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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's December and last month was a whirlwind. Major problems at work, but that is what I do, solve problems that other people create. I guess if I only have to work one month out of the year, it will be OK. I had to be out of the office and at a jobsite for the whole month of November. I am pleased I didn't gain. It is either dusty dirty or 4' of mud on a jobsite, no place to get out of it and eat. Which means going out to eat for every meal. 3 meals a day. 6 days a week. I wouldn't have been able to stay at no gain without what I have learned about food and proper eating on this site. Glad my friend @ vickie'sview told me about it, glad I have met some good people here.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

18 days gone! moves very fast! mowed the front yard Tuesday night in about 45 minutes in one session. A month ago it was taking 2 hours with at least 2 rest breaks. They say the weight loss slows down, but mine is speeding up. The more I lose, the more I can do. Excellent physical condition 30 years ago, probably up until 20 years ago. I wonder if I can even get close? Right now I am very happy with what is happening now. I am shocke, but very very pleased.