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Just worked out...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I just did my work out. I tried the elliptical on Level 3 on the interval program. Oh my gosh!! I did level 1 yesterday and it was sooo easy. So I thought, I'll not do 2, since it's similar to 1 with a very low resistance low interval... so I did level 3 with a slightly higher lower setting and the same high setting as level 2. The higher setting kicked my butt! But It was nice to not have the lowest setting on the lower interval. Usually my feet and legs feel like they are getting away from me.

So at least my work outs have been doing SOMETHING. My Chiropractor has noticed the more mobility in my pelvis and my spine. I haven't been having as much back issues. Headaches are still hit or miss, but I haven't had too many. Most headaches I have often come from sleeping funny or just a general headache. Things are starting to at least kind of show. At least in my physical abilities... and other things. I do see the doc tomorrow. I will be inquiring about my Thyroid levels and a couple other things.

As for my weight, it's down a little from my gain about 3 weeks ago. So I got up to about 220 emoticon This morning I was 217. So it's hopefully going down and maybe i'll be back to where I started. emoticon Hoping I will get some direction with the doc tomorrow and maybe i can get stuff under control and get the weight off. Seems like the harder I try the more my weight stays on! hahaha.

I still find it very odd I gained so much that weekend.. I was barely over my calories for that saturday and only had 3 piece of pizza. I still am thinking it's the carbs. Mostly bread type carbs. i haven't been eating my usual English Muffin every morning the past couple weeks. I had eggs mostly last week and this week I had some corn cereal (like corn flakes). I have had pita bread, mostly a "seed and grain" type for lunch. I"ve been eating my lasagne the past couple of nights. I still think I need to ween myself off so much bread product. Pita seems fine for me though. I'm getting there. emoticon Sometimes bread is nice on my stomach when it isn't happy. maybe I'll make Meg's Pita chips this weekend... mmm.

I haven't found any whole grain pasta here yet. I am slowly expanding my horizons for shopping. Often my Mother in law or my husband do the shopping. I did find a lovely place that sells produce! Got some yummy spinach there. I think I will shop there more often. The spinach was definitely superior to the Tesco and Sainsbury spinach!

I have also signed up for the Spark Coach thing, to try it out. So I am making notes and hoping it might help me focus too. Do you think a daily goal might be to not have "bread"? I'm excluding my pita. Like muffins and bread slices, and scones and whatever else. Should I put potatoes in that? i haven't been eating as many lately. My hubby LOVES potatoes.

anyways. enough rambling. back to school work for me! :) Thanks for listening/reading.


No winning

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well i managed to gain 5 pounds over the weekend. So I am officially declaring pizza a bad food. I did track my pizza, had a total of 3 slices. I was only slightly over my calories for saturday with the pizza. I even worked out on sunday but still managed to go up from 215.5 to 220. I am honestly starting to think I need to see a doctor about my thyroid levels and maybe see if they can help me lose weight somehow.

In the interim, I am actually going to stop eating so much bread. I think that might be my main issues. I hadn't really eaten that much bread back at "home" in Nevada. I was often quite good with rice and such and my main bread was a pita every so often and the occasional sandwich. I think I have bread with every meal here. Sadly, I like bread. So this morning I didn't have my usual English Muffin and had eggs with spinach. emoticon I have one pita left, so I will enjoy that with dinner tonight with my Spark People Sloppy joes i made last night.

My husband really enjoys his bread as well. I don't think he will give up bread. He's lost about 13 pounds since my arrival. Not very fair, but I cook healthy meals and he eats less processed and prepared type meals.

My other confessed sin is Oreos. I have eaten more than I have tracked but I have at least tracked my oreo intake... I am going to go back to my refusal of having junk in the house. At least of my own volition. I know better than to have junky foods at the ready. I don't know why I have slipped. But even with the oreoes, I was still at 215.... I am not sure what happened this weekend that made me shoot up so much in 2 days. I was 219 this morning, but still! My frustration is building. I still do my work outs 4 times a week on the elliptical at least 30 minutes; I've been adding Pilates to strengthen my muscles in my back and bottom. My chiropractor has noticed my pelvis and spine are improving. I just wish the scale, clothes, and overall feeling inside was better...

I just wish I knew what really was wrong with me. If there is something psychological, what is it?? if it's physical, i need to get that under some control. I know my husband loves me and thinks i'm a sexy woman even at this weight. I just want to do it for me so I can maintain a better image of myself, keep my health in check and not have to stare at my double chin. :( (I swear it's getting bigger!)

On another note: I have found a lovely trail to hike down near the town I live. I am still attempting to make my way the whole loop, as it's about 7.6Km, and some of the trail is not well marked. So i'm trying to explore a little further each time. So far I have only gone down the trail twice, but i have learned I went the wrong way the second time! So I have an idea of where i need to be next trip! Plus, I got some great pictures of the Ruins of the palace there.

Sorry for the whine. I just thought getting it down on some form of physical diary type thing might help my though processes. Maybe this is why blogs were really invented! A way to just keep track of one's thoughts. Today will be eating better, no bread except for a pita bread, and a nice walk in town (plus elliptical later before dinner). Thanks

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JOYCE12356 9/11/2012 8:32AM

    I can feel and completely relate to your frustration. I sometimes wonder the same things...what am I doing wrong, what's wrong with me, etc, etc. These are normal feelings and part of what makes this journey hard. For me, it's usually my head that gets in the way of making progress. I don't know you well or know your whole story, but just from this blog...take a look at one thing - you said you were only over your calorie range a little from the pizza and you worked out on Sunday. So, the 5 lb gain - do you really think it can be actual "weight" gain? (5 lbs is like an extra 17,500 calories). So, it's most likely water gain. I know that even when I work out on the weekends, overall I'm usually not as active as during the week. This usually ends up equating to retaining water (usually most noticeable in my ankles), plus some abdominal upset (bloating, etc ...I'll spare you the ugly details!).

How wonderful that your chiropractor has noticed improvement! I know it's not the changes that you want to see, but please remember...this is a process. It's usually a longer and slower process than we want it to be. Keep up the great work and you'll start to see some of those changes.

We are always our own worst critics. If you haven't done so yet, taking pictures of yourself or doing measurements monthly might help to show you changes that you don't otherwise see.
emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is probably a rant, so don't read if you don't want to. It probably have some merit and I should probably see a doctor or something. Here goes!

I am not losing weight! I lost a pound and somehow gained 3 back. I have been tracking my eating very diligently. My husband even helps keep me on track. I had one bad eating day in the last 2-3 weeks and i've been working out at least 4 days a week, at least 30 minutes, and i've been doing that for 3 weeks. another pound would be nice... another half pound would be nice! anything... So i've gone from 215.5 to 214.5 to 217.5!

My naturopathic doc had me on thyroid medicine, an herbal blend called Fat Smasher, and female hormones. I am out of my thyroid meds. I am in a new country and place, so i haven't found a new doctor yet. So I can blame that all I want I guess. I know I am eating fairly well, tracking things, working out like I want to be.. I hate being sedentary. Oddly living in the country has kept me a little sedentary. There's woods to explore I guess, but it's full of stinging nettles and horse poo. I have walked around a couple of the towns around here. Had a nice walk and counted for the activity. That was actually quite fun, as I found the library and a few other things my husband didn't even know about.

So I am just frustrated with my lack of weight loss. Especially when I"m working out. I wasn't working out before I moved, except for moving boxes and cleaning. I've been exceeding my weekly minutes on my Spark people goals. So I don't know if there really is something medically wrong with me or my body just refuses to lose weight. I know my hubby thinks i'm sexy as I am, but I would really like to get rid of the extra curves and just flat out feel better... and walk better and stuff...

sorry for the rant... I really am just frustrated with myself. Thanks

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CHANGINGK 8/29/2012 9:51AM

  I understand how you feel. I get frustrated with myself too. And, since I am an emotional eater frustration makes me want to eat!

We CAN do this even if it takes longer than we want it to. emoticon

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GINGERLY4 8/29/2012 9:03AM

    I have thyroid problems as well, which makes me a super slow loser. Have you taken your measurements? I'll see my measurements change before I ever see a drop on the scale.

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KAESEA78 8/29/2012 6:46AM

    I COMPLETELY know how you feel. I have been at a plateau for like 2 months. I do the same thing, lose 1, gain 3. It is so frustrating. I, too, have thyroid problems and some other issues with insulin resistance and dysmetabolic syndrome but am seeing a dr for these things. I stick to my diet plan and don't lose. Sometimes I think "If I am not going to lose what is the point of not eating the things I want." I have been trying to put this spin on it...If I weren't sticking to the diet, I would be gaining ! Even on a "normal"diet, maybe 1800-2000 calories and being moderately active I would gain. So, at least I am not going to get to 300 pounds this way. Chin up and eventually we WILL see that scale move in the direction we desire.

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Welcome "Home"...

Monday, August 06, 2012

I am moved to my new home in the United Kingdom. Definitely a change from my life in Southern Nevada. The cooler tempatures are quite welcome!! The humidity is even welcome. I am breathing easier! Quite a bit of rain though.

I have been here a couple of weeks. I have no real excuse but i haven't exercised hardly at all! At least I am not eating out at all now. I kind of miss eating out and some of the places I used to go to in Nevada, but it's been nice to force myself to eat at home and cook. I cook better than my Mother In law! so that's a bonus especially for my husband! :) He seems quite happy with my cooking! I dont think I really posted but I got married back in April! We are both going to try to lose weight. I'll try to post a picture. :)

So as I am adjusting to different measurements. I am 15 Stones 5.5 pounds; aka. 215 pounds. I did workout on my husband's elliptical today. 33 minutes! I should have gone a bit shorter but it was a good one. Nothing really like listening to BBC radio 1 while working out!

So here's to a new start!

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JENNIAUN 8/7/2012 12:19PM

    Yep, I moved here for my husband. I married a Brit, and it was easiest for me to come here. I didn't care for Vegas much either. I tried to spend my free time in Utah ;)

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JERSEYSHORE0803 8/6/2012 1:06PM

    I am SO jealous!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to move there and still hope that is in my future somewhere. Did you move because you got married? I have also lived in southern Nevada, Las Vegas to be specific, but didn't care for it. I am in New Jersey now raising my 3 kids, but I do hope to someday move to the UK.

I look forward to reading about your journey living wishes to you.

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Pita LOVE!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ONe more thought for the night! I've been so in love with Pita bread the past few days. I made this delicious "calzone" sorta thing with my pita bread. I stuffed it with a couple slices of pepperoni, then onion, italian herbed diced tomatoes, spinach and cheese!!! Baked them all together in the oven for about 15 minutes, and YUMM-OOO! (thank you racheal Ray!) Totally yummy! I HIGHLY recommend it! PLUS i used pita with left over hamburgers I made for dinner... that was good too. Stuck low-fat cheese inside, with ketchup, spinach and sliced tomatoes. mmmm.

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JENNIAUN 5/22/2012 11:45PM

    I made my Pita Calzones a recipe! :) So if you'd like to try it, it's on the shared recipes under Pita Calzone... You can play with it however you want!

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JENNIAUN 5/22/2012 10:56PM

    I haven't tried making my own Pita bread yet. I do like to bake.. but i'm trying to wean myself off a lot of "bread" and wheat type stuff. Mostly at the direction of my doctor. He and my nutritionist thing Gluten Free would be smart for me. I should post up my little creation as a recipe, just for kicks! and save it for my faves on recipe :) I had another one for lunch today! soooooooooooooooooooooooo Goooooooood!! hehehe emoticon

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NEILITHICMAN 5/22/2012 5:21PM

    Awesome, have you tried making Pita bread? it's really easy to make and works out at a fraction of the cost of buying it from the supermarket or bakery.

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