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Workout Schedule for the month

Monday, April 02, 2012

it includes:

- 7 day Swimsuit Bootcamp that you do for 4 weeks
- Couch to 5k
- 100 Push-up challenge that I will be doing for 3 weeks, maybe more though


Today's To-do List that I hope you all hold me accountable for!

Monday, April 02, 2012

1)Eat breakfast - check

2)Start Workout 1 of the 7 Day Swimsuit Bootcamp : www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness

CHECK! That was harder than I thought, I wish I was more coordinated. Hopefully that improves with work and time

3) Take the garbage out and vacuum - check and check!

4) Shower - check!

5) Lunch - check!

6) Push-up Challenge day 1 - DONE!

7) Dinner - check!

I know it's not much, but I really need to get in the fitness groove of things. It's easy to choose the right things to eat, but it's hard to get motivated to go out of your way to get sweaty, sore, and tired. I will do it though, because I know it's what my body needs!


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SOOKGAL66 4/9/2012 1:12PM

    Way to go! Setting goals, big or small is always good!

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JILLYBEAN3492 4/3/2012 12:27AM

    WOO I'm done!

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JILLYBEAN3492 4/3/2012 12:04AM

    now I just have to take out the trash! WOOT! I feel good about today. I set my mind to something and I completed it! That's a good change from how I used to be : )

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JILLYBEAN3492 4/2/2012 11:18PM

    I'm almost there, just need to do 1.5 things! I still have 4 hours until midnight. I will complete this! haha emoticon

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WRITEFROMHOME 4/2/2012 11:07PM

    How did you do? Anything left? There's still a little time!

Good luck! emoticon

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It's going well thus far!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hello all! I am drawing close to the end of the 4th day of my journey. Friday I goofed up and went to dinner with my friends. Yeah, I am going to try avoid doing that as much as possible from now on. The one meal was over 2000 just itself! That's crazy to me now, because I know how much I should be consuming.

I realized on Thursday and also Friday that I am really out of shape. On Thursday, I started Couch to 5K. That was so hard, my back was killing me, my legs didn't want to go on any further. I felt crippled. I'M 19 I SHOULDN'T FEEL THAT WAY!!! How it works is that you walk for 90 seconds then jog for 60 seconds for a workout of 20 mins, plus 5 mins warm up and cool down. I got through, though I took too many breathers probably.

The next day I decided I was going to do some sit ups and push-ups (modified, I'm not that strong yet, nor have I ever really been). I started with sit-ups for one min then I would do push ups for a min. I wanted to do 3 sets of each, but when I went to do the sit ups again I couldn't even pull my body back up. That's how worn out and how much extra weight my body has been carrying. That's not good!

I've committed myself to a challenge though. I want to regain my strength and what better way to do so by doing 100 push ups? So i'm going to complete the 100 Push Challenge in the next several weeks and let's hope I concur it! It's a cool program you just follow 3 times a week until you have built up enough strength and stamina to complete 100 push ups. Here is the website: hundredpushups.com/challenge.html

I have decided since I usually drive myself crazy about the numbers I see or don't see on the scale, plus being away at school doesn't allow me to afford and have a scale of my own, that I will weigh in bi-weekly on Wednesdays. My first will be on the 11th of April. In the past when I have started a health kick, I obsessed with seeing results from the scale, and would even weigh myself several times a day because I just didn't trust the scale. It would give me one number then I would try it again right after and had moved the scale to a different area, and it would be another weight. It frustrated me to no end, then just give up. That was only even just a couple days into what I hoped to be a lifestyle change. It was so discouraging to me! So it's good I don't have one here for me to get disappointed with. I don't even know how I am going to weigh myself for this month! I don't get home until May. Maybe walmart or somewhere will have one I can just borrow in the aisle!

Anyway, I think this is all for now!

- Jilian

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    Ooo, couch to 5k huh? I finished it, it was worth it. If you can stand to you should do it. It's worth it to download the sound files if you have a mp3 player of some sort. I suck at jogging and it felt like I would never ever be finished with it, but I just kept on working at it and somehow made it. I'm still not a fantastic jogger, but I can at least do a slow pace for 2.8 miles. It was a good thing to have under my belt because now I know I can jog and for long enough that it's not frustrating. The program takes patience but it's a good source of regular exercise.


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BUMBLEBEE00 4/2/2012 12:28AM

    I can totally relate! I'm finally waking up and hitting rock bottom. I should not be this out of shape. It sounds like your making great progress and trying new things! The scale is frustrating so I occasionally use a tape measure. It's nice to see inches gone from problem areas. I know Walmart has super cheap analog scales, which are kind of lame, but at least it's something til you can get a nice scale. I need a new one myself! Have a good week!

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