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April eating brings...whoops!

Monday, April 11, 2011


For the last two weekends I have been in the paarrtaayyinng mood!! Yup! Food, LOTS of it; drink (a few) and much merriment.

Whoops. Didn't quite keep up with my mindfulness.

That's OK.

Really! I'm doing great.

I am back Sparking and will make sure to get back on track.

I guess we all do this. But, you know, it was a really great feeling to know that SP was just there, waiting for me to come back to my senses.

Since I have been weight training for about a month now, I start getting antsy when I miss a workout (and that is wonderful!). Now, it's time for me to get serious about reigning in the calories and keep up the good work that I have done.

I think it's really important for all of us to remember ALL the good we have done here. It's so easy to criticize and blame.

I choose to change my response and say: Yup. I did go a little crazy - but that's not WHO I am - just a behavior I CHOSE to participate in. My choice created my current state. All I have to do to change my state - choose differently.

Forgiveness is a big part of my program. Everyone can say - "I messed up." But those who "get" what success means also say - "I can and will learn from my flubs and choices and I am stronger and better for them."

That, for me, was the missing link. I would completely forgo the forgiveness work. Just recognizing that I had choices to make, and I made the choice that put me on a certain road - empower me to simply go back and choose another path.

Blessings and Peace to You All!

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TJBLEEKER 4/15/2011 9:51AM

    I too have enjoyed myself quite a bit in the last month. That's part of life - just get back on track with your eating. You have a great attitude.

I know I just need to reign myself in after some FUN or I will keep heading down the gaining path.

Your muscle and workout progress sounds great - keep it up!

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  Way to go with your great attitude and strength training.

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KOFFEENUT 4/11/2011 11:47PM

    I figure we're all on a healthy lifestyle journey. Sometimes we hit bumps in the road (heck, I've actually wandered off the road ENTIRELY before!). The important thing isn't how fast or slow we're traveling - it's that we're HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. You are doing AWESOME!!!

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FRANCES-AGAPE 4/11/2011 9:34PM

Great attitude!
We DO have to LIVE
once in a while!
You're doing fine, Dear!
emoticon emoticon

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Adventures of In-Between...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hello and Happy Spring!

So... I know it's been a while. It's good to be back sparking!

I am at a funny place. Really, an in-between state.

I have actually gained weight - but I am not at all surprised or dismayed.

I still have plenty of extra "cushioning" - but I've also noticed something else:

Muscle definition. My shoulders have gained the most muscle and that "broad" look actually makes the rest of me look more in proportion.

What I am working on next is regulating my food intake.

Of course, the 7-pound gain probably had something to do with family in town last week and eating three meals out in a row. Ugh!

I cannot believe that I once ate restaurant food (Pizza Hut, Denny's, Red Robin, etc.) twice a day, EVERY day for over a year-and-a-half!!

Naturally, eating normally again will take care of some of that. But, it's funny; When you start altering, quite literally, what your body is made up of (more muscle and less fat) the eating gets a little wonky and out of whack for a while.

So, I am back on SparkPeople and I'll monitor my calories a little more carefully while I continue my weight training.

I love the way my body looks and feels and I know that very soon, I will be able to run, climb, hike and do everyday tasks much more easily and with greater enjoyment!

Blessings to you all!


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JGROVE23 4/11/2011 9:13PM

    Thanks, guys! : )

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FRANCES-AGAPE 4/5/2011 4:49PM

Great blog!
Great attitude! - and attitude is
a BIG portion of the health equation.
You're on the right track, dear.

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ALEXISA22 4/5/2011 10:36AM

  Keep up the good work, and i think its awesome you are not letting a few misteps hold you down. stay motivated and on track... emoticon

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Needed a break...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth...just took a little break.

I suppose a lot of folks get so gung ho in the beginning, and then kind of wipe themselves out. I got just a little "oversparked."

But, I'm here after a very busy two weeks.

I have started strength training - and MAN!! - I am feeling muscles I didn't know I owned (and some I forgot were renting space! : ) ).

After I get over the initial workout and subsequent pain-filled, oh-my-God-I-cannot-get-up-and-why-am-I-doi
ng-this period - I feel quite good.

Only three weight training sessions in, I am noticing wonderful changes. Just last weekend, Tim and I hiked a .30-mile uphill-all-the-way thigh burner. I did great!! Those "skier's lunges" really paid off.

Looking forward to seeing and feeling the positive changes that weights can bring!

Many blessings and a happy ST. PATTY'S DAY!

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SHARON03GRIZ 3/25/2011 12:23PM

    I hope the strength training continues with the positive results!

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CIVIAV 3/16/2011 8:39AM

    There are indeed times that I get 'over-sparked'. What matters is that you rest and then return. Doesn't sound like you've been away though just busy!

Lunge away!

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Of March, Memorials and Progress...

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A quick update on the Progressive Dinner:

I did better than expected for the appetizer and dinner sections. I overdid dessert a bit - but overall, it was not a total blowout. And for that, I am proud of myself. Could I have done better - yup. Am I going to toot my horn on how well I did considering? Absolutely!

But I learned an unexpected lesson at the "Dessert House" - I got a first-hand look at how our words and thoughts create our attitudes, and ultimately, actions.

I was standing around with some other women. Someone complimented someone on her outfit. Then, everyone around me (I did not participate in this) started complaining about parts of their bodies: I HATE my ankles, or, I have a big butt and NOTHING looks good on it, etc.

I immediately recognized that THIS was self-hate talk and that this is precisely why most of us are overweight. We were never taught or told that we are absolutely beautiful JUST AS WE ARE. Yes, of course, we need to shed excess pounds - but JUST THE SAME, WE ARE LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND INTELLIGENT WOMEN!!! I wanted to shout at them all and say: "Stop this immediately!! Do you have any idea how amazing your bodies are??!! Do you have any idea what miracles you inhabit??!!

So, what I came away with there was this sense of how important it is to really value and cherish what we have here and now - in whatever form and whatever state it is in now. Sure, I may have flabby arms - but those arms provide income, help others and fulfill my dreams. Those arms embrace the ones I love and welcome friends, make dinner, keep the house clean, pet my cat and help me take care of myself on a daily basis.

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for a 62-year-old stroke victim. The service was small, and though I didn't personally know this person, I was incredibly moved by the unbelievable outpouring of love and support. Through my tears and sadness for those who were grieving - I also felt the most incredible sense of joy; there was so much happiness and wonderful memories around this person. He really touched others - probably in ways he was never even aware of.

This experience (my first ever memorial service) reminded me once again of how precious life is. How precious is MY life, my body - this vessel (and temporary one at that) - is one that I must be a good steward of.

So, if you are having a difficult time with loving your body as it is; remember, it's the only body you have, it's a temporary vessel, and, if I may be so bold...God is expecting you (and me) to give it the care, respect and love it most assuredly deserves.

Peace to you all...

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CIVIAV 3/3/2011 10:42AM

    How beautiful your blog makes me feel. Peaceful too. Loving ourselves is the main lesson here.

I am now part of a Spark team that celebrates my bottom. Being a big bottom girl makes a difference to my Spark journey in the most positive way! Funny that!

Congrats on the progressive dinner eating . Are there any other successes you had from attending like meeting all those new people?


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Looks like Mother Nature will handle the Progressive Dinner!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ah...Surprise, surprise...

Well, my "monthly gift" arrived today (2 days early). Usually, the cramps, weariness and bloating would put me in a foul mood - but not today.

Today, I use this gift as, well, truly a gift!

When I get over the initial first four hours of annoyance (it usually all sucks right at the beginning and then I'm fine!).

The wonderful advantage? My biggest cravings and dangerous overindulging tends to happen right BEFORE my period.

And...the LEAST desirous time for food comes on the first day!! Sure, I still get hungry - but I just simply don't care for that much food. In fact, I actually have to work to eat enough calories on those days.

The best part?? Sugary desserts and heavy rich foods in general have NO power over me. I could just graze lightly and be fine.

So - for once in my life - I THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE.

I'm ready and I'll let you know how it all goes down.

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CIVIAV 2/26/2011 1:50PM

    Just as Toyota says - You asked for it, You got it!

Have fun!

Comment edited on: 2/26/2011 1:50:54 PM

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