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Friday, July 20, 2007

I am only a few hours away from seeing my fav people in the entire world!! My parents, my lil bro, and my prego sis! It's going to be a great weekend! Even though I will be around all that great food and snacks, I plan on closely monitoring my portions! I also plan to jog Saturday morning and Sunday morning. My lil bro loves riding his bike, so he usually gets me to go with him!! :0)
Unfortunately when I visit my family it makes me want to move up there even more... one day... soon I hope...

I am sure gonna miss you guys this weekend!! But I will be back Sunday night and ready to go Monday for our new Challenge!!!

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MRSFARRIOR23 7/20/2007 8:48PM

    Have a fun time with your family! Good luck with staying on track!

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My 'Louisville Losers' Friends

Sunday, July 08, 2007

When I joined SP in January I was expecting to lose weight and hopefully meet some cool people to chat with online. I NEVER expected to make such great friends!! Mike O. was there for me at my first 5K, and that was very special! He was my personal cheerleader and that meant a lot! The Saturday morning training and Book club has been a blast and I have met wonderful people there as well! Habitat for Humanity was a nice learning experience for me, and being with that many women in one room was new for me! hehe... I can see many of us have a great friendship ahead!!

On top of meeting awesome people and making new friends, I have met two fabulous women that I really enjoy hanging out with. I have always been the 'guys girl', so hanging out with females has always been a challenge (unless it was my sister or my best friend). But these girls are different.. I can be myself around them and know that whatever I say or do they aren't going to judge me! Thanks Heather and Bekkah, for being you! I have an awesome time everytime we hang out, and Friday night was so much fun! I look forward to becoming even better friends and having many more fun times together, and with the husbands... hehe...

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and for keeping me motivated! I know I could'nt have made it this far without you guys!!! And I need you all in order to finish this battle!! Here's to many more fun filled days in Louisville!!!!

You guys all mean the world to me!!!

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SIMPLYLIVING 7/9/2007 8:13PM

    I second that Bekkah! I am so glad that I have had the chance to get to know you. You are a very special person and our little group would not be complete with out you here with us:) I am glad you feel so comfortable with us because I feel the same with ya'll. I don't know how I could have gotten any luckier when I moved here. Thank YOU for being a great friend and I look forward to many more years of our friendship.

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AETERNE 7/9/2007 2:02PM

    Awww!! :D You're pretty special yourself, Jen - I'm really glad to have met you and still have my fingers crossed that you don't abandon us to Hoosierland! :P

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My MEME Questions

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How did you find Sparkpeople: Browsing through a Bridal Guide magazine
What was the “straw” that broke the camel’s back (what event made decide to begin changing your lifestyle): I went to the doctor, stepped on the scale, and saw a number I never saw before... and will never see again!
What are your reasons for making this change: At first it was to look hot in my wedding dress, but SP has made me realize it's not just about looking good.. it's about feeling great, being healthy and making a lifestyle change! Looking good is just a perk! :)
Who is your biggest cheerleader: My family has been great! And of course my friends on SP have really helped!
How have you thanked your biggest cheerleader: Saying Thank You!
Who is your worst critic: Myself
How have you handled your worst critic: Smack her around.. hehe..
What food have you found that has helped you since you began: fruit
What food have you had to cut back on eating: Taco Bell
How has your change affected others: Not sure, I have noticed people act differently too me.. not necessarily better or worse, just different.
What has been your biggest challenge: Staying away from Taco Bell!!!
What has been your most encouraging moment: Finishing a 5K!!!
What has been your most discouraging moment: The morning my scale went the wrong way! :0(
Have you been tempted to turn back: NEVER!
What made you decide not to turn back: I've come too far! This isn't just a temporary thing.
What/Where is your favorite healthy fast food: Subway
What are you doing different this time that you haven’t done in the past: Tracking everything!
What is your favorite tool on Sparkpeople: Nutrition and Fitness tracker
If you could have your favorite Sparkpeople over for dinner, what food would you serve them: A yummy Mexican skillit I make! :)
Are you just using Sparkpeople or are you using another source as well (if so, what source): Just SP.
Are you keeping a piece of large clothing as a momento: No, but that is an awesome idea.
Do you have a piece of small clothing to set as your goal: Yes! I bought a pair of jeans on sale for $5 that is the size I want to be. They are still in the bag... hopefully one day soon I can wear them out!
The day you meet your goal, how do you plan to celebrate: SHOPPING!!
Do you have a “splurge” day of the week or month: Friday night. I don't necessarily "splurge", but I do allow myself a beer before the volleyball game!
What is your favorite “splurge”: alcohol
What is your favorite exercise: The tricep dip machine at the gym
What is your favorite vegetable: lettuce
What is your favorite fruit: strawberry
What is your favorite drink: WATER..ok really it's ice tea!!
What is your favorite protein: Fish
What is your current favorite clothing store: NY Company
What is your goal clothing store: hmm.. don't think I have one..
Do you have a celebrity or live person that you would like to emulate body wise (who?): Not exactly
What do you do if you have a bad calorie day: Don't dwell on it and do better the next day.
What other sparkperson would you like everyone else to know (why?): MIKEO! What a wonderful guy! He is always motivating and never negative! He always turns bad situations into better ones!
If there was a Sparkpeople conference, where should it be held: Louisville, KY!! The home of the Cardinals!! WOOHOO!
What is your dream vacation: Venice!!
Would you be naughty or nice on your vacation (food wise :D): Naughty of course.. hehe.. actually I think I would be pretty good. It's all about moderation!

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LORIEK 6/28/2007 10:39AM

    You did a 5K! When?! Wasn't it so much fun?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

That is the word for my weekend! The fact that I can't stay within my calorie range and do well on the weekends is just ridiculous!! I have decided to put myself on a 'diet'! :0) I need to find the basics again! Starting tomorrow!! I am going to the grocery tonight for sure since I haven't been in a while!

Here are my goals for the next 7 days!! (6/26 - 7/2)

Per day
- 2 cups of fruit
- 3 cups of veggies
- 3 cups FF/LF dairy
- 7 oz Grains (At least 3.5 WHOLE grains)
- 6 oz meat & beans

Vary veggies - Aim for this much every week

Dark Green Veggies(Broccoli,greens,romaine lettuce,spinach)- 3 cups
Orange Veggies(carrots,pumpkin,sweet potatoes)- 2 cups
Dry Beans & Peas(black/garbanzo/kidney/lima/navy/pinto
/white beans, tofu,lentils,split peas)- 3 cups
Starchy Veggies(corn,green peas,lima beans,potatoes)- 6 cups
Other Veggies(artichokes,asparagus,beets,cabbage
,cauliflower,celery,cucumbers,green beans,green/red peppers,iceburg lettuce,mushrooms,onions,zucchini)- 7 cups

*Based on

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ANSCHUIER 6/25/2007 10:23AM

    I saw your blog and then checked your sparkpage and saw we have a lot in common.. Both brides to be, both 25 (well, i will be in august), both struggling with weekends, both at the same weight with the same goal...... Sounds like you have a good plan though for this week- I'm going to do the same- add in lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains! Good luck to you! -amanda

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Volleyball Fever

Friday, June 22, 2007

I guess I caught it! :0) I am currently playing on a Friday night league, and I love it! I am practicing tomorrow AM with another girl from the team--she is REALLY good! She played in MS, HS, and college. This is only my second year playing, and it's not even that competitive. I hope that she can help me improve my skills! I am trying to start a volleyball team for the summer league and don't care about winning. I just want to have fun, improve my game, and get some exercise!! :)


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