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Day 246 - Medical School

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is my handsome son, Nathan, about 3 years ago when he was on vacation in San Diego and in the hot tub (he had trunks on.) He'll be 24 next month. He graduated last year with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia U. in NYC and he'd been studying for the MCAT test to apply to medical school. It has been stressful to say the least and he took a review class for four months. WELL, he got a 34 on the test (45 is perfect)!!!!! SO, everything is wonderful and he is now applying to medical schools for the Fall of '09.

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SHARON10002 6/20/2012 5:59PM

    What a handsome and very smart son! emoticonto him on his test score! What is the Purina Cat diet analogy that everyone is referring to?

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BLAKQWEN 6/23/2011 3:41PM

  I wish him success in his goals. emoticon

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BLAZINGSWORD 10/10/2008 3:13PM

    That is a great score! Hurrah for him! I am impressed! Most med schools want them to be at least 31 or 32 but the fact that he scored the number he did is awesome! Go son! Go! emoticon brenda

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JDEFININGJ 9/21/2008 10:47PM

    I am so with you on not wanting to gain any of the pounds back, this is my biggest fear, so when i see even one pound more than the last time I get a little crazy....whew I am working on that. Good luck to your son I am a 3rd year med student and I remember the stress that comes with the application process. emoticon

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    Meow. I am with you on never gaining back a single pound we lose! Done that too many times. Yay for cucumbers.

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CJROMB 7/23/2008 11:47AM

    Haha! I took a picture of a bunch of stuff I was hauling around every day. It's in my photo gallery. One day when I first started this weight loss journey, I thought. Hm...I wonder what all that weighs. 40 pounds! That stuff weighed EXACTLY what I wanted to lose!!! It's been priceless to think about how much pounds really weigh as I'm doing this. It's been very motivating for sure.

Good luck losin' the Purina.

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AMEREL 7/7/2008 12:43PM

    Congrats to the son! And I love the Purina Cat Food Diet! Maybe if I think of it that way it will be easier lol...

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    You have some wonderful pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing your stresses. It takes a lot of patience to be a parent. I know.

I wish you more success in dropping the Purina...that is a cute title for a diet.

The Purina Diet.

Good luck.

emoticon emoticon


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GETDONE 6/29/2008 10:32AM

    You have done so well dropping the weight!!! emoticon
I like the cat food Idea--maybe it will help me.
I know about the med school thing--My son is doing his last year of being an emergency room Doctor--A long haul, to say the least.
He and his wife also had four boys during this time--they are an amazing couple--no financial help from anyone, working , going to school, and raising 4 boys ages now 4-12!!!
Good luck to you and your son--hang on to God with both hands!!

I enjoy reading your words.

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GUNGHONIA 6/28/2008 3:45AM

    I like the Purina Analogy - I've 'released' more than a trip to PetSmart myself in the last three years, but here lately, I've been adding a little kibble back into the bag, LOL.

That's wonderful about your son doing so well on the MCAT. I'm studying for the GRE right now. Maybe I need a review course. Does he think it helped improve his score?

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CHARIA 6/22/2008 3:33PM

    Jibbie...congrats on your son's accomplishments. Also, congrats to you for hanging in there. Life can be stressful but we've got to do what we've got to do!! Oh, and thanks for checking up on me during the time that I was missing for SparkPeople. So sweet of you. emoticon

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MARTHAJOY 6/20/2008 7:41AM

    What a wonderful way to look at our weight--releasing it! and equal to something, for example for me a pound of butter! Going to keep that in mind. Thanks for your support.

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NITAINMN 6/19/2008 11:06PM

    WhooHoo! Congrats on your son's achievements. You have wonderful kids Jibbie. Yaay! You go girl! Determination is what gets you there!!!

I have lost a total of almost a bag of Purina chow!!! I too do not want to gain back even if I lose slowly. I am now a size 12 from size 16 and I gave away all the old clothes not wanting to be back there. Thanks for the inspiration. Great blog!


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RUHAPPYTOSEEME 6/19/2008 12:06AM

    ohhh im almost there I lost 16 lbs 2 more i can lose a bag of cat food too lol
keep up the good work! hugsss

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OUTOFIDEAS 6/16/2008 11:05PM

    You have reason to be proud of both your son and of yourself...good work! emoticon We're all cheering!

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WHIMSYT 6/16/2008 12:14PM

    HEY PURINA...WAY TO GO!!!!!!! emoticon

Congrats on the handsome soon-to-be-MD son!!! Wow...free medical care for life!

Great going on the Hoodia!

Keep it up, and you'll get there!!!!

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CAROLISCIOUS 6/15/2008 2:54PM

    Congrats to both you and the very handsome son!

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JENNTINYSAM 6/15/2008 10:30AM

  Im happy to hear about your Son. that is great. As for the weight, it will come off.
I so cant wait for my cucumbers to start producing then I can sit and eat them too. Oh man that sounds so good.

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CECEWRITER 6/15/2008 1:07AM

  How wonderful! I totally get the being a girl limitation, Jibbie... when I was in school they were still pushing nurse-teacher-or business admin. We've come a long-way baby.

I like the Purina analogy-I have have two dogs and noticed this week how heavy the 20# bag seemed. Here's to losin' your bag-

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LANNE1956 6/15/2008 12:41AM

    what a success you are!
grats to your son, as a mom i know how proud we get when we see our children reach a goal they have
and you , you are doing wonderfully!
i too enjoy cucmber slices, but i add home grown tomatoes emoticon

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Bone Density Test

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I went for my Bone Density Test and for my Mammogram this morning. It had been four years since I'd had a BDT, and the tech said "Your bones have IMPROVED, so what have you been doing differently?" I told him I'd been doing SOME exercise since I found Sparkspeople. He said "Well, it has helped your bones."
W O N D E R F U L.
I know I will keep being a SPARKER!! My mammogram looked okay to the tech, and she said the doctor would read it later and send me the results, but she showed me the scan. I told her I was glad I'd lost 33# and planned to lose more so it would be easier to have an accurate test.
I'm reading PAUL MCKENNA'S book "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN" and I started listening to the hypnosis CD twice a day, so I hope that will help. I plan to succeed and I won't settle for less in this WAR ON FAT.

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THESPOTTEDDOG 9/24/2014 3:26PM

    Doing weight bearing exercises are a GREAT way to improve bone density. It doesn't have to be a lot of weight you lift either. Even squats and lunges can be helpful. So glad that you're able to SEE the difference.


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SHARON10002 6/20/2012 5:55PM

    I love the cartoon! Guess I'm going to have to move my scale emoticon!
Good news on your tests! Things are definitely heading in the right direction for you!

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TUCKDK42 9/28/2008 11:41PM

  I love the cartoon!! I never thought of that! Glad your BDT turned out well. You reminded me I have to call to schedule my mammogram tomorrow. Thank you Donna

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AMELDA1 7/21/2008 9:17PM

  Your doing great Jibbie, I know it takes so much determination to lose weight and you seem to have found it, keep up the good work! take care....Elaine

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JAZZID 6/12/2008 9:14PM

    Good for you on your bdt... I had one a few months back because I had to have a baseline test before starting the anti-cancer drug Arimidex. Well, my test results came out above average. I have always exercised and done strength training as well, and my doctor attributed the fact that all of the weight bearing exercises that I had done, paid off. The test also indicated that I am "not" at risk for osteoporosis... this doesn't mean however, that the Arimidex might not cause some problems, but with a healthy diet and exercise I'm going to try to keep side effects to a minimum.

I am glad that your mammagram came back ok as well. Now you can concentrate on your fitness/nutrition goals... You can do it.... We "can" and "will" do it....

"Stay encouraged"... emoticon ~Dee

Comment edited on: 6/12/2008 9:15:03 PM

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Keep us updated on the hypnosis!

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EACHMOMENT 6/6/2008 10:31AM

    Tears of JOY and HOPE in my eyes .... thank you for sharing the encouragement from your own life! The positive experiences of other people benefit me tremendously by keeping my spirits up and by encouraging me to continue to babystep my way along through life. Sunny

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OUTOFIDEAS 6/5/2008 7:16PM

    So excited for your progress, Jibbie...way to go! You make me think that it might come together for me eventually as well. Thanks!

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LUZNITNOW 6/5/2008 1:21PM

  I, too, want to add my congratulations! Keep up the good work! Hope you are having a great sparkly day!

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CAROLISCIOUS 6/3/2008 9:54PM

    Congrats on the good reports JIBBIE!

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MRSMJG 6/3/2008 8:36PM

  That is Wonderful! My doctor told me that quitting smoking also will help my bones be stronger, after my last bone density test. Congratulations!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 202

Thursday, May 01, 2008

emoticon I had to have my physical today and their scale is always two pounds heavier than at the gym, so I was 183#. I've seen this doctor when my dd has had to go to him, but I haven't seen him. He's a civilian doctor at the Navy Hospital, because so many of the Navy doctors are over in Iraq. He told me he was very happy to have the job and he is a very pleasant man. He told me I needed to have my mammogram and mentioned that his wife had had breast cancer at 47 and it was caught early, so she had a lumpectomy and radiation/chemo and was doing well because of early detection.
I told him I'd lost 33# and he asked me how, so I told him about Sparkpeople. I told him I'd tried dozens of times to lose, but I'd lose five pounds and gain it back. He said "Well, with Metabolic Syndrome that is very common." (If you GOOGLE "Metabolic Syndrome the first Five factors fit me.....High Blood Pressure, waist over 35 inches, etc. etc. But, it really hadn't struck me so much until HE said it to me.) He told me "I'm REALLY proud of you because losing 33# in six months is wonderful, so don't think that is poor at all." He said "It is amazing." He told me to come back next week after I have all my blood work and he'd talk to me about medicine and he wanted to know more about SparkPeople.
I guess I didn't realize that we are fighting a harder battle than when we were young. He told me that even being Pre-diabetic was a serious problem, so I am so happy that I found SparkPeople and I can make progress to being healthy.

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SHARON10002 6/20/2012 5:53PM

    emoticonfor 33 pounds gone! That's almost 5 pounds a month! I'd kill for that kind of weight loss! (Not really just a figure of speech). So very good of your doctor to cheer you on, and recognize all of your hard work! We need more like him!

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    I go to my PCP this month. I hope that I am not pre-diabetic this year. I was last year.

Over the course of the year and with the help of RNY surgery...I dropped 156 pounds.


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KOOKOO4CRUISES 6/11/2008 12:56PM

    Great job!!! I'm so proud of you! 33#s is awesome and your attitude is great as ever.

Glad to 'hear' you joined Paul McKenna's I can make you thin. It has helped me alot.

One thing that really helped me lose and keep off that up/down few pounds so far has been weight training. Start slow so you don't hurt yourself, but it really helps.

Good luck and keep up the good work!!!

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  Dear Jibbie49,

Thanks for reaching out to me. You have done more than you know. Please check out my blog where I mention you! Please keep in touch.


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KCARBILL 5/24/2008 2:00AM

    I'm glad you emailed me with encouragement. I just started on Wed. 21 and listed all the food I ate that day. WOW I didn't think it would add up to that. I'm glad to hear you lost 33 # in six months. I started a program in January and I am still the same wt. Up and Down, I had back surgery on March 10th and I am happy that I didn't go up past my original wt., but it is now time to get serious, and with this site I know I can do it! I go back to work (after being off since March) the day after Memorial Day and hope I don't get side tracked. I work at my church in Maintenance full time, its on your feet, but there is a lot of activities and if there is any food left the Maintenance People get it - cake, cookies, etc. Hope you get this and that I'm doing it the correct way. Take Care. Carol

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*WISTE* 5/12/2008 7:50PM

    That's awesome. I've never had a doctor identify a problem that I hadn't come to see them about. Usually I have to come to an appointment armed with a stack of information, a list of complaints, a list of all the possible causes, and yet another list of all the tests that might help pinpoint things. The problem is that they rarely make suggestions outside of what I've already figure out for myself.

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TRECECOOKS 5/9/2008 5:05PM

    How terrific for you, to have a dr. that listens!!

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HONEYMEAL 5/8/2008 1:18PM

    I am so proud of you JIBBIE, I am trying my best to get out of this rout. emoticon

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DAVIC90 5/5/2008 8:11PM

    That's awesome that a dr would tell you he is proud of you. Don't get me wrong, he should tell you that because you are doing GREAT! Take Care D

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CHRISTINES11 5/3/2008 1:18PM

    Congrats on your continued success!

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OUTOFIDEAS 5/1/2008 6:26PM

    Yippee for you, Jibbie! Having a doctor who will actually listen and be open to your insights as a patient is a powerful encouragement. You are doing really well. By the way, I used to live in the Fla. panhandle when I was a girl...Crestview. My dad was retired Army and taught school. We moved around a good bit, but I remember Pensacola from nearly 50 years ago!!!

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CAROLISCIOUS 5/1/2008 5:52PM

    My doc was interested in hearing about SP when he saw my weight loss, too. Wish we could get the entire medical community on board.

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THEALEXIS 5/1/2008 5:47PM

    Congrats! I'm glad you have a doctor that is listening to you & seems like he is truly interested in taking the time to make you better. I'll keep you in my prayers for your continued success with everything you do. :-)

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Day 14-193

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, I am on Day 14 working toward the second part of my first year as a SPARKER, so I'm happy. Signed in every single day for 193 days, but this is a new phase, like my second wind, or shifting to second gear now. I've lost 30# so far and SPONDULEX my inner brat tells me that I could have lost 60# and I haven't done nearly as good as I SHOULD have. I know not to listen to SPONDULEX and "Shoulds" don't mean anything. They just cause us to "Should all over ourselves." So, I will look toward my October 12th goal and not "Should all over myself" anymore. emoticon

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SHARON10002 6/20/2012 5:49PM

    You deserve a emoticonfor your 30 pound weight loss! That's a lot of weight GONE, and nothing to sneeze at. Don't let others guilt you into feeling you're not doing enough. It's your body, and you are making substantial changes that you can LIVE with! emoticon

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TRECECOOKS 5/9/2008 5:05PM

    You tell Spondulux that Happy Bunny says "Cram it". Sparkpeople says you should lose 1-2 pounds a week. You lost 1 pound a week (like I did, more or less), which is fairly amazing considering metabolic syndrome and our age. You've logged in every day, and you always have an encouraging world. Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! emoticon

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OUTOFIDEAS 4/30/2008 8:15PM

    I just read the comment you left on the article about Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking, where you told your sons to visualize the men they would be at the age of 50. That is one of the most insightful and powerful things I've read in a long time, and I want to send it to my own son who is currently 28...thanks, Jibbie, for hanging in there in your battle, and for being an encouragement to the rest of us along the way. Great job!!

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BREDDING 4/30/2008 11:52AM

    Well for all the weight you "SHOULD" have lost - here's to the weight you HAVE gone from your body - WAY TO GOOOOOO! emoticon

You are shining now!

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ALACIA22 4/30/2008 10:07AM

    Congrats on the 30#'s! Thats awesome!!! Definitely don't put yourself down over that. Before you know it you will have lost 60!

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MCCURDY63 4/27/2008 1:16PM

    Wow, 30lbs is great! Congratulations! How much did Spondulex lose huh? I bet none! So there! You're doing a great job and you're funny too! Keep at it :)

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4KIZZIE 4/25/2008 8:23AM


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PAMIJANE 4/25/2008 12:27AM

    Oh I just love your sense of humor! Mr. Walks...hehehe I wonder if his Samurai self could quell or conquer Lady Tigra and Sir Pouncelot...mmm, Pounce maybe, he's such a jumpy one on all levels, but I think he might meet his match with Tigra The Terrible!
emoticon emoticon emoticonand emoticonon your weight loss! That is just SPECTACULOR! Tell bratty SPONDULEX (intriguing, wonder what the story is behind that) to eat a dirty sock and shush up! None of us should ever be caught shoulding on ourselves, not even in private! I'm scribing to your blog! You're definately someone I want to know!

Hugsamillion, hope you have a totally awesome night! (valley girl twang)
Pami xoxo emoticon

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NITAINMN 4/23/2008 11:48PM

    WhooHoo!You go girl...under the circumstance, you did fantastic - you tell that Spondulex BRAT and you show her by reacing your goal. We all set our standards too high so, we can meet half way - you did!!! Congratulations! I am proud of you Jibbie. Hugs, Nita

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SAR1157 4/23/2008 7:12PM

    30 lbs is great and you CAN reach your goal. Sally

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TRAVERS2 4/23/2008 6:01PM

    Wanted to thank you for the hugs you left on my blog. Such a nice thing to do.

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BRADLEY-B 4/22/2008 6:54PM

    Congrates on the 30lbs so far thats awsome and tell "SPONDULEX" to shut it :) You could have not done anything and gained the typical 2.5 lbs the average person gains every half a year. the way I figure it you lost 30 but really your down like 33lbs so keep up the great work and thanks for visiting my blog I am Subbed to yours now for sure.


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Day 4-183

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My first six months is behind me and now I have six months until I'm 59. I remember always loving April 12th, because then I was "so many years and ONE-HALF." Well, now 58 1/2 doesn't have that appeal, but I sure am healthier than I was 1/2 year ago. I'm so thankful that I found SPARKPEOPLE and I can focus on getting to my goal. I love the idea of being THIN once again. I'm a thin person, and always have been so I'll be ME again.
I'm still working on my ZUMBA music from YouTube.
I went to the library today and had them go through Inter-library loan and get me the DVD's of ZUMBA for Beginners and the 2nd one, ZUMBA for Advanced. They are about $175 for the two on EBay, and I don't want to pay that for them.
I just have to wait 3 to 6 weeks for the library to get the DVDs to me.

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SHARON10002 6/20/2012 5:46PM

    Hope you enjoyed the zumba tapes!

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BABYFACE26 8/15/2008 1:16AM

    I know I am reading this blog, months after you wrote it, but thats OK. My Mom died when she was 49 years old, from complications from stomach stapling operation. But I was not close to her. Anyway, glad you are gall-stone free...and thanx for the info. on You tube music videos for exercising to.

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INSAIN 4/21/2008 12:25AM

  Thanks a bunch for the comments!

Your story reminds me of my mother's -- she has four children: 28, 25, 23, and 5. She too remained thin until her last baby (at 42). She packed on a few pounds and never managed to lose 'em, though she's working on it now.

Just stopped by to say thanks! And I LOVE your attitude!

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STEPHANIE_JEAN 4/20/2008 6:50PM

    I saw your comment on another person's blog about Youtube weightloss comfirmations. Thank you for providing this! I will look it up! I wonder if they have hypnosis, too. I have an mp3 file of weight loss hypnosis; I should look it up. Thanks for getting me motivated again!

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TERIBRG 4/16/2008 12:05PM

  You replied to my blog as well, and I have to tell you, your comments were so thoughtful and thought-provoking. YOu really touched my heart, Thank you!!!!!!

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KAFILJ 4/15/2008 4:26PM

    Thank you SO MUCH for your comments on my blog.
I am printing out your affirmation to keep with me, so I can commit those words to my head and heart. THANKS!

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