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Dearest Scale, You Make Me Laugh & Smile With Your Antics, I Must Name You

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The scale is such a fickle friend. In an effort to embrace the trend and not the current reading, I've been weighing myself a lot, and having a rather fun time of it.

Honestly, I'm having fun weighing myself 3, 4, 5 times a day, no kidding. Why? Because the strangest things happen when you weigh yourself. For example: I poop and I go up a pound. I pee and my weight stays exactly the same. I bust my hump at the gym, sweating buckets, and I weigh more than I did when I started an hour earlier and having drank exactly nothing (seriously, what is up with the whole defying the laws of physics?)

Other times I weigh myself, lay down for a 2 hour nap, and wake up weighing three pounds less. Go figure.

The thing is I have a fairly expensive, accurate scale. It matches up almost to the ounce with the expensive one at the gym and the one at the doctor's office. The overall trend is absolutely correct, the blips and dots during the day, I don't know what to make of those. I guess the point is that the scale is just one more tool in the weight loss arsenal, not the only tool.

I think I will name my scale something non-threatening like Binky or Fluffy. Something that could never be a threat, or make me upset, or make me go off of my plan in frustration. Something silly. Bambi? Urkel? George? Something from my childhood-Nelly Olsen? KITT?

Anyway, I think my point is that the scale can't make you do anything. The scale doesn't make you overeat, or get up 90 minutes early for work so you can workout, or look better in a swimsuit. The scale pretty much just tells you what you already know, whether or not you've been doing what you know you should in order to get healthy.

Well, most of the time it just reflects what you are doing, all bets are off during that part of the month, you know the one, where you drink a glass of water and gain 5 pounds... BUT if you keep working and doing the right thing during that time, 6 days later or so you get to watch the scale drop a few pounds in a single day... and that can be a ton of fun.

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SIGURROSFAN 6/11/2011 9:34PM

    I was thinking maybe your scales are sub-standard but then you mentioned how they are fairly expensive and accurate. Therefore the only way to compare them to the scales at your gym and the scales at your doctor's is to apply the exact same conditions thereby ruling out all the variables. I don't suppose your doctor would mind you spending 24 hours in his office pooping and peeing just as you would at home. Likewise at your gym - I'm sure there's a spot on the floor between a couple of treadmills where you could curl up and have a two-hour nap. At least then you'd know your findings are conclusive.
Then, and only then, can you cast aspersions on Binky/Fluffy/Bambi/Urkel/George/Not Nelly Olsen, I'm with 55WALKER on that one.

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GOLOPTIOUS 4/27/2011 12:22PM

    I think I love the idea of naming the scale something non-threatening. Maybe I'll name the one at the gym too because that one scares me more since my trainer looks at it while I'm standing there. *sigh*

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 4/27/2011 11:56AM

    I think you should start logging what Fluffy says on, if you enjoy watching trends so much...

I gain immense pleasure out of watching the dots bounce around while the overall trend line drops...


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55WALKER 4/26/2011 6:59PM

    Definitely NOT Nelly Olsen! I would never put her in that group of inoffensives! I always dreaded her turning up. More like Nels, her dad, don't you think? He got stepped on a lot too...

I love it that you posted this because it really does show the futility of getting too wrapped up in the scale results. When I feel a need to catch myself and fix some eating habits I will weigh myself multiple times a day (right out of bed, after peeing, after a cup of coffee, before this and after that) also but always with a sort of humor in my attitude.

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165 Days Until Class Reunion

Monday, April 25, 2011

I wonder how much weight I can lose (healthfully) in 165 days.

My 20 year class reunion is October 7th. I know I can't be thin by then, but I'm hoping I can make great strides. I won't be the 150ish pounds that I was when I graduated, but I would like to be closer to 150 than 311.

Must keep on track... must keep on track... must keep on track.

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IAMBRE 4/26/2011 8:55PM

    I know exactly what you mean. My 20 year HS reunion is in October too! Good luck with keeping on track.

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Clothes, Shopping, Wardrobe Issues, Lane Bryant

Monday, April 25, 2011

I've turned into someone who dresses in a professional, but somewhat frumpy style. My wardrobe consists of lots of black and grey, some navy, lots of cardigans. Dress pants and sweater sets, ad nauseum. I used to have style, now I might as well be buying my clothes at Omar The Tentmaker's Emporium.

I used to have fun with clothes, I never was a clothing shopper, but I didn't loathe it the way I do now. Now, I don't shop until I must, and then I will find a cardigan I like, buy it in 4 colors and call it good.

I want to lose enough weight to shop at Ann Taylor, J. Jill (they have plus size but most aren't flattering to a plus size figure) and many other stores that aren't Lane Bryant. I want to be too small to shop at Lane Bryant!

I can't wait until the day when my clothes are so large as to be absurd, and must be replaced. How do you change from a 24 to a size 10 or 12 without going bankrupt? That could be really expensive, and I'm not sure how to manage it. My current clothes have an extra few inches in the waist band, which is kind of fun!

Wearing the body conscious breathable gym clothes takes some getting used to. I usually buy things that are as flattering as a gunny sack, so wearing something that truly fits is kind of weird. I like my gym clothes. I LOVE the long sleeve shirts with magic thumbs, which is what I call the shirts with the fun little thumb holes.

Any wardrobe hints, other than stop dressing like a frump, would be welcome. How are you managing size changes? Belts? Drawstings?

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    Good Will stores are what a lot of people do. I buy some pieces that I can interchange with other outfits and things and tank-tops go under EVERYTHING and aren't too expensive. I look on websites like Lane Bryant and then find pieces that are similar in second-hand stores.

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MEAGANNAOMI 4/27/2011 4:23PM

    Getting to the point of having to buy smaller clothes again is something I look forward to. I'm no great stylist, but I too can't wait until I'm buying outside of the plus-size section!!! I plan to start at second hand stores like Goodwill etc and see if I can find a few things as I progress to being smaller and smaller, then eventually once I'm at my goal it'll just be one item at a time right? One shirt that I love, a pair of jeans that make my bum look awesome.. then eventually you'll have accumulated the wardrobe you want. I can't wait!!

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GAILSQUEST 4/26/2011 7:56AM

    This is the only thing about winter that I like.I can hide my figure under my sweatshirts and coat.
Just wearing a tank top makes me very self conscience.I do not wear shorts of any kind in public and that will never change.My legs are horrible with spider veins emoticoneek!
Right now they are pretty flabby.I think of a hound dog when I see my inner thighs emoticon . emoticon
i can finally fit in some of my t shirts that were too tight.I dread clothes shopping as well.

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Today I Will Not Feel Deprived Because of the Holiday

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter. I gave my husband and our houseguests and our dogs and their dogs an Easter basket. I'm thrilled that no one thought to do the same for me, because I'm pretty sure that it would have included Peeps and chocolate.

My new habits influenced my gift giving. 2 pieces of Godiva for each person and one chocolate carrot, along with non-food gifts like lemony hand sanitizer, play doh (very well received by adults, I must say) a Shun knife for Cheffrey (my husband Jeff, who is a chef) a nerf gun, and those sorts of fun and whimsical gifts. Last year would have been all candy junk, peeps, m&m's, snickers... the motherload of sugar.

I'm pretty sure they won't feel deprived.

For myself, I bought one piece of Godiva. My favorite, milk chocolate covered pralinee, which if you don't pronounce it prah-lin-aye they feel the need to correct you, even though it is a fake French word made up by a company owned by Hershey's, but I digress.

I bought it yesterday. Two months ago, I would have bought it and four of its siblings and six of its cousins and half of it would have been in my gullet by the time I left the mall. Not this time. It is sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be savored.

I'm kind of afraid of that piece of chocolate. It's a departure from my regime, which is basically detoxing from everything that that little piece represents, including caffeine, dairy, and sugar. That said, I think it is important to recognize holidays and not completely remove food joy from my life.

So I will have one piece, I will savor it, enjoy it, nibble on it and make it last. I will not gobble it, I will not fail to appreciate it, I will make it special. Maybe that's what a diet should really be, making the the "naughty" foods a treat. Once a week or once a month, not once a day. Once in a great while, in acceptable quantities, infrequently enough that it is truly appreciated.

Maybe it won't even taste good anymore, which is what I have found with foods like french fries and potato chips, and I won't even want to finish it.

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JENNSWIMS 4/24/2011 8:36PM

    It was... ok.

I think my taste buds are changing because it wasn't the unholy wonderfulness that I had thought it would be. It was really sweet (too sweet) and I was kind of underwhelmed. I actually didn't eat it until I saw your comment and thought, oh, I should eat that. lol

This is a good thing isn't it?

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PINKLIZARDS 4/24/2011 7:17PM was it? worth the wait? emoticon

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SHEILAD1963 4/24/2011 5:12PM

    I broke and had a chocolate-covered peep! OMG, it was so good!

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  No carrots?

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Bad Food Choice -> Swollen Fingers and Tiny Dinner

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I had lunch today with my aunt at P.F. Changs. I love going there because a) the food tastes great and b) so many items can be made without meat.

The downside? Some of their food is off the charts when it comes to fat and sodium. I made one really good food choice (buddha's feast which is veg and tofu) and one really bad choice (crispy green bean appetizer, basically tempura green beans) so almost all of my calories for the day were shot by noon and by one I had the dreaded puffy fingers.

I'm not sure I can drink enough water to make this go away quickly and I'm going to avoid the scale for a few days because I know what will happen--I will see that I've gained 5 pounds in one day and I will be upset by this, and the chances are I will eat badly or something equally dumb out of frustration.

So, today I will swim, drink a ton of fluids and add crispy green beans to the growing list of trigger foods that I should avoid.

Trigger Foods To Avoid:
Tortilla Chips
P.F. Changs Crispy Green Bean Appetizer

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PINKLIZARDS 4/24/2011 7:14PM

    Mexican food does the same thing for me.

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SHOOTTHEMOON 4/24/2011 1:41PM

  Comments like this are why I decided to "join" SP~ I think half of the weight I have to lose is weight gained from my reaction to one not great food day!

Thanks for your post.

I will leave the chocolate rabbit ears (that until now I'd successfully convinced myself I DESERVED) on the bunny that will find itself on the way to my work for someone else to eat. emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/24/2011 1:42:59 PM

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