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Feel the vibe from here to Asia

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yesterday, my new stability ball arrived. I duly pumped it up but underinflated it. Now I can't get the pin out in order to reinsert the pump. I'm such a klutz with equipment some times. I think I've fixed it. It's yellow.

But it looks like a fun toy and should help, particularly with core stuff. I figure that's what I'll mainly use it for, as I get arm work with the free weights and resistance bands, and leg work comes from calf raises and walking. Actually, I'm just looking for a way to mix things up, in the neverending quest to avoid a plateau. Every bit helps.

The video, BTW, is called "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)", and that's what brought on this entry. While I enjoy a chocolate cake or other dessert as much as the next person, I have to say that I truly enjoyed the cantaloupe we had last night. It was at a midsummer peak -- amazing for Boston in mid-March. We'll have the other half tonight.

Anyway, about the melon. It was marvelous. And it got me to thinking -- there are some foods that I just love so much that I can't have them any other way. One of those, oddly enough, is cheesecake. My mother makes the most fabulous cheesecake, and it's so good that I now refuse it whenever I can get it at a restaurant. Oh sure, I've tried many cheesecakes. But experience has shown that none of them are as wonderful as what my mother can turn out -- and she probably hasn't even made a cheesecake in years. Therefore I don't even bother trying anyone else's as I am certain and firm in my conviction that it will never be as good as my darling mother's.

Same thing with knishes, particularly potato. I will occasionally order them but they're never as wonderful as the ones my grandmother (my mother's mother) used to make. I can still taste them, and she died in the early 1970s.

My mother also makes a great chocolate cake. I don't normally treat chocolate cake the way I treat cheesecake, but now I think I will. It's the cantaloupe (and things like it) that I'm going to go to restaurants and markets and the like and try and try and try to duplicate the experience (meanwhile, of course, eating something yummy and nourishing). But for those fatty foods I've mentioned above -- the cheesecake, the knish and the chocolate cake -- my memories taste so much better than anything I could possibly order.

Scribble scrabble
on the microphone I babble
As I flip the
funky words, into a puzzle

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SISNAMIL 3/21/2008 11:23AM

    I know what you mean. My granny made the world's best peanut butter fudge. I made some a few years ago that was pretty good, but it was just not the same.

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You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 month recap - I'm turning into a shadow of my former self

It's been 80 days since I started exercising, 70 since I started portion control and 60 since I started alli. There's a long way to go, to be sure, but a lot of great accomplishments.

* Weight and Measurements *

* Current weight: 318.6. DOWN 27.4 LBS (down about 14 since last month)
* Bicep: 18.75" DOWN 1/4"
* Bust: 52.5" DOWN 2 1/4"
* Band: 46.5" DOWN 1"
* Waist: 46" DOWN 3"
* Belly: 52" UP 1"
* Hips: 50.5" DOWN 9" [this may just be my bad measuring skills]
* Rear: 59.75" DOWN about 4 1/4" [w00p!]
* Thigh: 31" DOWN 1/4"

* Sizes *

I started at a 26/28. Now, all of my 28s are gone. I wear size 26 jeans with cotton long underwear underneath and without discomfort or any sort of muffin top. 2x shirts fit me, and size 24 tops aren't too short. Bras fit better and are second or even first (tightest) hook for the most part. I fit into the white jacquard bra though not into a Bali bra. My size 28 teal winter jacket (The Teal Monstrosity) was given to Goodwill, as were my size 28 stretch jeans. I bought size 22 stretch pants and fit into them, even while wearing cotton long underwear, though they are a tad snug. I fit into size 26 chinos (no stretch) and they aren't snug.

* Fitness *

I went from maybe 2 or 3 reps in a day to 40 (it was 30 reps last month). Use of resistance bands went from 0 reps to 100 (it was 60 reps last month). Walking went from 2.5 mph to 4.0 mph (it was 3.5 mph last month). Weekend walking is getting to be a habit. We generally do one day/weekend; should do two but one is still good. Walking is also more than just the one block; we now do more like four or five blocks, including some uphill. Calf bounces are up to 100 - 200/day from 0.

* Food and hunger *

The weekday routine is pretty easy. Not too hard to roll with the punches re whatever we eat at home. Water intake is 64 oz/day every day. Fat can sometimes be a challenge to get in. Guacamole and nuts help with that. All junk is out of the house.

Weekend eating is harder but we have six restaurants in the plan and now only go or order once per weekend. My husband's Sunday omelet is really good as it is a lot less cheesy and loaded with a lot more vegs. We eat fish every other weekend and bean soup every other week (the opposing weeks are for pasta primavera so that every week is nearly completely vegan, except for Mondays when we have skinless fried chicken as a "cheat night"). We also eat veg pizza (homemade with almost no cheese) although we do sometimes eat roast chicken.

Hunger is okay, even during TOM weeks. I can almost always just roll with it. Work food is brought from home and I buy it in bulk. The sandwiches, etc. at work meetings no longer appeal to me and just seem cheap and unappetizing.

* Noticeability *

While I do have a lot of inch loss in my hips, it's less noticeable because I've still got a gut. I suspect that a lot of my weight loss is occurring internally (e. g. I'm becoming less densely packed, most likely it's fat loss from around my intestines -- sorry, was that TMI?), therefore I haven't seen a lot of size changes yet. That will all change soon, though, in maybe 5 - 25 lbs., I figure. My office is still pretty much in the dark about my mission although a guy who knows I am losing weight says it can be seen. I suspect that's because he knows what to look for. Otherwise, they're oblivious and in fact I was just offered M & Ms (which I turned down).

I cannot wait for Spring when I will really start to shed the old clothes and the old look. Watch out, world. This shadow is going to come center stage.

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JESPAH 3/19/2008 7:12PM

    Thank ya, Miss Skinny Mini Bekah. :)

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BEKAH082 3/19/2008 5:47PM

    Our former selves have been left in the dust!

Congratulations Jes! You've come so far! You go girl!

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Fat eating, thin eating

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh, the video has nothing to do with this entry; I just find it amusing.

Now, fat eating versus thin eating. It's like this.

Fat eating is something that probably everyone here has done at some point or another. It's characterized by, hmm:
* Fast eating
* Very little conversation
* Sugar, salt, fat, fizz and carbs dominate, plus lots of meat
* Foods that are (usually) easy to make or at least are packaged that way
* Blandness (except for salt and sugar)
* Sameness
* Little to no creativity in presentation -- it's all compressed meats, buns, straight cut fries
* Quantity emphasized over quality

Thin eating is characterized by:
* Slow and easy eating
* Lots of conversation
* A variety of tastes, textures and ingredients.
* Foods that have to be prepared with some creativity or invested time
* Flavors like sour, bitter, umami, herbs
* Variations
* Creativity in presentation -- colored sauces, crunch, smoothness, flat food, tall food, both local and exotic ingredients
* Quality emphasized over quantity

Fat food is chili cheese fries, Cokes, Big Macs. Thin food is Caesar salad (which is actually kinda fatty), fresh-squeezed orange juice, tuna tartare.

Thin food doesn't have to be sophisticated. A baked potato is thin food. And it doesn't have to take forever to prepare. A stir fry with chicken doesn't take a lot of time, either and it's still thin food.

I dunno, maybe I'm too preachy with this entry. I just see too many folks falling off the wagon for McDonald's. There's a lot that's so much better out there. I'm remembering that, rediscovering that. I'm tired of the salt-fat-sugar parade. I want more out of life.

But I still wanna do the Safety Dance.

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JESPAH 3/19/2008 7:11PM

    Thank you and it was my pleasure! :)

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WANT2BEFIT3 3/19/2008 10:23AM

    Hey Jespah. I know this is a day late and probably a dollar short but thanks for responding to my blog.

Yours is very interesting I may add. I'm trying really hard to stay with it and not get sidetracked. I did go to the gym last night and will be going again tonight.

Again thanks for the encouragement and GO SOX!!!!

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It's free, it's free.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Erin go bragh and all of that.

Here in Boston, where there are more Irish folks than anywhere else in the US, it's all green, all the time -- and today I'm resisting homemade Irish soda bread and scones. A nice sentiment, to be sure, but no thanks. 'Sides, I am anything but Irish -- I'm a nice Jewish gal with origins in mostly Eastern Europe, plus a little Spanish to add, er, interest. So, ĦArriba!

I also learned today that I'll need to deal with making my own lunch for a training class on Friday, because the only choices will be pizza and more pizza. Oof.

But enough of the bad news. The good news is that I had another week of losing more than 5 lbs.! Right now I'm at 27.6 lbs. off, AKA 46% of the way to my late September Bar Mitzvah goal. Looks like I will make that goal, or close to it. I'm not only happy about that but I'm also pleased that I seem to have a decent handle on my pace. Therefore I feel that the goals I have set are reasonable and I can definitely make them.

Speaking of goals, my next goal is to get a stability ball and learn how to use it. The more variety I have in my life, the less likely I am to hit a plateau and/or get bored.

PS The clip is for some Irish rock. Of course the ultra cheese factor of the video made it today's logical quirky choice. Enjoy, my cheese-loving friends!

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JESPAH 3/18/2008 5:36AM

    Yay Scolly!

Yeah, it was sweet stuff all day yesterday. Kept walking by it and telling myself it was poison. Hey, I lie to myself. But it works ....

Keep up the great work!

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SPARKNMOM 3/17/2008 11:18PM

    Wow...amazing weight loss!! Great job! I had lots of sugary stuff thrown my direction today...but I was able to resist...woohoo me!!

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For Goodness' Sake

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Actually I'm only adding the link because I worked out to it yesterday. Nothing like doing preacher curls to the Swinging Blue Jeans' only real hit.

Once again, I am a sucker for a cheesy video.

In the meantime, we're going computer shopping this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get a stability ball. Dunno yet.


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