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30 Days of Thankful- Day 23, 24, 25

Monday, November 26, 2012

So, now that I'm back in San Diego, I should be able to do this on the regular. In the meantime, here are the three I'm behind on.

Day 23, Nov. 23rd
Today I am thankful for Target stores.

Yes, I am. Especially because I know the merchandise runs pretty much across the board at each store. Something that's pretty important to me when I go to a Target store. I need to have access to the same products I'm used to getting no matter where the Target store is that I happen to be at that time. I'm not entirely sure I'm making sense, but at least I know what I'm talking about. Not to mention I just love the way their stores are arranged and what sorts of things they carry. I wish they had a sewing section like Wal-Mart... other than that, Target is my favorite "all-purpose" store to shop.

My last shopping trip to Target resulted in me carrying around an adorable sleepy toddler!

Day 24, Nov 24th
Today I am thankful for naps

And boy did I need one. Staying up late and waking up early to help with family business is exhausting. I never really felt like I was resting or recuperating during my break for Thanksgiving. On Saturday, I woke up early for no reason and couldn't fall back asleep. So, I did some chores around the kitchen while everyone was asleep. Then, I called my grandmother to see if she wanted to go to lunch or walk around a mall or something. We ended up doing both. By 4pm, I was wandering through the mall with my eyelids at half-mast. I was wondering if I'd just fall asleep standing there. Luckily, my granny was getting tired, too, so we left. I sat down with my mom for a moment and realized I wasn't going to make it. So, I went to take a nap. I woke up feeling so much better! Made some dinner for the fam bam and called it a night. I fell asleep only an hour later than I had been all week. Woo!

I did miss having a shiny beast to snuggle with.

Day 25, Nov 25th
Today I am thankful for other people's wheels

Particularly since I don't have any of my own. I am doubly thankful for when I can borrow their wheels. But, in this week's instance, I'm grateful my granny and aunt where willing to drive to San Diego to come pick me up and then do it again 1 week later to drop me off. The fact that my granny has a fuel efficient, shiny new vehicle is particularly helpful since its almost 2 hours of driving time through a mountain range, most of it heading uphill to get to San Diego from my humble little hometown. That's a 4 hour drive in one day of winding mountainous roads. I'm thankful they have the wheels to do it (and more thankful that they're willing to help me out!)

My granny's old wheels. Not so good for getting up and down mountains. I don't have a photo of her new ride.

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 11/26/2012 11:47AM

    I love Target, too! Except I always buy more things that I really "need"!

It sounds like you were a great help to your family and I'm sure they are very thankful for you!

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SMILINGTREE 11/26/2012 9:17AM

    Even though it sounds like it was a tiring "break" it also sounds like you had some good times. Hope all is well this week, and you continue to see the good stuff (it always makes me feel better).

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SLIMMERJESSE 11/26/2012 8:56AM

    Where is your hometown, in the Coachella Valley? Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

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JSALERNO 11/26/2012 4:43AM

    emoticon TARGET

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 11/26/2012 4:42AM

    Those are great things to be thankful for...
Enjoying these blogs!
Have a great week, Jilly!
Love & Hugs,

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30 Days of Thankful- Day 21 & 22

Friday, November 23, 2012

Of course the holiday this week has made keeping up with this blog series difficult, but I'm still kickin' it. Plus, being at my parent's for the week...

Day 21, Nov. 21st
Today I am thankful for pumpkin

Like most folks around this time, I am crazy for pumpkin! It just tastes like fall. It tastes like cooler weather, bonfires, orange and red leaves, and comfort. I've been gaga over pumpkin and pumpkin products. I bought a pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee, but found I like it better in plain black hot tea. So delicious! Then, Thomas brand bagels makes a pumpkin spice bagel (claims there's REAL pumpkin in it, but who really knows...) that are soooooo delicious with a smear of neufchatel cream cheese and some homemade apple butter. Yum! And, of course, all the wonderful things that can be made with pumpkin puree- muffins, cakes, pancakes or waffles, gratins, etc. For this Thanksgiving I made pumpkin whoopie pies. They're always a hit with my family and oh so delicious! I filled them with a vanilla bean cream cheese filling. Oh, pumpkin, you are so amazing!

Day 22, Nov. 22nd
Today I am thankful for my family

That includes my extended family. I don't have a pic because we take yearly family portraits at Christmas. But, I love my family! We always have so much fun when we get together. I was very lucky to be raised close to my cousins, so when we're all in the same room, we never stop laughing and joking and having a great time. My life is always so crazy and I'm always so laid back, I always have some insane story to tell at Thanksgiving. This year I regaled them with the story of the raccoon that stole my cat food. We just laughed for hours last night. I'm surprised we were actually able to eat anything! Seems like we never shut up. Obviously our celebrations are formally informal. We serve food buffet style, but we all sit down at one long table, say grace, and eat together. Quite impressive because there is usually more than 20 of us at dinner! It's loud and warm and so much fun having my family. This year we were blessed to have some new faces, and bummed that some regulars weren't present. My uncle and his family decided to change things up this holiday, so they didn't come to dinner. That's 8 people less than normal. But, my sister-in-law's family joined us, as well as my brother's girlfriend, my cousin's girlfriend, and my best friend (but, she's a regular anyway!). So, we still had a full house. My cousins came up with a wonderful idea for this holiday, and that's what I took a pic of for this blog. I'm thankful as all hell for my wonderful family.

Most of these say they're grateful for family and friends. I was thankful for "Your" Mother and Angry Smiles (inside joke). Someone was thankful for my delicious food. I didn't recognize the handwriting, so I don't know who that was! My brother was thankful for my other brother's beard. It was a fun way to start the night.

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JSALERNO 11/24/2012 5:11AM


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MEWHENRYSMAMA 11/23/2012 10:54PM

    Just beautiful! Brought back some memories for me of family gatherings!
You are blessed!
Love you!

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30 Days of Thankful- Day 20

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 20, Nov. 20th
Today I am thankful for Hostess brand snack cakes.

I know. They're really terrible for you. Full of terrible ingredients, most of which aren't even pronounceable. They're full of fat. Sugar. Hydrogenated oils. Some even have beef fat. I get it. The thing is Hostess cakes (especially for me the Twinkie and the Ding Dong) are childhood nostalgia in a plastic or foil wrapper. And it's not like I ate them all the time. I did go through an odd period of time where I kept a box of Twinkies at my desk at work in case I needed a fix in the afternoon. Took me forever and a half to go through a whole box. I always enjoyed the hockey puck shaped foil wrapped Ding Dong in my lunch as a kid. It was a rare treat, but a fun one. So, it is disappointing that another company has fallen victim to the times. Hostess is an American icon. Its sad to see it go.

My Hostess stash after doing a Hostess run the day it was announced they'd be shutting their doors. THIS IS NOT ALL MINE! My portion is the top (none of the boxes) and only one of the donettes bags. No, I'm not selling any of these. Freezing them or handing them out to my family.

If you want to continue reading this, I actually have a pretty amusing story about Twinkies. Before stashing them in my desk, I'd stash them in my room at home. I was probably about 19 years old... Well, one day my mom caught one of my beasts, rest his soul, trying to bust into the box of Twinkies in my room. She shooed him off and thought nothing of it. A short time later, she was coming home from running errands or picking up my brothers or something. I was at work or school. There was a random, lone Twinkie sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle of the living room. Mom, quite understandably, was confused by this. So, she approached the Twinkie and picked it up to inspect it. In one of the rounded Twinkie corners, there appeared to have been some sort of small explosion. The wrapper was frayed and there was a little chunk of snack cake missing from that side. It looked like a tiny bomb had gone off and blown out the corner. It was hilarious! The beast, Mart, had finally broken into that Twinkie box, helped himself to a cake, chewed his way through the wrapper, sampled it, and decided he didn't want it after all.

It was this beast! Mr. Thanks-for-the-clean-basket-of-laundry-for
-me-to-sleep-in. He was a good cat, though. Been gone for 4 years. I'll never forget that Twinkie.

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 11/22/2012 7:19AM

    Oh, it is just shocking....
You needed stash!
Love the kitty story!

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JBINAUSTIN 11/21/2012 12:14PM

    My husband is a big Hostess fan. He stocks up on SnoBalls whenever he finds them. Halloween is orange SnoBall time!

My cats like the cream filling in SnoBalls and cupcakes. They're not allowed to have chocolate but they want that too.

Comment edited on: 11/21/2012 12:16:50 PM

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JSALERNO 11/21/2012 5:49AM


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Exchanging Daggers

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well, for those following the roommate drama in my life, this one's for you! For those that haven't, you might wanna catch up a bit! emoticon Here: www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_jo

So, Sunday morning I woke up, still very sleepy from being designated driver the night before for my friend's birthday (the mother of my "niece"). It was really fun, but I didn't get home until almost 2am. Can't tell you the last time I was awake at that hour (on purpose).

See? Lot's of fun! That's Heather, whom I haven't seen in almost 11 years!

I had a list of chores to do before I left for my visit that included a load of laundry and my weekly assigned household chore, which was kitchen counter. It entails more than just wiping down the kitchen counter, FYI. I also needed to tidy up a few things I had left out (my sewing machine for example, and the stool needed to get it in and out of the cupboard where I keep it stashed). I was putting away the stool in the utility closet where it's normally kept and I noticed something strange about my mop. Namely, that is was in multiple pieces instead of one big, cohesive unit. So, I reach down to grab the oddly detached mop head and cut myself on it! The tip of my finger started gushing blood. Strange! I inspect the mop head and realize it's been broken. I don't know how that happened. It's a pretty wickedly tough plastic that would take a pretty big amount of force to break it. But, the more strange thing was that this mop, broken and all, was placed back into it's proper storage location with nary a word uttered about it. There was no note on our message board, he didn't say anything to me, didn't text me... Now, if you were me, wouldn't you think that someone put a broken mop back where it belongs to cover up the fact that its been broken? Well, that's pretty much where She-'mate and my train of thought went.

But, from there it gets "worse". See, I just used that mop on Thursday night to complete my assigned household chore for the previous week, which was kitchen floor (once again sweeping the floor isn't all you do for that one). We have 1 mop with 1 mop pad, that you throw in the wash to clean when you're done with it. Well, we usually throw it in our soiled kitchen towels bin and then wash the kitchen towels at the end of the week when the bin is full. Someone else prematurely washed the kitchen towels that week so the bin only had 1 other towel in it and then the mop pad when I was done with it. Fast forward about 48 hours and He-'mate decides to do the wrong chore for his week and does kitchen floor (he was assigned to living room, so wrong room entirely!). Useless, right? It's been only 2 days since I swept, thoroughly mopped, and did the remainder of the tasks that chore has assigned to it (which he didn't do). Then, I threw the used, dirty mop pad in the bin.

So... the question is... what did he mop with? He broke my mop, so obviously he did use the thing. The mop pad was still in the bin, probably still wet to some degree since it was in a heap in the bin with another towel (or two?). She-'mate and I, to our horror, both think he used the already filthy mop pad to mop the floor. GROSS! Seriously?!?!?! So, he just put back everything that I mopped up on Thursday, essentially. Disgusting!

Well, since I knew I'd be gone by the time he got home and I was busy doing my chores anyway, I wrote him a quick note on the board saying he should have told me. That's literally all I said- "M***, you broke my mop and should have told me." [Well, I also asked him about using the dirty mop pad 'cuz She-'mate and I were curious/disgusted.] I mean, that's common courtesy, isn't it? You break something of someone else's, you tell them and say you're sorry, and leave the broken item out where they can see it or hand it to them directly. Then, if you can (and you better be able to somehow!) you offer to replace the item. Luckily its a mop- something easy and cheap to replace.

Well, She-'mate was there to witness the s***storm that was next and called me LITERALLY seconds after it happened. Now, the nature of my note was pretty straightforward and direct. There was no hidden message there. I'm not, nor did I say, I was pissed off about the actual breaking of the mop. It was the fact that he didn't give me the courtesy of telling me, but instead appeared to be hiding it. My grandmother even read my note when she came to pick me up and said there wasn't anything malicious about it. Well, He-'mate read it and FLEW OFF THE HANDLE! He stomped off into his room, threw some s*** around in there, slammed his door, and then spewed some crazy tirade at She-'mate. "This is so passive-aggressive! If she has something to say to me, she can say it to my face! I was gonna replace the mop! What, was she going to take it back home with her?! I'm going to call her!" She-'mate stared at him like he was a moron that was super over-reacting. And he was. And it's not passive-aggressive if I call you out BY NAME and say DIRECTLY what I had to say. If I had said "To WHOEVER broke my mop!" knowing it was He-'mate, THAT would have been passive aggressive. And I didn't have anything else to say. I didn't want to accuse him of covering anything up in case that was not his intention. I think he got mad 'cuz I called him out for using a filthy, soiled, already used, not washed mop pad and it embarrassed him.

So, he did call me, which I promptly ignored and left me a brief voicemail that I deleted without listening to. Spoke to She-'mate about it and she told me all the above. Told my grandma and aunt (who were sitting with me at lunch at a restaurant while all this went down).

He texted me yesterday saying we should sit down and air out our grievances when I get back. I don't know what the point of that would be. We're only going to be living together for a few more weeks. As soon as school's over, which I believe is December 6th, I'm going to begin the packing process. My ideal would be to move/be done packing before Christmas. That way after Christmas the cleaning and painting of my room back to its original color can take place. So, really, 3 or 4 more weeks tops of all of us living under the same roof. And I already knew a long time ago that there was no way we'd be friends after all this. Its too late. Even if things didn't go as they did, I really don't have anything in common with He-'mate anymore. We met at school and bonded over many school related things, but I don't have that with him anymore. And soon he won't have that either. The reality is, there wasn't much there besides that. So, to me, sitting down and airing out any grievances is a moot point. I'd just like to get through the next few weeks, get my schooling done, and go forth.

So... that was the start to my "vacation", which is really not a vacation, but a family business trip. I'm helping take care of a few things and lending a hand where needed so that a few things can get done and fixed or on their way to fixed.

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TRISHAKAY17 11/20/2012 7:50PM

    Wow. Sounds like a lot of drama. Hope everything goes smoothly in your last few weeks living with him.

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ARUNNINGKAT 11/20/2012 2:35PM

    Life is so full of drama sometimes. Hope the next few weeks go by smoothly and peacefully! emoticon

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 11/20/2012 1:44PM

    OMG!!! What a drama queen he is! His overreaction was definitely because he was embarrassed. I hope the 3-4 weeks go by fast! Do you know where you're going to move?

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30 Days of Thankful- Day 18 & 19

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm going to be spotty... or spottier than usual... on these this week because I'm visiting my parents. All my stuff is at home to take pics of, so I have nothing here. Sorry. The next few will be bland.

Day 18, Nov. 18
Today I am thankful for my fun magazines- Eating Well and Cooking Light

I used to have 4 or 5 magazine subscriptions. The only ones I ever really read cover-to-cover were these two cooking magazines. And then I read something by Coach Nicole, and I'm not sure what it was as it was such a long time ago (whether a blog or status update or article written by her, I'm not sure!) that said something about having subscriptions to magazines that don't necessarily make you feel good about yourself or even your journey. The other two magazines I subscribed to were Women's Health and Shape... Actually there was a third one called Bust that was very indie/feminist- that one was good, just REALLY expensive. Those two magazines always show some ultra-skinny celebrity on the cover in a bikini. Granted they tie in how those celebs supposedly keep that figure by interviewing them about their diet and exercise regimen. The reality is, knowing what I know about nutrition and exercise, is that there has to be something else, something unhealthy, going on for them to THAT thin and still eat the way they supposedly do. So, I finally ditched those. I'm still getting Women's Health as my subscription hasn't run out yet, but my Shape subscription did and I didn't renew. So, I'll stick with my cooking magazines. I always like them around to generate ideas. I rarely follow their recipes to a T unless it's something that looks incredible as-is or is a baked good, 'cause I'm not so good at baking. They always talk about ethnic cuisines or places to go for good food in a certain city. They'll feature vegetables or fruits in several recipes to show outside-the-recipe-card thinking. I like that. Thanks magazines, for existing!

Day 19, Nov. 19th
Today I am thankful for GOOD BOOKS!

I am, or used to be, an avid reader. College tends to take up a lot of time normally spent on "fun" reading... replaces it with boring readings about the Mongolian expansion in the Orient or the long-winded writings of Immanuel Kant. I read a lot of fiction. I guess I'd rather use my reading as entertainment than as always learning about something. Sometimes the brain needs a rest! I really like reading Stephen King. He's wordy, so it takes a while to read something of his. And, recently, a book of his I've been waiting for was finally released in paperback. It's part of his Dark Tower series, which is one of the best series I've read. It's not scary, or horror, like he usually writes. It's more fantasy. And it's really good. So, I'm anxious to get a hold of that book and start reading! I'm also a classic lit type person. I stocked up when Borders went out of business (got about 40 books!) and the majority are classics- Frankenstein, Dracula, Siddhartha, Journey to the Center of the Earth- to name a few. I've never read the Harry Potter series (the shame!) and would like to, so I'll be gearing up to do that in the near future. So, I have the books to read or a to-read list. I just need to remember to carve out some fun time to do it.

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MEWHENRYSMAMA 11/22/2012 7:17AM

    I love magazines and books! Reading is what keeps me going being shut in alot!
Love Tara French, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman and so many others (Maeve Binchy and Elizabeth Berg)!!!!

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ARCHIMEDESII 11/20/2012 12:52PM

    I used to subscribe to subscribe to Bon Appetit. great magazine. I'd occasionally pick up a copy of Gourmet. another great cooking mag. Of course, neither or them are in business anymore ! boo... My brother used to get Cook's Illustrated. These days, I just watch America's Test Kitchen on PBS. I love the PBS cooking shows.

And I hate to say it, but I bought more than my fair share of books when Borders went out too. It felt like I was picking over a carcass like a vulture. great deals, but I'm always sad when a bookstore goes out of business.

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