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Why did I eat that??

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you ever get that feeling after you eat something: Why did I eat that?? Might not be RIGHT after but a little while later, you feel that queezy feeling in your stomach, the bad taste in your mouth... or in my case, you'll get that horrible drop in your blood sugar that really messes you up! Or you just generally feel ill for the rest of the afternoon/evening/night... whenever! I had that feeling at least twice today. I admit, I ate 2 swiss cake rolls this morning... then another package before my dance class... well i did have a rather bad taste in my mouth during dance class because of that. GROSS!

I had started on a quest and have come to the conclusion that sugar really is my enemy! Being border-lined diabetic, reactive hypoglycemic, sugar really truly is my enemy. For those who don't know. Reactive Hypoglycemic usually entails a nice spike in blood sugar and a rather nasty drop. I don't quite react that badly very often anymore but when I do, it sucks! But does give you an idea of why I am on a quest to limit my sugar intake now.

I have been following some of the ideas that the Belly Fat Cure has. Especially with his carb count and sugar counts. If i'm really good for me, without making me too off from "normal", I can barely hit all the sugars in a day, and occasionally will miss one carb count. Except for the days I actually eat like I shouldn't, like today! Last week I did pretty good. Even for my wedding party on Sunday I had like 1/3 of a piece of carrot cake! (most of it was eaten by my almost 4 year old niece! hehe ;) Which was okay with me! ) I was mostly enjoying the nice pork ribs and salad they made for me! mmm bbq! :D It's like I went on a spiral from the weekend though and my Monday started out TERRIBLE! I had my eggs and bacon... but somewhere between breakfast and lunch I felt the need to eat two packets of swiss cake rolls! I did count them, like I should but K ept wondering the rest of the day WHY did I do that. I still wonder why. I keep wondering where is the mechanism in my mind that will actually STOP me from eating things I shouldn't at times I really really shouldn't!

I am so sick of being fat, and I am quite sure sugar is a large factor in that equation. Now if I can just convince the rest of my brain to STOP LETTING ME EAT CRAPPY FOOD, I think i might be in business! :D If you have ideas, feel free to post... if not, then read, be amused at my silly writing style and rants and move on to the next one!

On the good news. I had started the whole watch my sugar thing at 216 and was 212 sunday morning. So lost 4 pounds but I think i found them today... oops :P So, lower my sugar is a GOOD idea! Thanks for the rant!

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NEILITHICMAN 5/22/2012 5:18PM

    definitely done that. I ate well all week then some friends came over for some cards on Saturday. Between 4 of us we finished off a bag of chips, 2 litres of coke and a small bag of lollies. I felt sick afterwards.

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Ugh It's summer....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Yay... it's summer and the 100+ degree heat has started... I am working at least, and have been for like the last two months... which is probably why I have been fairly silent on here. Hard goign from not working to working 45-60 hours a week! Still working on my Masters degree as well... And apparently between work, school and sleep, i'm ignoring my boyfriend! hah. So, My job is going to probably get fairly miserable with the heat coming on.... but at least it's making me very active. I'm not losing much weight though. Between Not getting to eat and running around schools for 9 hours a day... i'd imagine i'd lose more! haha.

I have rejoined Weight Watchers in my vast attempt at gaining some control of my eating... so far i'm only down 1.2 in like 3 weeks?? So, very slow progress but at least I'm doing it I guess. I have also learned, don't eat a big meal the night before I weigh in! My first weigh in after joining, i had eaten a nice BBQ meal the night before and well I gained a pound! hahaha. Go figure. I'm hoping I can find some energy to put forth to actually do a "WORK OUT" as opposed to "working". My poor legs are getting quite a workout at work though. I could use some weights... and swimming sounds delightful with this heat. So, Maybe I can make some forth of an effort.

I think I'm managing a B in my current class. I am doing my final this weekend.... hurray for online classes... hopefully work will even itself out on hours and maybe my next class I will have more time and brain power for.

I lost my other thoughts. But thanks for letting me ramble.

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TRANSFORM724 6/22/2011 8:58PM

    Everything will work itself out! Stay with your weight watchers and you'll start shedding those pounds before you know it!

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Yet another update.... Experiment period almost up.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, I think i'm anxiously awaiting Easter, as I was drooling over spiral hams on sale, and the strong desire for a BBQ brisket sandwich!

The junk food trap still rears it's ugly head on me. I wonder once I can have that BBQ or chicken something maybe I won't eat the junky food so much.

So, thinking about this last, what 6 weeks?, and the Vegetarian thing isn't too bad really. I did try new things, and even suffered a few mushrooms. hehehe. Tonight I even tried a "spicy eggplant" at a Chinese place, which actually wasn't as good as I was hoping. But I figure, I've been willing to try new things and in new ways. I"ve eaten plenty of veggies a lot of the time, but have definitely had more than even my usual junk food levels as well. Something has definitely been odd during this time, as my finger nails and even my toe nails all have become very brittle and have split or broken in some fashion. I"m not sure what is up with that, but perhaps it is something with the absorption or the change in my diet. MIGHT be the junk food, might be the lack of protein that I wasn't getting quite enough of. So, There are a few things there that I"m not happy about with the vegetarian thing. Still not sure how I managed to break two toe nails completely off.... Glad they don't hurt, but seriously!! I was also extremely dairy heavy in this experiment. I LOVE cheese and milk, but I think I have definitely had an over abundance. This I am sure has not helped my waist line and weight issues.

I did actually work for two weeks during this period. The vegetarian thing actually worked out well for bringing lunch to work. This also means I probably missed out on a couple of very good places in that town to try (one was supposed to be a excellent German restaurant! Maybe i'll go back there sometime!). But I ate pretty healthy during that time, and probably lost more weight during those two weeks. My contract was terminated this past Monday, so I've been sitting at home for two days... well YESTERDAY I made a "vegetarian" version of my lasagna for my boyfriend's birthday. So, I cooked yesterday :) WHICH was nice because i'd been working 10 hour days, and kept wanting to cook SOMETHING.

ONE slight disappointment I have in myself with this, besides the junk food, was not making my red beans and rice! It is such a yummy recipe and dish, AND I could easily make it vegetarian without much trouble. So I may do that tomorrow, being that Cajun food sounds delicious. I almost feel bad because my mom was trying to make dinner for me when I got home from work, and she didn't know what to make me, since I've been doing this vegetarian thing.

I was chatting with a friend of mine earlier tonight, and found out he's been leaning more vegetarian, but still eats meat occasionally. We were comparing notes. Perhaps he is more disciplined than I am, but he's lost like 40+ pounds in the last 9 months(?). He said he couldn't completely give up the meat, and I think I feel the same way. I wouldn't mind having maybe half my week being vegetarian, but having options to have more veggie days. I do still have a nice collection of vegetarian recipes I haven't tried that still sounded delicious.

After all this time, I have been thinking, I actually eat just fine and healthy when I have meat. Some of the vegetarian options at places or even at home, can be worse than having meat! I know a couple of my fave places in town, having my sandwich or my "usual" with my "Usual" sides (which were typically veggies of some sort or fruit) was probably way healthier than trying to go vegetarian in those places or in a lot of other places. I have had my fill of pasta and pizza during this time. I'm positive those aren't good on the list, and I tried hard enough not to eat a lot of pizza when I wasn't being vegetarian.

So all in all, Vegetarian, not a bad way to go. Maybe my Pseudo-vegetarian friend wasn't too wrong about her method. She would eat chicken and fish on occasion. I just didn't understand the "vegetarian" that didn't eat tomatoes, onions, peppers, and a couple other good veggies. I cook a lot with tomatoes, peppers, onions! So maybe my "usual" healthy cooking and eating wasn't that bad. I just need to stick to them and far far away from the junk food.

AND I really need to work out or be more active again. I have honestly been mostly sedentary this whole time. and that bothers me more than the "not losing as a vegetarian". It's been nice out for hikes, so I really don't have a good excuse. I did walk down to a place that has beingetts :) (not healthy but something i haven't had in YEARS!)
I'm honestly tired of being fat... I just need to get a better mind set with the junk food... Maybe that really is my downfall... not the meat. Not the dairy.. (well maybe partially the dairy.... ) AND I need to not be sitting so much. I think tomorrow I will either do my hour video or attempt to do a run/walk (C25K). Maybe I just really need a partner to help me get moving. My boyfriend is about useless for that. I mentioned trying to go for walks and he said good idea but has yet to actually follow through with going for walks. Sort of frustrating.... My dad would if he were home, but he's been out on the road. Duke (my doggie) is an old, lazy, arthritic dog who won't walk further than he has to, and refuses to walk further than he wants to. Dad and I tried to take him hiking once, and he made us carry him back to the car because he was refusing to move... what a dog! haha. He's a sweetheart and love to ride in the car, but don't make him walk or hike ;) hehehe.

OKay I think I am starting to ramble... and it is pretty late. It's nice to get thoughts out on "paper". Maybe I learned something from this experiment. I know it isn't over yet, but still... My brain is looking longingly at that easter ham, and craving my bbq brisket sammich from Dickies! I'll post up new goals and further thoughts around or after easter.

I just watched Country Strong... depressing movie. :P Sorry Gwynneth. It was okay over all, and had a few good moments, but ugh! Depressing, and the girl kinda annoyed me.
The King's Speech was awesome tho! I Really enjoyed that one.
Atlas Shrugged Part 1 was not a disappointment at all! I enjoy that one too! It was a lot like the book, for the most part. Dagny actually resembled how I envisioned her... although, James (her brother... in the book/movie) i imagined older than how he was portrayed on the screen... I recommend it, especially if you've read the books. I look forward to the other parts!!
I rented "Love and Other drugs" but haven't watched it yet. I think the main one I have been wanting to see and haven't been able to find or see (either theater or rental) is black swan. I do adore Natalie Portman and it's been given awesome reviews by my friends and other critics. hehehe.
Don't ask me why I put the movie reviews on here. I just wanted to share them without getting screwed up backlash like I would on Facebook! Thank you for allowing me to share these movie thoughts with you!

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JMAYS831 4/21/2011 9:56AM

    We are going to try the vegetarian thing..but starting small one day a week

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Vegetarian Experiment - Update

Friday, April 08, 2011

Okay, So i haven't been the best at keeping up lately. I started a new job, which is excellent news! FINALLY WORKING! The job is about an hour+ commute away in the next county, so it's a nice little trek over a mountain in my car.

On that note, I at least have been bringing my lunch, but I have progressively gotten a bit more junky all week. BUT I have been eating fruits and good soup and stuff. My main downfall is the trip to Dunkin Donuts 3 times this week! This morning was particularly reactive to the sugars, so I really shouldn't be eating that!! Like I have been telling myself for like 8 years, Donuts are bad for me! I ended up having some eggs and hashbrowns at a little casino cafe by work in order to counter my sugar dropping fast from the donut. I will also admit I had some chicken nuggets. I don't have a good excuse, so I'm sorry to myself!

I haven't tried any other recipes lately. But i've mainly stayed good with the vegetarian stuff. I still struggle a little with getting plenty of veggies and protein in. I can get close tothe minimum protein but still fall short like half the time. So, this week and last week have just gotten away from me, so I haven't really been cooking or trying new recipes.

I am not working out much, but I have at least gotten a walk in once this week, and once last week. I am hoping to eventually take advantage of the fact there are trails along the highway. So SOON I hope to getting to hike a few of those trails. There are also several small gyms around the town, so I'm curious about paying for a month or something when I get paid, then trying to work out after work. After the drive back, I've been very exhausted so haven't had much energy, working the 9+ hours all week. I have been tracking at least. I have been over eating a bit on my food. The donuts aren't helping, but oddly, on the donut days I stayed within calorie count! hahaha. I think maybe that goes back to my binging theory, when I don't really eat what I am craving or wanting, I tend to eat everything else... But I really should not be eating donuts. (but it's so good.... )

So, I am hoping once I get more accumulated to getting up at 5a to go to work, and balance out my energy levels, I will be able to cook again and stick to my healthier foods.
My mom did ask me a couple days ago if I was going to stick to this past Lent. I told her I don't know, maybe. I'm not sure she's too keen on that idea, but we'll see.

Stopping my rambling :) Back to work!

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TRANSFORM724 4/11/2011 7:22PM

    OMG Dounkin donuts hash browns are the BEST!!! That's my weakness! hash browns do me in every time! Oh no...I hope you will get your energy back.

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KAYOTIC 4/9/2011 2:26PM

    Adjusting to the new routine will take some time, but it sounds like you are thinking of ways to make your plan happen, so good for you! I like the idea of hiking on the way home from work (I'm guessing that's what you were thinking about taking advantage of the trails along the highway) What a nice transition from work to home that would be!

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Vegetarian Experiment - End week 3

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OKay, so last week I didn't post a blog because I was out of town. I was up in Utah taking care of my little "niece" and helping with the birth of her little sister. emoticon So that's a good excuse as to why i didn't blog week 2. I'm sure she didn't help with some of my eating habits but I stayed on vegetarian stuff almost the whole time. I allowed myself ONE meat when I had dinner at one of my favourite places, that has one of my favourite dishes ever! So. sorry.... But it was delicious and I haven't had it in over a year. The restaurant did offer a Bean curd version of that dish, but honestly i was just not feeling the bean curd that night. But I had a very nice dinner with my friend Zach there. emoticon

I have been experimenting with some of the Amy's vegetarian dishes. Some of them are absolutely delicious! I enjoyed the Broccoli pot pie and the cheese enchiladas with the various vegges in it. (one had corn and something the other had roasted veggies). I"ve tried a few new recipes. And I had my first Veggie Delight sub at subway. Not really what I like.. felt like it was missing something but i tried! I had a delicious vegetarian sandwich yesterday at a cafe at a winery. I did at least order a salad from McDonalds without the Chicken. I was actually happy they had that option. So, I had a southwest salad without chicken. It had black beans and corn on it, as well as some peppers and lettuce and tomatoes... and a lime. So, i'm learning.... I also had a veggie burger at BK. I was limited in some eating out options when I was eating with my "niece" and her dad (my best friend!).

I am pretty sure i'm not hitting my protein every day but i get pretty close at least. I do think i'm eating too much cheese, as I do love cheese! So, that is probably a bulk of my protein. Along with some nuts, the occasional Quinoa or brown rice, and eggs. I'm trying to be better about tracking, as I've slacked on it last week, and did track the past few days. I gained about 2 pounds back. :( I am still fearing falling into the junk food trap but I think I'm doing decently of staying out of that. (I will admit i've been craving a donut today!) I did join up with the vegetarian team, and hoping I can learn some great things from there.

I have a cold or suffering from some really bad allergies today! So my thought process may be a bit random. So, I apologize.

I figure I am having a difficult enough time being vegetarian, so Vegan won't be in my cards for awhile. The main goal of this experiment is through Easter, giving up meat. Overall, I rather dig the Vegetarian gig... BUT I do think I am missing things without having my meat. I enjoy BBQ way too much (like brisket!) to really go vegetarian. But Maybe when this is all said and done, I can maintain a mostly vegetarian diet, and just allow myself certain things, like my BBQ, on occasion.

So, I am hoping to start walking or something more. I did go for a nice long walk monday. Yesterday I spent in Pahrump, doing a job interview... and today I"m sick. So i can't seem to win on finding time and energy to exercise. Hopefully I"ll feel better tomorrow and I can exercise. So... Since this blog is rather random today, i will stop now. I am always open to suggestions on how to change things. My broccoli and cheese soup will be waiting for me shortly. whee! emoticon

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JMAYS831 3/31/2011 10:00AM

    Good for you for going the vegitarian route...I don't think I could give up meat. I have added more fish and tried to cut out the beef so often. But seriously not ready for no meat yet.


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