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Tuesday Gratitude & Abundance

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am grateful for the clearing- the clearing- the clearing.
I am grateful for the areas that are difficult for me to confront- they help me grow.
I am grateful for the people that trigger me- again-simply an area to give love to in myself.
I am grateful for yoga with an instructor who sits in wisdom and truth.
I am grateful for authentic people.
I am grateful for the teachings this evening & truth that to be happy: it is to sit in authenticity & to be comfortable too.
I am grateful for a husband/ best friend who stands up for me.
I am grateful for gray in between the black and white extremes.
I am grateful for freshness in stagnant places.
I am grateful for avocado & lean yummy steak! (Sorry veggie-only friends!) emoticon emoticon emoticon


Monday Gratitude & Abundance

Monday, February 22, 2010

I am grateful for laughter- it IS the best medicine.
I am grateful for friends that Ground me.
I am grateful for many things to look forward to after I complete my thesis.
I am grateful to a husband who cooked after both of our hard workouts.
I am grateful for a slightly disheveled house - because it means we Live in it :)
I am grateful for a busy busy busy day/ month/ etc because it means I am employed & eating.
I am grateful for snuggle time on the couch with my honey. :)

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AHARONA 2/23/2010 2:01PM

    A day full of gratitude for the many things that keep you centered - nothing like it! Keep working it!

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Thursday Gratitude & Abundance

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am grateful for finishing all of one of the hardest kickboxing classes ever.
I am grateful for Project Runway and fashion- it brings some color and spunk to life!
I am grateful for tilapia and garlic with cilantro & onions. YUM!
I am grateful for a busy busy busy day because I was able to work and be useful.
I am grateful I made time today to support a very distressed student.
I am grateful that an officer was supportive to us and not demeaning.
I am grateful for my new shiny and cute phone :) YAY upgrades!


Wednesday Gratitude & Abundance

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

-I am grateful that my mom came from home to drive me to kickboxing and pick up a healthy rotisserie for us.
-I am grateful for SP's article on binge eating disorder becoming official in the updated DSM.
-I am grateful for my bed that I will run into in like 10 minutes! emoticon
-I am grateful two of my busiest days have passed by decently and successful.
-I am thankful for a fun kickboxing class this evening.
-I am thankful for doing "almost regular push ups" (one knee one leg out) on my knuckles.
-I am thankful for WW showing me to pay attention, measure, watch, nourish myself and to relax- because it WILL be ok.
-I am grateful for my dissertation process - it is showing me patience and endurance, as well as consistency.
-I am thankful for cooking shows like Bobby Flay's Throwdown, Giada & Lyon in the Kitchen, to name a few- they make me smile and want to be creative & healthy!
-As always, I am thankful for my husband.
-I am thankful for my parents & their 35 year marriage as example (in October).
-I am thankful for- as always- my movies-
-I am thankful for the unexpected great book I got in the mail from my West Coast friend on The Object Relations Theory Approach: Adolescence and Deliquency. Thanks E just up my alley!
-I am thankful for being done planning my wedding and having room to give advice to others having a Destination Wedding.
-I am thankful for my new reading series: Sookie Stackhouse here I come!
-I am thankful for: The Office, Arrested Development, Chapelle Show, Boondocks, Anchorman, Stepbrothers, Zoolander, South Park, Family Guy, Bill Maher, etc etc etc
-I am thankful for my friends- few real ones- but damn great ones :)
A lot to thank for!


Tuesday Gratitude & Abundance

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am thankful for a day that flew by.
I am grateful for the pretty snow outside today.
I am grateful for breathe & patience.
I am thankful for making it to class & grading papers in time, despite millions of distractions of sorts.
I am grateful that I am refusing fear to plague me so entirely.
I am grateful for some sister time with my BF.
I am grateful for an exercise rest day. My body is grateful too :)


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