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Minimal pain

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I've been okay re the implant. It was really just the stem part of the tooth. The actual crown won't be added for another few months. And then -- oof -- it'll be about a year of this nonsense. I am monumentally tired of having a bridge with all that goes along with it (e. g. keeping it clean, taking it out and putting it in, not losing it when it's out, not grossing people out with it, etc.).

But I am farther along towards it being done, and all without a lot of pain. I was worried that I'd be flat on my back for days, and such is not to be. I think mainly I'll take it for sleeping, so that I don't have any throbbing.

Tomorrow, I have to go to CVS and pick up thyroid meds. So hubby and I are going to walk instead of me driving there. It'll be a good 30 mins or more each way, and going there is uphill. I only did the resistance bands today so this will be a major change.


Out of sorts day

Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm having dental implant surgery today. Oof. So entries and info might be sporadic for a few days. My diet is going to consist, mainly, of yogurt and soup. Oh joy.


Who cares what games we choose?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

There's something about lyrics. If you asked me if I pay attention more to music than to lyrics, I would/will always answer: "lyrics".

And they mean something to me. Perhaps that's trite but I get something out of it. I'm going through the weight loss journey, looking for clues, and at times I find them in music.

The other day, I had on a CD of 60s music, and "Incense and Peppermints" (by The Strawberry Alarm Clock) came on. Now, it's kind of a strange song to be working out to as the tempo shifts. So I listened to the words as I was doing crunches, and it resonated with me:

Who cares what games we choose?

Well, who, indeed?


Decluttering my life

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm looking at my old clothes -- and all I can think of is: what the heck was I thinking????

Many of them are not bad, but they are not terribly professional and they're cheap. Cheap to buy, cheap to wash, cheaply made. I counted 30 shirts and blouses alone -- and these are just my cold weather clothes! Now, I know that there are plenty of people with more, but this is a small closet.

So I've come to a decision. For my final weight -- whatever that ends up being and whenever that ends up happening -- I just want the minimum. Not just one outfit, of course, but not this festival of every sleeve length and every conceivable neckline in a variety of colors. I like color and neckline choices, to be sure, but I'm thinking that it will be better to have fewer pieces but better ones. Things I have to take care of. Things that require a little time and attention.

Then again, I don't exist to enrich my local dry cleaner. :)

I'll find a happy medium I'm sure.


All caught up

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've got my fave foods listed, my recipe is off and running (hey, I'm making it tonight ..) and fitness tracking is happening. Hmm, maybe I'll go into message board land ...


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