that's eggplant, tomatoes, peppers), corn. He even says that many people can eat these things with no problem, but the point is to cut it out, then add one thing back at a time, and see if there's something giving you a problem that you weren't aware of.

Oddly enough, tofu is on the diet and soy is a common allergen, too.

And, of course, you do cut out all sugars except for fruit. Now people, sugar isn't a food group no matter how much I might wish it were.

Now, I can't say as my energy levels changed at all. I wake up tired. I think that's more due to the short days than what I'm eating, cause no matter what style of eating I try, my energy level is just never quite where I want it to be.

And there was another nice bonus: I felt a lot calmer. More peaceful. Happier. Maybe it was all that brown rice (which, btw, I happen to like). Maybe it was the fact that DH wasn't here. He is not a calm, happy person -- or rarely -- and that energy can definitely rub off on me.

Ok, off my soapbox now. I had my oatmeal this morning (with plain almond butter whose only ingredient was almonds).

And don't forget, share your favorite tools with us!

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KARBIE18 10/24/2010 10:38AM

    Love my ipod. Never dreamed I would become so dependent on it. Use it for my interval workouts, for music when I'm feeling low on energy, for motivation when I'm cleaning or cooking, to relax when I'm doing guided meditations....

Would love a Kindle, but it's not real high on the priority list just now. Totally wonder if I really want to become dependent on yet another gadget.

Great blog, as usual. Still catching up, but I'll get them all read!

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SKFEREBEE 10/22/2010 11:46AM

    Besides SparkPeople, my favorite tool is the DVR and DVD/VCR, for all the workouts I can have access to at a moments notice. Also couldn't live without my MP3 on my walk/runs. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 10/22/2010 11:39AM

    I do love my iPhone and use many apps on it (inlcuding the Spark People). I tried the Loose It but found that SP had an even better food database. I have the Jewish Calendar app which is very handy for yahrzeits (although I wish I didn't need to keep track of those)
I also have a Kindle (hand me down from my Father in Law). I do find it weird to be charging my book, though.
I love my kitchen scale. When I'm baking I've found that I'd much rather weigh flour than measure it in cup.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 10/22/2010 11:19AM


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DAYHIKER 10/22/2010 11:04AM

    Another good blog post! emoticon Gonna miss you while you're away!

My favorite tool has fast become my iPhone! They weren't kidding when they said, "There's an app for that!!"

For the kitchen I love my Foreman grill, Magic Bullet for "Frosty" consistency smoothies, my reversing blender for juicing and smoothies, digital scales--got them when we got the macaw but it has a flat tray for food, and lots of measuring cups. Oh, and my Nutrimill...I grind wheat berries and make all our bread...it's awesome!


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SLIMMERJESSE 10/22/2010 10:49AM

    Yes, I never thought I'd be a Kindle person, but now I can't live without it. I've become an insatiable reader. Enjoyed your blog, as usual. Thanks, and have a great day.

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HALFFAST 10/22/2010 10:34AM

    Great blog! First off, you described my DH to a tee- "not a calm, happy person"
As far as tools/apps, I use A LOT! First and foremost is SP and the wonderful people here! I use running apps on my phone (I have an Evo- android) such as Endomondo, B210k, C25k, mp3 downloader, etc...
I don't have a kindle, but I listen to audio books on an mp3 player- I have a little sansa clip and it's wonderful! If only I could get those running apps for it I'd be all set because my phone is super heavy and I hate to have to carry it out there.

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KEAKMAN 10/22/2010 9:46AM

    My favorite tool is my friends. I use them a LOT. Ask for advice. Ask for recipes. Ask for encouragement. Ask for a look-see over my exercise plan. Ditto for the food I am eating.

Sure, I use the computer. And I use various kitchen gadgets, but without my friends to guide and direct (and kick me when necessary) I couldn't do it at all!

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GEODAWG 10/22/2010 8:50AM

    My favorite tools:

The garbage disposal
The dishwasher
The ice maker
The clothes dryer
The table saw (I wish I had one!)
and number one fav tool! Drum roll, please!

My MacBook!

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PALMTREEGIRL1 10/22/2010 8:25AM

    I would be lost without my cast iron pans. They are heavy and you have to clean them gently, but they are great for preparing food (at least with gas cooking).

The other thing I use regularly is the blender. I love smooth soups and smoothies.

I haven't gotten into the Kindle yet although my 81 yr old mother loves hers. I still pick up a book. I like cookbooks with pages bent and tabs stuck in favorite recipes. I love comparing similar recipes in different books and combining to make my own.

I would be lost without Google - want to make roasted fennel or kohlrabi? Google it. Sweet potato soup - Google. Find a fact - Google. Map? Google. It's the best resource ever!

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Color me VERY surprised

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ok, I still think it was a mistake. I don't feel as tho I lost 3.8 lb! I think that is my largest loss in one week EVER. Of course, once before they told me I'd lost like 3 lbs, and I called them on it, they reweighed me, and sure enough I hadn't.

But I'm not looking at the numbers right now anyway (cause they drive me crazy). They just told me. Still think it's not right, I really think if I'd lost that much weight I would've noticed.

In fact, I tried on my focus jeans last night and was disappointed when they still weren't comfortable, after a week of eating as clean as I ever had in my life.

As I shared on this blog a few times, I tried the Ultrasimple Diet (got the book from the library, heard an audio from the author that made me investigate him further -- he has a bunch of ultra books -- I already have another one out from the library but haven't gotten into it to much).

So here's what I learned this week:

1. Sweet cravings are definitely a psychological not physiological thing most of the time. Aside from my fruit smoothies (called ultrasmoothies) and my one adora (milk chocolate calcium supplement) each night I didn't have any sweets. Nothing. Nada. I thought if I had cravings I would make a raw dessert, but I never had cravings.

2. Some things really do NEED some sweetener. When I needed something sweetened, I added dates (no sugar in any form other than fruit is allowed -- that includes no honey, no agave, no maple syrup). A mango smoothie definitely needed some dates -- I choked the dateless one down, but it truly needed a further sweetness. And I made the brown rice with apple and nuts cereal -- OMG, it was t he only recipe that was an almost-epic fail. Just so very bland. Adding a few dates helped (altho once again, I managed to get the dateless version down).

3. I can actually eat more for less when I'm eating a lot of whole foods. Who knew? I ate pretty clean before this, but now I can truly see what those little extras were costing me. And the real proof is that while occasionally I was a little hungry, most of the time I was perfectly satisfied.

4. I don't think I'm gluten intolerant at all. The only grains allowed were quinoa and brown rice, and since I'm not a huge quinoa fan all I had all week long was brown rice. Luckily, I love brown rice and the recipe with garlic and some tumeric was awesome. I feel pretty safe adding oats back in.

5. A short yoga session first thing when I get up really warms my body up -- and allowed me to face a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Considering the temps were hovering at the freezing point in the mornings, that was a BIGGIE.

6. The journaling portion was very important, just as he said. I found I got a lot of great ideas when I journaled. He has specific questions for you to answer both in the morning and the evening.

7. Listening to one of my guided meditations on the cooldown portion of my runs was a great way to fit them in. I always say I'm going to listen to them, and somehow I rarely seem to get around to it (one of the great ideas that came to me when I journaled).

I didn't follow the program perfectly. For instance, you're supposed to make and drink this "ultrabroth" (vegetable broth). Well, I made it, but I kept either forgetting to drink it or the timing just not being right.

I did feel like I was working harder in the food prep department. Everytime I turned around it seemed like I had to make another meal from scratch. It seemed like an awfully busy week and it really shouldn't have been.

You're not supposed to use any sweetener such as stevia, either, altho he does encourage you to drink up to 2 cups of green tea a day. I'm sorry, I must have stevia in my tea. But I did cut the amount I use in half -- gradually, before I actually started.

I never tried the ultrabaths and only did yoga once in the evening. So not an evening person. Probably easier to do when it's not so dark so early outside.

He encourages you to stay on the program for 3 weeks, then slowly add back in the things you're not supposed to have. Which is just about the time we have before our vacation. So I'm going to try, but with DH coming back home, it will be more challenging.

And I worry a bit about what will happen while we're on vacation. But that is then, this is now.

Today I got my first outside meal: brown rice sushi. Which is almost on-program, only you're not even supposed to have vinegar (they put a small amount of vinegar in the sushi rice).

I'm willing to probably go another week without dessert (we'll see what happens with DH home), and then maybe make myself a nice raw dessert, which would almost fall within program.

When I tried the Flat Belly Diet, I did very well for the first couple of weeks, too. And then my weight plateau'd again. So I don't have great expectations, but I do know this is a very healthy way to eat and I really didn't feel deprived, which totally surprised me.

And I'll leave you with another thought that popped into my head this morning while journaling -- something I know, something I've read, but it popped into my head unbidden this morning:

Perfection doesn't create happiness, being present does.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KARBIE18 10/24/2010 10:43AM

    Yay! Weird that you don't feel that much lighter, and that your focus jeans don't fit right. I'm sure that's just temporary. Way to keep on shaking things up, and the frequent reflection. You have such dedication, and you deserve to be the size happy you are striving for.

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MZSLYDE01 10/22/2010 6:17AM

    This diet sounds interesting. I will have to do some research.
You really have alot of willpower and mindset on things.
Great job on your weight loss.

And I too love that last sentence. I should right that in the front of my journal so I can keep reading it.

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TEMPEST272002 10/21/2010 11:40PM

    It was interesting to read the details of your plan. The weight loss could be attributed to you "shaking things up" with a new, very clean, eating plan.

I was just thinking about sweets tonight. I've gotten in the habit of saving a fruit serving for after dinner. Tonight was pineapple & coconut - I was thinking it tastes so sweet now because I'm not constantly eating processed sugar.

I think your last sentence is always a good thing to remember... you know my opinion on perfection.

Great job sticking to week one of your plan!

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DDHEART 10/21/2010 10:24PM

    Just read this and your last blog together...think with the adherance to this plan the wt loss is probably real though maybe some of it water...I know for a fact that a lot of my sweet/chocolate cravings desire are in my head and when I have been eating sweets I want more so after a trip I take days before I get myself back in line...your last line is a keeper and I guess i have to admit to being a deviant perfectionist...type A personality...yikes!

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GEODAWG 10/21/2010 4:52PM

    I like that last sentence. It seems that I am getting more "perfect" and less in the present! Got to do something about that!

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KASHMIR 10/21/2010 3:11PM

    Looking forward to more updates on how you do with this plan. I too am not surprised that you lost that much weight this week. I wish I still had the self contol to eat a meal plan like this...I give into my inner voices too easily though.

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DAYHIKER 10/21/2010 2:14PM

    I would not be surprised to see that you really did drop some weight even if some was water. The scales are mysterious things! Well, really, the body is a mysterious thing when it comes to weight loss! But you are doing very well and should be ready to roll for your upcoming vacation!

Yeah, Thursday slipped up on me and I forgot you go to WW on Thursday...I have just gotten used to your blog being there like the morning paper!! emoticon


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HALFFAST 10/21/2010 1:22PM

    You are doing great!

I can totally believe you lost at least 3 pounds this week because that diet sounds really STRICT! I had a few friends at my last job that tried the flat-belly diet, but they all GAINED weight on it! I think it was from the (whatever the word was for the) chocolates and other "allowed" non-dietish food.

The journaling and yoga sound great though! I keep telling myself to journal but the closest I've come is blogging and logging :) I'm hoping that once we get settled in with the move I'll get more on track. Right now my life = pure chaos! Lol!

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KEAKMAN 10/21/2010 1:03PM

    Great info. Not sure I could go with such a strict diet - too big of a wimp! And about those 3.8 pounds....I thought they don't tell you your weight loss.....is that total for a few weeks or just since last week?

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PARKERB2 10/21/2010 12:44PM

    Continue to let us know how you do on this diet. Thanks for reminding me to stay in the moment.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 10/21/2010 12:44PM

    Good job on the weight drop this week. emoticon

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FCASTELO 10/21/2010 12:43PM


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