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Moving forward every day

Monday, December 22, 2014

I love it when I make little bits of progress. I mean, the big steps are awesome too, but the little ones are just as rewarding.

My mom eats pretty healthy most of the time. We went shopping Saturday (I've been so busy I've only had time to track things from the app, not even from the computer!!!) It was SO much fun. It made me really miss my sister. (She is in the DR on a mission trip) We told her next year we are doing girls shopping! It will be fun. Anyway, mom and I left at 9am, and got home at 3. OH MY WORD. I got over 10k in steps just while shopping, plus I worked out that morning! I ended the day with about 15k in steps. I was POOPED! We obviously stopped to eat lunch. Did you know our Whole Foods has a lunch area? Salad bar, hot foods, everything. It was FANTASTIC! Plus, you know the food is from Whole Foods and is of a higher quality, so that was kind of nice too. I had some soup, some tilapia and some veggies. The soup was wonderful. I will definitely go back to Whole Foods for lunches some days. It was really nice, however, to spend the day with my mom and have her understand me eating healthy.

After lunch, we went to the mall. I hate the mall. I often avoid it, especially this time of year. But My munchkin wants an Anna, and the Disney Store is in the mall, (and the only place with Annas) so off we went. As we are walking through, I decided I wanted to weigh myself. We got to GNC, and I plugged my quarter in to check my weight. (I don't own a scale, I always weigh in there) Amazingly, it said I was down a pound, even with my lunch sitting in my tummy! (And fully dressed with really warm clothes on) I was THRILLED. I know that I'm getting closer to my goal weight, so losing a pound a week or so, that is what I'm happy with.

My other NON SCALE victory was I started cookie dough last night. (the dough had to be refrigerated all night). So I made that, and I did NOT realize how often I used to eat the dough off of my fingers. However, I did NOT do it last night! I just kept washing my hands off!!! I was very proud of myself for being conscious with what I was doing, and not being mindless with everything. Operation no sugar until Christmas Eve is still going strong!

The bulk of cookie making will be done today, and it should be a fun time with my kids. I hope the teen thinks so too.

All in all, it has been a successful holiday season. Saturday was a big non scale victory, it was our first Christmas celebration. I ate very well for the day, and with dinner, with no sweets, and I might have snacked a little extra with some cheese and crackers, but I was okay with that and was prepared with all the extra moving that day. SO, I was okay with that.

I have two more big days of dinners. My mom's on CHristmas eve, which shouldn't be too difficult, and my own home Christmas day. Both should be okay with me. I'm planning, I'm thinking and I'm practicing moderation.

I'm so glad that instead of waiting for another week that I started this journey in July. I can't believe how far I've come, and sure, I still have a bit to go, but I'm REALLY okay with that.

Here is to making this season joyous, and the New Year one full of promise.

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BLONDEDOG 12/23/2014 9:07AM

    Awesome!!!! This inspired me to not eat the dough of my fingers when we make our cookies for Santa....I like to pretend those calories don't count...darnt it! See what you did??? hahaha!

I am, as always so proud of AND excited for you! You are a wonderful inspiration to me.

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    Outstanding!!! Way to go : )

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FOR_THE_DUDES 12/22/2014 1:08PM

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

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NOMORESHMOO 12/22/2014 11:43AM

    emoticon You've got this, for sure!
Fun reading your thoughts this morning. Can't even imagine how much you actually lost, maybe 3 pounds... WOW.
I start baking tomorrow, hope I do as well.

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HONEYBEESBLISS 12/22/2014 10:56AM

    emoticon YAY! That is so awesome! I'm glad everything is going well for you! I usually avoid shopping till too much till at least a week or 2 into Jan!!! LOL But this year I seem to keep needing to be out in it! It's all good though, I try to make it quick as possible and my hubby is always willing to stand in line while I keep walking around!
I hope you all have tons of fun making cookies!

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LOSE4LIFE47 12/22/2014 10:18AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Getting there... going going going!

Friday, December 19, 2014

I have so many thoughts going through my head. I'm so thrilled that vacation is here and that Christmas is SO CLOSE! It is my favorite time of year and even though I'm sad because my sister won't be here this year, (with her hubby and kids), I really can not wait to experience more of the season with my toddler. She is SO excited this year. I'm so excited as a mommy. (I'm also excited for my stuff!!) I'm also nervous. I haven't had a moderation time at Christmas before. I mean, by now I've given always given up before. So, I'm a little nervous, and hopeful. Here is what I've done to prep myself.

I know that I'm fully capable of losing this next week. HOWEVER, I took the pressure off.

I'm not going to be eating sugar until Christmas eve, as I had already promised myself. I will do moderation, and really limit myself, as I also do not want to get sick. I will be taking my rest day on CHristmas (unless I get so many workout videos that I have to try one!) and still enjoying the goodies that I will be making. I also plan on using moderation. However, I'm not going to count on a loss. If I maintain, fine. I will do my best to keep control of myself. I am certain I can do this. I can take bites of everything, but limit the size of the bite. This is my goal. Just to not gain. Because I don't need to put pressure on myself for NO REASON.

Here is something else I have done. My husband would ask constantly what I wanted from him as far as support for this goes. I never really needed much. My motivation comes from outside of me. However, I told him that if I didn't get downstairs to workout Friday, to get on me about it. I need to make sure that I've not looked at my treat days as something to feel guilty about and give up. I need to make sure that I know that having a treat (even if it is an overindulgent mistake) is all part of the journey and that I will be back on the hourse soon. Also, that we need to pitch most of the garbage if I say so.

I'm not making too much, a few kinds of cookies, some of which will be left at my mom's, some for our home, and just the rest is pretty healthy.

THis is something I found that will help me stick with it, I'm hoping!

And this is what I ALWAYS need to keep in mind. You see, I read something a while ago that even when you just START exercising and eating right, that you might not see the exterior change, but the interior is really changing. Your body is growing healthier.

All I want to do during this next week of fun, relaxtion and holiday time with family, is enjoy it. I'm not going to stress about it. When I do that I end up not enjoying myself, and stressed. That isn't how I want to spend the holiday. I want to enjoy it. If I go over, okay. I'll deal with it. If I don't, I will celebrate. This time only comes once a year. I'm okay with it being a treat couple of days, especially with what I've been doing.

I just know that I don't want to ever quit. I'm in this. I might make mistakes, and even maybe the decisions I've made regarding this are one, but that will teach me the right way to get through everythnig from now on.

I CAN do this. And if I fall off the horse a little, that just means I have to jump back on.

I got this.

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BLONDEDOG 12/22/2014 10:06AM

    As always you have the best blogs. I just love reading what you write. You do have this. I love that you are taking pressue off yourself, but not giving yourself permission for a free for all. If I do have an exercise off day, I'm with you, I must get right back on the horse the next day. Have a wonderful wonderful vacation my friend. We can do this!

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NOMORESHMOO 12/19/2014 10:55PM

    You do have this! Great attitude! LOVE IT!!!

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    Yes...You've Got This!!! : )
Being flexible will help you not to break. Enjoy every moment. Share a cookie (you don't have to eat the whole cookie). As my daughter says, "sharing is caring" lol
Happy Holidays : )

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FOR_THE_DUDES 12/19/2014 2:21PM

    This sounds like a terrific plan. You've got this.

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HONEYBEESBLISS 12/19/2014 2:14PM

    Yup, you will do great, I think we are always harder on ourselves but if we saw someone else do it we would think it was perfectly fine in the long run. I already have last year under my belt but then I didn't travel to see my family so I'm trying to do my best prep leading up to it and then try to not worry about it while there and just reasonably enjoy too. Then of course I will resume life as normal when I get home as well. I'm hoping that all will go really well while there too though.
I'm not sure that I could go hog wild or anything anyway it's just not what I want deep down, and I never did that before either, I simply overate and was ignorant of the cost and wasn't burning enough to keep up with it. So in that case I know I'm really safe, even if I do have too much it won't be a crazy too much if that makes sense. It's like I trust myself with that I'm really truly deep down wanting a healthy lifestyle. I think giving myself trust will help me even more to make good choices as I go and good choices make me happy! LOL I think we like to live up to trust that's placed in us. Indulgences or even mistakes are not the end of the story, but like you said just part of the chapter we are in but will move on and continue to the next chapter and the next. This will all just be more experience for us all to learn from and use!
My dad is planning to make gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve and I love the idea. I was a tiny bit worried about all the sugar stuff at first but you know I think I actually do better when it's ALL AROUND like that than if there's one special thing I extra love sitting around where I can see it throughout the day! LOL I plan on having fun making gingerbread houses with the kids though! Can't wait!!! 4 days left till I get to be there! YAY!
I can't wait to hear how great you did because I just know you are going to do great! I believe in you!
emoticon emoticon

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Chapter 10?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I saw this image the other day. It really hit home.

I keep thinking I'm on chapter 20 because I've made so many strides... I'm more realistically on Chapter 10. Right smack in the middle. This knocked me on my behind this morning.

SO, I'm tired. I'm not as tired as an insomniac or such, but the last few nights I haven't gotten quality sleep. Last night, the hubs and I got home from the Christmas party around 9:45. I was hoping to hit the hay right away, but life had other plans for us, so I wasn't in bed until about 11. I was frustrated but just knew that it was one night and I would get to sleep in most of next week and really relax, that helped.

However, I got downstairs and it was Shock HIIT Plyo on Les Mills. I can NOT tell you how much I did NOT want to do this workout. It is HARD. My legs felt like rubber. I don't know if my attitude flipped because of the workout, or the lack of sleep, or the pictures...

I checked out our pictures... I don't know why, but I felt like I looked SO fat. Seriously, I've LOST 50 POUNDS! I'm not unhappy about my size! But when I looked at the pictures I saw the same size me as my fat jeans wearing me, and I don't know why. If I put those jeans on, they'd fall off! I prayed a bit, that I would be able to see myself clearly. Because I don't know why the pictures look like that to me. In the mirror, I'm happy. Yes, I have more weight to lose, I know that, but something about the photos just set me off.

So back to this morning, when I was in some weird funk thinking I wasn't making progress and not wanting to do this particular workout, it actually went through my head. A thought that I had assumed was LONG GONE from my body. "I'm still fat, why don't I just quit?" That knocked me on my behind. I stopped and I prayed. I looked long and hard at myself. You see, you aren't supposed to compare your chapter 1 with someone else's 20, but you also need to not expect to get from 1-20 without hitting all the chapters in between!!! This is something that I have done in the past, and I really thought that I had been able to deal with it enough, but apparently, I needed to do it again. I looked in the mirror. I told myself that I have lost 50 pounds. That is HUGE. I told myself that I'm at a size that 6 months ago I would have REJOICED for being this size. I have a healthy outlook on exercise, fitness and eating that I haven't had, maybe ever. I also gave myself a hard truth. I'm not going to get to chapter 20 if I don't get through Chapter 10. If I quit at 10, I'll have to start all over and it will take even longer to get to the end! I told myself something I have before. I'm doing EVERYTHING right. I'm eating right. I'm exercising. I'm losing weight relatively slowly. (Insanity gave me a jump, but aside from that, I've been on a good slip of the weight you are supposed to lose weekly). So what on earth would make me want to quit?

The answer? NOTHING. I'm not quitting. I put that hard as nails DVD in and I kicked its behind. Or kicked my own behind doing it, and kicked that "quit" thought out of my head.

I talked to my husband this morning and told him that I had no idea WHY I was feeling this way, but that I knew I had been successful. He was so great. He's always supportive but he doesn't understand my silly I've been fat before mind. He said everything right though, the same things I told myself. You've done amazing, you are doing great, you will keep doing this and have great success, and it all helped.

You see, I realized something. Yes, I want to be healthy to be a good example to my kids. And to keep a youthful feel as I age to be able to play with kids and grandkids and not be a grandma that just sits instead of playing. But there is more than that now. Yes, I want that, but I also just want to be fit. I want to be able to join friends in a fitness class if that is what we are doing, or I want to be able to go for a run if I feel like it or to sign up for a 5k and do it and all kinds of stuff like that. I want my life to be a life. To be so healthy that when I get older, I don't need medication and to take it easy. I never want to use my age as an excuse. I don't want to be too tired to do something because I'm fat or lazy or out of shape. There is so much more to living! I want to be able to take active vacations and have a blast doing them! I want to be active, and if I didn't have kids, I want this anyway. There is more to weight loss than being thinner. I still want to lose weight. I still have 20 extra pounds I'm carrying around (at least) and that is something to get rid of.

But I'm doing everything right. I'm in it. I'm not quitting. I'm not stopping.

I'm here.

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NOMORESHMOO 12/18/2014 4:42PM

    I look in the mirror or at pictures and still see the same person I was over 90 pounds ago. Not sure why or how, it is obvious I have changed. Try this approach...
Step away from the reflections, step away from the clothes, get away from the physical appearance attributes & think. Personally, I am stronger, I can breathe easier, I am no longer diabetic, I can climb a flight of stairs without pain or losing my breath, I FEEL better, I can play with my nephews and the dog, I no longer sit in my closet crying because I am uncomfortable in my clothes, I have energy, I have less pain, and overall I feel good about myself and what I have done. My brain just hasn't processed it all yet and my eyes see what they want to see, so I don't bother to look. I will no longer allow vanity to not allow me to document my life story with my family. I will not hide from the camera and become the invisible person in the room.
It's all mind over matter, don't mind because you matter!

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PATRICIAANN46 12/18/2014 4:05PM

  I think that this is very common. You are over half way to your goal and for whatever reason, panic sets in and you aren't happy with any part of it. Your blog should have been very therapeutic and at the end you have reached the conclusion that there is NO WAY that you are going to quit, when you have accomplished so much and are on the right track. I know that emoticon
You have also lost some sleep and if you are like me, you may not be thinking as clearly as you do when you are rested. emoticon

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HONEYBEESBLISS 12/18/2014 1:22PM

    Oh my goodness I have to tell you I've gone through stuff like this several times and lack of sleep and photos are huge triggers to it!!! If I get less than 7 hours I get weird funk so I really hate when that happens! And Photos...OH dear the photos!!! That is why I've been researching about posing and such to come across in the photos like I see in the mirror. Because honestly looking in the mirror sure I don't see perfection by all means but I don't see myself as huge anymore if that makes sense and I feel pretty darn good about what I see. I feel like I look like a normal weight person with average fitness. And then a photo can come along and make me feel like I'm huge again!!! This happened the other day when I took photos with hubby's family, I noticed everything I did wrong...#1 I didn't set everyone up to give me an easier time to get into place and I had to run the furthest distance from the camera to my spot to get the shots...#2 everything I learned about posing recently flew out the window and I did a lot of things opposite or backwards (I do that sometimes when under pressure)...#3 the spot I was in had me craning my neck sideways which makes it look weirdish and bigger, and the side view didn't look that great on my apple shape...#4 I just so happened to be closer to the camera than ANYONE else and with others who are very small people naturally because they are short and fine boned it didn't help that they were further from the camera and I was closer being a robust healthy all American girl!!! LOL Because anything that is closer to the camera will appear bigger and anything further away will appear smaller. It is the way the lens works and it distorts things. And it was working against me.
SO in saying all of this sometimes it honestly isn't us having the distorted view...sometimes it really is just the photo being EH... I had to talk myself through the way those photos made me feel, and honestly they made me feel like no matter how small I got I would always look huge! But then I did my best to just accept them, to accept that I am probably at least medium boned to large boned I'm taller than the other ladies (btw I don't usually compare at all and it wasn't about comparison as it was just about how I came across), I'm at the upper end of the healthy bmi, I am a robust healthy all american girl, we had fun, it was memories, they are photos of us together, sure I messed up the posing so it wasn't flattering and I was the closet to the camera also non-flattering so it is what it is...I decided to renew my research in posing what I should have done was looked up group posing and put some things into place for the photo. Hey the research gave me a few more creative ideas and I got a good Christmas photo with my hubby yesterday that made me feel like I was tiny!!! LOL Funny how photos can do that to us, but we always always always have to remember they are NOT a mirror. Photos are NOT a Mirror! They are distorted because of the lens no matter what. So talk yourself through them and look in the mirror and see what you've been seeing. In order to get the type of photo that you see in person or in a mirror you have to pose and a really experienced photographer will know how to do that really well.
Hope this helps!

I'm proud of how you gave yourself great self-talk and talked it through with your hubby and blogged I know that all helps me a ton too. And I also want to be a fit older person, I've seen the ones who are fit and every time I think I want to be like them!!! When I had 20 left till healthy bmi I also felt like it was forever to go but it does go.

You ARE doing everything right and you are not quitting and little bumps in the road like bleh sleep and bleh photos seem big at the moment they are playing with our emotions but once we get through it the experience helps us for next time, because there are always going to be days we didn't get enough sleep and times our photos make us feel huge no matter how healthy or fit we get! And just like I'm able to say..."OH goodness yes I've gone through that too! I feel ya!" you'll get to do the same for someone else going through this too! Because I know this is something everyone is going to experience at some point! LOL

You are amazing! You are doing amazing! And I'm confident you will continue to do amazing! You are probably more at Ch. 15 though!!! My logic is if you are down 50 and have 20 left that's further than halfway! ;-D And you'll get to Ch. 20 and you'll get to the next book in the Saga of Life too!

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BLONDEDOG 12/18/2014 1:18PM you have to go and make me cry? Sheesh. I think when something like that happens it's such a shocker. You think....I'm better, I don't feel like that anymore. And most of the time you don't, but all it takes is that one time that you can't smack yourself in the face and suck it up....and the downward spiral starts. That is exactly what happened to me. You faced it and had the courage to slap it down....I am just so proud of you. And maybe that feeling won't come back again, but maybe in 6 months it will, just for a minute. And you'll be there with your workouts, and your husband will be there with his support and you'll get past it. I love this blog so much. It's just further proof that this is not easy, but it is worth it.

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SKILL133 12/18/2014 11:21AM

    Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing yoru thoughts with us!!! And for sure you do want to keep progressing in chapters. I've done the Chapter 10, back to Chapter 1 deal. It's no fun and it's only that much harder to get back to Chapter 10.

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FOR_THE_DUDES 12/18/2014 9:46AM

    Wonderful blog. Just as an FYI, I've read that many (most?) people suffer from some level body dysmorphia after losing weight. It often takes years to see yourself as you actually are after significant reduction in size. The same is true with dramatic weight gain.

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ABAKER34 12/18/2014 9:35AM

    Great blog. After I lost my first 65 pounds my weight loss has slowed to a in like a stand still, and I've been struggling to lose my last 10. I try not to let it get to me though because I feel sooo much STRONGER. I'm running 5Ks and training for a half marathon, I completed Insanity, and the most important thing, I am more energetic and healthier for my kids. So whenever I get down about not being in a specific size or at my goal yet, I just remember back to where I was 65 pounds ago.

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The Christmas season now begins... for me

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Well, today is my first Christmas celebration. Hubby's work party is tonight. It isn't a crazy good time but it is a lot of fun and a lot of friends and a lot of talking, and let's not forget, a lot of food.

THe nice part about the dinner is that it is at a restaurant, we order what we like, and we don't pay for any of it! HAHAH!

How am I prepared for today's party time? This morning I did Les Mills Combat 60. 60 minutes of punching, kicking and a WHOLE lotta fun! This is a great workout, because when you start to get tired, you see, huh, only 40 minutes to go! Then you get busy again and then there are 20 minutes (or less) to go! I think that is why I love this one so much, sure, it is tough at the end to punch as hard as you can, and you shoulders are exhausted and your upper back can FEEL it and you are grunting, but it is SO amazing to finish and be done! (of course there is a pushup and sit up routine at the end, but after that!) So, that was phase one of party prep. Get the workout in! Phase two is eat healthy (normally) ALL day so that I can make sure to have enough calories in check for dinner (In progress). Phase three (already completed) is look at the menu and decide what I will want. I have done this. I have ALREADY logged it as well. I'm ready!!!

It is a lot more fun to enjoy and even be hungry there if you know what is going on before you go. Not everyone wants to make the healthy choices, and that is okay too. It is okay to have a treat meal every so often as well. THis is a treat meal for me. It just so happens that it will come in my calorie range. I try to do that regularly.

My next celebration is Saturday evening at my Husband's aunt's home. Now... I don't know exactly how to prep for this one. I think THIS will have to be a little like Thanksgiving. I'm going to bring a snack or eat one on the way JUST IN CASE dinner isn't ready. As for the treats, well, I'm lucky that the majority of the treats are cheese and crackers and things, because the cookies (usually prepped by my MIL) aren't that tasty. She just isn't much of a cook. It is totally okay, because then it helps me NOT eat that. So, I figure if I'm already armed with a snack, I can stay away from cheeseballs and crackers and concentrate on the healthier meal choices and fill up, and be done!!! That is my goal for that day. OF COURSE I will be getting a workout in that morning as well.

The next celebration won't be until December 24th at my moms. This one will be mostly easy. Mom is a great cook, but a pretty healthy eater as well, and she will just have everything out so we can graze. Sometimes that can hinder me, but lately, if I'm full, I don't feel the need to snack. So, I think that will be an easier one. The final one is at our home on CHristmas day. There will be a lot of treats out, and people come from breakfast on. I plan on having MANY healthy options out there, but will also allow the few treats I have wanted into my plan. IF I go over this day, I will deal with it. There likely WILL NOT be a workout that day, but I will be busy, and plan on just enjoying the day. However, the 26th will bring workouts and crazy enjoyable healthy choices that I start back up!

It is good to have a plan, and good to have a treat day. I'm glad that I have my plan, and my days all set.

Oh Merry Christmas my Spark friends. I'm so excited for the start of the season!

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BLONDEDOG 12/18/2014 1:09PM

    I love a good plan! My next dinner is Sunday, I am actually thinking about eating lunch at home before I go, simply because my Grandma's house is so small and it gets ALL kinds of crazy in there when everyone is trying to eat. Thinking I'll just visit instead.

It souinds like you have it all figured out, I just know you aren't going to have any trouble!

And I'm still drooking at the thought of lobster. YUM!

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SKILL133 12/18/2014 9:15AM

    What a plan...I love that you have it figured out.

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NOMORESHMOO 12/17/2014 5:09PM

    Good planning!

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FEEDTHEHUNGER 12/17/2014 4:38PM

    Planning to succeed is much better than failing to plan and then just failing.

Good job!

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HONEYBEESBLISS 12/17/2014 2:56PM

    It all sounds great! I did pretty well last night too and was only a little over which I had pre-saved the exact amount I was over the last couple days so it evened out perfectly! LOL I love that! And then this Sat. we have something too and outing and a mexican restaurant which I checked out the menu and the best option seems to be the soft tacos and choosing chicken so that's what I will do and enjoy every bite too! Plus I'll try to get an extra bit of walk/jogging in that morning before we leave and will do my best to have a good breakfast (normal) and lunch but I may not be able to control so much after breakfast but that's okay! Just like you said sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and everything balances out in the long run. We just do our best in the moment and keep going!

My little worry is the 6 Days with my family, so I'm trying to pre-save a little extra cals here and there for that trip. My sis is pretty healthy so I'm not too worried about it at her house but I know my dad's tends to be higher cal BUT I already did great when we were there for the 4th of July so I don't think it will be bad. And if it is not the best that's okay, that's why I'm pre-saving and I will keep moving forward like always afterwards too so no worries really.

It's kinda nice to go over all this and think about it and not really be worried. I think sometimes it's worse leading into it in our minds than all the choices we make in the moment really are after all. I like making good choices they make me happy so I know that means I'll be fine! LOL I'm going to focus on simply enjoying all the moments with them as much as possible!!!

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PATRICIAANN46 12/17/2014 11:02AM

  YOU are READY!!!!! emoticon

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LOVINGKATE 12/17/2014 10:57AM

  emoticon Planning!!! You have all under control, great job! Now go and enjoy.
emoticon emoticon
How did your picture picking go for you? Will be fun to see them when you can. Pictures are fun.

Comment edited on: 12/17/2014 10:59:39 AM

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What do I ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have no idea what to blog about today...

I did my strength training and plyo workout with Les Mills today, which was AMAZING.

Tomorrow is the hubby's work Christmas party. I'm looking forward to it. I've already checked the menu, and I know what I am ordering. I'm excited for tasty food NOT on a budget!!! Lobster? I think so!

I get to pick up my family pictures tomorrow. I'm so excited! I will try to post some here!! I can't remember when the last time I was ACTUALLY excited to get some pictures. I had fun getting them taken, I hope they look as good as I want them to!

It is amazing to me what losing weight changes is your life. I'm doing great and can't wait to keep going. This is something I never exactly thought about before now. The way OTHER things would change. I knew I'd like myself and my body more, but I never thought about so many amazing changes. The happiness of being able to do things and share things like family pictures. Three years ago, I only got pictures of the girls. This year we did the whole family. We will be doing more in the summer I think, because of all of the changes in the little one, plus when my sister comes home from the DR and we have a HUGE family here, I want more pictures! My mom has been saying that for YEARS she wants that, so I will defintiely be planning on getting these.

See? I'm not scared or just disappointed in doing all of this. I am THRILLED that my LIFE is changing, not just my body. I'm so grateful for my fitness and health. I definitely never want to lose THIS!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BLONDEDOG 12/18/2014 1:04PM

    Yay! I can't wait to see pictures! It's so funny that you say that because when I was where I wanted to be last time we did that exact same thing and it was so fun! I'll have to dig those out as a good reminder. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

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LOVINGKATE 12/17/2014 11:14AM

  My children always ask how come in all the photo's taken I am not in them. My reply is always the same, I'm taking the picture. But really, I'm hiding. My daughter told me recently to get over it and except myself for who I am. When I do that the weight will come off. Stop being so negative about myself and find all the great things that make me a beautiful person in side and out. God made me in His image and He does NOT make JUNK.
Who I see in the mirror is not the same person others see. I believe others feel this same way until they make changes to improve themselves. The road has been long, but I know with Christ in my corner an SP on the other all will happen. My beautiful daughter is getting married the end of January and I am still pretty heavy but I am going to keep on trying and when the day comes, well, BE HAPPY. God Bless you sweet angel girl.

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FOR_THE_DUDES 12/17/2014 9:58AM

    I don't think there is any tangible item I'll value more than the photographs of my loved ones. Twice in the last few months we've hired a photographer to come take family photos. The first time was with my wife, kids and I. And the second time with my kids and my siblings' kids. Both experiences were great, and I think I'm going to try to make it a yearly thing.

It's so wonderful that your self-image has improved to a place that you don't have to miss out on the important stuff. However, I bet you'd feel an extra sense of pride on where you are now if you had taken those photos back when you were ashamed and could look back at the photos now. I recently saw a photo of myself from my younger son's bris (about 15 months ago). I recoiled when I saw the picture. I looked so terribly unhealthy and uncomfortable. But after a minute of shame, I realized how far I've come. I actually really value that photo.

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PATRICIAANN46 12/16/2014 8:40PM

  Your enthusiasm is contagious. I can feel the happiness in your blog. emoticon

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NOMORESHMOO 12/16/2014 6:31PM

It is amazing how our thoughts change with the physical. Well said!

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KLMEIRING 12/16/2014 5:32PM

    Great to hear about the changes that are taking place. I look forward to seeing those pictures! Hope the holiday party tomorrow goes well & you enjoy your lobster.


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HONEYBEESBLISS 12/16/2014 5:10PM

    emoticon emoticon Enjoy your Lobster tomorrow!!! LOL I have my hubby's work Christmas Party tonight too and rocked out a great hour of walk-jog intervals! I need to start getting ready soon though.
I always relate to how you talk about more than just weight loss changes happen in our life because of the weight loss journey! I also am more friendly towards photos, lol, and probably bug some people with too many outfit selfies HAHA! I really enjoy ALL the benefits like having confidence in myself and believing I can do stuff! I mean just reaching goals you once thought were probably impossible does so much for you!!!

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