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Mindful exercising

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's not just eating we have to be mindful of.

How many times do you just go thru the motions? Get to the gym, and just wanna get it over with? Just want to get your 10,000 steps in any way you can?

Well, yesterday I made sure my exercise counted. I took a few minutes before I actually started to think about what I actually wanted to get out of it. And then as I was going thru it, I thought about the various body parts as I was working on them.

And you know what? It actually made it a bit easier. When I wasn't so focused, I would just be watching the clock to see when the torture would end. Most likely it made my exercises more effective, too.

I spent some time thinking about my morning run today before I ever got out of bed. Thinking about what I wanted to get out of it, visualizing myself running with a smile on my face (should've visualized a little heater to go along with me!).

I haven't actually signed up for my next 5k yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be in the beginning of Oct. I've been visualizing that before I go to bed. Visualizing myself crossing the finish line with a smile on my face (and a certain time on the timer).

I like this new mantra I snagged from choosingraw.com :

Progress, not perfection

Ranks right up there with Imagine, believe, receive

And here are tips #11 & 12 for what to look at when you're maintaining and you don't want to be:

11. Are you getting enough sleep? I definitely make sleep a priority, which annoys the heck out of most of the people in my life because it seems that I'm surrounded by a bunch of night owls. I can function on a few hours, but I certainly don't thrive on less than 7 or 8.

12. Are you suffering from IDI syndrome, which means are you suffering from I Deserve It syndrome? I've been so good, so I deserve a treat. I'm training for ____, so I can afford to eat more. You know if you're a sufferer.

So think about what you want to get out of exercise, visualize it, take your time with it, and don't forget: progress, not perfection!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SUSIEMILO 8/3/2010 4:14PM

    Excellent blog!
And it helped me realize that lately I've been suffering from IDI.
Admitting the problem is the first step to recovery...

And I will now prep for doing the workouts. I like that idea, and I'm positive that it produces a far more effective workout.
Great posting - thanks for putting that out there!

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KARBIE18 8/1/2010 1:05PM

    Great blog! I've read that focusing on muscle you're working, particularly during ST, can make your workout more effective.

I totally suffered from IDI syndrome! Thought I was so disciplined that I deserved a daily treat. Felt that, as long as it fit in my calorie plan, I should be able to eat it. Now I'm only eating desert once a week or so, and despite the fact that the scale hasn't moved yet, I more confident that it can happen.

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GEODAWG 7/31/2010 6:14PM

    Such marvelous insight. So true. How many times have I rewarded myself and then wondered why I had not lost any weight? I am hoping I am on the right track now! This is such a good reminder of what to do.

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KEAKMAN 7/31/2010 5:24PM

    Mindfulness is the reason that I run without headphones. I find that I lollygag with music....even ramped up music. But when I have to pay attention to me, how I feel, how I am breathing, how my legs are doing, etc etc I have better runs....sometimes faster, but I ALWAYS feel so much better after I pay attention to what I am doing.

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FRECKS96 7/31/2010 11:18AM

    ooh, love it!! Such a great concept! And, I do suffer from IDI, thanks for the label. Now hopefully I can deal with it.

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DAYHIKER 7/31/2010 10:49AM

    Ouch. I have been pretty much avoiding "exercise" because I have been working hard and am tired. But the canning is winding down...only a canner of tomatoes today...and I COULD start being more consistent if I would put my mind to it. Thanks for the boot in the rear, Judy.

Enjoy your weekend--it's lovely cool and gray here this morning with a couple of intermittent showers!


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SHEILA1505 7/31/2010 10:42AM

    I think you have a good point here - yesterday I tried a new class (to me it was new) - it was NIA - if you google NIA exercise you'll get a much better idea than I could ever give you - cos I felt like a 5year-old pretending to be a tree or seaweed waving gently in the sea - Anyway ... we had to focus on the muscles and joints we were using and I actually felt some tenderness in completely different parts of my body during today's Aqua class. Hopefully the gym will schedule some more of these classes so I can add surprise to my muscles :)


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A few good mentors

Friday, July 30, 2010

That's what I'm looking for. One of the things I read recently, which I shared, was to seek out mentors. People who have done what you want to do. Follow them, find out their secrets.

So I'm looking for a few good mentors. People who have busted through a long plateau, people who are at goal weight, people who are maintaining their goal.

Nominate yourself! Or tell me about a blog you follow with people like that.

So yesterday I was down, but not out. It's always frustrating to feel you've done well but not have the scale show it. I don't think it was all water weight, either. No, I could definitely feel it in my clothes and the tightness of my new ring -- even the way my cheekbones and my collarbones look.

I'm much more aware of those little things now, and that's a good thing. I'm glad I weighed in yesterday, even tho part of me screamed NOoooooo! Because it would have been too easy to tell myself I hadn't really gained weight, or it wasn't much, or it was just TOM.

No, it was all of the above and then some. A bit of a rude awakening, but if I hadn't weighed in, I wouldn't know, and I might not change things.

I let it piss me off for a while and then, as usual, I shook it off and we're back to business as usual. Sort of.

My brother & nephew are crashing here for the night before going on to NYC in a couple of weeks. Immediately after that we're going to Mystic, CT for a few days. I finally discovered why DH didn't want to go to the place in VT, despite the fact that it was the "cheapest" -- no, he wants lobster.

And there's a couple we want to have over for dinner sometime too, but I told DH I'd rather do that after, rather than before, our vacation. Because vacations take a lot of prep work on my part and I need to devote my energy to that -- especially since he said he really didn't want to help with any of it when asked point-blank. You don't want to help, then you've got to play by my rules! Remember, he is working, I am not.

It means Insanity will be interrupted, which kind of pisses me off. Altho maybe I can bring it with me, but that's kind of tricky because there's quite a few DVDs. And I'll miss the grand opening of the Fresh Market, which I really wanted to go to -- and have been waiting for ever since we moved here.

Still, there is much to be thankful for in my life:

1. The beautiful weather we're finally having

2. The fact that Chester never showed any ill effects from eating the poison

3. We can actually afford to take a vacation

4. DH has been a little more helpful around the house lately

5. My spark buddies, ALWAYS!

Don't forget, nominate a few good mentors for me.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GEODAWG 7/30/2010 7:54PM

    My mentor is WILDFLOWER. She gave me tips on eating and she is always moving!!!! She has kept me on the straight and narrow.

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KEAKMAN 7/30/2010 4:56PM

    I would offer KASHMIR as a possible mentor....she reached her goal weight a year or more ago and is continuing to learn how to maintain it. Robin is kind and helpful, but will kick my fanny when I need it.....I suspect she would do the same for you!

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TEMPEST272002 7/30/2010 12:37PM

    Yes, you do have a lot to be grateful for! I'm glad Chester has recovered. My favourite mentor is CAROLYN1213. She has an amazing spirit and has come a long way with hardwork and determination.

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DAYHIKER 7/30/2010 10:57AM

    Funny how we have gone from being the mentors to needing one! I feel the same way trying to navigate my 60's with growing physical limitations!

I'm so glad to hear you have a vacation coming up soon--you've earned one!

emoticon emoticon

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10 things to look at if you're maintaining & you don't want to

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am very, very weary of gaining & losing the same few pounds. So what do you do when you're weary & really all you want to do is throw in the towel? You try to inspire someone else, of course!

So if you're in there with me, losing & gaining the same few pounds, here are a few things to look at:

1. Portion sizes. With apples the size of my head and bananas the lengths of my arms, it's really easy to eat too much even when you're eating healthy stuff. I, for one, will start measuring out my home made salad dressings this week.

2. Are you tracking your food? When you eat it? I don't know about you, but I can barely remember what I ate an hour ago, much less a day ago. I track . . . always.

3. Are you remembering to put yourself on your list? I haven't knitted in a long, long time. I keep putting it down as a daily goal, and then not getting around to it. I am very lucky, I do get to do what I want a lot of the time, but chores still sometimes seem to take over my life.

4. Are you overestimating the amount of exercise you do? They say that we tend to overestimate the amount we exercise (or the exertion) and underestimate the amount we eat.

5. How are those BLTs tasting? (BLTs = bites, licks & tastes). I must say I'm rather proud of myself in that department. I'm not perfect, by any means, but I'm having much fewer BLTs these days (and yes, doing my pushups when I do have them).

6. What sorts of foods are you choosing to eat? Is everything fat free and full of chemicals? Is it mostly sweets? Or are there a lot of chips in there? What we eat matters, whether we stay within our calorie ranges or not.

7. When was the last time you changed up your exercise routine? I'm very good at that (and changing what I eat all the time too) because I just get way too bored doing the same things over & over. But if you like the comfort of routine, just know that your body quickly adapts to what you're doing and starts releasing less.

8. Are you getting in your water every day? I have no problems with that, either, and I find it hard to believe that people would in summer but . . . it's even more important during the summer!

9. Do you believe, right down to your bones, that you can do it? Most of the time I do, but boy, on days like today, my faith is really shaken. I'm not really surprised by what the scale said today from the way I looked & the way my new ring didn't want to come off, but I sure was surprised because I truly believed I'd eaten very well this week. Most struggles are mainly mental.

10. How's your stress level? Stress will catch up with you, one way or another.

When all else fails, just let it go and go back to the basics.

Have you got more tips for busting through a plateau -- for good?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SKFEREBEE 7/30/2010 12:07PM

    Get enough sleep! emoticon That's a big problem for me. Seems like the harder I try to get more sleep the less I get. It surely screws w/ your metabolism.

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TEMPEST272002 7/29/2010 7:39PM

    Fabulous list! You know it, you believe it... and now it is time to act on it! You CAN lose those last few pounds!

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DRJJ2004 7/29/2010 7:24PM

    Love this my friend!! You nailed it all!! Right now, I'm having a hard time getting out of my same routine. I walk, and walk and walk...until the cows come home. How much do you think that I need to change it up?
I walk 3 1/2 miles four days a week. And then I walk for about 30 to 45 minutes another 1-2 days a week.
I know I need to do strength training..do you really think that will make a difference?

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GEODAWG 7/29/2010 4:32PM

    You nailed me on the head. And BLT! Oh yeah! Guilty, guilty, guilty! I am with you all the way. Just have to remember all your good points!

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LINDA2BLITTLE 7/29/2010 4:24PM

    Thank you so much for this... Today I want to eat. I am losing wieight steady but today I am hungry, or think I am. But I can't stop thinking of food. This blog is just what I needed. emoticon emoticon

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KASHMIR 7/29/2010 3:35PM

    #7 was my "ah ha" this week. I went out with the walkers in my marathon training group this past weekend instead of the runners, and have lost a full lb this week. In the past several months I've gained and lost 2 lbs every other week. This week should have been my 2# gain.

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KEAKMAN 7/29/2010 2:54PM

    The Basics, Building Blocks, ABCs, whatever we want to call them, we ignore them at our own peril - there is a reason those things you listed are the cornerstones of healthy living!

Thanks for another great blog, and a great reminder that, no matter where each one of us is in this process, we cannot afford to ignore the basics!

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FLGIRL1234 7/29/2010 2:45PM

    Thanks for the pick me up (From one weight-number dance around-er to another) heehee.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BARBARASDIET 7/29/2010 2:41PM

    Sigh, I am with you. I think that my major problem is the routine issue. I have developed an exercise routine that I can do, but still challenges me, but I think it may not be enough to make me lose. Working on it...

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LADYGWEN25 7/29/2010 2:30PM

    I'm a 100% with freck's .....LOVE the report feature....and great blog!

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    Good reminders. I needed to read that today. I hope you bust through soon and start losing again, for good.

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FRECKS96 7/29/2010 2:08PM

    Love it! What is this push-ups for BLTs thing?? I'm so intrigued. I agree that a lot of these are things to look at and consider when we get stuck. I know for me the reports feature is awesome. It gives me a snapshot and lets me see trends in my eating/exercise so that I can tweak things.

Good Luck! I hope things start moving again for you soon!

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DAYHIKER 7/29/2010 2:06PM

    Good reading, Judy. I had a feeling your weigh in was not going to be happy but it is water weight and it WILL go. I keep messing with the same 7 pounds and earnestly want them gone--until I'm tired and tempted... emoticon

I did restart the program as you encouraged me to do but Sunday I am going to hit the Reset Your Goals button on my Account page. emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/29/2010 2:13:22 PM

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Surround yourself with the right people

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before I get to that -- well, I'll bet you already pretty much know what I'm going to say -- just wanted to thank everyone for the comments on my photos. Always appreciated. Probably would have helped if I'd thrown on a bra (sorry if that's TMI). When you're as small as me, you can -- and I do -- get away without one, but I can see the girls were kind of hanging down there. Bras seem just seem like one layer too much in the summer, don't they?

As to smiling, Kate, it was a very hot & steamy day and I was squinting into the sun.

So yeah, you gotta surround yourself with the right people. It's pretty easy here on SP, but even here you may have to be choosy with your friends. Some can still suck the life out of you (none of mine, of course!).

You have to pick buddies who motivate you, who cheer you on, who inspire you -- people who make you feel better about yourself after you've interacted with them.

You've got to do that in RL, too, if you can. That's why I go to WW meetings, even tho it costs me money and most people think I'm already at my GW -- which I dearly wish I was so I could stop paying.

My DH, bless his soul, can be both good and bad. He gets really, really annoyed that I won't allow the tv on while I'm eating. I absolutely can't convince him that he is better off eating without it on, but I simply won't allow it on while I'm eating (while we eat dinner together, we don't always eat our other meals together).

He is supportive whether I've lost or gained weight, no matter what I look like.

He is also the first to say you're on vacation, you don't need to exercise or you can have that "treat".

Well, anyway, you get the picture.

I also seek out Websites that speak to me and inspire me. I share those with you. My lastest find is www.rawfoodswitch.com . Her (free) dessert ebook looks fabulous, and I like that she isn't an all-raw-or-the-highway kind of gal. BTW, if you're interested in raw (and summer is a great time to experiment with it), also check out www.choosingraw.com ; a more serious read, but well worth it and once again I love her balanced approach.

If you do decide to try out raw, just don't go nutty with the nuts -- it can be way too easy to overdo the nuts with some of those recipes out there.

What Websites inspire you? Which ones do you visit frequently? Inquiring minds want to know!

Oh yeah, now I remember what I was going to blog about -- Insanity after one month. Oops! Guess I've got a blog for tomorrow. Y'all were sure busy blogging yesterday while I was running around town. I'm still catching up!

Let's see, yesterday was just gorgeous. We took the dogs to the park. First time DH has walked them in a week. Lola got a LOT of doggie socialization practice. Well, of course Chester did too, but he's good with other dogs.

My run this morning was so-so. I was having problems with my Ipod and ended up walking way more than I'd planned to. No biggie, it's my recovery week before month 2 of Insanity, but it was kind of frustrating, especially considering it was just stellar running weather this morning.

I really like running early in the morning, even if I don't really want to move right away. Just seems to energize my day. It's peaceful. And it's usually much cooler and less buggy. I recommend it.

I don't, btw, expect to see a whole lot of change in my before & after photos by the end of August, but I'm open to being pleasantly surprised.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DAYHIKER 7/28/2010 4:42PM

    You have always been one of my "right people!" Thanks, Judy--I had a bet with myself that you would be the first to pick up on my blog after being quiet for awhile and you were! emoticon Okay, maybe I'll hit the Restart tomorrow in preparation for August... emoticon

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KEAKMAN 7/27/2010 1:02PM

    Okay, you're forgiven...I forgot just how hot it was out there last week - no smiling, heck, the fact that you aren't scowling is AWESOME!

I am jealous of your run this morning. I would like to suggest that you try a run without your iPod once in a while - it is amazing how much focusing on your breath or your form helps!

Have a lovely week, and I am glad that you are one of my friends - you always help me so much!

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Focus & before photos

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Above is me at the start of my journey, and now. Now wonder I no longer wear that tank top -- it's not particularly flattering. I mean, I know I've lost almost 30 pounds, I can see differences, and yet I still am drawn to that gut. Nothing seems to get rid of it (not even Insanity, apparently).

Those are my focus jeans. While they appear to fit, and I've even worn them a time or two, they're still not comfortable. I'm hoping to make them so by the end of August.

Excuse the wild hair. In serious need of a shower.

Dresses hide so much. They're so flattering. So this is my focus dress. Looks good, but trust me, is way too tight. I used to wear this back when I was a WW leader in the prehistoric ages.

This is a bit more like it. Yes, dresses are definitely way more flattering. We went out to eat last night.

I'd forgotten about this dress. I've been shopping for sundresses, but not having a whole lot of luck. I bought this several years ago. It's actually a large, but it's always been very form fitting. The truth is it is a bit too loose, but it still looks a whole lot better on me than it used to.

I have showered, but the hair is still wild. It was an extremely humid day!

Because they're just so darn cute.

Usually this cuddling doesn't last long -- Simba will whack Giz -- but sometimes they lay entwined like that for hours, making Gizmo very happy.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HEALTH4LYFE 7/30/2010 1:22PM

    Great before and after pictures and as you probably know, we are our own worst critics. Please remember to focus on all the progress you have made, rather than what you don't like about what you see. You are an inspiration! Keep up the great work.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/30/2010 11:51AM

    Great pictures! emoticon

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BESSHAILE 7/30/2010 6:28AM

    Well - I really like you in that red dress and those shoes are fabulous. Like the hair too but then I have curl envy. emoticon

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DDHEART 7/26/2010 6:57PM

    I think you look great....it's hard sometimes to look at our photos and not be drawn to all the things that we see as our faults but it is important to do this from time to time so we can honestly assess where we've been and where we're going.....it's also important to look at the flattering pictures and remember that this is the real us.....You clean up nice, girl!

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HEYRED221 7/26/2010 3:46PM

    You look great! Doesn't feel so good to get into those close or see your before pictures and actually see the difference!!! emoticon

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GEODAWG 7/25/2010 10:27AM

    WOW! Now your tummy is smaller so don't beat yourself up! Love the pink dress. You re styling!
Your fur babies are precious. My Percy is an orange kitty too. He has more personality than most people!

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KEAKMAN 7/25/2010 10:10AM

    What great before and after photos! You look fantastic Judy! I like the one in the pink dress the best because you are smiling (you have a great smile and you ought to do that more in your pics!)

Wondering if I can even get INTO my target jeans.....

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/25/2010 10:09AM

    Great photos and progress, but I know the frustration of the plateau. Your fur babies are adorable. Have a fun day.

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FRECKS96 7/25/2010 7:54AM

    You can absolutely be in those jeans (comfortably) in 6 weeks. I have some goals for then, too; we can keep each other accountable. Love the pink dress!

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SHEILA1505 7/25/2010 5:27AM

    Well done with the progress - 30pounds is great - was that in 3months of Insanity? And your self-imposed punishments for BLTs?

What a lovely colour your sundress is - it's so pretty and it suits you well


sorry - duhhh - I was looking at the date the US way - as May 8th but in fact it's the year - senior moment :(
Anyway - 30lbs is still great work - well done :)

Comment edited on: 7/25/2010 5:33:54 AM

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