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It Seems They Cannot Leave Their Dream

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love this song but can't find a good recording of it that isn't a thousand minutes long. Or at least it seems that way. No matter.

It seems that yesterday's faux pas was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. I got a reply to my thank you note, and either the interviewer didn't notice (entirely possible, as she was kinda scattered yesterday) or was too polite to say anything. In any event, she said she hoped they chose me, too.

So I guess all is well. I'll be there on Monday for the second round of interviews. It's supposed to rain, and I'm nuts. I'm not just going to the interview. I'm also meeting with two separate recruiters.

In a way, it makes sense for me, as all of that stuff is in Boston and right now I need to save the trips a bit as the back and forth wears me out. Of course having three things in a day is pretty wearing, too, but what can ya do?

So I've gone from a dead end to being incredibly busy with possibilities. On the way, I'm calling all sorts of recruiters, mainly to tie up loose ends on openings where I haven't heard anything. While I recognize that things are not yet at the winding down stage, if I get this one, I will most likely take it, and if I get the one that I'm up for with one of the recruiters I'm meeting with on Monday, I'll probably take that one, and the same is true of the one with the other recruiter I'm seeing on Monday, in that order of preference. Things are very much alive, and I'm thrilled that it's looking a lot like the things that I really wanted -- good public transportation commute, interesting work, decent pay, nice people to work with -- are all very possible.

I have no idea if I'll post an entry Monday as I'll probably be wiped no matter what happens. And, I wouldn't really know anything by then anyway. Right now the possibilities seem endless, stretching out on a seemingly infinite road.

Something will happen next week. With any luck, it'll be something good.

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JESPAH 6/13/2008 9:53AM

    Ha, that would be an awesome problem to have.

I have a friend who's also looking, but he's more on the QA side of things so I couldn't exactly say, hey, check out ___.

Ah, so many prospects, so little time ... :)

Thanks for the encouragement!!

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RATSAMONGUS 6/12/2008 11:01PM

    Hum... what to do if you get offered all three? :) That would be a nice problem to have! Congrats on your prospects and I hope you get to choose the one you like best. :)


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JESPAH 6/12/2008 9:35PM

    TH_NK Y_ _

Uh, I'd like to buy a vowel ...

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EMMASMART 6/12/2008 7:55PM

    I'm sending you wheel of fortune thoughts..

Big Money - Big money! It all sounds good to me.


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JESPAH 6/12/2008 5:18PM

    Thank you. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm gonna do lunch on that day. I'll brown bag it but it can't be anything that can spill. I might take a PBJ and some dried fruit and just resign myself to the fact that it won't be perfect. :)

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WOODLANDMYST 6/12/2008 4:03PM

  Sending all my positive vibes out your way! Glad to see things are looking better for you. You will find your spot. Keep smiling, Cyndy

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I Can't Stop My Brain

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For the past couple of days, I've been going nonstop. I had a job fair yesterday but in the morning I met with a recruiter and then got myself to the fair. And it was awful weather, over 95 degrees and just horrid and it was not easy to find the place.

It was a good job fair although I didn't send my resume to too many places. They had someone reviewing resumes and offering suggestions and the two suggestions for me were really minor ones.

But when I got home, I was dead on my feet and overheated and then this morning I got up and went to an interview.

The interview was fine and they liked me and want to bring me back for a second round of interviews. But -- stupid me -- I misspelled the name of the company in my thank you notes.

Now, it's a foreign company so I have little doubt that they've seen this before. Plus, the interviewer was rather disorganized so I suspect she understands such things. But, man! How dumb! And the bottom line is, this is a data analyst job, so accuracy and attention to detail are the things I'm selling.

Argh, I hope this error did not blow it for me. I'm pretty angry with myself right now. Not turning to food, no (actually, I just need a nap), but disappointed and not happy at this. I haven't had a major faux pas in this job search process until now, and this is an important place.


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JESPAH 6/12/2008 7:54AM

    Exactly, and I have to keep reminding myself of that.

One thing I thought of yesterday is that this interviewer might end up not even noticing, she was so scattered. I'm also kinda wondering, though, since I will see them again on Monday, should I point out the error?

I realize that magnifies it, but at the same time I can spin it as me owning up to my mistakes and being willing to learn from them, which is a good trait to have in this field. I vacillate between wanting to do it and not, and may end up just punting when I'm there. What do you think?

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EMMASMART 6/11/2008 4:26PM

    Deep Breathing. Focus. Keep sending out resumes. No one position is it! You have to keep applying. After the interview assume you didn't get it and go out and apply some more. You know this! So this one mistake no biggie. After the interview, move on to the next thing. Keep breathing. I am counting on a job coming up for both of us momentarily. Getting your hopes up is BAD. You just feel bad. It's better to assume the worst and keep applying. That way when you get a position you are pleasantly surprised as you have already put it out of your mind after the interview. Remember to breathe and stay in the now. That's where all the action is anyway.


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Sometimes the System Goes on the Blink

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's a frustrating day. Or, rather, a frustrating week. I lost .2 lbs. Now, yeah, I lost. But it was miniscule, in particular as compared to other weeks, plus I had inch gains for most of the 8 measurements I take every week. And I know why -- I'm dehydrated because of the heat and while we are walking at night it's not very fast so there isn't a good enough caloric deficit being established. But going faster or longer is totally not an option, as I already come home red-faced and hot. I don't want to add heatstroke to the fun.

But it's not just the weight, which is really a very tiny part of it. It's that things are coming to a head with the job search. I have, officially, been looking since March 26, which is when I heard that my assignment was ending. I have not dawdled and I have been proactive. I'm not a passive candidate -- I call recruiters all the time, I actively go after jobs, I go to job fairs, I'm constantly working on my tailored resumes, my cover letter keeps improving, I always send thank-you notes, I establish good rapport in the interviews I do get and I actually work in an industry and an area where there are or at least should be openings.

So it's frustrating and annoying, and I'm finding that it's harder and harder to be upbeat for it. Perhaps it's the heat talking but I'm just tired of it all. I want it to be over and done with, and I recognize that that's a very bad attitude and I have to kick that, and right now I don't feel like I've got the energy to do that.

I've had a lot of cheeriness for the past four or so months, and that's been great, and I know it'll come back (heck, I was pretty cheerful yesterday). It may even come back tomorrow, but today feels just ... bad.

There was bound to be a day like this, and here it is. It'll pass, of course.

In the meantime, sometimes you've just gotta rant. Today was a good day to rant. Venting is, ultimately, a very good thing indeed.

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JESPAH 6/9/2008 4:45PM

    Definitely wedded to a job in Boston. 'Cause I'm also wedded to a dude who works in Boston. :)

Actually, I'm feeling better, and I thank you all for your kindness and support.

This was one of those days where it stank until 4 PM. Then suddenly I go into the Inner Sanctum (the bedroom, where there's air conditioning) and figure I'll lie down for a while and do crossword puzzles until the heat dissipates a bit.

The phone rings. It's a recruiter. ___ Co. wants to interview you. I say sure. She hangs up. She calls back. Well, they already had your resume because of the job fair you went to last week. Okay, well, not a problem for me but the recruiter might miss out on her commission. Not that such things are my concern but I do make an effort to not burn those bridges. I apologize profusely and admit that at the job fair I was a lil overwhelmed. Which is the truth. Then the phone rings again. It's ___ Co. directly calling me for an interview. I take the opportunity to tout my buddy the recruiter and mention that it's all related and oops I was less than clear during the job fair. The company gal says that's fine. We agree on Wednesday at 9. Then recruiter gal calls back, saying she was just trying to reach me. Can I interview at 9 on Wednesday? I explain I just had a lovely conversation with company gal. Recruiter gal and I talk about that. Recruiter gal promises to send me directions and whatnot.

The phone rings again. It's someone else, a recruiter from a different company. They want to see me. So I arrange to meet with them for an hour or so before a job fair I'm going to tomorrow. Then, while I'm typing this, the phone rings yet again and it's the assistant of the dude who just called, they're looking forward to seeing me, etc. etc.

And, whew.

I need to go back to the Inner Sanctum.

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REIGNWATER 6/9/2008 3:18PM

  Jespah, job hunting is my least favorite thing in the world. It's really, really hard. Particularly on those of us who have some self confidence issues to begin with - I'm not saying you do, but certainly it can go hand in hand with weight issues. Hang in there! Are there any job search support groups nearby? Sometimes those are not only support but also a good source of networking info.

Are you wedded to a job in the Boston area?

Good luck!

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TUESDAYS 6/9/2008 2:57PM

    Look at it this way... you're avoiding all the LOUSY jobs to get to the one PLUM out there! If you connected with one of these others, you'd miss what God has for you down the line. He's sovereign. Gotta trust that. In the meantime, "bring it, Sista." We can handle the grumbles... it's human. We're cheering you on anyway!


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EMMASMART 6/9/2008 2:49PM

    Honey, you know we are hard to place. If everything is working well, we are expensive!


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EMELIA_BEDELIA 6/9/2008 2:20PM

    yep - that's what we're here for! Sounds like you have a lot of positive things going for you too - 4 months of cheeriness is something I envy!! And losing weight!! Even if it is .2 pounds! Like, Cyndy said - keep your chin up! you have many more cheery days ahead - remember that saying, it's always darkest before dawn.


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JESPAH 6/9/2008 11:45AM

    Thank you, Cyndy. You're a sweetheart. :)

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WOODLANDMYST 6/9/2008 11:00AM

  Venting is always a good thing - and your friends here at Spark have broad shoulders emoticon It is a tough job market at this time. Prices are going up on everything not just gas, and the media is doing its best to whip us all into a frenzy. Keep your positive attitude and envision yourself at your new job. Better days are ahead! Cyndy

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Birds Are Singing

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Well, they may not be singing much. It is HOT.

But it's nice, everything isn't wilted yet which tends to happen after a few days of 90s. I'll see if I've changed my mind tomorrow but right now everything looks and feels lovely. My husband is putting air conditioners in the windows and my shorts are loose.

And, I'm coming up on 60 off. Will I make it this week? I get the feeling that the answer will be no, but we'll see. Even so, as long as I make it before the end of the month (22 days from now, so plenty of time to lose 4 or so lbs.), I will have made my ticker -- and in half a year. As in, I'd be on a pace to lose ....

Well, I don't want to say it. Might jinx it, you know. Put the voodoo on it, the kibosh, the evil eye and all of that. So I say (in Yiddish), kinehura (which means, keep away the evil eye) and we'll see where the chips fall.

In the meantime, enjoy this blatantly lip-synched performance by Daniel Boone, of a song they play at every Sunday Red Sox game.

And stay hydrated in the heat!

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JESPAH 6/9/2008 9:12AM

    Thank you but it looks like despite my wacky precautions I ended up with a pretty nominal loss this week. Hmmpf.

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    Congratulations !!! emoticon

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And You Can't Explain Why You Claimed Your Cat

Friday, June 06, 2008

I had yet another job interview today. This one was in the 'burbs, with a place that's not really a traditional corporation. The two people who saw me were very nice and it may or may not turn into something. But I'm not certain that I want it to.

It's not Buyer's Remorse, although I admit I get that at times when I'm in the process of looking for work. It's the old Groucho Marx line:

I would never want to join a club that would have me as a member.

And sometimes I think that I don't want to join a company that would be so eager to want me.

That is, of course, a vestige of the old low self-esteem life talking, and it really doesn't mean much. But there is one very good reason to not want this job or, rather, two. And they both have to do with the commute. Part of it is the cost of gas and the other part is losing some fitness time by having to drive rather than take public transportation. There is a train and it's not bad, but I'd need an express bus to get to where I can get the train, so it adds a level of complication that could easily turn into an hour each way if the timing is too close to 9 AM and 5 PM, or if the weather turns at all ugly. If the stars and planets are all aligned perfectly, it could conceivably go down for about 45 minutes each way but that's still a commute of some substance.

But I don't want to kick it to the curb, at least not yet, as the people were very pleasant, plus the money is still an unknown. The train, etc. would be a $151/month ticket ($1661/year because you can get a deal for 12 tickets for the price of 11). Driving would be about 1 fill up every week and fill ups currently cost about $80. Assuming 49 weeks worked in the year (2 weeks of vacation plus occasional miscellaneous holidays), that's an ugly $3920/year. And that's all after-tax money.

But commuting just to Boston or Cambridge would only be an $89/month ticket, or $979/year. Or, $682 less than the train ticket. Plus, of course, the mental and physical costs of longer commutes, time that you never, ever get back.

I just can't help thinking that there's a Boston or Cambridge job out there for me. I realize that the competition gets stiffer and stiffer every time another local company announces a layoff or gas goes up another nickel a gallon.

But I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel for that much compromising. At least, not yet. My break is out there. Somewhere.

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JESPAH 6/8/2008 10:14PM

    I hear that. I keep updating my resume on Monster and Dice and that does stimulate more phone calls. Also, the job fair did help and I'm going to another one on Tuesday -- but it'll be beastly hot so I'm thinking I might not be, eh, quite so fresh for that one.

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EMMASMART 6/8/2008 7:39PM

    I'm a little jealous as I am not even getting inappropriate offers except the one as a data entry clerk. I hope we are both complaining about work by July 4th.


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JESPAH 6/8/2008 11:13AM

    Thank you.

Hey, move next door. I'm sure you'd be a much better neighbor than the inebriated college students who are currently next door... :)

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    We live 30 miles from anywhere so our only option is to drive. (or move) I envy you for even having a choice. I love the train and relaxing and not thinking about the traffic.
Good luck on your job search.

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JESPAH 6/7/2008 11:10AM

    Thank you both. And, yep, 128 has certainly not improved any. This place was in Westwood if you know that town. I've commuted to it before, but that was back when gas was something like $2.75/gallon. Right now the lowest I've been seeing is $3.99.

And the interviewing practice is definitely good. I think it's helping me -- I am definitely more at ease with interviewing than I think I've ever been. Something's out there. But what?

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WOODLANDMYST 6/7/2008 10:13AM

  You have many factors to weigh. My sister takes the train into Boston for her job; in the long run there's no hassling with traffic, she has time to read. I'm sure 128 hasn't improved any since I was last there emoticon If it feels right, you'll know it. Good luck in your job hunt!

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REIGNWATER 6/6/2008 6:32PM

  Good luck either way. Just practicing interviewing is a worthwhile thing so that when the right one comes along you are ready.

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