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Do it nice and easy now don't lose control

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am going through the motions, which is the reason for today's musical selection. The fact that it's in French and weird just adds to the fun.

In any event, I had an interview and it went okay but the place was not where I want to be. Hence I ended up just withdrawing my candidacy. Perhaps not the swiftest move on my part, but I am, frankly, overwhelmed.

Now, about the remaining choices. There are six (!) of them.

Here's how they shake out.

1- face to face interview on Tues. 4/22. My dream job.
2 - face to face interview tomorrow. Not my dream but pretty wonderful nonetheless. Kickbun $$, etc.
3 - the place I interviewed on Tues. of this week, which has already made me an offer.
4 - a software company where everything's still in the talking stage, but it would be permanent and very fine cabbage.
5 - a company on the outer edge of my comfortable commuting zone, with $$ on the outer edge of my comfort zone. But it would be interesting work. I've already been through a phone screen with them.
6 - comparable $$ to 5 but still just in the talking stage.

I also have two phone calls I have to return tomorrow about what may end up being two more viable prospects.

In the meantime, I'm just doing the dance. A little bit of rhythm and a lotta soul.

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JESPAH 4/17/2008 7:48PM

    I swear, I was sitting on the bus, headed to the interview, quietly singing The Loco-Motion in French.

The quirk level is off the charts!

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TCEDEROTH 4/17/2008 7:12PM

    An excellent choice for today's blog. And the added quirk is perfect.

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What could be plainer than this

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, lots of things, actually.

Life is moving fast -- VERY fast -- for me right now. I was just offered the job I interviewed for yesterday. The money is insane. I have to tell them by Friday.

In the meantime, I have Choice1 on Tuesday. Now, I WANT Choice1. Very, very badly. But I am also mindful of the whole bird in the hand thing. Plus I have an interview tomorrow with a third place.

My head is swimming. How'd I get to be so in demand?

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JESPAH 4/17/2008 6:15PM

    Choice Uno is long-term (over 2 years) temp. Anyway, more in today's blog entry.

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SISNAMIL 4/17/2008 11:21AM

    Is the Choice1 permanent? Cause you did say this wasn't, right? Or did I have a menopause moment?

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JESPAH 4/16/2008 7:09PM

    Ooh that's an idea.

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TCEDEROTH 4/16/2008 6:17PM

    Or you could tell choice #1 that you have an offer, and wnat to know if they could possibly move up the interview because you feel that they are a good fit for you and you for them and would like to at least make an informed decision after learning more about the job description etc.

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TCEDEROTH 4/16/2008 6:15PM

    That's how it goes. When it rains, it pours.

you can always accept the offer (if you are even slightly inclined), still go on the interview for choice 1, and if they make an offer, change your mind about the other one.

It happens all the time.

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CJSTRIP 4/16/2008 6:07PM

    WOW - first nothing and now you have choices to make!!

I know this part of job searching can be as stressful as having no options...glad to see you are writing about it.

Still sending you my positive thoughts...


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The more it shows you really care

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I had this song in my head all day long, even when I went on my job interview. I didn't want the job, and the interview didn't change my mind. The people I talked to were pleasant enough but they essentially want a hired gun for the next few months and then after that I could really be sunk in terms of the job market. No, thank you.

Plus I think I may not really be qualified for it. And that's not a lack of self-esteem talking (despite today's musical selection). Rather, it's reality. If I haven't done x, y and z then there's no shame in admitting that.

But I do want to report that I felt better in this interview than I normally do. It was even a little tricky as I could tell I was not really up to snuff, but I did not lose my cool and kept pulling the conversation over to where I have something good I can say about myself. All good skills for Choice1 which is in a week.

Oh yeah and the pantsuit I wore to the interview? It's dragging on the ground even though I'm wearing heels, it's so HUGE on me! I will gladly, and with reverence, pitch it once I get a new job. That will almost be as satisfying as actually getting a new job: the purging of the cheap dark grey double-breasted pantsuit. I look forward to both activities.

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JESPAH 4/16/2008 10:49AM

    This is a good idea for a Quirk World topic.

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SISNAMIL 4/16/2008 10:27AM

    An accomplishment like that deserves a short ceremony. Maybe even gift wrap.

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JESPAH 4/16/2008 6:19AM

    The pantsuit purge (I have the bottoms of the cuffs safety-pinned up so I don't step on them -- because I am far too geeky and lazy to actually sew anything) will be accomplished with some sort of ceremony, possibly involving a speech at the Goodwill dumpster. ;)

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CJSTRIP 4/15/2008 9:23PM

    What a great day saw how much your body and frame of mind has changed!!!



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BEKAH082 4/15/2008 6:21PM

    New job and purging of the pantsuit - very positive indeed! emoticon

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Please Don't Drive Eighty-Eight

Monday, April 14, 2008

I have perfected time travel.

It's true! I really have!

Okay, well, I'm not visiting the Roman Empire or anything, or hobnobbing with Eleanor Roosevelt, or bouncing a little baby Genghis Khan on my knee.

Rather, I'm back to an old weight. How old? Five years.

It's been five years since I was 307. And now I am again. And I've gotta say, it feels a lot like I am five years younger. Actually, I take that back -- try ten. Because at 307 in 2003, I didn't feel as good as I do right now.

Exercising has definitely helped with that. This morning, I went to my dentist, which is a trip that (if you don't drive from my home) involves taking a bus and then walking, partly uphill, right near the back entrance to Fenway Park. It took me 10 minutes. While that is not remarkable in and of itself, it's mondo cool because it used to take me -- no exagerration -- 45.

I have made my second goal. I have over 10% of my original weight gone for good. I'm wearing regular (nonstretch) jeans that I can put on and take off without having to unbutton/unzip them. I have lost about 3+ inches overall.

Oh and Choice1 called; they want to interview me next week.

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JESPAH 4/15/2008 2:40PM

    Thank ya! :)

Today went okay; good practice at interviewing and getting my act in gear. The walking route I took to the interview had me going along The Freedom Trail. I saw people in period costume while I was running along. How random is that?

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SISNAMIL 4/15/2008 11:04AM

    emoticonYou probably feel five years younger in the bargain! Good luck on the interview with Choice1. You'll get it! How can you not just bowl her over!

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JESPAH 4/15/2008 5:20AM

    Thank you so much! :)

Today is practice interviewing with another place (uh, they don't know it's practice for me ...). Lots to do -- fortunately it's not for a few more hours.

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MUNTERMORMOR 4/14/2008 10:42PM

    You go, Girl!

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CJSTRIP 4/14/2008 6:42PM

    TOO COOL!!!!!

What a great Monday you are having!!

I'm so happy...all that and Choice1 calling too! WOW!!


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TCEDEROTH 4/14/2008 4:14PM

    Whoo Hoo!

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Hope that I'm talkin' allegorically

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Racing, racing, racing, mind is racing. Too much too soon too many things going on, huge off-kilter crazily spinning merry-go-round from Hades.

Now, I recognize that a large part of this is my own stupid fault. After all, I'm running around like a nut, trying to get a job. But there are very good reasons for that. First, I've had long-term unemployment before (as in years), and it stinks and I don't want to ever experience that again. Second, there is demand for my skill set so it's a good time to look. The Summer will bring with it a slowdown and I'll be kicking myself if I don't do my best to leverage all currently available opportunities. And, third, the economy is not doing so hot. Right now, IT seems all right but who's to say how it'll be in the future? No reason to take chances with it.

And I'm not operating on a desperate plane. I'm operating on a confident one. But I am a little impatient. The entire process of looking for work, for me, is generally aggravating. While at least there's interest and a lot of happy noises coming from employers (as opposed to the sounds of silence, which I know all too well), it is still a slow enough process that impatience can dig its nasty little heels in. Beyond that is also the fact that the two places that I am most interested in -- I'll just call them Choice1 and Choice2 -- are still in rather preliminary stages. And, at the same time, choices that are farther down the line (say, about seven and eight of ten or so) are zooming along a lot more quickly.

The danger to playing this game is going along with the lower-tier choices, getting an offer and then rejecting it in favor of Choice1 or Choice2 and then not getting anything from Choice1 or Choice2 and then being left with nada. Choices 1 and 2 are so superior to these other two (I'm highlighting them because I have a face to face interview with each of them next week) that it's more or less a no-brainer to reject these jobs. So why am I bothering to interview? Well, for one thing it's good practice, as I haven't been doing the interview dance for over a year and a half. Plus there's a chance -- albeit a very slender one -- that either hiring manager would convince me that said opportunity was better than Choice1 or Choice2.

But they'd also have to run the gauntlet of Choice3 and Choice4, hence I think this will be, let's face it, a lovely display of going through the motions. But I've gotta do it.

Another reason for being wired -- because otherwise I'd be truly overtaken -- is that one of my parents is getting tested for a rather serious illness and I am concerned about that. I'm being deliberately vague -- after all, this person who I love is certainly entitled to their medical privacy -- but it is very serious if it's true.

In the meantime, I hold onto the crazy tilting carousel because I need to be upbeat in order to get a job. And because the alternative is very scary indeed.

Laughter is, of course, the best medicine. So enjoy a dancing Spiderman and friends. And thank you for reading.

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JESPAH 4/13/2008 7:39PM

    Thank you, Pen. :)

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CANNOTFATHOM 4/13/2008 6:09PM

    First...good thoughts with you and your family. Health issues are very stressful!

Second...keeping more good thoughts that you will find just what you are looking for!

Best wishes! Pen

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JESPAH 4/13/2008 1:30PM

    Absolutely, and thank you for your perspective.

There's also, I think, company culture. Some make decisions faster than others. And some are also in a hot hurry which makes places with more normal agendas look like foot-draggers. Right now I'm putting together my schedule for the week. It'll help me immensely to see everything planned out, even if it's noon-one, eat lunch.

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TCEDEROTH 4/13/2008 11:26AM

    It is a dance, is it not? That's a very good point you had about interviews at less desirable places being good practice. I will remember that as I will be looking too, hopefully soon, and I've not done the dance in 14 years. I remember back then being faced with the same situation. A dry spell, and then offers literally raining down on me, and it's tough to know which is the best choice, especially if you haven't gotten an offer from the one you REALLY want.

It might help to think of things this way. If Choice 1 or 2 are dragging their heels about making an offer, then the either management is indecisive (resulting in not being a very good place after all) or you're not exactly their first choice. This doesn't mean you aren't qualified enough, only that something in them didn't "click" with something in you, and in the long run, may result in your not being happy at that job, because after all, you have to like and get along with the people you work with and vice versa. The majority of your day is spent dealing with these people. And even if you don't have to deal with the management people in a regular basis, you do have to deal with others that they have hired that DID "click".

I guess what I'm trying to say is along the lines of the old saying "Birds of a feather flock together". Even though management is supposed to make a decision based on experience and qualifications, the fact of the matter is that chemistry does play a part. The people that work there now were hired because there was a connection of some sort and chances are that those people will not have that connection with you either. Does this make any sense at all?

In any case, stay true to yourself first and foremost, and you will know it when the right opportunity comes along.

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CJSTRIP 4/13/2008 11:06AM are racing!

Looking for a job is not something I've ever enjoyed - but my positive thoughts are flowing your way to help Choice 1 and 2 is something you have to choose between :)

Fake it until you believe you just hold on to that carousel real tight and soon enough you will not need it to be upbeat!!!

Good luck...let us know how it goes!!


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