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Spanks Spark People!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was so excited driving to work today!! I realized that if I want to hold what's left of my tummy in with Spanks- or my Walmart Brand that I will have to buy an new pair!! Large is just not cutting it anymore. They are TOO BIG!!!

Then started looking at my weight tracker and realized that I have 4 more lbs that I need to loose to meet my first goal weight! Yea, Me!!! So when I meet that I will change that and go to 160. I'm not looking to be skinny skinny but slim and trim and like my body with and without clothes. My body image is getting better but I'm still not there.

Can't wait to up my cardio after May 1 when I have a little more time to hit the gym and Zumba class. Doing these things at home when its is time for dinner and 3 kids needing me the exercise just does not get done. After we get out of school I will continue to get up at 6 so I can either walk the boundaries of the section or ride my bike. That boundary is 4 miles total.

I think it is the milk!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

So, I have thought about how I felt about my eating this week and why I have been hungry!! Not only have I been sleepy-which makes me want to eat- but I have felt hungry. So what did I change? My shake- I took out the milk which lowered the protein that I was getting. Instead, I used juice- which was good but I was getting hungry much quicker. So today I put the milk back in and added some juice for the flavor along with my berries and shake mix. About 11:00 I realized that I had not eaten anything else this morning and I was not hungry- still a bit tired but getting better- going to bed early again tonight. So I will keep putting the milk in and should do better with what I eat and losing the weight.

Sleep must get better but we are never home early enough to get things done, supper cooked and to bed early. I keep reading that 8 hours is what I really need. That means that I have to get to bed at 9 and that never happens even on a good day- no matter how organized I get!!! However, I will work on this!!

I hate being SLEEPY!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I absolutely hate days that I am so sleepy!! All I want to do is eat. Never been this way before but due to my job I am stuck in a room with very little to do and eating seems to help- especially if it is something crunch and there is never a healthy crunchy option!! I'm not hungry just board I guess. I have got to get to bed earlier tonight!! Hopefully that will help! I also need to get to the grocery store and pick up some baby carrots and jucima to eat while I sit here wanting to munch!! If only I could take a quick nap- 20 min would do me just fine and I'd wake up!!

Feeling kind of blaaaa!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Today is not a high energy day for me :(. I feel pretty tired and worn out. Did not take meds for allergies so I've got a head ache too. Hope I feel better by tonight for Tate's game or we get rained out so I can Zumba. I missed it last night due to games but we had a great time!! Tate had is first ever tee-ball game- we started late he will be seven in May. He did very well- hit a home run and got a player out at third base-his position he was supper excited!! So enough pity party- time to get over it and get on with the day. Think I'll set on the ball for awhile and see if that will perk me up. Maybe at least it could wake me up!!

Wow!! I've Lost 10 lbs!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I cannot believe that I have lost 10 lbs in such a short time. I lost 11 pounds last year and it took me 4 months to do that- but yep I gained it back emoticon

So, I decided to start over in January. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months. I have tracked my food and exercise missing very few days (yea me!) Tracking has made me very conscious of what I choose to eat and what I pass up. I quit drinking 32 oz of pop a day and now only have 1 or 2 12 oz cups filled with ice and that does it for me. Water consumption is up and I started zumba. Which, I have found that I LOVE!!! I started drinking shakes with orange juice, fresh or frozen fruit, and yougart- sometimes I use milk instead of the juice. I have those twice a day and eat a sensible supper with a small portion of meat and lots of veggies. I'm ready for summer so I can have those fresh out of my garden!

Sitting in a classroom all day has been hard on food choices so I went the shake route and it is really working for me! I'm not as hungry since I have a great source of protein in the shake and the yogurt, when I do get hungry I grab some almonds or fresh/dried fruit. I have the most trouble when I start to get sleepy in my room (ISD is not a regular classroom where I move all day). I start wanting something crunchy to munch on so I try to have some gum handy for those times and I have found that sitting on the exercise ball helps to wake you up too.

I still have a moment when I am tempted to eat something with empty calories but it is getting easier to not succumb to those temptations. I don't always make it but it helps for the next time I really crave a chocolate or chips. I can remind myself that I have already had my one OOPS for the week!

I am super excited that I have lost the 10 lbs and can't wait to loose ten more. After 10 more I'll have to look at myself in the mirror and decide to loose a few more or just maintain. I am 5' 10 so if I loose to much I will start to look bad and that is not my goal. I just want to loose the weight so that my butt and waist line can fit in the same size jeans!! Preferably a size 9/10!!

So for today I'm happy where I am and I will continue to work hard to loose to my goal and then work to maintain the final weight- toning up will go a long way with this as well.

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