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Definitely off kilter! Bleh

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not like anyone really reads this blog, and i'm not really all that interesting, but sometimes it helps to get thoughts out. PLUS it's a good way for me to actually write thoughts out and plans and hopefully keep me on track

I know i've been slacking. I've been eating a lot more processed carbs, like a ton of cereal, and sandwiches (not that sandwiches are bad...) I keep pondering trying to be more vegetarian, but I think I just need more vegetables!

I did get a training schedule for training for a half marathon from my friend who is a coach on the side. So, I am trying to motivate myself to actually follow it!

I need to do some homework. I'll write more later.


Okee Dokee

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm actually feeling okee dokee. My weight is down. I just got over being sick. Other than the stress of being unemployed with not much hope a job any time soon, and a finance class that's going to ruin my GPA, and having my phone shut off (no mobile tracking emoticon )... and other such stresses like those (i have several more) I don't feel too bad.

I haven't been tracking but I haven't been eating badly overall. I haven't been getting my veggies in as much as I would like, but I do try. Tracking would be wise to help keep my counts. but i'm sure i'm not over eating. Sometimes I wonder if being broke can be a blessing in disguise... and other times I"m quite sure it isn't! But we have a lot of crap food in the house, which doesn't help. And I really do need to back off on my refined carbohydrates nd sugars. I am worried my hypoglycemia will start affecting me again in bad ways. It might already be starting again.... but i'm trying to watch myself.

This isn't much of an entry or update. but I was pretty happy i'm down on the low side of 190s and seem to be doing okay losing. I do need to work out more, but my excuse this past week was I have been sick with a fever and tonsillitis! So, that isn't my fault! But maybe sweating for 3 days straight helped? Hahaha (Good laugh, bad joke!)

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NICKYWALLACE 8/1/2010 11:11PM

    Hi, I hope you get better soon. Keep up the awesome work


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Help! I can't control myself :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sounds rather odd, but i've been on an odd just eating streak for the last 3 days! Even Cravings for donuts took over.

I was doing okay with my Weight Watchers stuff, but I"m not sure what's happened to my self control! Just today (at least i tracked!) i ate over 2000 calories.. and it's only 1pm... So yeah. I'm in trouble. haha

So, Tonight! I am planning on sitting down and doing a meal plan. Knowing that I do have a meeting on wednesday and a lunch meeting on friday and I think Saturday i'll be eating out a lot.... (due to lots of stuff going on that day!)

I am planning on working out. But i just haven't yet. So, i may do my 50 minute workout video AND go run! I'm trying to take somewhat easy because my hip has been hurting and I have to do a dance on saturday night!

So, I'm attempting to get myself back under control. I figure typing it out on this Blog, like i used to, will help me get my thoughts and ideas out and straight and hopefully put me back on track! I have been bad and haven't been to my WW meeting in about a month, mainly due to money and oddly time! I know there's meetings all sorts of times but seems like whenever i had planned to go to a meeting something else happened and got in my way... But that's my fault for letting things get in the way. So My idea is to use my Sparkpeople tools and actually keep track of things. Maybe i can actually use the meal planning tools on Spark People. I have a lot of WW cookbooks too and there's some awesome yummy stuff in there. Last week, I did make my one Risotto recipe I love! :) Maybe i'll type it out for a spark recipe and share it with everyone! It is yummy, and vegetarian... BUT would go excellent with some chicken!

On somewhat happy note, i'm at least busy. I am doing music, and joined a Rocky Horror Picture show Shadow Cast. I get to be Columbia this saturday night :) So i'm pretty happy about that! I haven't done RHPS in 10 years!! And Columbia was my character back then too!

SO I think i'm not TOO bad and at least i haven't been doing this wacked out over eating for more than the 3-4 days i've been doing it. So, I will do my best to get myself back on track and become more sane!

*Plan out meals - and make sure my veggies get into my diet!
*Workout a little every day! - at least 15-20 minutes. Main goal is over an hour!
*Reduce soda intake (that hasn't been that bad but still makes my tummy upset)
*Take my vitamins and herbs as I should be doing!
*think of other goals that will be relevant to my weight loss and health efforts


Wow, I really am a slacker! BUT....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wow, I haven't really paid much attention to my Spark People pages in quite awhile! SORRY GUYS!
BUT... I rejoined weight watchers. My starting weight: 210.2. That was a little upsetting! As of today, I am 206.8. So, slowly. I am more comfortable with their points system, and mentally try to think about "Core" foods still (even though they are called "filling foods" now... Whatever!) My bloodsugar has been kind of nuts the past few weeks. So apparently i'm not doing a very good job with my eating quality items. I am seriously thinking I very much need to try doing the Gluten Free thing. My tummy is giving my problems and i's making my girlie problems feel worse.... or my girlie problems cause my tummy problems and make things lots worse!

BUT... I also started (kind of) doing the Couch to 5K program. I downloaded the program on my phone, which is really kind of neat! I add my music to the program playlist, and it plays my music, then dings the notice when to run/walk/cooldown/etc. I did slack a bit with that and didn't run for almost two weeks! But I was sick for a good chunk of that time with upper respitory infection (mainly bad head cold and a bit of bronchitis). I figure Bronchitis is a good reason NOT to run for almost 2 weeks. But I have run once since I've been in colorado, and I have taken my brother's dog on walks at least twice a day ;) usually one pretty long one, and one shortish one around the block. He'd be a good running dog if he would stop trying to pee on every tree along the way! So, I started "week 3" while i've been here, but I probably should just restart back to week 1 or week 2... I figure at least I'm moving!

I am in Colorado right now. I got snow! I"m so excited! I LOVE snow. I know, I"m a freak! I love mountains, and the view of the mountains around here is very pretty! I"m so jealous. I want to live in Colorado :( I think part of me would be much happier with my life if I did... I am visiting my Brother and his wife, and my new nephew. I'm attempting to help them out and attempting to give them a break! The baby seems to like me so far! haha. I'm teaching him to stick his tongue out. he's starting to pick itup even for a 2 week old ;)

So, okay! Since I did actually lose this week, even tho my appetite has been kind of bizzare, I will make a goal to actually TRACK my food! I haven't been very good this week about doing so, and I really meant to do that. I think this trip kind of threw me off a bit. Hurray for Weight Watcher meetings being almost everywhere. Ooo and this WW meeting place had the 1 point bars on sale, and the oatmeal! the Vegas WW's don't carry the oatmeal anymore.. and their bars are more expensive than the one i as at today! I got 3 boxes of bars and an oatmeal :)

Someday I wonder how much i'd actually lose if I didn't have pizza or brownies or something else I really shouldn't be eating.... I lost this week but I made brownies and shared a pizza with my brother and his wife. And today I've been on a massive Cereal kick and it'sd riving me nuts. I think I really just want a freaking cookie, but i don't have any and am trying to NOT make more brownies! Honestly, I'm better off just having a cookie... otherwise i tend to eat all sorts of other stuff to attempt to make up for not eating that cookie. good thing I don't weight in tomorrow! I'd be in trouble.


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HUB1012 3/29/2010 11:02AM

    Kudos to you for helping out you brother and wife. Colorado is beautiful and would move there in a heartbeat. My sister and her husband live south of Castle Rock and get to see them 1-2 times a year. Love setting out on their back porch watching the hummingbirds, watching the clouds roll across the plains. So serene. Oh, and about the dragons CarolJean64 talks about. We never slay them, we just tame them.

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CAROLJEAN64 3/28/2010 12:26AM

    You sound as if you have a quest for better health and lots of dragons to slay along the way. Good luck and keep drinking water.
P.S. Colorado is beautiful!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I want to run! I really really do! I ran saturday and now my hip is really hurting. emoticon It's hurting to stand and walk.

Does anyone have ideas on hip pains and running?? I feel like such a whiner if I post on the running boards and I feel like i'm whining here. But it hurts.


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