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Vegetarian Experiment - Week 1 complete

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Okay, one full week being vegetarian. I have been doing my darnedest to NOT fall into the carb/junk food trap. But I haven't been that successful on that yet. I managed to have pizza 3 times! UGH! I didn't even eat pizza that much NOT being a vegetarian. Go figure. But I did have my first Falafel, and am attempting to try new things. I have tried at least one new recipe! And have several set aside to make soon.

I am down 3 pounds so far. I still feel fat and miserable. but maybe that's just my girlie stuff talking. I need to get exercise in for sure! Been busy, lazy, and feeling really off the last week or so. It's becoming very nice outside, so I wanted to at least start walking again. I ALMOST walked this morning, but period started and kind of landed me in bed longer than I meant to. Stupid body! So, with the way I am feeling, I really probably do need to watch the "carbs" a bit more and make sure I get more veggies in. One more day of stupid anitbiotics for my infection.... maybe I'll get a more normal taste and feeling back in my mouth. how come medicines make you have a bad taste in your mouth?

So with the past week I have had, not too bad. Lessons learned from this week:
- My ban on pizza should remain in place! But might not be a bad choice in case of emergency.
- I need to actually work out more. At least walk, or use the 10 minute work outs on Netflix... or use one of my videos I have a plethora of! It's lack of actually following through and occasionally time and not lack of resources.
- MORE VEGGIES and Fruit!! I have gotten quite a few in, but more fresh snacky fruits or veggies would be very good to have.
- Learned that so far this isn't helping my body and my pains so far. But it has been referenced to me in the past to lay off the dairy. I LOVE cheese, so this will make it difficult.
- Eating out vegetarian style is interesting. I did try Mediteranian food this week.

So, Always looking for new recipes to try, if anyone has good vegetarian recipes to try.

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FLAMENM 3/16/2011 10:42PM

    Quinoa is one of my vegetarian favorites. Great source of protein!

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LOURON 3/16/2011 9:59PM

    I too am trying to eat more vegetarian. Many in the UU church I belong to are vegetarians Many of us are attempting to have meatless Mondays but I have chosen another day as that is one of the few nights I eat with hubby and he has never found a veggie he likes.

I know there are a lot of great soups made with beans, barley etc. I love various types of pasta with various sauces made with vegetables emoticon

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Day 2 of Vegetarian Experiment

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2.. so far so good. I think I"m more worried about over eating than missing meat at this point! Luckily for me, I do adore tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, and various fruits! I did over eat my calorie range about 250 today. But I blame the pizza. I got a cheese pizza with Tomatoes, onions, and green peppers and ate two pieces. I forgot that pizza is like 300 calories a piece, even with mainly veggies ;) I wish I liked the thin crust better.

I have some recipes I still want to try; so, I'm still ready. I have had a couple friends share concern that I won't eat right, at least to the point where I won't get what I need, like protein or sugars and fiber. I'm trying to not eat sweet things, but i keep craving cookies! I'm not worried about missing other elements in my diet. I already have some recipes in mind that have plenty of protein and fiber, and a few new Quinoa recipes I can't wait to try! (that is high protein and fiber!) Maybe I'll take the left over pizza to my Boyfriend's house tomorrow night or make my quinoa recipe and take it! I think he's supportive, but we haven't seen him since I started this yet. He was at least encouraging me over text messages yesterday about not eating meat if I ate anything. Considering yesterday was Ash Wednesday, I was supposed to fast; but i can't take my herbs and meds without food. If i do, i get sick.

So, I'll try to check in more often during this experiment! So, If i can be diligent, then I'll be good with this and hopefully I will see and feel results. And for the record, starting weight for this experiment: 212.8 That's pretty bad for me! hopefully I will do right with this and start to feel better and lose weight.


New Goals...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is the season of Lent. Time to give up things and sacrafice other things in your life. So for Lent, I am giving up meat. This is sorta of a experiment with vegetarianism. I am doing this to try to eat smarter, and less processed meat (like hotdogs...) and get some of my eating under control. If I'm eating in a new way, I have to be more aware of what I'm eating. I figured with the religious connotations thrown in, maybe I might stick with it better.

This experiment is hopefully going to help with my weight issues and my hormone issues. That is my idea at any rate! I have already went through a few of my Weight Watcher cook books and found some recipes that sound delicious. So this might be fun... Just hopefully I won't get that cheeseburger craving... or my BBQ obsession I have! We shall see! I did buy a nice little journal to help me keep track. Looks like a nice little journal. So I am hoping this experiment will go well!

Anyways. Just sharing. I'm hoping friends can help me stay on track. Already told my parents, but My dad joked that "don't eat no meat? that's okay, i make lamb!" hah. And Mom has made snide comments about my going back to church. So go figure!

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JENNIAUN 3/10/2011 10:40PM

    Yep, I posted Day 2 at least emoticon
Might be good to keep blogging about this to help me. AND seriously, if anyone has any good recipes, then send them my way, or post them on the blog emoticon

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TRANSFORM724 3/10/2011 10:15AM

    LOL your dad is funny! You can do this! Stay focused and just do it! I'll keep on you to help you stay on track! Do daily blogs of updates...that is a sure way to stay on track! You can do it! You are strong enough to finish this!

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I don't know what to call this today....

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I don't know what's wrong with me lately but I know i hven't been very good. :( The past few days my stomach has been severely off kilter and i've been feeling very sick to my stomach. I know i haven't eaten that well. and I"m starting to think i really do have some weird imbalance with food. I will certainly have to make a plan to start following a more diabetic friendly diet, and perhaps cutting out processed

For my girlie problems, well I haven't really had my herbs this past month... :( But the pain for this cycle hasn't been too horrible. But I still suspect I've taken a bit too much ibuprofen and perhaps that is irritating my stomach as well. I"m rather irritated at my friends who tried to claim my stomach problems was "morning sickness". Slackers! I'm not.

I will do an experiment and try to cut out all bad stuff this week for sure! That include the peanut butter cookies. Saddly, my friend made caramels (which I LOVE) so i might at least try one of those. I haven't had home made caramel before. She did give me some Brown rice and Cheerios :) And she eats my healthy cooking when i bring it over.

If anyone actually reads this, and has a good recipe suggestions for Quinoa, LET ME KNOW of some to try! I have a ton and would like to eat it more often. Maybe eating it more often will help me with my blood sugar and maybe keep me on track better. Maybe I should go back to weight watchers.

Okay back to homework. i'm already behind on my daily goal for my make up work.
Thanks for letting me ramble.

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KRAV-CHICK 12/7/2010 9:47AM

    Morning :)

It probably is just the food. I know it sucks. I feel way off when I'm eating bad, yet the minute I start eating right again, I'm fine. I do a lot of chicken and brown rice with broccoli. I also throw in some fish. Lots of fruit too, I'm totally addicted to fruit. :) Hopefully this helps....good luck. :) Definitely hoping you feel better and can kick it :)


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Trigger foods and me!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I knew there was a very very good reason I try very hard NOT to eat certain foods anymore... and I was reminded very well yesterday as to WHY i don't eat doritos anymore. As much as I do love them and find them yummy odd treats, they often trigger downward spirals into binging or just over eating in general. Yesterday, when I was babysitting my friend's son, I came across doritos in their cupboard and shared them with her son. So i kept eating, and eating... and eating them! ugh! When i got home, i was still on a weird binging streak, and i proceeded to eat various other items... i was also craving tacos... i should ahve just GOT the freakin tacos. I ended up still getting tacos way later in the evening.

Yesterday was also a reminder of why I actually eat certain foods when i crave certain foods, to avoid binging! Ugh! I did at least put everything in the food tracker, and wasn't as bad as I thought but still pretty bad and very much over my range.

At least today, I was much better on track, and ate a huge salad which was VERY yummy and tried a new very good recipe for Quinoa! So the worst things I hate today was ONE donut and a couple of cookies I made yesterday (which really weren't that bad). Donuts are not a trigger food for me, but often trigger my blood sugar to react badly and make me crash.

I know this was just a weird rant, but Trigger foods are dangerous and I was just sharing my thoughts and my folly! AT LEAST it only happened for ONE day! Today was much more controlled! And I bought veggies and fruits today for a good price, and i do have my quinoa dish leftover to enjoy tomorrow! :)

Back to my Doctor Who episode and enjoying my glass of milk!

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TURNINGJ 10/7/2010 8:01AM

    I can totally relate - there are some nights where it starts with a handful of chips that I ate while packing my kids lunches...and before you know it - I'm in the cupboards eating everything -- a little here a little there....

I have stopped buying snacks that appeal to me - -there are plenty that my kids will eat - -that don't tempt me... of course I still allow myself to get my favorite tortilla chips - to eat with the kickin guacamole I make - that I am addicted to - -but I think of that as my salty splurge - - that is loaded with good vitamins and fats....

I also love RICEWORKS...sea salt chips - they are the most delicious rice chips --almost better than tortilla chips! those are my splurges I allow once every other week - - and then feel like I'm not being deprived!

good luck to you!

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