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Digging in to the 2nd Week

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well, this blog is better late than never right?

I did pretty well on my Week 1 of Spring into Shape Bootcamp. I didn't do 30 mins of cardio 5x a week as the challenge suggests, but I did do 10 mins of cardio (at least) 6 days a week (which was the goal I set for myself). I did the challenge video daily. And I tracked my fitness daily. Good start.

Week 2 has started pretty rocky, but I am catching up and determined to finish it out strong. When Sunday (day 1) rolled around, I was exhausted. Like, could barely get out of bed, didn't wanna get dressed, tremendous effort to just brush my teeth kind of exhausted. I felt like I could have slept all day, literally. I didn't. I didn't even nap. But, I also didn't do my Day 1 video. I didn't do anything except read- some for pleasure and some for school. Monday was a little different in that I had every intention of getting in my workout, but I kept getting sidetracked by one thing after another after another after another and before I knew it, I had to go to class! I spent the whole day in my workout clothes and didn't actually workout. Lame!

So, I made up for it as best I could today. I did 20 mins of cardio (I intended to do 30, but knew into my second 10 min round that I was not going to be able to do that) and I did both Monday (day 2) and Tuesday's (day 3) video. For the cardio, I did Sunday's video twice. This might not mean anything to those that haven't done one of the bootcamps here on Spark, so I'm sorry. Anyhow, let's just say the lower body workout is what clinched the not-doing-a-3rd-10min-bought-of-cardio, it was that intense! Tomorrow I take my mom to the dentist in the morning, where I plan to do my chem homework while I wait, then come home and do 20-30 mins of cardio and my Wednesday (day 4) workout.

As part of my "September Start-Up" I'm also focusing on a few other healthy habits or health-related things this month. I am going back to the "lady doctor" to get back on b.c. so that the obnoxious and HUGE cyst I get on my ovary can go away. And so my skin can return to a normal, calm, blemish-free (mostly) state. And so my hormones can regulate and level out. I went waaaaay back in April for my "yearly" and had blood work ordered (basic labs, nothing major). Then I got "that job, ugh" and didn't get that done. So I did, finally, today... only 5 months late! Woo! Another thing I'm doing is free-writing in a journal several times a week (ideally it would be nightly, but alas, other homework jumps to the top of the priorities). I wrote down about 30-40 topics on strips of paper and stuck 'em in a jar. Then, I draw out a topic and free-write a page on said topic in a notebook. It's not that I want to be a writer and therefore should practice writing daily... it's more like, I want to be a good blogger, and practicing writing will help with that. Like any other skill, it takes practice. And, having said that, I have some big-ish plans in the works for my blog in the near future, so I'm working on that also.

Before I forget, I should tell you about my tap class briefly. I attended ballet (and tap for the first year) at this studio several years ago and stayed until I moved to San Diego. I was a crazy, shameless 22 or 23 year old at the time. Cracking jokes, taking almost nothing seriously... had a partner in crime in the classes with me (my bff at the time). I walked into the studio last Thursday night after a nearly 6 year absence and was greeted warmly by those who remembered me. Needless to say, my reputation preceded me! I also discovered I'd be in a class with someone with whom I worked at the gymnastics club. She remembered me as well and kinda, sorta, in a way hinted at offering me a coaching job down there again. That would be nice! I liked coaching. It kept me active, it was part time and didn't interfere with my schooling, and I never had to worry about overtime 'cuz if there isn't a class scheduled, then you don't work! So, I'm planning on bringing it up again soon. As for the tap class itself- so fun! I love dancing, even if I have no rhythm and I really suck at it. It keeps me active at least 1 hour a week, doing something that isn't stressful (until recital comes around), and I get to do it in character shoes like Ginger Rogers. Ha! If only...

I'm still plugging right along with school. Chem is hard. I got a C on my first "exam". I am disappointed by that grade, but the reality is, a LOT of people didn't do so well on the test either. There is a lot of material to cover, so the class is fairly fast-paced. :-S I'll keep on keeping on. Medical terminology is still fun and since I have some idea of the material, I'm finding it fairly easy. Which is good. I'm enjoying it.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell. I'm very tired, it's after midnight, and this is long enough, so...

I'm out!

The BooBoo gives me kisses after tap class last week.

Almost forgot to summarize my Week 2 goals right quick:
emoticon Do daily toning video
emoticon Track food 3 days this week
emoticon Do 20-30 mins cardio 5 days this week
emoticon Do bonus video twice this week
emoticon Freewrite 4 pages this week
emoticon Address any/all health issues this month

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 9/11/2013 11:55AM

    Sounds like the month is starting off strong, Jill! Keep it up!

I took tap with 3 of my best friends in high school and I'm pretty sure I was absolutely horrible at it!

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LODESTONE 9/11/2013 8:03AM

    You certainly stay busy. and even though you don't seem keen on exercising, you love tap! great way to burn stress, calories and just plain have fun. like zumba - but with a recital. As you say, keep on keeping on. You're doing great!

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JSALERNO 9/11/2013 6:30AM


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September Start-Up

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Alliteration for the win. I didn't want to say September Start-Over because I don't feel like this journey is a stop and start thing. It's more of a waxing and waning process, ya know? So, I'm back to a little more waxing, a little less waning these days. I got on the scale on... uh... Sunday? Sure, sounds about right... And was very saddened to see the number that glared back at me.


UGH! I had gotten as low as 172 or 171 or something right before I moved back home. And I was well on my way to hitting below 170. Life certainly does throw you for a loop, doesn't it? So, on my Spark MotherShip Page, where it says in big, black, bold letters POUNDS LOST, there is a 27, where previously there was a 45. Mega sad face. So, naturally I've decided to do something about it.

I've been in my waning phase for so long now that I think I'm going to have to take it back to the beginning and build up the good stuff again from basically scratch. Although I do have more wisdom to add to this mix. So, my plan for the month of September is basically this:

Spring into Shape Bootcamp- complete that mother!
Week 1
emoticon Do all the 10 minutes-ish videos for each day (I really hated the abs one [Day 2] so I may sub that with a different abs video for the rest of the month)
emoticon Do 10 minutes of cardio 5 days of the week (minimum)
emoticon Start tap dance classes (Thursday nights)

I'm not going to focus on nutrition this week. For me, exercise is the hard part, so I wanna lay the foundation for that first, then incorporate the nutrition jazz into next week. Not that nutrition isn't hard because it is. And lord knows I've been eating like craaaaaaaaaaaap lately.

Next week my goals SHOULD look like:
-increase cardio to 20-30 mins
-do video each day
-track food 3 days during the week
-be more mindful of WHAT I'm eating (more freggies!)

In the meantime, I'm plugging right along with school. I'm taking a chemistry class and medical terminology class.

Chemistry is hard. I'm just not good with this sort of stuff and right now there is A LOT of math involved. I am terrible to the max with the maths. So, even though I'm just starting the 3rd week, I already find myself struggling. I want to get a tutor, but I'm without my own set of wheels now, so I have no way to get back and forth to campus. In fact, I'm not entirely sure how I'll be getting to class tonight. Or the rest of this week for that matter. :-S

Medical terminology is fun, though. I posted a Facebook status that pretty much sums it up:
"It's a shame medical stuff makes me so queasy 'cuz I find it so interesting and fascinating. I can't be a nurse 'cuz I'd prolly vomit. I can't be a doctor 'cuz I'd prolly vomit. I can't be a surgeon 'cuz I'd prolly vomit. Hell, I couldn't even be a dermatologist 'cuz I'd prolly vomit. That being said, I think I'm going to enjoy my medical terminology class... assuming it doesn't make me vomit."

That's what I'm up to in a nutshell.

I hope all ya'll are doing wonderful things for your September!

Cursory photo to keep things interesting:

The Majestic BooBoo

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WOLFKITTY 9/4/2013 11:32PM

    Ooooo.. Look out! :)


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MEWHENRYSMAMA 9/4/2013 11:24AM

    Hi Friend!
You are right, it is not a start/stop thing...you got this! AND, you and I both know in past times we would have gained much more and delayed it, and not realized it is a lifestyle!
Good for you for setting up your plan/goals! Go for it...
Oh, I know how hard those classes can be...will say a prayer for you to get through them!
Do you think a tutor might come to your place to tutor? Just a thought! I know I would need a tutor! Wish I could get you a car...if I win big in the lotto...you got one!!!
BooBoo is so cute...who does he belong to?
Good Luck for a great September!
Love you...Hugs,

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SMILINGTREE 9/4/2013 11:10AM

    Have you looked [or an online tutor? Seems like there are some decent services out there...[or [ree! (the letter that comes between e and g on my keyboard died! I'm using the [ until a new keyboard arrives!)

Anyway, good plan. It's good to tackle the tougher part [irst. And you are right - it's a continuous thing, not a stop and start thing.

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DSHONEYC 9/3/2013 3:30PM

    emoticon It's another case of "been there, done that, got the T shirt". It happens to all of us and never fear you will get back on the plan. I'd bet the Medical Terminology class alone will help you "food wise"...see a donut, think .... you fill in the appropriate "vomit-visualizing word".

Seriously, Jill - emoticon

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    Sounds like an awesome plan, Jill! I know you can do it!!

I hope you find a way to class this week! ;) I'm so happy that I'll never have to take a chemistry class for the rest of my life!

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ROBBIEY 9/3/2013 2:37PM

  The plan to jump back in is excellent. I wish you all the luck and I am sure that you can starting losing weight again.

Good Luck!!! emoticon

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The Good Times Are Killin' Me

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today is the first day I don't have to wake up and go be miserable for 8+ hours. Regularly working 50 hours a week (and only being compensated for 43 of them) is rough. It took a toll on my mental health, as well as my physical health. I'm glad to be relieved of that burden. Even the loss of my income is less stressful and worrisome than having to wake up in the morning to go to 'that job'. I feel like I can now get back on track to achieving my own goals... continuing to plug away at school, get back to blogging on my food blog (loooooooooong neglected at this point), and focusing on losing weight again. I've gained back almost 10 lbs since starting that job. Not okay. I have a few things I'd like to do with my free time, too.

At least I was well-liked.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to say thank you for those that expressed their sympathies when I lost my MeowMeow in mid-July. Here's the blurb I left on her Angry Meow Meow Facebook page:

"To all the wonderful followers and friends of The Angry MeowMeow: I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This afternoon while at the vet's office, the beautiful gray cat that stole my heart, stopped breathing and slipped quietly over the Rainbow Bridge. Her x-rays revealed she had a large amount of cancer in her chest and her little body was no longer able to continue on. She was well loved in her short time with me and holds a place in my heart and soul."

I only had my sweet kitty for about a year. She was definitely a young beauty. I was telling Mary (MEWHENRYSMAMA) that I'm almost positive she chose me to ease her transition from this world to the next. She saw that I would love and care for her in her last bit of time here and that she would be comfortable and content until the end. I sure hope that's what I did for her. She's been interred in the “family plot” along with 4 other beloved beasts that went before her.

In the meantime, I have my brother's cat and our cat-sitting cat to ease my pain. They've both been great comforts to me over the past few weeks. Someday I'll get a new cat, but for now, I'm content with these two beasties keeping me company.

This is Kyle. He's, um... "special".

I do start school on Monday. I'll be taking Chem 100 w/ lab (basic chem here in my state) and working my way through the series I guess, just so I can get to the classes I really need: o-chem, bio chem, micro bio, bio, anatomy, and physiology. I'm also enrolled in a medical terminology class. I'm surprised I wasn't required to take a medical terminology class when I was doing my coursework for becoming a DSS. It would have been extremely helpful. And, my guess is, it would be extremely helpful when I am an RD, so I'll do that now. I'm looking at open classes and/or other classes that I can crash. I don't mind being full time.

Ballet classes start in September, but without an income, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do them. I'm not giving up hope on that, so I'll keep positive regarding this. I just really wanna get back into dancing again. I loved it so much before. It was a good stress reliever. And great exercise. Plus, my class schedule is once again at odds with the choir schedule. I think I mentioned previously (a decade ago, it seems) that I wanted to re-join the community choir here. But, sadly, my Chem class is at the same day/time as choir. Oh well... maybe next semester...

I'll be looking for a blissfully mindless part-time job in the meantime. I have an offer already for another full-time job, but I don't think I'll be taking it. I don't want to be working full-time while I'm going to school. Especially not with all the cerebral classes I'll have to be taking. California also passed a law allowing for home-produced cottage foods, and I've finally come up with a few ideas on what to do with that, so I'll be looking into that again.

I did mention that I've gained back approximately 10 lbs (might be closer to 8lbs, but what's 2lbs?) since starting that job. Remarkable that it was so little, but it goes to show you how active I was at work! My downfall was nutrition, not movement. The ladies in that kitchen can cook! Its all so yummy and authentic and homemade. I couldn't resist. Chorizo and potato burritoes with homemade tortillas. Special quesadillas (a local specialty). Enchiladas with sauce made from scratch. I started out this job able to take my lunch every day. I ended this job with lots of fast food. :-S I'm looking forward to getting back to eating healthier and feeling like I have more control in that aspect.

My middle brother is moving to San Diego (yet another person that gets to be there when I don't get to be) to go to school. He's leaving this weekend in fact. So, the household responsibilities will fall to me. And along with him, the need for meat and potatoes meals. I think I'll finally be able to transition the family over into a semi-vegetarian diet. 75% of my family (in this house) suffer from IBS. So, I think reducing meats and going toward a more vegetable based diet would be very helpful. I'm looking forward to it, actually.

Anyway, I think I've typed up enough. I am going to upload Comic Con photos soon, so I'll post a few of those when I get the chance.

I miss you all and look forward to being part of the Spark community again!

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 8/15/2013 12:22AM

    My Dear Friend!
I was so glad to find your blog today...I was off a day or two as my IPad cord frayed and I had no power!
Thanks for the mention...I know you were a special transition friend to Meow Meow and hate to think if you had not been there for her what it would have been to be sick on the street!
So happy to hear the job is in the past! What a relief! You have much to do and it is more than full time! Find a really enjoyable Pt job that you like to go to...again, gift shop, etc.
I love Kyle...LOL...special or not!
My DH and I go to he University hospital on Monday for 3-5 days for him to have more testing and be observed. I so pray they can help us! I will take my IPad. I am concerned but we so need answers and help.
Love you and will be thinking of you!
Mary emoticon

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SMILINGTREE 8/14/2013 9:37PM

    Good luck with the part time job hunt. I'm beginning to think everyone should work part time...Kyle definitely does look "special" :)

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ARUNNINGKAT 8/13/2013 4:28PM

    Welcome back! We have missed you so much! That kitten looks like a complete character! Your school schedule looks like it is going to be pretty intense. I am sure it is a relief to be done with your previous job. It always sounded like you were working way too many hours under high stress. Hope you find the perfect replacement job (full or part-time) very soon! In the meantime, enjoy your freedom! emoticon

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 8/13/2013 2:39PM

    Wow, I did not realize that MeowMeow had passed. I am so, so sorry. I know that must been tough. Big hugs!!

It sounds like leaving your stressful job was the absolute best decision for your health and well being!

Brian would be in hog heaven if he worked with those kitchen ladies!

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ARCHIMEDESII 8/13/2013 2:00PM

    Jilly !! You've been missed. I figured you were "nose to the grindstone", I had no idea you'd been working so many hours. I'm sorry that the job didn't work out and I'm sorry that your meow meow is in a better place. I' glad you're in a better place even though you had to leave the job to do it. If the job was stressing you out, that's no good. And it's definitely no good working all those extra hours without compensation.

Congratulations on heading back to school. Hopefully you'll be able to find a decent part time job for some income. I'm still plugging along at my job. Haven't been asked to stay perm, but have gotten good reviews so far.

Looking forward to seeing your comic con photos. I've always wanted to go see it. looks like soooo much fun !!

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SLIMMERJESSE 8/13/2013 1:51PM

    So nice to see you again, but sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. Sad. I gave up an incredibly good job (but highly toxic place that was making me sick), and opted to do my own thing. It has been a struggle, but well-worth my sanity and health. Take care.

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I got another confession to make...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm your fool...


Anyway, I have some unloading to do, so if you're having a good day, you may wanna save this one for another time. I don't wanna be a downer for ya! ;-) No, really.

Right now, I feel like someone is getting the best of me (see the video I linked above). My job. Yes, initially I was excited. I had my work cut out for me prior to state survey. I mostly enjoyed what I was doing. Then, the after state effects have taken hold... Budget cuts, staffing cuts, etc, have left me very saddened. Workplace politics at their finest, I can tell you! For the first 6 weeks of this job, things were easy to overlook because I was intensely focused on passing survey. And I did so, very well. Almost immediately after, these things started becoming more noticeable, prominent, not "overlookable". And I have found myself slipping into a depression. I feel completely consumed by this job. When I'm not there, I'm constantly worried I'll get a phone call about something: someone calling in sick, something happening and I need to go in, whatever. I can't even focus on anything outside of work. I have come home on more than one occasion (okay, SEVERAL occasions) and just sat with my mom and *sobbed*. There was even a day at work where I spent the entire day exercising all the willpower in my entire body -literally- to keep from crying (and I failed at one point... luckily on my lunch "break"). The stress, the intensity, the responsibility. It's more than I think I'm able to handle.

And of course, I feel conflicted. There are parts of this job that I do enjoy. I enjoy interacting with the residents and doing the responsibilities as they relate to nutrition and working with the registered dietitian. It's the other half of my job that I hate: kitchen management. Wow, do I ever hate it. I mean, seriously. I don't like being in charge of the employees, I don't like ordering the groceries (or putting them all away by myself), I don't even like having to do the cooking on the occasions that I have, even when the residents have nothing but compliments for me when I do. But, that is what a DSS does. We oversee both the nutrition and the kitchen. We don't get to pick one or the other.

The other conflict is, of course, money. It's very nice having the income. I'm able to do some things I haven't been able to do for a while (upgrade cell phone finally, get a Kindle, buy some clothes for myself -I believe I've mentioned in previous blogs that I hadn't done that in several years, yes, YEARS- help my family out with stuff they need...) and with the income I'd be able to buy a car (currently saving for one, or at least a nice down payment), get new glasses (whoops, still haven't done that one and I've needed new glasses for a few years now), buy a new computer, a gym membership or ballet lessons again... Not having money has been tough. I haven't had money since I graduated from UCSD (3 years ago) and it is quite the struggle. I don't want to do that again.

However, is it worth all this? The tears, the stress, the sleepless nights... I don't see my family any more and I live with them! I'm afraid of what juggling school and work is going to be like. I start classes again on August 19th, and luckily am able to take night classes, but still. Chemistry and Medical Terminology are not easy classes. And I don't want this job to slow me down when it comes to school. If I don't keep going in a forward motion, then that's just going to extend the time until I'm going to be doing what I really want to do. I don't want to be stuck down here for 5 or more years when my plan is to be here no more than 3.

And I also don't want to disappoint anyone. I told my granny about it and her reaction seemed as though she would be disappointed if I stopped working. My mom I think would like it. I would be disappointed to that it had to come to that. I would be sad about leaving the residents and coworkers...

It's a huge weight on my mind. And I'm seriously, honestly feeling very blue about it. My mom is afraid that I'll end up having to go to a shrink and end up on anti-depressants just so I can get through my work week. At first I thought that was a little dramatic, but really... I think that's a valid fear because I can see myself heading that way. And I'm not sure what to do about it. My nutrition has suffered tremendously. And I know better. I've eaten more fast food than I care to admit, and only make sensible fast food choices about 25% of the time. Why have a grilled chicken salad with low cal balsamic dressing when I can have the bacon burger and french fries?! Why have the egg white english muffin sandwich when I can have the egg, cheese, sausage biscuit?! Whip cream on my mocha? You bet! Coke Zero or unsweetened iced tea? Pfffft... COKE!!! And I know better. Don't even get me started on exercise. Admittedly, I've found a gym I'd like to join, and it's pretty reasonable as far as rates go. No boxing classes, but I'm still working on that, too. Ballet isn't until fall sometime. I haven't actually done any exercise. I can feel my clothes getting tighter. My thighs getting flabbier. My stomach getting softer. And my "second wave" arms getting... erm... wavier. But, I'm too tired to work out. Too unmotivated. Too depressed to move at all, unless its for basic functions and to get to work. And be at work, doing work. Then, coming home from work. Once I'm home though, I don't have any desire to move any more.

Ideally, I'd have a part time job that isn't so stressful (something even a little mindless would be nice) and I'd continue with school until I've done all the chem, o-chem, bio chem, micro bio, anatomy, and physiology required to get into a program. NONE of those classes are going to be easy.

A lot of things for me to ponder.

Oh, and I got my final PhotoShop project to save without crashing a computer. Here it is, in it's tiny, shrunken glory (remember, it's supposed to be the size of a movie poster)

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 7/14/2013 9:03PM

    Oh, my dear Friend! I am so sorry and sad to hear of your frustration, depression and angst over this FRIGGIN job! I so understand as I have been there...cried in the bathroom on breaks and wondered how I would survive!?it is a terrible way to live! I also thought of a mindless type job...something you could do to earn money but enjoy going to! A trainer. A gift shop sales person, etc. I think you need to check out what is out there (and I know this is harder than it sounds)! You so deserve better...and I will pray that answer comes to you!
Thinking of you and hoping to hear you are doing better soon!
Love & Hugs,
P.S. LOVE the poster!

Comment edited on: 7/14/2013 9:03:58 PM

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CATS_MEOW_0911 7/14/2013 2:03AM

    Ugh, I'm sorry. emoticon I don't think it's that you can't handle the job, but rather that they have unreasonable demands. You are a smart and capable woman, so the fact that this job is ruining your life means that they don't have reasonable expectations, and it seems that those jobs only continue to get worse. Sounds like the job I just quit, and I don't regret it even though I'll have to live on less now.

Even if you can't quit right now, I would start doing whatever little things you can do to organize an exit. No one deserves to be miserable because of their job.

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/14/2013 12:52AM

    Been in these types of jobs before and they made me sick. Nothing is worth getting sick over. If you can get something less stressful while you look for something else, I'd say it's worth leaving all the misery behind. Big hug.

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I Think My Spaceship Knows Which Way To Go...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So, I dropped off the face of the Earth for a while there. Sorry about that. Totally my bad. I should have checked in and let you know what the dealio was.

State walked in to the building on June 10. From that point on, things were just GO GO GO! for 4 solid days. Like, seriously. In those 4 days, I worked 53 hours. And then worked my usual 8 the day after they left, making a grand total of 61 hours in 5 days. Worth it, though. My department came out with only 2 deficiencies. I'd like to have 0 next year. In some ways, I feel like I'm still recovering from that grueling week. I know I am recovering in work that got set aside or put off. I'm practically drowning in paperwork that needs to be caught up on!

I haven't done much good for myself lately, either. No real exercise to speak of. And the weather has already reached 120*F outside, so... Yeah. That's the sort of heat that saps your energy even when you're indoors with the A/C running full blast. I'm wondering if we'll see another 100*F at midnight type of summer. Anyway, I want to start something fun like boxing training, but I've decided to wait until mid-ish-July to do so. 1) I'll have another paycheck in the bank. 2) I'll have a set of wheels to go somewhere to train (my granny is going on vacation for 2 months and I get to use her car in the meantime!) 3) I'll have figured out where to go to train by then (I hope). If I was a morning person, which I'm not and never, ever, EVER in my life have EVER been, I would get up early and get in a workout before work. And I'm not going to make myself feel guilty for not doing so. Of course, this leaves the time for me to workout at "after work". Unfortunately, I'm usually pretty exhausted at the end of my work day. I've got a 30 minute commute in addition to my 8.5 hour day. I know if I start small and build up that eventually I'll have more energy than I know what to do with, but it's taking that small step to start it initially. And I'm just not 'there' yet.

Nutritionally, my intake has been varied, at best. Terrible- and I mean terrible- at worst. Lots of junk, convenience foods, and really sh!tty gas station coffee... Which, sadly, is less sh!tty than the coffee brewed in my own work kitchen. I don't drink enough coffee to warrant brewing a pot at home. And Starbucks is always too damn packed in the morning. I got places to GO! Anyway, I digress. Most days of the week I am eating pretty decent dinners, and the leftovers for lunch the next day. My breakfasts are the meals that get sketchy... My lady cooks in the kitchen are all Mexican and they make some really REALLY AWESOME authentic, from scratch, homemade Mexican food breakfasts. Nopales and eggs, chorizo and potatoes, chilequiles, handmade tortillas, and my ultimate favorite- special quesadillas. It's a dish that's strictly regional. I can't even find special quesadillas in San Diego, 120 miles away. Then I try to tell people about them and they think I'm nuts. Let's just say they're stuffed to the gills with cheese and deep fried. For breakfast. Every Friday. YIKES. Then, the rest of the weekend hits...

Could you resist??

Saturdays are my scheduled splurge day.
Just before state walked in (literally, the Saturday before the Monday) was my "niece's" 1st birthday, so I got to go and enjoy that. Us 30-year-olds kicked all the kids outta the bouncy castle and had 5 minutes of fun with that. Had lots of yummy food- sandwiches, potato salad, beer (just like California to have beer at a 1-year-old's birthday party! emoticon), fresh fruit, Caesar salad... Awesome times! Even more awesome is it was NOT in my hometown, so the weather was simply beautiful.

Bouncy castles. Not just for kids.

Last Saturday I got to do something fun and just for me... I hung out with a friend! WOO! We had frozen yogurt. Then, on a whim, decided to go see a movie, where I had popcorn (with that oily fake buttery crap all over it!), nachos with not nearly enough jalapenos, and a huge Mr. Pibb. Granted, that was all I ate that day, but still. You see where this 2 paragraph rant is going. Even my "healthy" meals during the week don't have enough vegetable or fruit elements to them. Whole grains are hit or miss. Lean meats are no problem. Dairy is lacking, too, in many instances. Basically, how the hell am I still alive?! Hahaha, no really, though. Even if- IF- my macronutrients were in ranges, and thanks to my lack of tracking and the fact the SparkPeople now CHARGES for their app LAMEEEEE!!! I don't know if they are or not, the things I'm putting in my body aren't nutritionally dense. I'm sure they're lacking vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, etc. that my body needs to function optimally.

Today it was super evident. Just before lunch today, my blood sugar plummeted. Luckily, there are nurses as far as the eye can see where I work. So, I ate my lunch and still didn't feel okay. So, I was ordered to drink an orange juice, 4 ounces, with- get this- a packet of sugar added to it. I did as I was told, and while I felt immensely better afterward, can I just say... EW. Over-sweet orange juice is just awful. That alone makes me want to watch myself more closely. And, so, I'm going to be doing just that.

Anyway, that's the long and short of it for me. I've got my kitty's Facebook page up and going if you want to follow along on her angry exploits:

And here is my second to final project for my PhotoShop class (I still can't get my final project to save in a smaller format without crashing my computer... sorry) I can't believe I didn't post this one. It turned out great.

"Bloody Face Boom Boom" is what I've decided my roller derby name will be. If I decide to ever do roller derby. Which I never will. Because I like my teeth just where/they way they are.

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ARCHIMEDESII 6/29/2013 4:56AM

    There you are !!! You've certainly been missed. I totally agree about the heat. It can wear a person down. It hasn't been as hot here in New England, but it has been really muggy. showers every single day this week. it feels like I'm living in a terrarium. So, I understand how you're feeling. it does get to you. Do the best you can to keep active.

Damn ! That sounds like really amazing Mexican food ! Since your lady cooks authentic food, I'm sure it's not all fried. Ask her if she'll cook some meals that aren't fried or laden down with cheese. I know there are a lot of healthy Mexican dishes, so why not have her cook some of those yummy options. I'm a big fan of oevos rancheros. yum.... and tortillas ? yum again... I'd eat a fresh cooked tortilla over store bread ANY day. it's better for you.

Anyway, I know things are busy, but it sounds like life is improving. You've got some income again. You're making friends. You're doing better than you think.

Your photoshop picture is cool ! For a treat for myself, I'm taking Mandarin Chinese lessons. I signed up for a course at my local adult ed school.

Ni Hao !

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 6/28/2013 9:50PM

    P.S. I HATE heat! So sorry....

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 6/28/2013 9:49PM

    Thanks for update, my friend! Wow, what a great job on photoshop, but creepy.....
Will ck out Meow's Facebook...love it!
I get it with all you said on the food...and when did Spark start charging for apps? :-(
Have a great weekend and stay in touch!
Love you!

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KUJAYHAWKGIRL 6/28/2013 3:45PM

    120 degrees?!?! Oh my word, I think I'd comfort myself with delicious mexican breakfasts too. :)

Work stress is the worst - but great for your hours. Hope things calm down soon! The boxing plan sounds great!


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TUCSONJILL 6/28/2013 1:44PM

    Mmmmm.... good tortillas.... mmmmm..... :)

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ARUNNINGKAT 6/28/2013 12:09PM

    SO glad to see a update from you! Missed seeing your beautiful face on my Sparkfeed! I can't even imagine surviving 120 degrees. Yikes! It sounds like you are beyond busy! And yes, your little mexican breakfast treat looks amazing! Take care of yourself!

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 6/28/2013 11:03AM

    Glad to see an update from you! Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! I can't even imagine 120 degree weather, I'm uncomfortable just thinking about it! That's awesome that you'll have a car for 2 months.

I'm a little scared of Bloody Face Boom Boom.....haha, good job!

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SMILINGTREE 6/28/2013 6:29AM

    So much to say....glad to see you back here! Horrible work hours. Bouncy castles are awesome. I'm going to the roller derby tomorrow and will think of Bloody Face Boom Boom. Take care of JillyBean!

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