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Mini-Challenge Wk3

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3/11- 35 Push-ups & 60 Crunches
3/13- 20 Push-ups & 60 Crunches
3/14- 10 Push-ups & 60 Crunches
3/15- 20 Push-ups & 30 Crunches
3/17- 20 Push-ups & 90 Cunrches
Woohoo! I did it! :)
Total- 105 Push-ups & 300 Crunches


2 more lbs... gone!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Woohoo! I am so excited! I lost 2 more lbs this week! Which makes 9lbs total! Go me, Go me!... hehe...

Have a Great Weekend!


SP Stages? Help!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Has anyone changed stages? I am still in Stage 1, but I think I am ready for Stage 2. I don't want to switch if I am not ready. Any suggestions?!?!


Want to lost 30lbs?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Another member started a thread about this and I really liked it! Thought I would put it on here for myself so I can keep track! :)

Do just 3 a month, and lose 30.
1.Always Leave A Bite Behind.
You'll quit using "all gone" as a cue to stop eating-smart since test subjects served from secretly refilled soup bowls felt no more satisfied than those who ate 73% less from normal bowls.
2.Serve Yourself a Single Portion.
"It's human nature to eat more when more is available". Proof: Folks ate an extra 173 calories of stale popcorn from big buckets than small ones.
3.Skip Sugary Soft Drinks.
Liquid calories don't activate the brain's appetite-control center,so it's easy to sip mindlessly.
4.Avoid Fat Glasses.
Tall, skinny glasses make it seem like we're getting more-so we take less and drink less. kids at a weight-loss camp poured 74% more into short, wide glasses;even bartenders poured 37% more.
5.Only Eat at the Table.
"There are fewer distractions, so you'll eat less than if you're sitting at your desk or on the couch."
6.Have Separate Cupboards.
If you don't see your husband's/wives's/children's high-cal snacks,you're less likely to want them!
7.Have Just Two Foods at Once.
People offered M&M's in 10 colors ate 40% more than those offered seven colors. "The more variety there is, the more we eat. Put a third item on your plate when you're done with the first two."
8.Make Trade-Offs.
Personalized rules let you have favorite treats without mindlessly overeating them. Some suggestions from Wansink:"I'll throw half my fries away before I sit down" or "I can only buy a dessert after I've finished my lunch."
9.Buy Slow Foods.
Studies show overweight folks are less likely to overeat foods like nuts in their shells, due to the work it takes to get to them.
10.Replace Your Bowls.
Even nutritionists that know better dished up more ice cream when given larger bowls. Try enjoying cereal, ice cream, and even chinese food from mugs.
11.Slow Down in Groups.
We tend to mimic the speed and portions of other diners, which can prompt us to eat 96% more than normal. Be the last person to start eating, and the last one to finish.
12.Cover Half the Plate with Veggies.
As long as you think your plate is as full today as it was yesterday, you'll be equally satisfied-regardless of the calories. Start with a heaping helping of low-cal veggies,then go easy on higher-cal fare.
13.Only Serve Veggies Family-Style.
"If you leave the serving bowl on the table, you'll eat 20% more. Leave serving dishes of high-cal foods on the counter top.
14.Buy family snacks You Don't Like.
Research shows we're more likely to overeat snack foods than any other food. Avoid stocking up on snack foods you like.
15.Keep Foods Simple.
When flavors are mixed, as in elaborate dishes, we eat more. Test subjects ate 100% more jelly beans from a multi-flavor tray then from one with beans sorted by flavor.
16.Keep Foods Out Of Sight Between Meals.
Secretaries ate 150% more chocolate kisses when candy bowls sat on their desks than when they were in a closed cabinet three steps away.
17.Don't Skimp On Protein.
Studies show it helps reduce our urges to eat.
18.Brown-Bag It.
"Even if you only do this three times a week, you win. It's better when you're in control of your own portions and variety."
19.Pick Small Packs.
People given large packages of pasta and sauce made-and ate-23% more than those given smaller ones. "Big packages send a message that it's okay to eat bigger amounts."
20.Wait To Clean Up.
Visual evidence helps us know when to stop. Students served chicken wings ate 28% less when bones were left on their tables. So clean up after you eat.
21.Switch to 8-inch Plates.
"The brain perceives six ounces of food on an eight-inch plate as a hearty portion but the same amount on a twelve-inch plate as skimpy."

Success Secret!!!
List the three changes you'll make this month at the top of a lined sheet of paper and list the days down the side. Each evening, check off the changes you've applied that day. It'll help keep you mindful until each small change becomes a habit.


New Team

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I started a new team called Challenge Chics. We set up challenges for ourselves as a group, then help each other stay on track! We are a very motivated group of women!! :)
The team is private, but if you would like to join let me know! We are always looking for new members! :)

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JANEELYNN 2/16/2007 3:50PM

    That sounds like a great team! I would love to join! I have been hunting for a challenge team for awhile and haven't found one that jumps out at me. Let me know if you would let me join you!


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