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I finally feel in control!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yayyy! It is good to be back on track with my eating and my exercise! I have already zumba's and zumba toning 4 hours this week and plan to get in another hour this evening! I feels awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Now only if business hadn't almost come to a dead stop! I know it will pick back up though and I have some potential big orders coming too.

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RANGERRUNNER 1/14/2011 8:42AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IUHRYTR 1/12/2011 9:05PM

    Hang in there and keep making every day the best it can be. Never lose your positive attitude and have faith the business will pick up. The slowdown was expected but we always hope it doesn't happen. You've got a solid product line and established clients so the outlook seems good. You will succeed! -- Lou

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KYMBERLEIGH_C 1/12/2011 3:48PM

    emoticonI knew you would be! emoticonKeep up the great work Jewels!!

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G9FIRE 1/12/2011 2:47PM

    I am also working on getting back on track. It feels good! I'm glad I'm not on this journey alone : ) Go zumba girl!

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JELLI-LEAN 1/12/2011 1:16PM

    Julie~ Retail is always slow in January for some reason! It will pick up again.

Good for you getting back on track, I've had a rough patch during the holidays and going away for 5 days. I am working on getting back on track.

{{Hugs}}~ Janel :)

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The dreaded weigh!

Friday, December 31, 2010

With the holidays behind I find myself being accountable to the scales and back into swift action! A 10 lb gain! Yup, time to get back in the saddle. Last night zumba, tonight some more, MAYBE, they are having a New Years Eve party, I am not dressed for zumba, but may go home and change and see. I plan to stop in, but Steve had an idea to open the store tonight during the downtown festivities (music, ball dropping at midnight, etc) since we are only 1/2 a block away and our store front will be wholely visible. With as slow as it is right now that is not a terrible idea! I have plenty of leftover cookies from last week as well! I had originally planned on being closed tomorrow, but think I will open. Can't sell anything with the door closed and the lights off.

I had to tell my employee I didn't need her the rest of the week, I just can't see paying her when we are just not busy. She waited until I left and told Steve she told her daughter she would have to move to Texas with her if she didn't get anymore pay. I think she is just manipulating. She works under the table, cleans houses as well, recieves government assistance, housing and foodstamps, etc. She had the oppertunity to work more last week and quite honestly she forgot and shot herself in the foot. I have been giving her a little extra, only a couple of dollars, every week, gave her $50 in gift cards. She smokes cigarettes and pot, I just can't feel guilty for not giving her the hours when I know where the money goes! I kept her because we knew so little coming in and I needed someone who knew about this stuff. Now I feel like we are confident enough to go it on our own. The only reason I keep her now is so that I can go to zumba. Maybe I will switch up her hours if I keep her. 3 afternoons during the week, instead of tues, thurs sat. Ok now I am just thinking with my fingers, lol!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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G9FIRE 1/1/2011 2:31AM

    Hey There! I'm so excited to start a new year and glad that I have inspirational people like you on Spark to help me get back into super healthy eating habits again. I've really been eating way too many sweets these past few weeks. And my tummy is paying for it! Agh! I'm not sure what my weight gain is but I love your honesty. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm up several pounds. Everything is fitting soooo tight.

I wish you many happy days in 2011 and lots of success in the new business. I know the slow time in your sales right now is just temporary.

Welcome 2011!

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ANG14FAN 12/31/2010 10:31PM

    Hey dear- darn holiday food. SO good but so bad :-) I am sure that you will have it back off in no time. Bummer with the employee struggles but I would let her know that you understand if she needs to make a job change since you cant afford to pay more or offer more hours at this point. If she leaves then I am sure you could easily find another person looking for part time work. I know there are so many who would love to pick up a few hours out there. :-)

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IUHRYTR 12/31/2010 5:58PM

    I'd rather have a drug-free employee than the one you describe. With the economy as it is, people need to be grateful for what work they get. If she's not happy, then she can find another job. Life is too short, especially as a boss, to waste time on a complaining worker who does not appreciate her job. Wishing you great success in 2011. -- Lou

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Busy times and glad for the lull!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well we survived the Christmas rush at the store and did really well! I am still extremely exhausted, but I am back on track with my eating. I did so enjoy the splurging and so did my waistline! It will make reaching goal by my 2 year lifechangerversary difficult, but I will still try!

Today I am going to zumba, it has been almost 2 weeks! I am going to be crazy sore, but I have to go, they are having a new years eve party tomorrow and I need to get the floors cleaned, so I will do that, then stay for 1-2 classes and then hopefully get to go to the party tomorrow!

They say January is the slowest month of the year in retail! I can already see it and it is not even here yet! Please pray that we survive and that the stress doesn't get the best of me, I have been struggling with anxiety so much with this store, but I am also having the time of my life!

Sorry for my absense of late! Miss you guys! Happy New Year!

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IUHRYTR 12/30/2010 8:35PM

    It may seem difficult to do but if you can, mentally separate the business from your health and treat each of them as equally important. emoticon -- Lou

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PLAYBLUES22 12/30/2010 4:08PM

    Sweetie, happy to hear all is well with you and that you will be back in the swing of things, keep your head up, smile and everything will work out, it always does emoticon

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PACKY62 12/30/2010 2:38PM


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JELLI-LEAN 12/30/2010 12:56PM

    Julie~ I am so glad that business has been good for you $$ wise, owing a business can be very stressful! WOW Zumba classes in one are going to be sore!

Don't feel so bad about not making it to your goal, I won't either, and I am only 1.1 pound away, my deadline is tomorrow, that is why I already know.

Loves ya and missed you, glad you are back!

{{Hugs}} ~ Janel :) Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christmas sales!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow, today was a good day and I can honesltly say that it would have been only 1/2 as good if Steve had not made some purchases that he has made! WOW! He knows what sells, but he also doesn't, but the good seems to outweight the bad!

I could sleep standing up though! I can't believe how much work it takes! First up in the morning to clean and send kids off. Then to go open the store, clean, care for customers, special orders, research new products and specials orders, inventory. Close out store, come home, cook and eat or go eat (I know!), bk home and sit at computer, log daily sales and purchases (including surplus), purchases new and replacement items. All while assisiting hubby with webpage, fliers, business cards, ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. The worst is the bank check because I refuse to know the numbers, I am leaving that stressor up to him! He loves to make mr cringe, so as far as I know we are still afloat, but I just spent another $400 and paid the utillities! Oh heavens!

There are 3 days I love! Sunday's 1 hour of zumba,tuesdays 2 hours and thursdays 2 hours!

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JELLI-LEAN 12/13/2010 11:59AM

    Sounds like business is great! I am so glad you found help you unwind! {{{Hugs}}}~ Janel :)

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ANG14FAN 12/13/2010 9:52AM

    Busy Busy!! :-) I am glad things are going well for you!!

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NWGARDENGIRL 12/12/2010 9:14AM

    That you are doing this together, being excited and working hard on something for your futures - that's the best thing about it!

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IUHRYTR 12/12/2010 12:54AM

    Absolutely fantastic news that the business is doing well. Sure, it will take a lot of your time, but you'll enjoy every successful day. Keep up the good work and the Zumba. -- Lou

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love you guys!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sry I am not here as much as I would like to be! It seems that no matter how good my intentions I end up working late ino the night on special orders and research and just straight up merchandise orders! Just so you know I have not forgotten you all and I miss you all terribly!!!

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JELLI-LEAN 12/10/2010 1:14PM

    Julie~ Your main priority is getting that business up and running, we all understand that. Stop by and chat when you can!

{{Hugs}} ~ Janel :)

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BIGDAD1211 12/10/2010 10:03AM

    And just remember that you are loved too! Glad to hear that business is doing good!
God bless you and yours!
In Jesus Name

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IUHRYTR 12/10/2010 9:59AM

    I hope that means that the business is doing well. Yea! May it be more profitable with every passing day. emoticon -- Lou

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PLAYBLUES22 12/10/2010 9:14AM

    Sweetie, you just do your thing, we are here rooting for you and we will be happy to hear from you when ever you stop in emoticon

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