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So If You're Coming Get Ready To Go

Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's musical selection is kinda related to water (because it's mega-humid here) and the ocean (I want to talk about my friend the fish guy) and surfing but of course these days surfing is done on the 'Net.

So, first, it's so humid, the air is chewable. Fortunately, the house is still fairly cool so I can go with fans for the nonce. I may switch to A/C but right now I'm okay and in fact I just had oatmeal. When we go walking tonight, it'll be at dusk, just so we can do something instead of take three steps and pant.

And -- the fish guy. I get the feeling he finished a semester and went home for the Summer. Since this is such a college city that happens a lot, and not even necessarily with super-young people. Boston is the ultimate town and gown place, and the complexion of the area is radically different now versus the Winter. It's not just that us older folk are around, it's also things like more parking, less traffic, less foot traffic, the ability to get a table at a restaurant without waiting, etc. The replacement fish guys have not been up to par, not to mention not cute.

The first one was kind of a himbo with a serious shiner. His eye looked bad for weeks, like he'd been hit with a chain in some street fight or something. Then the second replacement (last Friday) was a dude who did not speak very good English and could not truly comprehend that I want a half a pound which means .69 lbs is too much.

And, I miss the original fish guy because he was nice, and pleasant, and we'd chat a little. I keep kidding my husband that the first fish guy was in love with me, which of course isn't really true, but he did pay attention and I just liked being paid attention to. I mean, not just to say hi but he also would remember what I ordered, sometimes after a few weeks had gone by. He used to call me his favorite customer and who doesn't want to be that?

Anyway, here's to the Summer and perhaps the fish dude is off saving the whales from tuna nets or something or maybe just sitting in the basement of his parents' house playing endless games of Grand Theft Auto, and I hope either way that he's having a good time.

Now -- surfing. My folks live on Long Island which is as beach-defined as it is defined by its proximity to New York City. My husband and I will push to go to the beach at least once, plus we'll probably (weather permitting) walk around the local pond with my Dad every day in order to get in some cardio. I've never been a real surfer although I've thought about wind-surfing. I'm still too heavy and klutzy for it but maybe I'll actually do it someday. I know how to sail and I know it's similar although instead of moving the mainsail around you essentially move your body around in order to shift the sail to catch a breeze.

Indoor surfing is more for the search for a gift for my nephew for his Bar Mitzvah. Now, he's already getting a 529 plan from us, and he knows that (he already thanked us for it) but he's a kid and college is a good eight years away for him. Hence we want to give him something tangible. I have an idea for a book and now for something else. The kid is baseball crazy so that helps to define what I'll get. I have some ideas and will go shopping online and hopefully be able to grab something today. The Bar Mitzvah isn't for almost another three months but I want to take shipping, etc. into account. I want it to be a total surprise, just hand him something fun. Bar Mitzvahs are a cause for people to (well, relatives, anyway) either give money or something religious in nature. Money is covered and frankly Mr. J. and I are not that religious so if it's something baseball-oriented it'll be different and, hopefully, memorable.

Gonna go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how ... :)


Whenever I'm Asked Who Makes My Dreams Real

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm all packed and ready to go to NY.

The only problem is, we're not leaving for another 2 days. :)

I'm a lil impatient. But a lot of that stems from being flat-out for months and now suddenly I have very little to do. I am writing, though, which is fun and I have what I think are good ideas and so committing them to paper and then to pixels is a good use of time. Plus I know I just won't be that free pretty soon. So I'd better get it all going now.

As for the trip, it should be good although food concerns me. I know that my in-laws and my parents will do whatever they can to accommodate me. But at the same time it's not about me and I don't want to be a diva about it. So we're bringing food. As in: oatmeal, flavor sticks for water, dried fruit snacks, fish oil capsule and even little (portion-controlled) cans of tuna in water.

And I've done what I can to prime everyone. I've asked for fresh fruit and vegetables, or at least frozen, to be available. And I've asked for skim milk. After that, I suppose I'm more or less on my own. I'm sure there will be salads or at least lettuce and cukes, and probably plain chicken or egg whites will be available. I can make do. I have for years (I'm a semi-vegetarian and am used to "eating around" other people).

But there's going to be a LOT of eating out, so I am concerned, less about fat and calories and more about sodium. I strongly suspect it will be Greek food at my in-laws, which is lovely if you enjoy salt baths. I love Greek food but I'll mainly have a salad with either the tiniest bit of feta or maybe one olive and that's it. No grape leaves, which I love.

Chinese is not a much better alternative as I have trouble with control. And then there's breakfast. I'm bringing oatmeal but will be plied with espresso if I don't put my foot down.


I love my folks and my in-laws and they will not consciously try to push me but it's going to be a very different ball game.

Gotta be ready for all of it.

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JESPAH 6/30/2008 9:31AM

    Thank you. I had a decent loss this week but not a fantastic one (essentially I just recouped the setback I had last week due to TOM) so I am concerned that I'll end up with another less than stellar week right before starting a new job. Not that my coworkers would know or notice a difference of a pound or two, and it really shouldn't irk me in any way. i just want it to be going better right now because the week is going to be tough enough as it is.

Being prepared is good, being obsessed is not. Sometimes the line is a tad blurry.

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IOWAGAL1957 6/29/2008 11:23PM

    sounds like good plans in place. have fun.

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TUESDAYS 6/29/2008 4:07PM

    Yep. You can do it. Working this program makes one crafty and creative. And when you know you're still accountable to that 'ol food log, you find the discipline. Concentrate on the people, not the food --- and have fun!

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What If Mountains Fall?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Frankly I think this is a kinda dumb song but it does fit.

I went to my old job today, to see my friends, thank my references in person and tell everyone about the new jobby job.

It went well -- it was great to see everyone. They had not seen me since the assignment ended in mid-April, so I've lost about another 15 - 20 lbs. or so since then.

It was one thing I wanted to wrap up before starting the next gig and it's done.

I still have a bunch of things on my to-do list before 7/7 but that was a big one and it's all set.

Oh -- I received a blazer I had ordered and it's a size down. And it fits! Now, don't get excited; I think it's cut big, plus it has one of those vent things at the bottom so that gives a little room. But hey, it's a size 22 and I can button it all the way. :)

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JESPAH 6/28/2008 11:01AM

    Thank you all. :)

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IZZIEE_E 6/27/2008 8:12PM

    That has to make ya feel good! Congrats on the clothing!!!

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THEOTHERHALF 6/27/2008 6:16PM

    Great to see everything falling into place - Todd

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    You should feel good. Life is full of surprises and excitement. Hope your day is full of hopes and dreams that came true. Pam

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I'm Standing On My Own Two Feet

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, I won't be for much longer. I had oral surgery today and it's really catching up to me now. I have plenty of stuff to do -- I need to continue wrapping up the job search, stuff should get organized because later on I won't get the opportunity to do that, but that doesn't matter right now. Right now, my jaw is bothering me and I'm tired. So I'll grab a Tylenol with Codeine and draw the shades.

There are -- egad -- two more dental appointments to go. At least, my understanding (and my understanding has been woefully flawed throughout this exercise) is that there are only two more to go. One is scheduled for July 23rd and the other will be about two or three weeks after that because on the 23rd they'll make a mold of my upper jaw and need a couple of weeks for the crown to be made.

It's exhausting just thinking about it.

In job news, they called and it seems my new boss was less than pleased that IT was going to take forever to set up my workstation, so now my start date is back to July 7th (it had been the 14th). Either one is fine with me as I have enough time to get whatever done before the 7th. The 14th start date seemed like I'd do a lot of just sitting around. While I enjoy idleness as much as the next person, I'm raring to go. Plus the dollar differential between work and Unemployment is striking enough that there's no way I'd prefer Unemployment cash to wages.

Enough of that. Time to dream of, um, something. Tomorrow I'll go visit my buddies at my last job, and tell them of my good fortune. :)

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JESPAH 6/27/2008 4:25PM

    Definitely feeling better -- thank you for asking! Especially 'cause I saw some friends today. :)

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TUESDAYS 6/27/2008 10:39AM

    I hadn't checked up on "my arrow gal" in awhile, and the job thing is good news! Congrats!! Hope you're feeling better today... Things are going in YOUR direction...

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THEOTHERHALF 6/26/2008 8:23PM

    What an ongoing saga with your dental situation - let's hope it ends soon and you can get some relief - continued good luck with everything - Todd

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Early in the morning ...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a mixed kind of a day. Excellent news this morning that I passed my background check and will start on the 14th of July rather than the 7th. The company was concerned that they'd be unable to get me set up, IT-wise. Hey, another week of doing nada -- I can get behind that.

The less than stellar news is that the dental visit turned out to be a bust. Heaven forbid it should ever get finished! I was afraid of that and it sure came true. I'll go back tomorrow -- the guy felt pretty bad about me being jerked around -- but that won't even end it. They have to cut my gum to get at the implant, put some sort of healing cap on it for a few weeks, then take a mold of the upper jaw (they took a mold of the lower jaw today), then get the actual crown back maybe two weeks after that and of course somewhere in there I get the final appointment, to get it all done -- the thing that I had mistakenly thought might get accomplished today.

Hence it's tomorrow, then the 23rd, then some amorphous date after that for the last of it or at least what should be the last of it although I'm sure there will be stitches, and they'll have to be removed, and healing will have to be monitored and yadda yadda yadda.

Now, I understand their caution and of course I don't want to get an infection. But the guy today acknowledged that things should have gone a lot more quickly. Essentially what happened was that the periodontist had such a full schedule that when I needed a two-weeks-hence appointment I would instead get one in five weeks' time, and things like that. Then the periodontist left the practice so there was that delay on top of everything else and so it's already been over a year. But at least they're going to shake a leg now.

I'm not letting it spoil my excellent mood. I'm just figuring out how to get it all fit into my suddenly very interesting schedule. Tomorrow, if they don't do the gum-cutting, well, it will not be pretty.

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JESPAH 6/26/2008 1:26PM

    Thanks! I had the oral surgery today. It went well but now I'm pretty wiped. A nap is in my future.

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WOODLANDMYST 6/26/2008 8:35AM

  Keeping good thoughts and sending blessings your way. You've got the right attitude - and keep that fire lit! Cyndy

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JESPAH 6/26/2008 7:38AM

    I think I showed good righteous indignation yesterday. And that helped to finally light the fire, plus he turned out to be the right person to express that to -- I am thinking that when it is finally all said and done, it'll be August. Annoying but at least attainable. I did make it clear to him that I want the whole thing done by the time of the Bar Mitzvah. I mean, carrying along, caring for and cleaning a flipper is the last thing I want to be thinking about when I'd rather be dancing the hora or smiling for pictures or talking to my relatives.

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THEOTHERHALF 6/25/2008 7:59PM

    Sorry the dental work didn't work out - it will get solved eventually - hopefully with excellent results - keep your chin up and go with the flow - you are heading in the right direction - Todd

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JESPAH 6/25/2008 6:47PM

    Thank you. Right now, I almost welcome the dental work just to get the stupid thing over with.

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    Wow. Good luck on all that. It sounds a little painful. Don't stress out though. Maybe meditation will help. Hope it will all be over soon. Then you can put it all behind you. Have the best evening that you can. Pam

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