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That was then

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I just re-wrote everything on my Spark page. It's been so long since I regularly visited/used SP that it seemed stupid to pretend that I've been continuously working on this for the past three years. I haven't. There are huge holes between my visits. So I think I should treat it like I'm starting over completely.

But because I'm a total packrat and believe that we can learn from the past, even if we should never live there, I saved everything that was on my Spark page and I'm posting it here for posterity. I'm contradictory like that.

July 16, 2012: Take 27!

January 17, 2012: So much for being "through with this nonsense." It's time for a do-over.

July 18, 2011: I'm through with this nonsense.

January 5, 2011: Last year was great, but this year is *my* year, doggone it! I'm turning 40 in a matter of weeks and I feel challenged, exhilarated, and to use my favorite phrase, freakin' awesome! I'm determined to hold on to that feeling for the long haul.

January 11, 2010: It seems the older I get, the more difficult everything is, physically. I have an obese parent and I've seen that it's only going to get harder. The bottom line is that I don't want to be fat and old. Now one part of that is not avoidable (at least in any desirable way), but the other is. Now, I certainly don't want to imply that 40 is old. I don't feel old. But 40 seems to be a handy cut-off between "young" and "things hurt more than they did when I was young." And 40 is approaching pretty rapidly.

Something made me think that running would be an excellent way to go. Maybe it was people I know. Maybe it was an old crush. I don't know. But shortly after arriving at that conclusion, I discovered that my favorite place (Walt Disney World) hosts a 1/2 marathon the weekend before my birthday. So I decided that was the goal: I'd celebrate my 40th birthday by running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Procrastination has reared its ugly head, so I decided I needed Spark People. I hope accountability is the key.

~ Update~
July 2012
I got within 25 pounds of my goal weight and went off the rails a bit. Now I'm back and focused on losing weight for life, not for a specific date or event. I gained back 30 pounds of the 40 I lost, and I'm working hard to get back down to my lowest weight and then keep going!

My Goals:
Jan. 2010
I'd like to be at a healthy weight by my 40th birthday, March 15, 2011. I plan to celebrate that birthday by running the Disney Princess Half Marathon.
Goals and rewards:
~15 pounds lost - new coat (done!)
~ 31 pounds lost ("One-derland") - iPod Nano (DONE!!)
~ 45 pounds lost - ??
~ 60 pounds lost - ??
~ 70 pounds lost - party!

My Program:
I'm tracking everything I eat and following the nutrition guidelines on Spark People My Nutrition. I'm using the beginning running program found in Jeff Galloway's "Half Marathon: You Can Do It" book.

Personal Information:
I'm originally from a rural area in mid-Michigan, but now I live in a pretty bustling suburb of Detroit. I've never been married and I have no kids, but I do have a cat who I dote on. I visit Walt Disney World about once a year, often with a group who've dubbed themselves "the Mousejunkies." In fact, one of us (Bill Burke) wrote a book about WDW travel with that same name and asked us to contribute. It was published in June 2009 and is one of the most popular WDW travel guides on

Other Information:
I like golf, cheese and rock n' roll, baby!

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GOLFGMA 3/13/2013 8:37AM

    Welcome back and wishing you a most successful journey on this amazing trip to a healthier body! emoticon

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    Welcome back - I too am ready for a re-sparking.

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Mixed up bag of weekend-y-ness

Monday, July 23, 2012

I don't have to pretend that's a real word, because I put in hyphens. (That's my spellcheck rule toward adding to the English language. Incidentally, this means spellcheck isn't a real word.)

What I did this weekend:
- I made my bed for the first non-"company is coming" time in years. Other than those few times that I wanted to see the effect of my bedding and throw pillows. But those don't count. Because that's not "I just woke up and now it's time to make my bed." It's more, "How would my room look if someone else lived here?" And I have made my bed three mornings in a row, so this could be sustainable.

- I sorted out some old magazines, ripped out some pages I wanted to keep, and designated about 20 magazines as "to recycle." I still have a huge stack of mags, but I'm going to sort them out a little bit at a time.

- I reduced the size of the mountain of stuff on my coffee table and completely removed all the clutter that was lurking under my coffee table. Eventually, I plan to have a "magazine photo shoot" sort of look to my coffee table. But with the addition of my netbook computer, because the only time that gets put away or turned off is when I'm taking it out of my house, usually hundreds of miles away.

- Made a jewelry station from a frame, some fabric, a piece of foam core board, a few pins, a piece of wire and a couple of cup hooks. It looks very nice in my newly fabulous bedroom (the one with the neatly made bed).

- Hit the farmer's market, Supermarket Sweep-style (check it- I hit three stands in a good sized crowd and was in and out in under 10 minutes), and bought beans, peaches, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, focaccia, and a jar of jam.

- Sang in the choir at my church, then went out for lunch with the other choir members.

- Took a brief nap and cuddled with my cat.

- Did all of the dishes, cleaned the counters, washed the cabinet doors and backsplash and shined the sink (and got Barkeeper's Friend in my eye while wearing a new-that-morning pair of contact lenses, which are now $30 shrinky-dinks in my kitchen garbage). Afterward, I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed all of the corners and under-toe kick parts of the kitchen floor, before taking a Swiffer Wet Jet to it.

In between, I watched a lot of TNT shows.

Here's what I didn't do this weekend:
- Eat right.

- Exercise.

So... I feel really good about all the cleaning. I'm a horrible housekeeper. I always have been and I've never been able to establish good housekeeping habits. I've been following an (extremely foul languaged) blog that is all about inspiring you to take care of your home in the least amount of time possible (using really bad words). The tagline- which strangely uses appropriate for all ages language- is “Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.” Hey! That's ME!! I've read a lot of blogs about house cleaning and organization and this is the first one that hasn't made me feel completely inadequate and distressingly single and child-free, and as if I'm living in a different system of time than people who have hours to devote to keeping their home clean and their family fed. Thinking in traditional gender roles, in my house, I'm the mom, the dad and the kid. And at the end of the day, after bringing home the bacon, I don't feel like frying it up in a pan (and then cleaning up the grease-spattered cooktop). I feel like watching TV and playing video games.

Anyway, I'm working on my house. Because it makes me sad. And I think it's a sign of a disordered, unhappy mental state. Every time I worry about money, or work, or my health, my housekeeping becomes chaotic. I think that's not that uncommon.


But I am not happy that I didn't run or strength train at all this weekend. I'm not happy that I had Taco Bell for dinner on Saturday (and not Fresco style, either) and a mega-giant caprese salad for dinner on Sunday. Or that the other thing that I had on Sunday was an enormous brunch featuring corned beef hash. Or that I gave in to the temptation of ice cream social leftovers in the office fridge not once, not twice, but three times on Friday. (Argh. Blargh! Seriously?!)

I'm hoping that once the major cleaning is done and it becomes a matter of maintaining it (my goal in all of this), I will be able to spend my weekends doing and eating healthy shtuff.

I'm not going to kick myself over this past weekend. I am going to resolve to do better. Again. Some more.

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GOLFGMA 7/29/2012 8:13AM

    Glad you had a productive cleaning day! Bet you burned a few calories doing all that! LOL I'm sure you can go after the strength and cardio training in the same way. Use the same type motivation , the do or die , and I have a feeling next weekend you will achieve your "healthy" goals as well as keeping the house clean! emoticon

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DRPOOH63 7/26/2012 10:40PM

    Can I say your housekeeping made me exhausted?!?! Congrats on working on getting organized.

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    Have you been watching Dallas?!! I'm completely hooked, all the drama!!

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    Weekend is in the past. Now is the present - don't beat yourself up over the past - you can't change. Make positive changes for this week. emoticon

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FUNFROG79 7/23/2012 2:23PM

    You had a very productive weekend, I'm impressed! I love feeling organized!

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Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So, I have this personal rule about running in the summer. I have an 83 deg. F cutoff for acceptable running weather. If it's any hotter than that, I don't run outside.

Or so I have always said.

Last night, it was about 92 or so and I debated running on the indoor track at the gym. But after waffling back and forth a bit, I decided to run outside despite the weather. The thing is, it was hot, but it didn't feel sweltering. Also, my heat tolerance has gotten higher in the past couple of years and I had drunk about a bathtub's worth of water earlier, so there wasn't a whole lot of risk of dehydration. (Besides, I always carry water with me.) I decided to run outside and if I felt any distress, I'd come inside and finish on the track.

You know what? It wasn't that bad. I didn't push myself very hard after about the first 15 minutes. Honestly, right now I'm not really pushing myself that hard, anyway. I'm just trying to get back in the habit of doing the good ol' Galloway run/walk regularly. I won't be considering it training until next month. Anyway, I was slow and I walked a lot, but I was out for the full half hour and I feel good about what I did. In any case, my mileage was just about the same as it normally is: 2 miles in half an hour. I don't think that's too bad considering last Monday was my first run since March.

I do have to do something about my feet, though. My first run was all about re-learning my mid- to forefoot stride. That first run was very heelstrike-y and I had a bit of shin splint going on. I feel like I'm about 80% back to the stride I taught myself when I was running regularly. But my forefeet are sore. I think I might need some new insoles. The shoes are relatively unused, but I transferred my old insoles to the new shoes and they're just not cushy enough for the way I run (especially at this weight emoticon ). It could also be that the newer model of my shoe just doesn't fit me the way the 2010 version did. Either way, Jenna ain't happy.

Oh, and the deciding factor in running outside was that my GPS doesn't work indoors and I wanted to use "Zombies, Run." Yee-eah... you know what else doesn't work with "Zombies, Run?" Songs that last for over 25 minutes! I was out for just over half an hour and I didn't get credit for my "mission." Can't sync my run to ZombieLink, either, so I have no idea what was going on with the items I found. I'll re-do the mission later- after I look for extremely long pieces of music and isolate them from the playlist. As much as I love the music from the "Tapestry of Dreams" parade and as great as that music is for running, it just doesn't work for outrunning zombies.

A fan-vid of the Tapestry of Dreams parade at Epcot (the real parade was 25 minutes long). I miss this parade so much!

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DRPOOH63 7/18/2012 2:18PM

    Congrats on getting out there! Way to go!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/17/2012 6:15PM

    Zombies, Run? OK, I googled it. Not sure I get it but I see how that could get one out there and running. LOL!

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JENELOPE 7/17/2012 5:49PM

    Oh, don't worry! This was something I worked on back in 2010 and used during the whole time I was training for the Princess Half Marathon. It's the gait that feels most natural to me (the worn-out forefoot on the soles of my old shoes tells the tale). By not running for so long, I slid back into the old heel strike gait that's so common. And it didn't feel right. I was so much more tired and sore after last Monday's run than I was after every run since then (all two of them- heh!).

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    My 0.02 cents worth - unless you have a skilled running coach working with you to change your gait - please don't change it. You can really hurt yourself.

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Summer accountability challenge Week 2: July 16-22

Monday, July 16, 2012

The template is on KARVY09's blog! (Love her!)


emoticonLast week I wanted to feel more optimistic and mentally strong by the end of the week. Today I feel pretty darned excellent! And definitely committed to success.

emoticonI feel this way because I got in three good workouts last week (two runs and one strength), I improved on my second run and I got a lot accomplished at work and at home.

emoticonMy big nutrition goal for last week was planning every meal in advance and tracking every day. I did not accomplish this goal as well as I would have liked because I have yet to break out of the "late at work, eat fast food" habit. If I didn't, I still want to give myself kudos for what I actually did accomplish, I tracked Monday-Thursday and put more thought into food choices than I've done yesterday.

emoticonMy big fitness goal for last week was two get all of my runs in (two weekday, one weekend) and do at least one strength training. I did not meet this goal this week, but I came close. I didn't run on Wednesday like I had planned. But I did two runs and a strength training session with my trainer.

emoticonMy big wellness goal for last week was leaving work on time and cleaning my home. I wasn't able to make myself leave on time. I have too many online distractions. However, I did all of my laundry and put it away immediately, and I made my room the fabulous and tidy space I deserve.

emoticonI found it somewhat hard to stick to the plan this week. I give myself a B- for the work I did this week.

emoticonI feel like I did not do enough to get a reward this week because I let myself make excuses for not leaving work on time, which led to fewer workouts and more fast food.

emoticonI am going to keep the same goals this week because I think they're worth striving for, and I can do better. Here's what I am going to do differently for nutrition, fitness and wellness: I will leave work on time; I will eat healthy food and track every day; I will reach my goal of three runs, but add a second strength workout. I can tweak something to make it work better in my life, by doing [I am going to set a deadline for leaving the office of 6:00 PM every day (Since as a writer, I respect the deadline!); tonight I am going to cook a good, healthy dinner I can re-heat and eat all week; and I am going to make appointments for my workouts.

emoticonMy biggest challenge this week will be avoiding distractions and dealing with a heatwave when I prefer to run outside.

emoticonI want to feel confident, capable and well-rested by the end of next week. My reward for good behavior this week will be the bottles for my bathroom that I didn't allow myself to buy after last week!

emoticonI did weigh in last week. If I did, this is how I feel about the scale: I feel happy that my at-home scale is dead and perfectly satisfied using the one at the gym. I also like the number on the scale that is two pounds less than I'm used to seeing!

emoticonI love myself enough to acknowledge my shortcomings without feeling embarrassed and never ever be afraid to praise myself for the wonderful things I do and qualities I have. I'm going to have a happy and healthy week!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KARVY09 7/16/2012 10:01PM

    Sounds better than a B- to me... Great goals and introspection. Here's to a great week ahead.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something awesome happened over the weekend. No, I didn't win the lottery or meet a great guy, or even lose weight. Nope. My scale was water damaged and doesn't work any more, so I decided to throw it away and not replace it. No more "tyranny of the scale" for me! I'm weighing myself on the extremely accurate scale at the gym from now on. Due to preferences about clothing and shoes while weighing myself, that will most likely only happen on days when I see my trainer. Which means I will only be weighing myself once a week, and it will happen on the same day of the week and about the same time.

I finally have an inarguable reason to do what I always knew I was "supposed to do."

And I'm not just saying this because the gym's scale said I lost two pounds since the last time I weighed myself. (Although that makes me seriously happy.)

GOOD emoticon emoticon

(I'm not actually defenestrating my scale. I thought I would walk it out with the trash tonight.)

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    Congrats on your freedom from the scale.

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DRPOOH63 7/14/2012 9:21AM

    It would have been more fun to defenestrate (had to google that word!) the scale or take a hammer to it. But then you have to clean up all the little pieces and that can be a pain! Congrats on the 2 lbs.

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