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Taking a short break....

Monday, September 09, 2013

It has been rough for me these last few months but I am glad to always have this place to come to for help, a small nudge in the right direction, inspiration and to have been able to help keep some spark friends motivated.......I will be taking a short break from Spark People for the next few months. I hope you all have a great holiday season. Keep pushing towards your goals one step, one day at a time.......
Thank you emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RSSSLHB 9/10/2013 8:11AM

    Take care of no.1 you emoticon

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MSEMBERSTORM 9/9/2013 9:31PM

    Take care! We are here for you!

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SOAPSTRESS1 9/9/2013 4:00PM

    Do what you need to but if you need to talk my door is always open. Your "No excuses team " wishes you well. emoticon

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AMBER281 9/9/2013 1:35PM

    You do what's right for you and we will be here when you come back!

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FITFRIT 9/9/2013 1:27PM

    You have to do what you need to to take care of yourself.

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Why did it take so long for me to take that "First Step"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I had been thinking about the past 10 years a lot these past few days. Maybe it's because tonight is my last night that I can say I'm in my thirties, since I will be turning "40" tomorrow.
Or maybe I have been thinking about it a lot because I am actually taking time out for me to get healthier......Whatever the reason is I just feel so disappointed in myself....

Why did it take so long for me to believe in myself? Why didn't I have the strength and courage to take those first steps towards a healthier life, a better me, a long time ago?
Over the past 10 yrs I was thinking and trying to lose weight fast, trying all sorts of diets. I wasn't really learning how to make better healthier choices for myself.....

But now, FINALLY, I got it. I understand . Being healthy and making better choices for yourself is a life long journey and I am so glad that am finally taken those first steps towards my goals........

Thank You SparkPeople for giving me that extra motivation that I needed emoticon

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LILYPAD12311 5/9/2013 2:52PM

    Well Jenn,,, You are one of the few who actually took the time to change her life...... you put your plan into action...... and did the right things for you. I think that it is wonderful that you are able to reflect but sometimes due to life circumstances or self image or other things,,, we are not ready to change our lifestyle into a healthy one. YOU did it and should be so proud of yourself....... the figures are very low for those that actually are able to lose the weight like you were,,,,,,, so you were in the top 15% that went after your goals,,,, and reached them! I am so proud of you.... because as all of us on this site know,,,, it is not an easy accomplishment. emoticon


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QUERIDAANA 1/1/2013 1:04PM

    Your words could have bee spoken by me. I recently felt the same way. It is never to late. emoticon

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ANDRIANA11 10/23/2012 6:43AM

    So true I have just had the same realisation, you put it all down into words emoticon

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SUSIEGKORN 7/19/2012 1:58PM

    What a wonderful realization ~ even if it did take you till your were 39. Your time is NOW! You've got 10+ years on me ~ I didn't start till I was 54! It doesn't matter since we can't go back and re-do! Let's just enjoy getting healthier day by day for the rest of our lives!
Here's to turning 40! Your 40's are going to be better than ever!

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    I have learned that no matter how long it took to take the first step doesn't matter, just keep taking them, and keep looking forward! Stumbling is what happens when you take your eyes off the goal!


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TULLY2U 4/25/2012 12:34PM

    I am thinking the same feelings as you wrote & I really think that it is important to look at our past & figure out ourselves. I personally believe that you need to figure yourself out or you'll keep making the same mistakes. It's always good to reflect & learn. I'm constantly wondering why I did the things I did to myself & trying to figure out how to change the negative things in my life. It sure can be frustrating & I wish that I had started this journey much earlier.

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LILYPAD12311 4/20/2012 1:45AM

    Remember Jenn,,, many, many, many people out there never "get it"..... you get it and are doing great! Look at how far you have come and focus on the success that you are attaining NOW. Maybe you were not ready to go forward on this journey in the past,,, but you are ready now! emoticon

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DAREDEVILME 4/18/2012 9:19AM

    Don't look back with regret, look forward with optimism and good cheer! You can do this, you know you can.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DIANITAH 4/18/2012 6:32AM

    I wouldn't dwell on what you didn't do. Focus on what you are doing now. I am 41 and it's cliche, but I feel like I am coming more into my own. Less worried about the little stuff...

Have a happy birthday!

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MISSRUTH 4/18/2012 5:00AM

    Well, I reckon it took everything I ever did (or in the case of exercise, everything I DIDN'T do), everything I ever ate, to finally get me to where I was-- ready to really make a lifestyle change and commit to it, for the rest of my life. I suppose it would've been better to have been "ready" 10 years ago, but I wasn't. The GOOD thing is that you've come to that conclusion NOW and didn't need another 10 or 15 or 20 years to get there!!!

emoticon Happy Birthday!!

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So glad that I found SparkPeople

Thursday, April 12, 2012

After trying so many different diets over the past ten years,hoping to loose weight fast and always failing. I finally realized it was never going to happen over night and I needed to take it one step at a time and learn to make better choices that would help me to reach my goals. I was ready to make a change in my life towards a healthier lifestyle...
I am so glad that I found SparkPeople. These first couple of weeks have been great. I need to take it slow and accomplish one goal at a time, one step, one day at a time. I know it needs to come from within me to believe in myself and have courage to make better choices in my life and Sparkpeople and all the wonderful people on here are just what I needed to help keep me motivated..... emoticon

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XANADUREALM 4/13/2012 5:06AM

    Welcome to Sparkpeople! It is great to have you join us on the road to weight loss success! Be sure to join some Teams that spark your interest or match your weight loss goals!


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FLEURGARDEN 4/12/2012 1:42PM

    Just keep working towards your goals one day at a time and you'll reach them!

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    Good luck... +Mark

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