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Just an update

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I havenít written anything in a while. Things have been going ok I guess. I donít know how much longer I will have my job because I havenít made my budget for this month and I donít think I will make it with only 3 collecting days left in the month. My weight has been doing pretty good though. Since Jan 31 I have lost a total of 28 pounds. Iím happy about this and Iím glad Iím still slowly losing weight.

One of my coworkers and I are going to start walking at lunch on Monday. By the time I get home at night Iím so tired that I donít have the energy to even workout and I hate working out in the morning so this will be good that I can do something on my lunch break . I really enjoy this coworkers company too she is an older woman and is really sweet.

Friday was a good night as soon as work was over I got to go hang out with my best friend for a little while. We met at her daughters cheer camp and I got see my God daughter cheer and I got a great big hug from my God son. I love those two kids with all my heart.

My nephew turned 6 this year. He is growing up way to fast while we didnít get to see him on his birthday since my sister lives is SC now we did get to see them over the Easter weekend. We got to hunt eggs with both Isaac and Luke. I got to spend some time with all my sisters and some other family which was nice. Iím also gaining a new brother in law as my sister Jessica is now engaged. My dad should be happy once Jessica is married he will be down to only one daughter left to marry off.

My Grams was in the hospital last week. She ended up have stomach pain that was cause from and ulcer and she had to have her Gallbladder removed. She is out now and recouping nicely but it sure scared the life out of me. I do not know what I would do without that woman. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and I pray every day that I turn out like her. She is one of those women that is the glue for a family. In my family these women are my Aunt Sandra, Grannie Annie, Grams, my husbandís Maw Maw and my best friends Grandma. These are the women I strive to be like. I want to be the woman that holds my family together. I want my family to know they can always count of me if they need me. I think all families should have the chance to know at least one of these types of women and I am so blessed to have had so many in my life.

I hope to continue my weight loss. I found my compression stockings so I have been wearing them like I should and Iím doing my pump everyday as well so hopefully between those two things my Lymphedema will get back under control in my legs and I will continue to lose that fluid in my legs. I am hoping that May treats me and my family well because last May was very rough for us and I donít want to go through that again. I hope everyone has a great May! Enjoy some pictures

Ally at Cheer Camp

Easter : My Nephews, Sisters and My Dad

Isaac with Aunt Jen & Uncle Buck

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KOFFEENUT 4/27/2014 1:59PM

    Sounds like you're doing a great job on your healthy lifestyle journey - taking things one step at a time, and heading in the right direction!

I really like your collection of "strong women" that you strive to be like. One of the things I LOVE about SparkPeople is that the folks here are actively working to be the best possible version of themselves (and that doesn't just mean what we're doing for our health). You are a GREAT example of someone who is being intentional about being the best version of yourself!

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Big Update!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So the last time I did a blog was back last August. Wow the months have just passed right on by. I lost my job back in July and they had called me back in Septemember and rehired me to only let me work for a month and then laid me back off for the same reason in Oct. This screwed with my unemployment and I never got that all straightened out until just a few weeks ago where I got all my back pay at once which wiped out my unemployment fund . That is ok though I got a job offer for a collector trainee back at the end of Jan to start on Feb 3rd so far so good only two of us in my training class have actually made it through. Tomorrow is our last day in training. While this is not something I see myself doing for the rest of my life I am excited to have a steady paycheck once agian.

My weight at the end of January hit my all time high of 410 pounds. I have tried not stress about it my lemphadema is out of control but I just have to deal with it until my insurance takes effects and I can get that started back up again. I decided to weigh my self monday and I was back down to 397 and I was so excited. I got on the scale this morning and saw it had went down some more and now im at 392.4. I am still off all of my medicines that I was before I have my bad days but for the most part my mood has greatly improved since I have gotten my job.I'm still full of nerves so I haven't been hungry but I do eat a KIND Bar everyday at lunch and that keeps me full and going till dinner which I don't even eat that much at dinner anymore. I haven't been able to eat breakfast but I'm usally sick to my stomach in the morning. I plan on starting my DDP Yoga again this weekend I like to work out at night so I need to get a schedule together that works for me so I will keep it up. I also got a new belly dancing DVD that will go well with my yoga and my hula dancing Dancing stuff too.

January 20th I turned 30 years old. I'm so hoping that I can get this weight off and get healthier during my 30's my twenties are behind me and I'm looking forward to what my 30's have in store for me. At the end of January my hubby brought home a new dog. last year we lost two of our dogs Lady and Gretel so having a new puppy in the house is nice. He is a pain in the butt and loves to chew up stuff but I love him so much already. He is less than a year old and he looks like a mix breed of some sort. His name is Sir Nacho (my husband named him that). My hubby found him on the side of the road in a ditch after a bad rain storm had hit a while bacl while he was at work. He is now ours for the rest of his life. Well I better get to bed my Piggy and Nacho are both trying to get my attention so we can go and cuddle before we go to bed. I so love my "fur" babies :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here is a picture of my Fur Babies (Pig is the Black one and Nacho is the brown one)

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ANN5198 4/25/2014 9:34AM

    Hi Jenbug, thanks so much for your heartfelt post. I loved that you shared so many positive thing while coming through some stressful situations. A difficult time first with being laid off but then getting new training and landing a new emoticon emoticon job all while struggling with unemployment $ and insurance problems! I really admire you!
AND you lost weight through all of it!
What a Gal!
I'm so happy your hubby brought home Mr Nacho; that was Mr Nacho's Lucky Day!
Reading your blog was a great way for me to start my day.
Thank you!

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June - Aug Update

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So for the last couple of months weight loss has been on a total hold and I'm back up to my highest weight (because of my lympedema in my legs the 20 or so pounds I lost in fluid is built back up). My emotions have been over the top. Back on July 15th I lost my job due to lay offs from my company. Now I love the place I worked for it was the best and the people where great but they had no choice they had to cut costs and because I worked from home I was one of the ones cut. I have no hard feelings with them. I was however devistated who wouldn't be I had been with them for 6 years and like I said I loved my job. There are not many places where I live to work at unless you want to do fast food at which time I am unable to do because I can't stay on my feet for long hours because of my Lymphedema. I have plenty of exeperince in that area though. About two weeks ago after interviewing with a bank I got offered a job doing life insurance sales ( commison based) I was excited and all but I was worried about money because it is 100% commison and I have never done that before. I would have been starting on the 9th of this month however I got the biggest surpise yesterday.

When I got laid off my company told me that they would call me just as soon as things picked up and if I was intrested at that time that they would hire me back in a heart beat. Well they called yesterday and they are losing one of the in office people and they called to offer me that position in the same department I was in before. I thought really long and hard about it because I have already invested some money in the insurance stuff, like paying for my fingerprints and my temp liscense ( I can't get this back) because I had to have this before I could start with them. I talked it over with my husband and a handfull of family members/friends that know me very well and they all think I should take my old job back and I am going to do that. I am looking forward to working with my old team again and glad I get to work for them again.

August was a rough month even more than just having to find a job my Great Uncle passed away as well and I miss him. He was really sick so I'm glad he didn't suffer more than he did. My Grandma is now down to just her and her half sister who wasn't raised with. My grandma was hit hard with his death because even though my Uncle was the oldest my Grandma was the one who took care of her brothers and sister from the time she was a young girl till the death of each of them. I dread the day my Grandma gives up and passes away it is going to hurt me so bad as she is more a mother to me then my own mom. Every time I talk to her (2-3x) a week she sounds so down and sick it has been hard for me to see her age. She started showing her age about the time she turned 75 and when her 2nd husband and her highschool sweetheart died a few years ago she aged even more. She lives own her own still , my mom lives with her but I think it is more of a hindrence than a help since my mom has a huge set of problems herself and she just stresses my grandma out. I pray to the lord every day that my grams doesn't have to be put in a nursing home she is to strong willed to survive in that type of sistuation but I'm afraid it will be happening soon as her health isn't great and she is starting to get where she doesn't remember even the simplest things.

I hope September is a good month for me and my family. With the job search out of the way I can start focusing on my weight again it has went way up due to leg swelling and such but I hope once I can get that back to where it should be the weight will start to come off agaian. I'm getting set up to restart DDP Yoga again to so I know that will help alot.

I hope everyone has a great month and I will update everyone again (hopefully alot sooner than this time).

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LEEWORD 9/4/2013 11:57AM

    It sounds like your grandmother is dealing with some depression issues herself.
When my oldest aunt died, someone told my mother "now you are the oldest". That hit her hard. They might as well have said "you're next". That was about 15 years ago and Mom is still hanging in there, but that is the hardest thing about losing people around you. You miss them and also think about your own mortality.
Good luck to her.
Meanwhile, you made the right decision on the job.
Hope you are all feeling more optimistic soon.

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PRINCESS_SOFI 9/4/2013 11:45AM

    Congrats on getting the old job back!


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April / May Update

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

So I haven't wrote anything in a long while we actually since our lady passed away. This year just has not been our year at all. April and May were very rough months for our family. a couple weeks after lady passed my mother in law got a call from AZ letting us know her mother was in the hospital and she was really bad sick. At the time we didn't know how bad.She ended up staying in the hospital for a week or two. My MIL and FIL both took off the last part of April and the first part of May to go and be with her and they told us that she had stage 4 cancer. They gave her 3 months without chemo and 6-9 with chemo. My mother in law had to come back home because of work and they were able to talk her mom into moving her to FL with us to stay here. The plan was for her to come and live here for the rest of her days. My husband and I live with my in laws and I work from home so I would be able to keep and eye on and make sure that grams took her medicine and ate and all that and we would call in hospice when needed to take care of her when I no longer could. So they packed up her house (becuase she would not leave with out most of her thing being brought with her) and they came home the tuesday before mothers day. They not only brought her and her things with her but along with her came two dogs so we also have Hansel and Gretel now as well. On Mother's day we woke up and she was not feeling well and was in really bad pain so we took her to the emergency room and they ended up keeping her over night and then hospice took over they wanted to get her pain under control and then they would be able to send her home but the next day they told my mother in law that she didn't have but a few days left to live. She ended up being in the care of hospice for a full week and she passed the day after her birthday. We are heartbroken that she is gone but she is in such a better place and she is with her family that went before her. We now have her dogs and they are ours. They seem to be taking everything in stride and after several rough weeks of adjust with our 3 dogs and cat they seem to be getting along ok. Gretel is still scared of Pig our dingo, and Hansel and Gretel both chase after the bigger dogs just a barking with they go outside or anytime the bigger ones rough house but all in all they seem ok. I already love the two little turds they are both from the same litter and are 10 year old dotsons so much for my mother in laws stricck rules of not getting any more dogs lol (I so knew that one wasn't going to last she is such a softie).

In other news my sister and brother in law and 2 nephews moved the week prior to us loosing my husbands grandma. I am extremly close to this sister our bond is much strong than my other two sister I'm not sure why that is I love all my sisters the same I just tend to get along alot better with Amanda then I do with Jessica and Samantha I think it is because we have similar personalitys and she really looked up to me when she was little and always wanted me to do things with her like play with her and do her hair where as Jessica and Samantha both didn't really want much to do with me. So I miss them and her something terrible.

My baby sister Samantha had her Senior Rec at the end of May and just Graduated yesterday from highschool. While I'm so proud of her it kind of makes me sad at the same time to see her all grown up. Well she makes me feel old to though lol there is a 10 year age gap between me and her. I still remember her trying on my cap & gown at my graduation. We actually got a picture of her wearing each of our caps & gowns at our graduations when they happened and that is what I did for her gift was I made a picture collage of her wearing each of them and one of her in hers for her gift. I will have some pictures at the end of this posts of graduation and our going away dinner with Amanada & Jon.

Health wise I'm sick yet again but that is nothing new I go back to the doctor soon to get some test results on some lab work i requested to test some hormones that I read that can be affected when you have PCOS that can cause some of the issues I have so I'm hoping that is what is wrong so we can get that fixed. My husband hurt his back and most morning I have to help him out of bed so he is having to see a chiropractor right now because his back is so bad and the chiropractor is the only thing that seems to be working. I haven't lost any more weight but I haven't gained anything either which is super because of the amounts of stress I have been under it is amazing I'm not pushing 400 pounds right now. However I have not been wanting to really eat anything I have been forcing myself to eat. My legs are still swelling really bad and I have an apt for that soon as well they keep rescheduling me so hopefully I will be doing that by the end of the month to find out what the heck is wrong. I know one reason is I havn't been able to do my pump but that is because I have had major chest congestion and as long as I have chest congestion I don't need to be doing my pump because they don't want to risk a clot or anything dislodging so I have to watch that. I'm hoping June is much kinder to us and so far so good. My god daughter turns 6 in a week or so and my husband turns the big 30 on the 23rd so we have some great memories to make I'm excited to spend some time with Amanda , Luke and Isaac Friday before they leave to head back to North Carolina too.

I hope everyone has a great month and enjoys the summer!

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KACAR51 6/6/2013 8:33AM

    You have a lot going on! Remember to take some time for yourself! emoticon emoticon

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BRENDABUNNY 6/6/2013 12:55AM

    Wow a lot has gone on but you seem to be handling it very well....What a wonderful & fun family it looks like you have...I hope they can figure out the swelling in your legs...will be thinking of you emoticon

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NANCYPAT1 6/5/2013 8:01PM

    WOW you have had a lot of things going on in your family - you are doing amazing considering everything going on over the past few months. (HUGS) I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend too.

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RIP My Lady Bug!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Those that know me know that my dogs & cat are my world. Today was a very hard and sad day as we had to say goodbye to yet another one of the best dogs in the world! Our Lady was 15 years old and the cancer just wouldn't go away so we had to let her go so she wouldn't be in pain any more. She lived a very long life and was active up until her cancer surgery about 10 months ago so I'm happy she is finally with our other pups that are gone.

Lady was one of my husbands rescues. Buck brought her come when she was just a month old and she has been part of their family since. I always had a close bond with lady from the time my husband and I started dating till now. My husbands friend lived with them and lady could not stand his girlfriend but she was alway so sweet to me I always use to tell her she is my first girl and she always had those cleopatra eyes (like she was wearing heavy eye liner). She was a cranky thang but man oh man did I love and I'm really going to miss her it already seems so strange not seeing her laying on the couch next to my mother in law. Here are some of my fave pictures of lady!

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JENNIFERKCM 4/11/2013 12:03PM

    So sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets bring us such joy, and such sorrow when parting. Enjoy all your special memories!

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NEWGGMOTHER 4/7/2013 6:02AM

    sorry for your lost emoticon

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LINOVER 4/6/2013 10:05PM

    So sorry for the loss of your dog Lady. At least she is not suffering any more and is in a better place. I know you really miss her! I am sure your other dogs wonder what has happened to her. emoticon

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JENBUG002 4/6/2013 7:39PM

    Thank you all. I have been thinking about her all morning. My dog Pig the smaller black dog in the picture above is missing her the most I think , she keeps looking for her around the house and when we take them out into the back yard she watches the door waiting for someone to carry her out. They have been together the longest.

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BRENDABUNNY 4/6/2013 5:26PM

    Jen so sorry about your doggie emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Aww poor baby. I'm sorry for your loss, at least she's in a painless place now. I hold all my doggies closer to my heart than most humans I know.

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KRISTEN_SAYS 4/5/2013 10:38PM

    She was beautiful! I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my beautiful 14-year-old kitty almost a month ago to cancer. I miss him everyday, but knowing he's no longer in pain and suffering has helped me make peace with it.

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NCBLONDIE 4/5/2013 10:37PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Our critters are all part of the family and it hurts when one is no longer with us.

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AKATHLEEN54 4/5/2013 10:36PM

    I'm so sorry about your pup. I had to put down my 14 year old Lab last a year ago November and he was the love of my life.... grew up with my kids and I always said when they went away to college and the nest was empty he would leave me too!! I now have new dog that I love with all my heart, but there are days I still call him by the name of my old dog. They always do hold a special place in our hearts. I love the picture of all four of them on the couch.... quite a family!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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