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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I missed a few meals I've had over the last few days that deserve some tribute. ...

I wanted to share my other use for the lemon mushroom sauce I used in my pickerel dinner. This is my salmon pasta with lemon mushroom sauce.

I added asparagus not in my original recipe:

Since I've discovered how amazing couscous is, I think the next time around I'll use it instead of spaghetti noodles.

My husband would be disappointed if I didn't mention his favourite dish that I make; my Red Cabbage Asian Peanut Chicken Salad. It is quite the treat for us peanut butter lovers. My husband who is nearly as picky as my son raved that he could eat it every day and is always bugging me to prep some for his work lunches.

You can't see it in the picture but underneath the kale, chicken and peanut sauce is a beautiful rainbow bed of red cabbage, yellow bell pepper and red onion:

An entry isn't quite complete without adding my favourite breakfast in the whole world... overnight oatmeal. This one is made with ricotta cheese and Berry Greek yogurt, some mixed berries and chocolate chips. I called it Chocolate Berry Cheesecake!

I think we're up to date now, until next time... Cheers!

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SGTCUPCAKE 10/12/2014 9:01PM

    Definitely recipes worth mentioning!

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ITSABSURD 1/19/2014 10:16AM


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JAZZEJR 11/9/2013 11:08PM

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I take it that you soak the oats in the ricotta and Greek yogurt in the fridge overnight?

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JENNILACEY 10/29/2013 9:48PM

    Cottage cheese also works really nice with pears and cinnamon!

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LILKIMMI23 10/29/2013 9:42PM

    Mmmm, your overnight oats look delicious. I have never heard of adding ricotta... I will have to try that later this week :)

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Couscous, check!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Couscous has been on my bucket list of foods to try for some time. I picked up a box of whole wheat couscous on Friday's grocery trip and decided to give it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to cook. All you do is boil some water, add your couscous, put the lid on and remove from heat, then let it sit for 5 minutes. Fluff it up with a fork, that's it! It turned out way better than any of my quinoa exploits. To be honest, I like it a whole lot better too. It has a pleasing texture that reminds me of roe.

We had done a turkey a on the BBQ and have tons of meat right now, that narrowed down my choice of protein. I came across this recipe online:

I made some modifications. First, the recipe calls for 1.5 tbsp. of olive oil per serving! I shudder to imagine the amount of calories that would be. I only used 1 tbsp. for 2 servings and mine was 400 cals. It was plenty oily with it. I used fresh kale from my garden instead of spinach. I ran out of walnuts! Quick sticks I substituted some cashews instead.

I decided to pair it with the skipped stuffed portabella I was suppose to have for a snack. By dinner I was quite peckish. My stuffed portabella:

1 portabella mushroom

1/4 can light flaked tuna (skipjack)
2 portions of light laughing cow cheese
1 tbsp. light cream cheese
1 tbsp. finely chopped bell pepper
1/4 tsp of garlic powder

Just mix in a small bowl and spread over portabella. Cook the mushroom at 300 F for 20 minutes on the middle rack and then move it to the top rack and broil for 3-5 minutes.

That's not corn, btw... it's bell pepper. Perhaps a different colour next time for presentation?

Now I'm stuffed. ugh... it doesn't help that I did 100 sit ups yesterday as part of my new training routine and the ache in my abs is unrivaled.

Ow, Cheers...

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JENNILACEY 11/10/2013 11:31AM

    I actually use just a parmesan herb spice when I want to save on cals from cheese. It's 0 cals and tastes just like parm.

I have tried quinoa multiple times. I'm not sure if I'm just not doing it right... but mine is always a bit soggy. I found the couscous maintained its texture better than any of my experiments with quinoa.

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JAZZEJR 11/10/2013 12:56AM

    Love it! And your stuffed portabella is inspired. Have you discovered nutritional yeast? I get it at a healthfood store. I sprinkle it over dishes like this--it gives a flavor somewhat like cheese but w/o the calories from the fat.

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JAZZEJR 11/9/2013 11:10PM

    I like couscous, but I like quinoa even better (and it's a grain that's high in protein too). You've probably tried it.

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ICEDEMETER 10/29/2013 9:24PM

    100 sit ups? Yup - you're gonna feel that for a day or two!

Couscous has been on my "gotta try" list for a while, too, but I hadn't come across any recipes that appealed to me enough to try it. This one, however, definitely looks like something I can work with...

Thank you (and hope you don't feel too stuffed to sleep - that mushroom looks filling enough to last by itself!). emoticon

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Dinner Last Night: Pickerel in a Lemon Mushroom Sauce

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Growing up surrounded by the Great Lakes, it's not a wonder I grew up eating pickerel and perch. My grandparents and dad were really into fishing and our freezers were always stocked full. I spent the better part of my childhood trolling for pickerel. My grandmother and I used to even customize our lures with nail polish. Our lucky lures were a sickly, neon lime green and a deep plum purple.

Pickerel was always battered, perch was always breaded. I decided to venture out and experiment with a sauce. I kept coming across this recipe on nearly every website and blog I visited so I figured it was a must try:

Of course no white fish is complete without a strong tasting green veg like asparagus ( broccoli or brussel sprouts) and a bit of citrus fruit. This fish is packed with flavour; tangy dill and lemon and creamy mushrooms, mmmmmmm.... I also use the Lemon Mushroom sauce with broiled salmon on pasta.

The recipe:

I followed this up with some seasonal apple crisp. I have tons of apples right now from my in laws' apple tree, apple picking with my kids and the local apples at the grocery store. We had a bountiful year this fall, last year apples were scarce due to a late frost. I stumbled across this recipe for Butterscotch Apple Crisp in a slow cooker:

I was a bit skeptical about making an apple crisp in a slow cooker. I mean, the point to apple "crisp" is the crisp. That can't really be accomplished in a slow cooker. I was right, it was lacking in the legendary crisp. It still tasted great and my husband and two of my kids loved it. My always picky son snubbed it for a plain apple instead. He likes his food plain, simple and usually in its original state.

Next time, I'll do it in the oven.


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ICEDEMETER 10/27/2013 9:50AM

    Life is not right without a freezer full of pickerel --- and don't forget to get the cheeks when you're filleting!

That sauce looks amazing, and I so appreciate that you did the recipe for a 6oz serving! Recipe is saved, and I'll let you know when I try it.

Have a great day!

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My favourite condiment... Pumpkin and PB!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ever try mixing pumpkin puree with some natural peanut butter? It truly is a winning combination. It's strange... I've never been a pumpkin pie person. It's one of those things I want to love because let's face it, pumpkin pie looks and smells amazing. I'm always tempted to try a slice for Thanksgiving but then I taste it and meh, it's just not my cup of tea.

It was quite a surprise when I tried pumpkin puree for the first time and actually... liked it! I started with muffins and breads and then began venturing out into other uses for it. I discovered this blog and a wonderful man who shares my affinity for peanut butter:

He is the one who first introduced me to combining pumpkin and PB and I was in love.

What can you do with this combo?

Use it as a topping for yogurt parfaits, overnight oats, in muffins and breads (of course), a French Toast or crepe filling, pancakes or use it as a dip for apples, pretzels or crackers.

To make a Pumpkin and PB condiment (1 serving):

2-3 tbsp pumpkin puree
1 tbsp natural peanut butter (I personally prefer crunchy)
a few dashes of cinnamon
optional- sweetener. I find some real maple syrup works the best. Brown sugar and honey also do the trick.

Here are some gorgeous creations...

Pumpkin, PB and Apple Overnight Oatmeal

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1/3 cup almond milk
1/8 package of sugar free vanilla or white chocolate pudding powder
a few dashes of cinnamon
1/4-1/3 of an apple cut into small chunks

Prepare at least 3 hour before you plan on eating it. Mix the pudding powder and almond milk in a sealable container. Add rest of ingredients and stir. Add a small amount of water at a time if too thick.

When it's ready prepare your Pumpkin and PB mix and layer it in a tall clear glass with the overnight oatmeal. I like a little crunch to mine so I used Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and added a little to the top of each layer. Dried cranberries would also be a nice topping.

French toast with Pumpkin and PB

Make your pumpkin and PB filling.
Spread over two slices of bread. I used raisin bread in this photo and oh man... was it wonderful. I usually use an 80 cal thin sliced rye/wheat bread and fold it in half when I want to save on calories.
Cut 1/4 of an apple into small chunks and put it between the slices of bread.
Dip in eggs or egg whites and toast on a frying pan.
I usually don't add a sweetener to the filling because I like to sprinkle more cinnamon and powdered sugar on top of mine. Or if you don't use maple syrup in the pumpkin and PB filling, you can add it now.


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ICEDEMETER 10/27/2013 9:56AM

    This is one that I'm going to have to try, out of sheer curiosity! I love PB, and love pumpkin --- but am not so sure about the mix of the two...

The french toast just might be breakfast...

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AUNTB63 10/27/2013 9:41AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a big PB fan and I really like pumpkin but never thought to mix them together. I will be trying these yummy looking temptations. Have a great Sunday. emoticon

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FAIRHAVENQUEEN 10/27/2013 8:49AM

    These ideas sound amazing! I will definitely be trying some pumpkin mixed with peanut butter in the very near future!

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DARJR50 10/27/2013 8:47AM

  sounds good

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My Newest Overnight Oatmeal Creation

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lemon Raspberry and Banana Coconut!

You're going to see a lot of these if you're following my blogs. Overnight oatmeal (or refrigerator oats) are my favourite breakfast "dessert". I rarely ever eat anything else for breakfast since I discovered overnight oatmeal. There's no better way to start your day than with a dessert parfait that's guilt free and full of goodies. Now a lot of people use chia seeds in these and they are on my bucket list. Maybe you'll see them used in the future.

I've literally invented a hundred of these things. Now here's what you do:

The themed ingredients are;

1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1/3 cup Whole grain oats
1/3 cup Almond milk (of course you can use any milk you like)

Sometimes I use a mix of ricotta cheese or cottage cheese and Greek yogurt or different flavours of Greek yogurt.

For the Lemon, Raspberry and Banana Coconut Overnight Oats:

The night before...

1/4 package Sugar-Free Lemon Pudding Powder (I actually haven't seen this kind in Canada, my mom gave me a package that she bought in the States). Add to sealable container.
Add 1/3 cup Almond milk and mix well
Then add your 1/3 cup oats and 1/3 cup Greek yogurt (I believe I used vanilla in this recipe, not necessary).

Mix all the ingredients together. The pudding powder will make it pretty thick so add a little water until it's smooth. You may need to add more the following day. Put in a sealed container in the fridge.

Freeze some raspberries. I have a ton pre measured (50g ea) and pre frozen in my freezer from our raspberry bushes this summer.

In the morning grab 80g of banana. Slice 50g into your overnight oatmeal and blend in. Take the other 30g and slice it in a bowl over the frozen raspberries. Mash with fork, put some muscle into it, until the texture becomes like soft serve. It will look like yummy sherbert!

Take a tall clear glass. Add 1/3 of the overnight oatmeal, then layer a 1/3 of the frozen rasp/banana soft serve. Take a tbsp. of flaked coconut and sprinkle 1/3 onto the soft serve. Repeat 2 more times and enjoy your tangy treat!

More to come...

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HEALTHYBARB1 11/17/2013 5:03PM

    Oh this looks so yummy!! Thanks for the inspiration of ways to have my morning oatmeal!! Smiles Barb

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JAZZEJR 11/16/2013 10:55AM

    Update: I've had this about 4 times -- LOVE it!!!

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JAZZEJR 11/9/2013 11:14PM

    Aha! So here's your overnight oatmeal recipe. Thank you so much. I'm making some tonite for tomorrow's breakfast! emoticon

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GRAMMY7070 10/26/2013 10:15PM

    Wow! Does that sound good and very healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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SHOURESSOOTE 10/26/2013 7:31PM

  I clicked on this link from a Spark Team of which we're both members, thinking I'd see a slow cooker oatmeal recipe, but this? This is a work of art, and it looks so yummy, too!

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PEZMOM1 10/26/2013 7:16PM

    Looks yummy!

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ICEDEMETER 10/26/2013 6:29PM

    Looks fabulous!

I'm allergic to almost all pudding mixes (haven't figured out just which ingredient gets to me), and haven't found the overnight oats to be very good without that.

You did, however, just inspire my snack --- it never occurred to me to mix cottage cheese with yogurt (extra protein - awesome) so I just tried it. Seriously yummy!

Thanks so much - and have a great weekend!

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SPARKLETHYME 10/26/2013 6:03PM

    Yummm... and very creative.
All hail the Goddess of Oatmeal!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/26/2013 6:05:23 PM

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