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January, continued... Day 9 of Bootcamp and January Fitness Challenge??

Friday, January 11, 2013

Okay so I am not doing quite as well as I hoped I would. The no cookie thing has already backfired. I really should not have cookies and i'm not sure what possessed me to eat them today and a couple days ago. Oreos, you are evil creations! haha. I'm seriously thinking oreos have like addictive drugs in them! BUT my no wheat thing (besides the cookies) seems to be going fairly okay. I tried a gluten-free crust as pizza hut, which is a thin crust type crust, and i put bell peppers and ham on it. It was relatively small, so it worked out okay and I had lunch the next day as well. emoticon The crust wasn't bad, but definitely wasn't my favourite pan crust I love so much from there (greasy as it might be....) But it might not be a bad choice as far as healthier choices for pizza options as those cravings occasionally come about. Although, not as often as cookies... But I have recipes of gluten-free crusts still to try so pizza definitely isn't a given up item!

As far as my Bootcamp and January Challenge are concerned, somewhere I lost two days! well two days for my Bootcamp. Today is the 11th and Somehow I am on Day 9 of my bootcamp... I started on the 1st. Go figure! Maybe one was my day in London, which I thought I made up, and yesterday was my interview, so maybe that was my second.... So Officially ,at this moment, I am on Day 9 of my Bootcamp 28 day video plan and Day 9(2) of the January fitness challenge. So, I am doing two videos at least a day. I am doing the elliptical sometimes as my official cardio and sometimes I just count my bootcamp as my cardio for my Challenge exercises. I am not really sure how to really count it, but i figure as long as i am doing something, I am being good and doing good workouts. They still come out to at least 45 minutes of exercise a day.

I have purchased a calendar I am going to hang in the garage where I do my workouts to help with my workouts. I am plotting my walks coming up on the calendar, and placing what day of my bootcamp videos I am on. Might help me NOT lose days again or allow me to make up my days easier. I can also put the Personal Trainer time on there as well!

I really want to get working and a pay check! mainly for my own sanity sake and to help my hubby feel like i'm not just saying "honey. i need $ for this". hehe. I try not to be a pain about it.

I have some good walks coming up with the meet up group I am looking forward to! There is one this sunday. I hope it doesn't really rain, although the weather states it will be... and a few more on other sundays coming up. It will be nice to explore the countryside in Hampshire and meet new people. Maybe I can actually make friends eventually.

I feel like i'm just rambling a bit down. at least I 'm not whining about my mother in law emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 1/19/2013 3:04PM

    emoticon I use Pamela' gluten free baking mix to make my pizza. It's tasty. I add in Italian seasoning into the crust.

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January So far...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Okay! So Today was my Day 5 on my 28-day Bootcamp video, sparkpeople video! and Day 4 on the January Fitness Challenge. I did the day 4 and day 5 videos for the Fitness challenge. Tomorrow we are heading off to London for the day and I'm not sure when we'll be back. Also I will be walking all around London PLUS ice skating tomorrow!! emoticon So! should be fun as I love ice skating. It will definitely be a nice workout for my lower body! Considering day 5 was a hip/thigh pilates work out, I will definitely get my workout for those muscles tomorrow (and today!)

Well I haven't followed my guidelines for eating yet, but I ahve been getting more veggies in and I even tried the gluten free bread recipe for the Tex-Mex calzone recipe. I don't think it was what I thought but it was edible and okay. I will just have to practice at making gluten free bread. OR invest in some good sized lettuce for wraps... whic is also a good idea emoticon I used to get the protein style burgers in the US occasionally and I do really enjoy them.

My recipe for next week is vegetarian recipe out of one of the Weight Watcher cookbooks. It's potatoes cheese, and beans with onions and leeks. Should be good. Looks good. We're going to use the mexican cheese, like with peppers in it!, in the recipe so it should have a nice spice to it! I am also plannign on making my WW General Tso chicken! with brown rice next week. I love that recipe and i miss that dish! IT's new to my husband so it counts as a new recipe right? :) Plus I haven't made it in a couple years at least I think!

So, so far so good for January. I still want a cookie. My bread goal hasn't been very good yet. But I'm working on it. I did have some wholemeal bread today as I made a BST for breakfast! (bacon, spinach and tomato) sammich! I put like a whole cup of spinach on it and 2 small tomatoes sliced up. it was pretty good. The bacon was actually farm fresh, straight from the pig! (so to speak). So it was good yummy crispy proper streaky bacon. emoticon

As promised: Here is the photo of me at the Doctor who experience last birthday, in the TARDIS set.


New year, new goals, new focus!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Here we go again. 2013 is now here; I am another year older (turned 35 a few days ago). I am still over 200 pounds. My weight this morning was 218.1. So, this time last year, I think I was at 190 something. Not sure what has happened to my body to make me gain so much weight. I know I haven't been that horrible with my eating, as i have been tracking for the most part the last 6 months or so. I haven't been tracking the last month or so but i have been pretty sick.

So i spent my birthday in Cardiff, walking all around Cardiff Bay and City Center and Cardiff Castle! I walked about 7 miles the first day, about 3 miles the second day. And I saw lots of Doctor who and fun places. So I had a good trip and good walking exercise. I will admit I didn't eat that well, but my birthday dinner was delicious and not that bad on the health marker. I had a steak dinner, with a baked potato, salad and a nice glass of wine! I will try to post a picture later.

So, my stomach has been very unhappy with me for the last few days. I am not sure if it is my eating or the soda. I have been having more soda than I normally do, as I do like Pepsi and Dr Pepper. So my stomach has been quite bloaty and gassy and unhappy.

So after some evaluation of my last month or so, activity is definitely strong on the radar for the new year and new focus. I have already started the Sparkpeople 28-day bootcamp video program. I completed Day 2 today! (day 1 yesterday). I figured starting Day 1 on the 1st of January seemed appropriate! I have also started walking, around the yard! We have quite a bit of land, so I started walking through the yard, around the workshop, by the stables. When the weather isn't so soggy, i will venture up through the woods more! emoticon My goal is to eventually run again. So I'd like to maybe set a mileage goal, like my friend did last year for his year end goals. he set his mileage goal to 1000 miles I think. he surpassed it! And ran I think 2 half marathons and several 5K's. I am using him as some inspiration! I just need to work my way up.... A month of being sick and in bed with a nasty cough and exhausted all the time has not done me any good on my workout and breathing abilities. Luckily I think most of it is gone now, even with a slight lingering cough... *sigh*

More veggies (although they have not really been a problem in the past, they have been lacking recently) is also on the radar. I also have a small personal goal of trying 1 new recipe at least a week and trying at least one vegetarian meal a week or at least vegetarian day! Talking my husband into this wasn't that difficult! he's not really a vegetarian type, but he said it wasn't a bad idea. emoticon

Since my stomach has been acting up, i think I will resume my "no soda" goal I had set when I first started. T his might help with my stomach issues for sure! and might help my teeth and blood sugar as well. I do enjoy a good soda though... I am not sure how this one will fare but i will do my darnedest! On this note as well, i am planning on following my gluten free guidelines a bit more strictly. I am mostly thinking of going wheat free, as opposed to gluten free. As i am not allergic to gluten, but am growing a concern for wheat products and their effect on my body and health. This is probably why my Naturopath doctors had recommended this diet to me previously, as well as my Internal Medicine doctor also before them! So i'm at 3 doctors recommendations. I do have a baseline, I better follow it. I know I do this a lot, trying to refocus, but someday I will do well enough to keep at it and feel better.

So sort of recapping on goals:
1. Work out more often; adding walking and doing the bootcamp video solidly for the month of January.
2. work my way up to running again; I will think of a realistic goal for mileage. I could say 1000 miles. :) Should that include walking? I am not running yet.
3. eat more vegetables!
4. Try to have one day of mainly vegetarian dishes!
5. Follow my Gluten/wheat-free diet guidelines I was issued last January from my nutritionist! I have been very bad about this one.
6. Try a new recipe at least once a week! My first new recipe is going to be the Southwest Calzones from Chef Meg!

7. ........

well i've run out of ideas on this writing! haha. But those are great starting points for me, and generally speaking, of the 2 days of January so far, I have already done better. i have also posted several new recipes for my collections and on sparkpeople to share. some are modified recipes that i have enjoyed that i adjusted more to my liking. More over, I often added more vegetables or a bit different spices to give it more a kick! Definitely recommend my sausage casserole, which can also be made vegetarian!
here is the link if you want to try it out! emoticon Feel free to message or mail me if you want ideas. I have some recipes I haven't put up yet, and will be happy to share with people. I am getting around to it and I am trying new recipes frequently. I am still getting used to British food and cooking. My husband likes lots of potatoes! so we have a lot of pork and potatoes in our house! And bread, unfortunately! Definitely going to change that! (at least I need to).

So just silly information to share with people: My husband has lost almost 30 pounds since my arrival in July! So, definitely my weight isn't from my eating. (partially but still! i have eaten waaaay better in the last 6 months since moving here than I have, and i have gained weight, well a little weight.) I do have an appointment with a new naturopath/homeopath in a couple of weeks. And I am trying hard to get my workouts going again. I need to call my personal trainer and get rescheduled up with her! My husband was interested in doing my PT with me. But i cant' get him to settle on a time or date, and still need to see what she has open. So I am hoping I can get my hormones back under control, my activity going again, and health better again.

Here's to a new year, and hopefully it will turn out better than last, on the weight/health/activity front! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks for reading! Maybe you can help push me! emoticon

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MPETERSON2311 1/2/2013 8:15PM

    great goals!

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WHOVIAN3 1/2/2013 7:21PM

    Hey there!
I am pretty much in the same boat as you! I gained 12 lbs last yr, I have put on 50 lbs in over 4 yrs so average about 12 a yr! I always felt bloated,well i cut out pop for a few months now,and have felt better! Just joined sp about 3 wks ago,and I am trying to get into a routine of working out atleast 4 times a wk,and eating breakfast( i was never having breakfast) I was also told to check my thyroid...which I plan on doing you might want to check yours. Btw I am jealous you got to see doctor who stuff!!

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Update 24 October 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So here it is, Wednesday the 24th. Tomorrow I leave for London for a few days with the hubby! AND I get to see Matt Smith (11th Doctor!) on Friday! emoticon

So yesterday, my stuff finally arrived! It was delivered on time and the fellows were quite pleasant. Unfortunately, one box is missing out of my 64 boxes. I am not too happy about that. AND the Cargo people back in the States are just sending me a claim form, with no effort to even bother looking for my box! So I'm not a happy girl with them, but I haven't been a happy customer with them in quite awhile. They have been horrible to deal with, especially to get answers out of them. Sadly, I am trying to remember what exactly was in that box. I have 45 days... I'm still going through stuff to see what else I am missing.

I finished my second final today. So School is done for a week or so! Next up is Network Security and I'll be almost done with my degree. So one less stress. Two finals are complete! Two courses left of my degree. I am hoping they won't make me take an extra course but if so, then maybe I'll take something on Disaster Recovery or something similar. My ex-boss would be proud! hehe.

I have finally made an appointment with the Personal trainer. I will meet up with her next week, on Tuesday. So I am looking forward to hopefully do a plan to help me with the weight loss. I need to find the number to the naturopathic clinic my husband showed me awhile back. I never got around to calling and have lost the link.

I somehow gained 2 pounds... and I've been generally good. but I didn't eat on plan yesterday and somehow managed to lose those 2 pounds. I went from 221 (which I was on Monday or tuesday) and this morning I was 219. Go figure!! I don't know what I need to do anymore. I'm so frustrated.

just venting and updating. back to making my sweet potato fries (SparkPeople recipe).

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COOP9002 10/24/2012 2:45PM

    Don't let a couple of pounds get you down. All of us have days like that. Sounds like you are still making some great progress.

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New Goals and Refocusing (again!)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yes I know, Staring again. But not really "starting" again. I'm just fully attempting to follow my nutritional guidelines I had worked on with the Nutritionist awhile back. My husband has made a few copies and I have posted one on the Fridge! So Today is just my official day of doing a strong following of my guidelines. I think I will have trouble with some aspects. So I will really have to be more aware of planning. This is a "Gluten-Free" and "no White-sugar" attempt for my diet changes.

Here is the listing of servings:
*Medical Food (x1) Medical food is like a protein bar or shake.
*Concentrated protein (x3) Cheese actually falls into this category along with meat and eggs and tofu
*Legumes (x2)
*Dairy/Alternatives (x1)
*Nuts/Seeds (x1) Includes nut butters
*Category 1 Vegetables (x4+) These are typical veggies)
*Category 2 Vegetables (x1) This is carrots, winter squash, potatoes, beets
*Fruits (x2)
*Grains (x1) Grains are like Rice, millet, quinoa, and other Gluten Free grains. This also includes Gluten free Bread and pasta as options.
*Oils (x4) Oils are Olives, Flaxseed, coconut milk, and avocado, as well as the cooking oils.
*Calories per day to eat 1600.

Here are my concerns:
1. Eating more than the 1 allotted grain
2. Not eating enough of the Category 1 vegetables.
3. Eating too many fruits (some days I can eat 3-4 fruit servings)
4. Not being able to get my legumes in. These are beans, hummus, peas, bean soups. I do like peas, and I have some hummus for my carrots.
5. possibly eating too much protein?
6. not being able to keep up with my planning or keep on my eating plan well.
7. The difference between the Calorie intake from Nutritionist and Sparkpeople calculation.

I'm sure some of my concerns are silly, But I feel overwhelmed thinking I might end up eating too much. The plot line of the eating "schedule" is actually good for my blood sugar balancing. I just need to actually SCHEDULE my eating. So I have Breakfast, AM snack, Lunch, PM Snack, and Dinner and Evening snack. This also includes Activity and "relaxation".

On another note: My cargo should FINALLY be arriving on Tuesday! So I can't wait to get a hold of stuff I've been anxious to use and get my warmer clothes! So I will soon have my hand weights and my warm clothes, and my Cisco Books and my fuzzy boots! emoticon ESPECIALLY my fuzzy boots. (both pairs!) So Let's hope they actually show up and nothing is missing or severely damaged. With that note: I will happily start my Bootcamp DVD again WITH my weights. It's hard to do toning exercises with Coach Nicole without weights.

I am glad my husband is being so supportive. He is also pressing me to call the personal trainer. He also bought me some Gluten Free pasta. So we are having some Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner again tonight. I used the yummy "spicy italian turkey meatballs" recipe from SparkPeople, used a jar sauce I added Tomatoes, peppers, and onions to, and the gluten free pasta. he has enjoyed my various recipes and foods! And he is willing to try gluten free recipes for my sake as long as I don't make him eat rice every day! emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 1/19/2013 3:06PM


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