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Six Months of CrossFit

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This was on May 10th. :)

So today marks six months since I had my first WOD at CrossFit ACT. Letís go through a little journey of how Iíve progressed over this time.

My first WOD was:

Max rounds & reps in 8 mins of:

4 handstand pushups
2 pood kettlebell swings, 8 reps
10 GHD situps
I completed:
5 rounds of pike pushups on a 20Ē box, 25# KB swings, and regular sit ups.

I fell in love immediately and signed up that day. During the next six months, when my hamstring hasnít been injured, Iíve been doing KB swings with either the 45# or 55# now. I can actually do handstand pushups in a WOD now. And come on, I live off 100 GHDís after almost every WOD, if not weighted sit-ups with 45#KB or dumbbell. I can actually climb a rope now, do double-unders, however terribly. Iíve gone from barely being able to use a black band for pull ups to working on my strict pull ups on a blue band. I can do a freestanding handstand! In January I was able to run my first 5K on my own without slowing down or walking, when Iíve never been able to run more than half a mile without stopping. Iím not gonna get into the change of my weights right now cause Iíve only just gotten back to regular wodding since strength is over now and after a year, I think itíll make more sense to display those, but Iíve improved so much and Iím so much stronger now. I love every moment of CrossFit and canít imagine my life without it now.

And onto measurements.

Iím down 16 pounds.
My waist is down 5 inches.
My hips are down 6 inches.
Thighs have lost an inch each.
My arms have lost half an inch each.
Thatís all I was measuring from the beginning, Iíve added a few more things, but itís so hard to say because the loss is just general all around, parts of me go down faster than others that I donít measure, my face is just thinning out like crazy every other month.

Iím happy that I made the transition to this life. I could never go back and itís so hard to see people at Globo Gyms and the workouts they do and I want to grab them and go ďwhy are you wasting your effort? THIS MAKES SENSE.Ē I wish I knew how many squats Iíve done since Iíve started, how often Iíve been sore and loved every moment of it, even as I cringe walking down the stairs to do laundry. One day, my hamstring wonít act up like it does since I got hurt at the beginning of March, but healing is slow, especially without being able to see a doctor about it. It seems the only thing that really pulls it right now is running and deadlifts, so I wasnít able to do todayís WOD. Instead I tire flipped for a while and loved it, my first time :)

Iím running my first race on Saturday, the MetroDash. Not so much a race as an obstacle course, but Iím excited nonetheless. Who ever thought Iíd be competing like this? After this Iíve got the Spartan Race on June 4 in Tuxedo, NY. Itís like a lesser Tough Mudder, but a 5K in the mountains. Iím souped!
^ Edit: Looking back at this, I ran the obstacle course yesterday and it was so much fun! It's like this big adult playground, 15 foot cargo nets and climbing over and under walls, through tubes and under wires. Tire flips and kettle bells and pulling and pushing sleds. Beyond fun!

So after six months, I want to thank all the coaches that Iíve worked with over this time. Iíve learned so much and if it wasnít for you, I wouldnít be able to do what I do; your guidance has set me free from a life stepping machines, ellipticals, and 10 pound dumbbells. My trainer at Retro really got me prepared during our last sessions before I joined the box and if it wasnít for her, I wouldnít have jumped into it right away like I did. As well as my brother, whoís pushed me along and had discussions about our progress and what hurts and who did what. I love him.

I always had the drive in me and I was always a strong girl and I knew there was something out there for me. Iíve found my home at CrossFit ACT.

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TPELL21 5/17/2011 10:36AM

    Great job, and great progress!
I've been at it just over a year now and can't imagine going back to a commercial gym. The results speak for themselves.
The MetroDash looked fun! Congrats.

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CCHELLEZ 5/17/2011 5:39AM

  good work!!!

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IMSMILEY88 5/16/2011 10:24PM

    Wow! That's terrific! I tried my first CrossFit class last Wednesday, and will probably try #2 this Wednesday. My daughter went, and she LOVED it! It's neat to see your progress!

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ANNALISSAS 5/16/2011 10:09AM

    Loved reading this blog, your journey is very familiar! Way to go on all your hard work and I am excited for you that you found your passion and motivation in CrossFit. It is so fun and addictive!

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BREEZEBEE 5/16/2011 2:56AM

    Thanks for the info! Will definitely have a look. I'm on week 3 of the SP 'Spring into Shape Bootcamp' & I'm actually loving it & feeling the benefits already!

Have a great day:)

Bee x

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JILLIBEANIE 5/15/2011 8:45PM

    Ladies, you can always try out CrossFit on your own if you aren't near a box. My box finds success because we follow the main site's WOD's (Bee, this means Workout of the Day). Go to crossfit.com and you can see the daily wod. At my box, our main coach sets up his own special WOD on the days that there is a rest day with the main site.
GHD's are sit ups on a machine that is called a Glute-Hamstring Developer. Basically, your feet are behind stirrups and you start out in a sitting motion with your feet stuck there. With one hand on your belly and one hand stretched out, you stretch back down to the ground and touch and lift yourself back up to touch your feet, then switch hands for the next rep. It's a full range of motion, so you're working more than just the lower abs if you're doing regular situps.
Be wary of these, if you do too many too quickly before you're used to the range of motion, you can hurt yourself. GHD's always take 36-48 hours before they kick in. Guaranteed you're going to feel your abs every single time you stretch. Me, I love the soreness. :)

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BREEZEBEE 5/15/2011 6:23PM

    Wow! That's amazing, I'm so inspired! Well done:) Is there anywhere I can find out more about CrossFit? I'm not sure what all the 'WOD's & 'GHD's are (I take it you don't mean the hair straighteners!).

Anyway congratulations on all your hard work:)

Bee x

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RKJ1969 5/15/2011 4:20PM

    Wow - you're doing so great! I'm super jealous, can't wait til we move somewhere I can get access to a box and some great trainers like you've found!! Way to go!!

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Monday WOD

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey all, had a good workout with my trainer yesterday.

Circuit set (each set goes down one number, 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. I got down to 4 in the time we had for my session, which is half an hour, but was actually less)
Chest Presses with bar (i'm not sure how heavy it was)
Rows with 40 lb barbell
Push ups
Squat Presses (these were killer)

Needless to say I couldn't lift my arms yesterday whatsoever, especially when I was washing my hair in the shower, I had to put my arms down a few times in order to keep going. Today I'm still pretty sore, doesn't hurt, I just don't have very much movement with my arms. I love the feeling though, it feels good to have it back now. I'm definitely continuing on.

Before my session, I ran (most of it, only walked a little bit to catch my breath) 1.75 miles, which is a set up from last Monday when before my trainer and I did 1.5 miles. Whoo! I'm definitely getting into it, I can feel my endurance building and it feels amazing. I actually felt like I could have kept running the mile but I still want to build myself up to it and not push myself too hard cause then I get that inevitable cramp in my side. Totally evil. It always comes, but I just push through it and walk it out till it's gone. emoticon

This morning made myself 2 scrambled eggs with asparagus and green peppers. Yummers! Cantaloupe for a mid-day snack, london broil and carrots for lunch. I haven't figured out dinner yet, but we'll get to it. Probably more london broil cause that's what I've got cooked. emoticon I'm easing myself into the Paleo diet because I still have a lot of frozen veggies that are green beans and peas and carrots and I need to eat those and get them out of the way. At least they're vegetables, so I'm slowly phasing things out.

I'm definitely back, ladies and gentlemen. emoticon Happy fall! Let's keep those Labor Day resolutions going (hey, new year's isn't the only time to readjust yourself!)


Paleo Diet

Monday, September 27, 2010

I think I'm going to take action from my brother's workout and maybe adopt his Paleo Diet and Crossfit work outs because he looks absolutely amazing. He doesn't always follow it to the T, but pretty much it's eating anything that cavemen would eat, like meats, fruits, and certain veggies (usually not legumes, though you can adapt the diet to your preferences.) It's still about 25-30% carb, but definitely no corn, wheat, breads, pastas). Anything that can be found in nature and generally that can be eaten without having to be cooked (which is why beans are usually a no). *EDIT* i was mainly talking about the vegetables in this case, not meat* I'm going to adapt to keep dairy in the diet, but mainly just milk and yogurt and only occassionally cheese, like feta or something for my salads. Lots of nuts. I'm gonna see how it works out for me.

Working out with my trainer lately has been good because she's been doing some intense circuits with me and I've really been beasting them. It's going well and I'm gonna keep trying to do really well because I'm jealous of how good my brother looks. He's been going to Crossfit and it didn't start showing till the 3rd or 4th week, but god, the change is amazing. I've been invited along to 2 events where I met his Crossfit friends and I feel left out and I'm definitely the fat one in the group, so I need to step it up. Besides, I just cancelled my internet and cable cause I can't afford it anymore, so I don't really have an excuse to not go to the gym anymore. I mean, what else am I going to do at home?

emoticon time to get serious.

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JILLIBEANIE 9/28/2010 8:56AM

    I didn't explain everything all that well and it takes some research to really understand the diet, so I'm still in the process of figuring it out myself. There's one strict version that's the basic version of limiting everything, but there's a lot of variations you can go through. The best thing to do is to figure it out for yourself and what works. The thing about beans, grains, and potatoes is that, when raw, these foods contain toxins such as enzyme blockers, lectins, and other types, have a high glycemic index, and are extremely poor sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and physterols, so they act as empty calories. There's extensive research and explanations about all this, but basically you're supposed to stay away from these foods because of their nutritional values.

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GIANT-STEPS 9/27/2010 4:29PM

  Most people have such lousy diets that the Paleo diet is a step in the right direction.

However, the majority of mankind for the majority of evolutionary history ate mostly plants. We are omnivores but physiologically we are closer to herbivores than carnivores.

Most legumes have to be cooked? I've eaten peas, green beans, and edamame raw. If you only eat vegetables that don't need to be cooked doesn't that also apply to meat? Is it really safe for us to eat raw meat?

Don't get me wrong, I wish you the best of luck and people generally loose weight only diet that eliminates foods but the paleo diet seems to be based on incorrect premises.

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Cleaning up the debris..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh mental spiral going downward, how did you catch on to me so quickly and for so long. Things have been downhill for a few months, breaking up with my boyfriend of over 4 years and the following 2 months before he moved out of the apt, both losing and gaining myself since may, living up the single, fun, flitty life with my girlfriends who are almost all single ( except for one, but we're working on her), and trying to numb all the pain. It's been an interesting ride and I think I hit the breaking point yesterday and it's time to get a hold of my life back.

I had an awesome training session with my trainer this week on Monday. We did a timed circuit training, I was supposed to finish 5 rounds of it, but I got to 4 in 27:28 and it was a half hour session and I just didn't have it in me to do the last round.
30 pound dumbbell bar squat deadlifts to the chin - 20 of these
30 pound dumbbell bar squats - 10 of these
15 sit ups
15 medium box jumps

So I did 4 rounds of these, I could take whatever time I wanted, stop when I wanted, she just kept the time going. So I'm gonna go to the gym today try my hand at this again. I'm gonna be sore but it's gonna be worth it. As my brother says, if it hurts, it means its working and you're building strength. After Monday, I couldn't walk normally until Thursday. Walking up the stairs was a killer and pretty much walking straight hurt too much too, so I was just a limping mess for the following three days. I've got a bachelorette party to go to in Hoboken tonight and it may be a bad idea but I'll probably just be in pain tomorrow, not tonight.

Gotta clean the house a bit, it's starting to smell. Gotta do laundry, that's definitely adding to the smell. And then gotta get ready for the party, busy day today!



Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I'm going through an existential crisis. I don't know who I am. I'm living with a stranger. How have we spent the last four years together side by side and still be completely uncomfortable and alien to each other?

Who am I anymore?

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WENZRN 7/12/2010 6:24PM

    Hang in there! We all get in slumps from time to time. You are strong and you will persevere!

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