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Day 21 of 30 WOW!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Excersize today first. i did 7.78 miles on Treadmill and 6 miles total outside. Some housecleaning but not enough to actually count it. But I wondered around the house alot today. Didnt sit and play on computer. Broke another step record. 42974 steps !!!!!!!

I didnt have Samantha's IEP meeting today. We rescheduled it for tomorrow afternoon and I can pick her up and bring her home afterwards. Wont have to wait on the bus.

Travis left early so I decided at 2 pm to go outside and walk until Tiny came home at 3.25pm. I got 4 miles (1 hour) done and heard a loud thunderboomer. It wasnt raining so I stayed out. I got down and around the front of the house

And I swear its like someone dumped a bucket of water on me. Cause I had to run back to the house. By the time I got to the garage door


Tiny came home 10 minutes later and asked me if I was going outside to walk. I never went back outside. It stopped raining long enough for me to be able to get Sam off her bus at 4.20pm, after that its been raining ever since.

I have been sitting here and/or walking on Treadmill watching the lightening show. I love lightening just dont like the noise afterwards.

Travis came in at 3am this morning (it was early night for him. He usually doesnt get in till we get up to get ready for school) and I sat straight up with a major cramp in my foot. So he started rubbing on my foot just so he could listen to me wine. He said he liked picking on me but he also hoped that it made it feel better.

Toe update: I had an ingrown toenail a few weeks ago and hadnt said much about it. Well there is no longer a toenail. I finally got it loose enough to get rid of so that a new one will hopefully grow back. It does not hurt.

Tiny had an ok day. I think I am PMSing big time.

Now Im going to sit here and see if I can get caught up with Spark.

P.S there will not be a shooting for 40k today. Travis is home. Maybe ill shoot for 20k

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PATTYS74 9/23/2009 1:45AM

    You have a fabulous yard. Is if kind of fun walking it. Don't you just love mowing Glad the toe is getting somewhat better. emoticon

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BOOK-WORM 9/22/2009 9:41AM

    Jenn, that is an amazing amount of steps. Way to go!

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FITKAT2010 9/22/2009 7:36AM

    You ARE an energizer bunny! LOL

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FITKAT2010 9/22/2009 7:35AM

    You ARE an Energizer Bunny! LOL

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JODANGEROUSLY 9/22/2009 6:56AM

    Great job! emoticon

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MISSBEAR11 9/21/2009 10:56PM

    High 5 on the new record! You're doing great.

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Day 20 of 30 40K again!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tiny got the garden done. I did not make him write the sentences again today. A bit too much housecleaning for him to do. So he did laundry and dishwasher and a few other tasks that I gave him

He pulled my Zuccchini and cucumber plants. Didnt really get any cucumbers this year at all. He also pulled a few Tomato plants out before I realized. He said they were dead. I told him to just leave the rest and let me finish.

I got 40391 steps today. Lots of stuff around the house and 10.21 miles on treadmill. Weight this morning was 151.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Samanthas school for her IEP meeting. So I have been thinking about that for the last day or so. Wondering since she will be 16 soon.. I know when she hits 17 I have to figure out how to file for guardianship so that when she is 18, she still recieves her check, which I find stupid because Im her mother. Yet I digress.

I thought for sure that I was going to get caught up with Spark today until my sis started bugging me and I went over to facebook to help her out. Its fun but its taking more time from Spark then I would like. That will change because I will not let that take over my goal.

Travis says that every time he calls Im walking. LOL I said well I start right after you leave sometimes then I have to deal with kids and then walk some more. i wish that I liked walking slower on the treadmill on weekends then I would just do it in the mornings but I hate walking at 2-2.5mph. Its way too slow for me at times.

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JENNNVA 9/21/2009 8:49PM

    Wow Jenn!! Awesome job on your steps! I can only wish to keep up with that! emoticon emoticon

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MACMOM57 9/21/2009 5:43PM

    You will have you mill soon. Keep working hard. I love face book only to play farm town and farkle

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MOMBUCK3 9/21/2009 11:49AM

    Way to go Jenn. I have an IMVU account that I set up with my girls, but just cannot get into it, its for the younger ones I think. I know what you mean about seeming to be going to slow, I always walk at a fairly fast pace and sometimes treadmills just seem to one speed. It used to drive me crazy to have to match my pace to slower people when walking in a group, so when I walk walk, I set my own pace.

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DTONEY76 9/21/2009 5:44AM

    Hey Jen, Facebook is one thing I could never get into. I had my husband deactivate my account.

You friend is right, walking at 2-2.5 is much better than not getting anything in at all. Keep up the great work.

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FITKAT2010 9/21/2009 5:37AM

    Why is it Jenn, that Facebook makes it impossible to terminate your account?
I am a Sparker 100%.

I find that any speed is better than nothing. You are doing swell! So is Tiny.

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MISSBEAR11 9/21/2009 12:00AM

    You're doing great!

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Day 19 of 30 Whoa

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am awesome LOL!! Ok just kidding.

Tiny' Checklist

Walk the Dog - Done several times
Sentences - Done - 100 more for tomorrow
Dishwasher - Done - again tomorrow since he filled it tonight.
Laundry - 2 or 3 loads finished today.
Garden Clean up - Not done, Rained today
2 miles walked on Saturday - Not done
Homework - All Done, need checked first thing in the morning by me.

He didnt get nasty with me at all today.

My steps for today were WOO HOO 42044!! 10.52 miles on Treadmill and stuff around the house. I did a little jogging for a minute or so every 1/4 mile on Treadmill. Only 4.0mph jog but a jog to break out in a sweat none the less. Im pretty proud of myself.

Today wasnt so stressful. Although I havent had much time to just sit here and update everything. I am so far behind its scary. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow.

HUGS and have a great rest of the weekend.

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URMYLF 9/20/2009 10:03PM


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URMYLF 9/20/2009 10:03PM


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URMYLF 9/20/2009 10:03PM


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MOMBUCK3 9/20/2009 8:41AM

    All Right Jenn! I saw the post for September threads and no comment after your new high. So I came to your page to ask why you didn't remark about that high, only to see that you did here! emoticon emoticon So I guess I don't have to pick on you after all! LOL
Hope your Sunday is as good as yesterday, I am glad Tiny is behaving.

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MACMOM57 9/20/2009 7:04AM

    Glad Tiny had a good day. Maybe the meds are starting to work.

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MISSBEAR11 9/20/2009 12:52AM

    Way to go Tiny. High 5 Jenn! You don't have time to sit down and do this cause you must be walking constantly. lol You're doing great.

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FITKAT2010 9/19/2009 11:12PM

    Yea Jenn! And, Yea, Tiny!

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Good Morning

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I have a list and he will be getting them done

Breakfast - Done
Medicine - Done
Miss Domino - Done by me
Homework - Being Done now
Sentences -
Dishwasher -
Garden Clean up -

The garden and the sentences may have to wait till tomorrow.

He doesnt seem to be quite as tired as he was the first day of the new medicine so we will see how it goes this weekend. Everyone have a great weekend.

Guess I should have added that I will be getting my excersize in today too. LOL

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MOMBUCK3 9/19/2009 12:59PM

    I agree with Kat, they can all get done by Tiny yet today. He has to understand that when you screw up you pay the price. Have a great day and enjoy the peacefulness of your walking.

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SCRAPPY_RN 9/19/2009 12:42PM

    I am definitely a list person. Hope you have a great weekend :)

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MISSBEAR11 9/19/2009 11:49AM

    Its good to have a list for him to see. He can check them off as they get done. I make lists for myself. It just is good to see it so you don't forget what has to be done. Sometimes things are so overwhelming until you have a list and start checking off items.

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ITSABOUTME2407 9/19/2009 10:10AM

    I am a list person too wishing u a great week end ..trish emoticon

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FITKAT2010 9/19/2009 9:41AM

    Jenn, all of this can be done today. Don't slack off now....LOL

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BUBBLES1541 9/19/2009 9:21AM

    Great you list the things that need to get done! That always works for me as well. Enjoy your weekend!

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Day 18 of 30

Friday, September 18, 2009

I hope that everyone had a great day.

Today you all know about my past few days. This afternoon was a little better. He didnt do anything to irritate me. I never said being a parent was easy but sheesh there are just those days you want to curl up and do nothing.

I did 5.5 miles on the treadmill total and 6 miles total outside. Made Tiny walk with me when he got off the bus since there wasnt time for homework before Sam came home and we were leaving to go get groceries. He walked 2 of the 4 miles between 3 and 4pm with me.

I got 40076 steps for today. I still need about 39k for the rest of the month to get the million. Thats alright I figure I will get close if I dont meet it.

Ok Im going to take a long soak in the tub now and not think about anything.

Calories in 1500, Calories burned 1284

Here are a few links that I thought some that were teachers or with kids might like.

I can't "fix" a child with a learning disability and make it so that child is not "left behind." However, with reasonable resources, home support, and, more than anything, a reasonable student-to-teacher ratio, I can teach that child the basic skills he/she needs to become a productive member of society. Often, children with disabilities have artistic, mechanical or other gifts that, if developed along with basic literacy skills, will enable them to become self-sufficient, successful adults.

We think children need all of the gadgets, bells and whistles. Actually, "old school" is best! Sometimes plain old vanilla is just fine! Parents need ot take responsibility for their chlidrens' actions and stop blaming teachers!

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FITKAT2010 9/19/2009 7:23AM

    Amen to that sister! Good old fashioned learning and loving them.

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MACMOM57 9/19/2009 7:19AM

    Love your post. I agree now days the parents are not teaching children what they need to do the right thing. The teachers can only do so much. Jenn you are really working hard with everything. I cant imagine its easy. I'm glad you have your husband support. I'm thinking of you keep going. emoticon

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MISSBEAR11 9/18/2009 10:54PM

    I'm happy for you that you had a great day. Yes parents need to take responsibility but teachers also have to be part of the equation to a good education. Some are great and some not so great. When you get a teacher that helps the child learn in the way that he or she can then you have a good teacher. When you get a teacher that believes there is only one way to teach all children then you have a problem.

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