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Happy July!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hey everyone! I know, I know, I have not been around... been working on some heavy projects... fence, pond, etc.

The nice part is that this project only cost me the $50 for the pool (which I tore up and really only needed the filter from). The rest is literally all things from failed projects in the past that I think I will manage to bring together over the next few weeks into something that really works. I'll post more pictures.

See, this is part of my newest goal in life - out with the old and in with the new.

Starting a yard sale sometime in the near future, the pond is finally done (well, other than that one side, but it will be finished soon), the garden is coming together and then I am emptying this house...

Yep, you will be able to cross me off the BIGGEST hoarders list.... LOL

Not the only good news for the day (after a few tough weeks with Chris losing his grandmother) ...

I finally got my membership to the YMCA!!! WOOOHOOOOO that is sooo the coolest hangout in the world. I will be back up there in the morning, play in the fitness room, play in the pools.... happy happy happy.

Really, I like exercise, I just like it to be the kind of exercise I like. I like to be in the water, I want to stay there until I am the biggest prune ever.

IF you only like certain types of exercises, those are the ones you should do, why should exercise make us sad?

The bad news is that I have to start weighing myself first thing in the morning... really first thing, not first time I remember, cause I am retaining water once I spend any time in the heat or standing. :( I blow right up like a water balloon. Suppose if it isn't one thing it has to be another.

Ok, thank you all for your support!!! I absolutely miss you Moms and Ghost! Thank you for the goodies, I will have to learn more about those soon.

Also... a little peak into the future... I have found a great new project to start, I will be sharing it as soon as I can get some work done on it (which is as soon as I get the garden done).

Lot's of HUGS for everyone! Have a safe and fun July... I will be back! emoticon

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JESCHAINKS 7/7/2011 7:08AM

    Thank you, Helen! I am telling you, I think my projects are the only things getting me up in the morning these days. LOL HUGS!!!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/6/2011 10:59PM

    So glad you got your membership to the YMCA!!! AWESOME!!! You are so right...our exercise should be something we enjoy. That way we will stick with it. Great blog and I can't wait to see what your new project will be.
Enjoy your July!!!

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Missing in Action.. .

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I am sorry that I have not been around or in the groups. A few weeks ago I hurt my wrist. It has steadily been getting worse. The next appointment is Friday. Right now I am using a handwriting or drawing tablet I but as You can imagine, long-term, all day writing with one hand instead of typing is causing my right hand to hurt too. For anyone missing me into forums, I am sorry I will be back soon I hope. Any one missing me in other blogs.... same.

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SCRAPLYN 3/2/2011 12:47AM

    Hope your wrist gets better soon. I've done that tablet to save the wrist thing too, and sometimes that just makes a whole other discomfort! Good luck and hope it stops bothering you soon.

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MOMS100 3/1/2011 1:44PM

    Sorry you hurt your wrist, JESCHAINKS. Hope all goes well with your appointment, & you're good as new soon!

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Weekend blues....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have spent the last two days positive I am forgetting something, I imagine because I haven't been tripping over myself trying to get everything on my list completed. To be quite honest, there isn't anything major on my list.

Been trying to give my wrist a break, though I still sat again today and worked with Chris to learn how to shadow box. He is teaching me to block and move, but the pain in my wrist is all the way down my arm now, and it feels like a combination of swollen and sleeping - no worries, I see the specialist on Friday.

I can still type, but I have to take breaks - my left hand.... strangely the most typing comes from the left. The tips of my fingers fall asleep first now, so when I cannot feel the keys I will stop. LOL

Yesterday was fun, I was looking for a pencil holder so I was going through my cabinets and found a broken angel - not all her pieces (I am by far the worst of the worst packrats in the world - I feel it is a result of all the things "lost" since my childhood. There are exactly a whole 5 pictures that prove I was once a child - if not for them, hey, I might believe my past was fabricated and invent any number or conditions that may or may not have existed. Of course, there is always my mother or siblings to tell me otherwise (seriously, I think we all think we didn't exist before our own first memories).

Where was I... besides rambling... yes the angel pencil holder.

The piece I couldn't find...

With paint brushes because the oil paints are not dry yet...

Originally it was a much different angel, but now she serves a purpose and I don't have to throw her away. :)

I put her in my blog too...

Nothing new on the diet front - except that Chris and I didn't diet at all yesterday... no idea where calorie count was :( but I had forgotten lunch again so my sugar dropped down to 70 and I ate everything in sight for almost 20 minutes. I have got to get that under control because then I spend the rest of the day with a massive headache.


HCSE - Day 1/2

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ok, so rumor has it that HCSE - Horse Chestnut Seed Extract - could be added support and assistance to lymphedema patients. Today, we got our order from GNC.

We received the product later in the day, so he has taken only two today, but the packaging says up to four in a day. We suspect that the amount of help it will have could be dependent on a person's size - so we will assume that extra extra extra loveable is also four capsules per day.

First note, he did get stomach aches when trying to take them without food.

We took his measurements today for his waist/hip area, upper arm, and chest. We hope there will be changes in the waist area if the product works in providing increased movement of the lymph away from those areas of the body.

Right now his current diet is approximately 3,000 calories per day and our goals include 1 hour of shadow boxing per cardio (Thank you, Nancy!). He has a daily routine of stretching and massaging he does already - in addition to his wrappings that occur daily too.

My goal - to eat less than half what I feed him all day long. Which is much easier than watching my calories too. In addition, I will strive not to nag, and I will continue with the hours and hours of housework until the boxes are all finally all sorted and refiled in the basement. Then I can start my DVDs again. Also, I have to move us back to meals every three hours due to low sugar problems lately - which may be calorie or exercise or medicine related (or stress?).

So, this will be like a case study... we will monitor and report! :)


What to write...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Having a hard time getting motivated today. Ate breakfast too early, so was not real hungry - decided three pieces of wheat toast would be good, I could easily take my pills with those. However, at 10AM when I decided to go to the store, my body decided that three hours with only toast was just simply an unacceptable phenomenon. By the time I hit the check out lane - shaking and starting the low sugar issue.

There are a few problems with the sugar dropping - one as it starts I start putting everything in the cart. For some reason, I am nearly always at the grocery store or just out doing errands when it happens. It has not happened when I was home in almost forever. However, when it happens out - I over spend every single time as I buy everything I see and try to get through the checkout to get home. I actually got to check my sugar this time, I made it home while I was still shaking and the dozen or so crackers had not really started working yet - only a 70.

You know what I hate the most about those? I eat everything in sight for 30 minutes while my mind tries to wrap itself around what is wrong. Then I feel sick because of the eating, and have no idea how many calories I got. I suppose I cannot complain since I am yet to actually end up in the hospital, and I only have these attacks a few times a month. The headaches are frustrating though. My head hurts for the rest of the day and kind of foggy.

So, snow day is about a resting - taking two children to see the doctor - one because she might have curvature of the spine (I personally think everyone just likes to go to the doctor's office lately) and one because he has flat feet and his lifts are flat. He is a big boy, 15, almost 6ft tall, and around 220 pounds. Solid, not fat.

Oh well, I better change if I am going up to the doctor's office.... the people at the grocery store just look at me strangely when I run around in my cut off pants and baggy clothes - hair all over the place, the doctor's office they might decide I am insane. LOL If they only knew. emoticon


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