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Not feeling it, but exercised anyway

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I was soooo not motivated to exercise yesterday. I skipped both my lunchtime opportunity and my after-work opportunity to hit the fitness center. I went home tired and listless. After a 10 minute sitting-there-dozing-slightly-in-front-of-
the-TV session, I groggily got up and put the treadmill platform down. I stepped over it three times on my way to the kitchen and bathroom before I finally put my tennies on and convinced myself to get on. I walked for 5 mins at 3.5 mph before I pooped out. Then, during American Idol, I got back on for another 5 minutes at 3.5 mph. Later, after Idol was over, I got back on for ANOTHER 5 minutes at 3.5 mph but at an incline. Considering I was not motivated at all to exercise, I feel pretty good about making myself do 15 minutes.

Today, I felt the same laziness/lack of motivation, but I went and worked out for 30 minutes over my lunch hour anyway. It made me feel pretty good as it usually does. I plan to do another 45-60 minutes after work.

I got rid of all my 22's, so I can't afford to backslide! :)

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MSJULES022165 5/18/2007 12:50PM

    Good for you for doing it anyway!

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back on track

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank goodness the feeling of needing to graze constantly has passed. Jules was partially right--as soon as I got some sleep, the feeling lessened a bit. I think it also had to do with hormone fluctuation because it happened to coincide with my cycle this month. I don't think I've ever eaten that much popcorn in my life, prior to this episode. The good news is that I did no damage to my weight loss progress. I tried hard to stay away from the chocolate, but I did have one night where it was going to happen no matter what I tried to do to prevent it. I was able to ration out three Doves chocolate pieces (220 calories) by eating nibbles alternating with popcorn (a favorite treat). Another note--breaking up my workouts (one at lunch and one after work) has really gotten my metabolism going, and the water consumption is crucial to the weight loss for me. When I get less than 5 glasses a day, there is very little weight loss, and I feel bloated, and when I increase it, within two days I can see and feel a difference. My next huge hurdle will be getting back off of diet pop. I'm trying to eliminate pop completely, but there's something about fountain diet cherry Pepsi with ice cubes that I just love. Oh yeah--I am finally down a complete pant size. I've been in the this-pair-is-too-floppy-and-this-pair-is-t
oo-tight stage for quite awhile now, but this morning, all my 22's slid up without unzipping, and the 20's were completely comfortable if not a tad roomy. I actually have a pair of capris in an 18 that I got on, but they were a bit hoochie-momma at this point. I'll wait a couple of weeks before trying them on again. I am so glad that when pants went on clearance at Old Navy I bought a few in each size down to 16's. I spent about $50 for 10 pairs of pants. Not bad, eh? It's also motivation for me--I hang the next size down in plain view and occasionally try them on to see my progress. My goal right now is a 12 by Christmas. Short term goals= 18 by early June, 16 by August, 14 by October, and 12 by Christmas. That would be a 5 pant-size drop (or 10 pant sizes depending upon how you calculate it) in one year.

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MSJULES022165 5/18/2007 12:49PM

    YEAH for the dropping a pant size!!!

And of course I was right! :P

Sorry I've not been around here much the past couple weeks. I'm still not able to get on the treadmill because of my ankle and it is REALLY making it depressing to log on here, but I need to anyway.

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Weird feeling of needing to eat

Monday, April 30, 2007

I don't know what this is, but I occasionally go through these periods where I feel a weird need to be eating. I don't feel particularly emotional--not sad, not overly happy, not lonely, kind of blank, actually. Or maybe just tired from lack of good sleep. But there is this desire to eat. And it can be anything. Raw veggies, applesauce, popcorn, cheese, chocolate, grapefruit--doesn't matter what it is, as long as I'm eating. And I don't get it very often, but I've had it for the past two days now. It's very difficult to stay within the caloric limits for the day, even if I choose healthy options for the constant graze, when all you want to do is eat. I tried chewing gum, but the weird feeling is eating, not just chewing.

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MSJULES022165 5/2/2007 5:11PM

    I always tend to feel that " need to eat" when I'm not getting enough sleep. I keep nuts and trail mix at my desk at work for those times and try to keep celery - which I LOVE - in the fridge at home to munch on. Conversely, when I don't eat enough in a day i tend to feel really fatigued and need more sleep.

I've always believed that our body needs a certain amount of sleep and a certain number of calories in order to function. If we're not getting enough of one our body will naturally supplement with the other.

That's just my theory!

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Something in the water

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Okay, the 3 pound gain HAD to have been water weight or something like that. A couple a days ago I weighed myself and was back to where I had been before the freakish 3-lb-in-one-day gain. Thank goodness! I didn't want to think all that good work had been for nothing!

So, I found something decadent to nosh on as a treat that feels really baaaaad. I bought a block of dark chocolate at Whole Foods (wish I made more money to be able to shop there on a regular basis--that place rocks), and chipped off about 25 grams or so and ate the flecks alternately with sliced strawberries. It was like eating strawberries dipped in chocolate, but with a lot less (yet richer-tasting) chocolate. It was worth the calories, and it felt kind of expensively naughty.

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MSJULES022165 3/20/2007 9:56PM

    First: I am completely and totally proud of you for putting all this "out here" like this!!
Second: As for your challenge, you're on! I can get 6 miles in by Friday. Absolutely! I'm taking that route because I'm doing a 5K running training program that calls for 30 minutes a day.

And yes, I've not been on the treadmill for three weeks, but my healthy eating hasn't been abandoned and I managed NOT to put any weight back on.

Of course it helps a LOT that tonight I had to order a bridesmaid dress for a wedding on May 5th and I have EVERY intention of having to get the "fig just right" tonight dress altered before the wedding.

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Weight gain?!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I have been so grateful for my progress, but frankly, I'm a little upset about a recent 3 pound GAIN. I'm sure it's related to not logging my intake--I've been really bad about that the past two weeks. But I've been diligent about walking/running and just started adding Pilates/Yoga. I jokingly commented that it's probably due to "back-up in the system", but I'm secretly hoping it's true. Metamucil, anyone? :) Just kidding. I really need to start diligently logging my intake again. It's a visual that really helps me not go overboard. It's as if, when I don't have a number of calories in my head when I go home, I just eat as much as I want (stuff that's good for me) at night which is the wrong time to be eating excess calories! A calorie is a calorie. If you eat more than you burn, no matter where they come from, it adds weight. It's just so depressing, though. Three pounds. More than 1/2 of 5. 10,500 calories!!!! AAAAGH!!!!

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MSJULES022165 3/20/2007 10:05PM

    Remember: Muscle weighs more than fat. The more you exercise the more muscle you build and muscle also burns more fat than, well, than fat!

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