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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well, it was this time last year that I was writing my last blog entry and vowing to start again. With a full time job a teenager and classes it all becomes overwhelming very quickly. So, how can I stay on track this time? I have reset all my Spark people goals. I have mapped out a schedule on my Google calendar with time for work, studying and exercise. I have planned my meals. I now have a job that will better allow me to eat on a schedule. Now it's one day at a time.

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WIFE49 8/24/2014 4:18PM

    Good for you!!! emoticon

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EMMACORY 8/24/2014 1:16PM

    You are organized. I will be rooting that you can execute your plan! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PRAIRIECROCUS 8/24/2014 12:58PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Monday, August 19, 2013

It has been more than a year since I left Sparkpeople behind. I told myself at the time that I was on too many social networks and something had to go. So why was Sparkpeople the one that got dropped? I don't really know accept that it seemed to be taking up too much of my time and not getting me anywhere. Well, now I am dropping another well know site and coming back to Sparkpeople. Why? Because this is a positive place. Not just for weightloss but for all aspects of a healthy life.

I am so sorry I left. I am disappointed in myself for giving up so easily on my weightloss goals. I have not lost ant weight since I left. But, I have got gained any either. I am starting right where I left off.

I am still in school. I have been very fortunate to have stumbled on my dream job. I even changed my major to pursue it as a career.

Life is going very well now. I feel like my health is the only thing holding me back.

I want to get physicaly healthy and financialy healthy. Starting now!

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DINGDONG55 8/25/2013 5:42PM

  Welcome back! I never left but I haven't lost any either. I give up on several things on here, but I just wont leave. I guess you can say I've failed by not achieving my goal but I am just not going to give up because I am going to find what it is that will help me reach my goals

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THESAME6LBS 8/19/2013 8:52PM

  Welcome back! I'm on my third time returning. Every time I drop it's because I don't think the site helps that much. It can't be a coincidence that whenever I'm actively tracking food and keeping up in this community, I lose weight successfully. I hope you stick around for a while and find success.

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A stagnant period

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

At the beginning of 2011 I found myself experiencing a shift in life, from a full time employee to a full time student. I grabbed the opportunity and was rewarded at the end of the year with my first degree. At the beginning of this year I had a new challenge with the transfer to a 4 year school. With a more challenging class schedule and a job change I found myself stumbling. With the coming of summer I find myself unable to attend school due to a shortage of funds and experiencing yet another job loss. I feel stagnant once again, unable to move toward my goal as quickly as I would like.

My challenge now is learning how to deal with the difference between the periods when life is unfolding at an alarming rate and the periods when it slows to a snails pace.


The Winds of Change

Sunday, January 15, 2012

With college orientation now complete my winter break is officially over. Trying to navigate a new school campus, new procedures and all the new classmates and professors is giving me serious transfer shock. Take a deep breathÖ..I can do this. After this first semester I have no doubt that everything will fall into place. Next semester will be a breeze.
All the unknowns during this time of change is really challenging for me. Not only am I changing schools but, my schedule, financial aid, job and future income are all in questions right now. Everything should be settled in the coming week. I will feel much more relaxed once all the details have been worked out.
As much as I love school and the opportunity for an education, I long for the security of a steady full-time job with benefits and a steady pay check.
I live in the same town as my college campus but, parking downtown is difficult at best. So, I need a plan to get downtown by bus. The good news is that I will be doing a lot of walking. That means plenty of fitness minutes to log! I also need to spend some time planning my meals so as to have plenty of good options with me. I donít want to fall into the fast food trap.
This is such an exciting time! All I need is a little planning to keep me on track and focused on my fitness goals.

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ORGANIC811LFRV 1/16/2012 8:10AM

    We thrive and grow on change even though it does bring up fear of the unknown and fear about change. We get stuck don't we! Glad you are reaching out of the box.

Congrats! You'll do fine.

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KARBIE18 1/15/2012 9:28PM

    I'm sure once classes actually start, everything will fall into place. Anticipation is always the scariest part of change. Great idea to plan, to avoid the fast food scene. And you're right, all that walking will be fabulous! Enjoy!

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Why exercise in the morning?

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Why get up at 4:30 every weekday morning, drag myself to the gym at 5 and put myself through the paces until 6, before most of the town is hitting the snooze on their alarm clocks?
Because, after 6am I donít have to give exercise another thought for the rest of the day.
Because I have more energy and accomplish more on the days I exercise first thing in the morning.
Because I have a clearer mind and can focus better.
Because the gym is not very busy and I can have unrestricted access to the equipment I like to use.
To sum it up: My day is better after I exercise.
I chose my winter break from school to start my morning exercise routine. I knew that the first few days would be rough and they were. I hit the snooze a few times, stumbled around trying to get my gear together and arrived at the gym a few minutes late for the first week. I took things slow. I did some easy exercises such as walking and stretching until I felt like I was really awake. After a few minutes my body was moving, my blood was pumping and I felt like I was coming alive!
I am 4 weeks into my routine now and feeling good. Each morning gets a little easier. Of course I have to make sure I go to bed on time to make the mornings run smoother. I also make sure my workout clothes and bag are laid out and ready to go!
I never thought of myself as a morning person but, the truth is you can become one.

Whether your goals include an education, career, motherhood or athletics. Becoming a morning person may help you become the best you can be.

The Secret To Being A Power Woman: Wake Up Early

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LIV2RIDE 1/9/2012 6:48AM

    I'm right there with you. I also get up VERY early (3:45am). I don't have the luxury of a gym membership but the early hour allows me to get in a good hour sometimes 90 minutes of exercise before I get ready and go to work. this way there are no excuses why I couldn't get in my exercise. Now that I've been doing it for a few years it's so natural to me. Even on the weekends I get so much accomplished before 10am. Good for you for making it a priority! emoticon

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