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Fruits and Vegetables, of course!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm finally feeling back to normal after being sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not sure if I had the flu or just a bad cold, but it wiped me out! I'm still coughing a bit but I feel way better. Yay! Unfortunately this means that I did not exercise for the last few weeks, and my eating was a bit weird, but I actually did not gain any weight - probably because I didn't feel like eating much. Anyway, I am getting back on track now!

I am still feeling excited about tweaking my eating habits and losing some weight. A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my blood pressure/kidney doctor. Overall it was a good appointment, but he reminded (scolded) me that I need to be eating more fruit, and also noted that my blood pressure is still not great. Even though I have lost 30 pounds on SP, I am still on blood pressure meds. Grrrr... I am wondering if losing another 5-10 lbs would make a difference?

Anyway, this prompted me to dig out my Eat to Live book, which I've had for some time but hadn't really thought about for a while. I just re-read it, and I love it. The first time I read it, I thought - oh man, I don't know if I can do this. This time it just seemed to make total sense. The book emphasizes the importance of eating a fruit and vegetable based diet, and limiting grains, fats, refined foods and animal products. I've been good about eating vegetables, but I've never been a big fruit eater, and lately I've been eating more and more grain products - especially bread and starchy snacks. I definitely have a snacking problem.

So for the last few days I've been eating fruit like crazy. I've tried to replace my starchy snacks (granola bars, popcorn, etc) with fruit and veg. I have to say that it is WAY WAY EASIER to eat within my calorie limits doing this. Plus I feel better -- my energy level seems more stable, and I'm not as hungry. Plus it just feels better emotionally to eat as much as I want (fruit and veg, that is) instead of trying to measure out a serving of popcorn. It feels so freeing! Anyway, I am going to give this a try -- I don't know that I will follow the six week plan outlined in the book, but I am going to incorporate the guidelines as much as I can. I hope that I will lose some weight and lower my blood pressure! I go back to my doctor in six months - I would love to have some results by then.

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MOJAVEMAMA 12/14/2009 1:12PM

    I am glad you are feeling better. Let us know how you are doing.

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WANAKA 12/2/2009 7:43AM

    Hi Jennifer. Congratulations on losing 30 pounds with SP. Awesome! I too gain (or plateau) when I eat more starches and not enough fruits and veggies. I think it will make a difference if you lost more weight. Isn't it weird that that book didn't make sense when you first read it, but now that you've gone thru what you've gone thru it makes more sense now?

You've come a long way. Good luck with the rest of your journey :)

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    I'm glad to read that you are feeling better. It sounds like you might have had a mild case of H1, which is what I had. I don't know about you, but when I'm not feeling well I go for starchy comfort foods. Its taken me a long time to get back to my veggies, too. All the best with your plan to loose a bit more. YOU CAN DO IT! You are worth it.


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MFLEESAK 12/1/2009 8:00PM

  I'm sure you will. I went off my blood pressure medication completely after losing 40lbs. emoticon

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The best defense is a good offense

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I was doing pretty well in September, getting in my exercise and eating decently. I was able to keep my weight around 122-123 lbs. Then I spent October eating halloween candy and not exercising. So now my weight is up to 125 lbs. I can feel it, too. Argghh!

But -- for whatever reason I am feeling new motivation and renewed energy! I started thinking about the holidays and how I would probably gain another couple of pounds, and I'm already at 125... so I would be in the high 120's by year end. And I just thought -- I'll be damned if I get up that high again!!! Screw it, I am going to LOSE WEIGHT between now and the end of the year!!!

So instead of becoming complacent and accepting that I would probably gain some holiday pounds, I am now determined to get down to 120 lbs by year end. I am thinking about treating myself to an iPhone if I make it (by the way, there is an iPhone app for sparkpeople). My strategy for surviving the holidays is to go at the weight loss thing like gangbusters. Go Jen Go!

I have also started reading some more weight loss books since I need to keep my motivation up. I am now reading The Secrets of Skinny Chicks. It is pretty good. The authors gives examples of "skinny chicks" and what their diet and exercise routines are. Then she gives tips on how to incorporate these strategies into your life. The main message is that skinny chicks work very hard to maintain their weight and fitness, which frankly, is exactly what I need to remember now.

I am also making sparkpeople my home page on my web browser so that I can't ignore it. Track food, watch the snacking and exercise. I can do it.

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MOJAVEMAMA 11/30/2009 7:35PM

    Jen -

I love your re-neweed motivation!! I have gained a few pounds this year and am ready to lose them. We can do this!!!


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MONKEYBIZ12345 11/5/2009 2:15PM

    I, too, am planning to lose weight before the end of the year. Let's go girls!!!!

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    I hit 125 on Monday, too. We're twins. Lets kick it up together!

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VEUVEGIRL 11/4/2009 8:02PM

    Awesome!! Halloween is so hard, and good for you turning into a positive!

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Summer time ups and downs

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Just wanted to check in - I haven't posted in a few months! My weight has been ok - I was able to maintain it in the 120 - 122 range until summer hit, and now it's up to 124 lbs. Ironically, this spring I kept thinking that summer would be the time that I would really crank up the exercise and lose a few pounds. But instead my routine has suffered from too many special occasions, vacations, and out of town guests. I've been eating too much BBQ and birthday cake and only exercising once a week. So -- my weight is up a little, and my pants are a little tight. My lesson from this is that you can have great vision, but you need the day to day plan to actually make it happen. So time to squeezing the exercise back into the routine, and to start saying no to cake. I will do it! It felt pretty awesome to weigh in at 120 lbs. I want to get back there!

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 8/18/2009 10:54AM

    You'll get there. You can do it and I believe in you.


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I'm still here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh my gosh - I can't believe it's been two months since my last entry. Well actually I can, because it feels like a long time! I've been holding steady at 122 lbs, and I'm optimistic that I will be able to lose a few more pounds this spring/summer now that the weather is better. We had a rough winter with LOTS of colds and crappy weather. There were a few weeks even where I got no exercise at all and was totally off my eating plan. But I've managed to stay at my current weight, which is good. I also got a new part time job last month, and I really like it! And it is REALLY nice to have a paycheck again. Hooray for paychecks!!!

Going forward, I am still torn about whether to track my food or not. I seem to be able to maintain my weight without tracking, but I wonder whether I need to track in order to lose these last few pounds... I have to think about this.

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MOJAVEMAMA 4/22/2009 3:50PM

    Good to see posting again. Congrats on maintaining!!! I gained a few over the winter, so I have gone back to tracking.

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    Hi Jennifer. I don't know what the secret is. I track everything, yet I've been on a plateau since January. I've decided that I'm in maintenance now, that 119 is ok, but I'd love to see 115 again.


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Uh oh... slipping... up another pound

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hmm.., Did I say a month ago that I was "back on plan"? Because, clearly, I have not been on any sort of plan for the last few weeks. And I've been absent from SP, partly because I've been busier than usual, but mostly because I've been avoiding tracking my food. Why? So that I can eat whatever I want in somewhat blissful ignorance. Last week I didn't exercise at all, and I made caramel corn and ate half a pot (man it was really good though). Plus I had a lot of elaborate high calorie meals, and even had one day with zero vegetables.

The result? Up another pound (to 124 lbs) and my jeans are definitely tighter. Time to refocus!!! Exercise! Vegetables! Track my food!


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