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ACTION STEP for today

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today My action step is to talk about the changes I've noticed in my body and mind since I started this journey. Considering I have been on this journey for quite some time, but have really been more focused the past few months, I will say I have noticed some changes. Even though I have had no changes on the scale, I have noticed a few things that seem to be beneficial to my body and mind.

1. I notice I am more focused after a good workout.
2. I crave activity more. Mostly I crave hikes and walks out in the forest and area around here. I am getting bored a bit with my elliptical exercises.
3. I am starting to crave healthier foods more. I have no real explaination about the oreos but overall I honestly am not craving sweet things... maybe my healthy apple crisp or healthier recipe for pumpkin pie i have!
4. Workouts are getting easier. I have gone from level 1 on the interval on my elliptical machine and am at 3... and Level 3 is becoming easier.
5. I find I can keep up with my husband a bit better when we go walking about. He is tall and has long legs, so sometimes it can be tough to keep up with him, when he forgets i'm tagging along emoticon
6. I do feel more excited about trying new things. I have been trying new recipes and I am wanting to try new exercises and go to new places. Being more fit will help when visiting new places and hiking and walking as well.

Those are my changes in a positive light that I have noticed. I still haven't noticed any change in my clothes or scale and I really do actually hate that. I have been trying to lose weight for over a year and half and haven't really moved except slightly up. emoticon I will say it has been a disheartening journey. I probably am still not eating quite enough perhaps.

Blood test results are back as well. I am apparently "normal". I think my thyroid is still on the low end of normal.. but the doc doesn't care. Ah well. I did get my box this morning from my parents. SO I have my nutrition paper from the nutritionist I went to last spring. I may have my hubby make a couple of copies of it so I have backups!

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NKOUAMI26 10/11/2012 1:56PM

    Good improvements!!! I am sure that soon enough you will see that number move down

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JACKIE542 10/11/2012 1:51PM

    emoticon emoticon

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More updating. Maybe that's a good thing

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm probably boring but sometimes throwing out my thoughts on this blog helps me think. It also helps me keep myself accountable for things I do, have done, and need to do still. Today I recalculated my calorie intake. I did the WHOLE long-form calculations and put them in my notebook. So my new Calorie range, according to spark people nutrition, is 1490-1840. Which means, I probably haven't been eating quite enough. That was what my Spark Coach replied back to me. The range that I had set previously I think was made and set when I first joined many many moons ago, and I wasn't as heavy. So I really haven't even eaten half my calories today yet. That's scary part. SO, my goal is to eat within my new range and see how that goes. I will still do my best NOT to eat Oreos or sweetie things. Makes me feel not so guilty for putting a little extra Three Cheese mac on my plate the other night. hehe. That's good stuff!

Level 3 on my elliptical machine is starting to get easier. That's a good sign. AND i burned my "goal" of 300 calories today (via machine counting, not spark people counting). I even did some strength exercises. I still feel like a lazy bum but mostly because I didn't go out to the zoo like I wanted to today. and I played Warcraft for like 3 hours this morning, instead of doing my homework. I really wanted to go for a walk today. At the zoo or on the trail in town... I just didn't get around to it I guess. Maybe tomorrow, if the weather is cooperating. even then, maybe I'll still go hike in the mud or something fun.

I called the doctor's place to get an update on my blood work. She told me she'll have the doc call me tomorrow morning. We shall see what the doc says. Don't really suspect I am diabetic. but I will be interested to at least know my levels for Thyroid. My box from my parents should be here in a couple of days I think. That has my menu write up from the nutritionist I saw back in february. So I will try to use that as a guide again to help minimize my bread intake, sugar intake and maybe make me more "gluten free", as originally suggested. I don't think I have an allergy to gluten, but I don't see how removing it mostly from my diet would hurt me at all.

Tonight is left over sloppy joes I make! I make it from one of the recipes on this site. And I'll throw in a veggie! and maybe a potato or something. I do like cheesy potatoes! ooo maybe i'll make those tonight then! mmm. I really need an after workout snack today. I found a pumpkin protein bar, called 9Bar. it's gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. I'll try that for my after-work out snack.

Back to school work... snack time, and wait for my hubby. emoticon

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ARUSHING2 10/11/2012 1:03AM

Wow . . .

I have no idea if this might tie in with you also or not. I will mention that for myself I had been on a nutritional intake, self impossed, that was artificially lowin my attempts to shed weight in a "timely manner" . . . most likely in a very unrealistic manner. I believe that my body went into a starvation mode. It seemed that no matter how long or hard I worked-out, my weight remained the same . . . not for days or weeks, much longer.

I lost no weight until I significantly increased my nutritional intake to coincide with the SP recommendations. ( I did NOT increase my aerobic/physical activities. ) My weight started dropping almost immediately after starting the dietary changes.

I can't promise you anything, but this all worked for me. Best of luck.



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LISA_SUMNER08 10/10/2012 2:56PM

    do what you need for accountability. I didn't know you could adjust your calories!

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Updating just for fun

Monday, October 08, 2012

Well I have gone at least 4 days now without an Oreo. Yay! Maybe more.. i think it's 4... My weekend eating was not that great but it was mostly skipping meals. Like saturday I didn't get up til almost Noon, as I had a lie in with my hubby! So I just made lunch before we went out to town! But we had a good walk through Southampton. I laughed at him because he had to buy root beer at the American store! hehehe. Yes, there's an "American Store" in Southampton. It's a rip off I tell you! BUT for a $3 box of cereal in the states, it's about $10+ at the shop. (it's like 5 GBP... makes it $8-9) They have an interesting selection of US stuff though. They have one of my weaknesses which is the "Throwback" Pepsi.

I still haven't called to get my blood test results. I will try to call this week. I did try to contact a personal trainer, but she hasn't emailed me back. It wasn't that big a deal really because I was swamped in school work that week. I've been very lazy this past week... I will try again.

My dad finally mailed me some stuff from the states. So I should have some Crystal Light at my beck and call soon! yay! some Jambalaya mix, some BBQ sauce... AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my nutrition meal guide from my nutritionist I left on the fridge back home. So that is on its way! Maybe if I follow that i might see more weight loss.

This morning I was flipping through my Sparkpeople cookbook and found some yummies I want to try to make. So I will review them with my Husband tonight and get meals planned out for this week. We are having leftover meatloaf I made last night, along with the leftover Three Mac and cheese (from my cookbook!) tonight with some veggies.

I have also officially put my cat on a diet. She's so tubby, she can't clean herself. She's been itchy with fleas, and she's grumpier than normal. So I got her some Mature light food this weekend. I try to let her outside sometimes, that helps with her activity. Otherwise, she just lays around and sleeps... or meows at me while I do school work. hehe. My other cat is fine. I just feel awful for my older cat... I brush her to help keep mats from forming at least... but she's really having itchy and spasms and she's quite the miserable kitty :(

Anyways enough of my ramblings, on with my day.

Mental Goals for the near future:
1. Get a new pedometer
2. Get my stuff from the shippers! I want my workout gear (weights, etc!)
3. Choose a new recipe or two from my new cookbook and try them!
4. Go for a long walk somewhere! (I have one scheduled with meetup group on sunday).
5. Keep my workouts to about 30 minutes and throw in some Pilates more often!


Slowly but surely.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Well, the cookies are still attacking me, but my desire for them is waning quite a bit. Right now my main craving is for Peanut M&Ms. I have some cashews I have for my crunchy bits. So far the last couple days (outside of the cookies) have been very good healthy eating days. I even tried a new recipe for Turkey Spinach enchiladas! emoticon My husband enjoyed them just as much as I did and he has requested I put it on the list of "usuals"... along with my lasagna and other such good things.

During my period this week, weight shot up to 221! I hate being a girl. But today, 217.5. So i'm down roughly a pound from my last week's weigh in and have gotten rid of the bloat from my period. So maybe i'm doing something right?? I'll be more convinced later when my weight is under 210. Maybe If I can finally get down to 210 or lower, and it keeps going down, I can tell the doc to bugger off! I'm still irritated at him for claiming i'm not doing enough. I wasn't even obsessing over the cookies yet! what a jerk! (speaking of.. i need to call for my blood test results.)

Spark Coach seems to help somewhat. At least it helps me focus and gets me to track better. I have been keeping a notebook with notes from my Spark Coach days and trying to put in my meal plans for the day as well. I am thinking about a calendar to put on the fridge for meal plans, but dealing with my mother-in-law and the kitchen is not going to be fun. She'll state it's a great idea and then bash me for putting something on the fridge. Bad enough she's whining i'm cleaning the pans by hand... I can't win with her. Sucks and it's stupid! Just like I don't cook on the correct burner, no matter what i'm making. hah.

I really want to find pumpkin!! I want to make pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie and pumpkin STUFF!! No pumpkins to be found around here right now emoticon And Halloween is my favourite time of year! wooohoo! But Halloween is not that popular in England. So, my husband will try to track down some pumpkins for me later in the month... and hopefully I'll get to have my "Thanksgiving" dinner in a month and half too! emoticon I've been asked to make a Thanksgiving dinner. Once i get my cargo, I have some good weight watcher recipes from various times for Thanksgiving to use! So I look forward to making them.

anyways... sort of good and doing better. let's hope it stays that way. Preferably without cookies haunting me! I will do an hour on the elliptical for cookie punishment... and general workout business. First, a quiz to do for school! THEN workout. emoticon


Still very much in need of focus...

Friday, September 28, 2012

I know I whine about focus and always off track and messing stuff up. I really should enlist the help of my husband more. He does try to keep me on track, but he doesn't help sometimes when he wants sweeties. But i have my own issues with that.

I am up to 219 right now. Very miserable and disappointing in myself. I do know Oreos do have some fault with that number. I really should address my sweet tooth issues. I will definitely be visiting the Sugar addiction boards starting TODAY! At least I haven't been drinking soda the last couple of weeks. I swear I'm getting wider emoticon

I've been sneaking fruit and veggies in this week more though. And I have bought both the Bootcamp DVD from SparkPeople and the cookbook! I am proud to say that I have already made ONE recipe from the cookbook. I made the three cheese macaroni... and it was yummy! emoticon (I was really sick of having potatoes with dinner. hehe.. sorry honey!) I look forward to more recipes. I do have the recipe app for sparkpeople on my ipad. I use that frequently! Lots of good stuff in there. I have also signed up for SparkCoach too. So I am seeking guidance and hopefully will get better. I had a rather disappointing day yesterday, where I ate two packages of Oreos emoticon now the packages of cookies here are much much smaller than those of the states.. think about 2/3 of an American package... STILL a lot of cookies but just so...

So as of today, I am on "Day 5" of the 28 day bootcamp dvd. I have had one little package of M&M peanuts... but overall I have been better today. I did the elliptical today as well. I had my blood tests drawn today. So hopefully next week, I will hear back from the doc about Thryoid and Diabetes testing. I really hate fasting tests! part of me hopes there's something wrong with me... it would explain why I am so out of whack. Another hopes i don't have anything wrong with me, because I don't want to deal with the NHS doctors any more than absolutely necessary!

My Chiropractor gave me a number for a Personal Trainer. I think that might be my last hope, if there is nothing wrong with me, medically. I know my mental issues. I have been going over in my mind how I did all the weight loss and controlled eating and sugar intake so well before. Maybe because I had a different focus and life was just different back then in some way that let me. I have learned over the years that I really can't have some items in the house or within reach... So I should take the rest of my oreo stash and toss it out! (I have two more left... I don't want them today. so I think i'm doing well!!) My Mother-In-Law often brings home junky food. Thankfully, I have found I don't really care for a lot of the British Chocolate cake things. I still prefer my baking methods and american styled things. (Hence maybe why i keep eating oreos?)

So My goals this weekend is to keep working out! Get my homework done! I have a good chunk due on my Project for my Crypto class due this weekend... *sigh* but at least my other paper is pretty much done for my other class. I will clean that up sunday I think. I also want to try to do Pilates tomorrow or sunday, to work my muscles differently. I haven't been keeping up with that very much lately, and I really should to keep the strength building in my back and bottom so my back and headaches will keep getting better. I did find a yoga class up in town but I haven't had a chance to go up there yet. I will try to get up there this week (thursday) and try it. My other goal is to contact the Personal Trainer. At least for a consultation and she does classes in my little town. So I might try her class too. I will try to document it here better.

So today has been better than yesterday and I hope this weekend will be a better one for me, in my eating and activity. Unfortunately school will trump most activity this weekend, but I will do my best to get a break in to do something fun and active with my husband.

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PENNYSAVER2 9/28/2012 3:19PM

    Hang in there. I've been a prisoner of sweets since childhood. I've recently accepted that there are certain foods (cookies/chocolate) that I'm just powerless to.
It's my current goal to avoid these items since I can't just stop eating once I get started. emoticon

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TRICIABFIT 9/28/2012 1:16PM

    I have a HUGE sweet tooth!! What really helps me is drinking lots of water during the day and at night when I really get the munchies! I have learned that I can't just eat one of anything, so I choose not to have any at all. I thought I would never overcome the cravings, but water was the cure! Hope this helps! emoticon

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