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Earth to Body

Friday, March 20, 2009

My body seems to be loving the 170s. I am soooo close to the 160s. And a pound away from 20 lbs down since 12/27/08. It seems to be in a tug of war with me! I know change takes time, but I am working hard to burn these calories. I guess I should be a little more patient. I did go up 1.8 lbs and then down 2.0 in a week's time. That is a lot to ask, eh? I'll put in a good effort over the weekend and hope to have a positive WI on Monday! Woot!


Lesson Learned!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I absolutely MUST look up calorie information for what I'll call 'foriegn foods'. They would be food items that you didn't otherwise plan for your daily intake. These foods can be found on the counter at your office (bagel, leftover lunch foods offered to other staff, birthday cake, etc.). If you don't have any earthly clue what the nutritional counts are on that item (or items)...then walk away. You are doing yourself a huge favor. You are respecting yourself and all the hard work/effort that you are putting in to getting healthier than you were before. Sing it with me! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!

Now that I have shared that bit of wisdom, I'll tell you the story behind it. They had a caterer bring food in for a meeting at the office. I saw the truck and knew what it was (Famous Dave's BBQ). Love their food but it doesn't love me back! I had my Healthy Choice meal like a good girl. However, someone in the office told me that I was welcome to have some of it. I thought 'well, a cornbread muffin couldn't hurt'. I did not look up the info before I ate it. I looked it up after. Oh my heck...600 calories. In a cornbread muffin! Gasp! Horror! Shock! Sadness! Disbelief! I reconciled myself to the fact that I had to eat a smaller dinner, and stay on the elliptical longer to ensure that I burned at least enough calories (if not more) to equal that evil muffin. And that is exactly what I did. I'll try to think positive and say that I used the nasty fuel from that muffin to make it through my workout ;)

Read up! Educate yourself! Don't fall prey to kindness that doesn't know any better!

Now to ice that bump on my head from falling off the wagon! emoticon

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REAL_FOOD 3/19/2009 3:19PM

    Oy! That's no good at all! You have a good point about learning the calories in advance. Somehow that piece of cake just doesn't tempt as much when you know it's going to cost you dinner in exchange. That happened to me with a salad at Friendly's once. It was a SALAD! How bad could it be? Turns out it was about 1200 calories bad. Yikes. In retrospect, I should have known, but sometimes we just want to believe that it's "ok" to eat it.

But, bygones! It's over and done. Sounds like you learned from your mistake. I'm happy about that.

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RKANE17 3/19/2009 1:25PM

    You are so RIGHT!!! BUT...The hard part is knowing BEFORE you eat it. That's my problem with having to eat out when traveling. I don't have the access or the time to be looking up what I eat when I'm away for work.

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ONEANDDONE 3/19/2009 8:28AM

    You are absolutely correct!!!! I hate when something so innocent turns into a lead ball in your belly. And the cornbread muffin tasted TERRIBLE after you found out the calories for it too. Augh!!! Keep smiling and it sounds like your plan to eat a small dinner and exercise more is good - also remember to bump up the water to get the sodium out of your body too. Good luck!

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I surprised myself yesterday. I went for a jog with the dog. I am not a fast jogger. Slow and steady, hands below the heart. I get bursts of energy, and I get tired...but just when I get tired...I push through it and find energy I didn't think I had left. I put the pedometer on when I started, and figured that I would go 3 miles. Well...I went outside the box. 5.22 miles in 1.17 (that's an hour and 17 seconds). Like I said...slow and steady. It was just a slight bit above 14 minutes per mile. And the scale is giving me the news I it's a good day! :) I'm back to where I was last there is nowhere to go but DOWN, right?! :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ONEANDDONE 3/18/2009 12:46PM

    Congrats on getting the dog and going for a jog. emoticon It's great that the weather is breaking and allowing that to happen. I just read through some of your blogs and can't wait to hear how you do on the run at the end of the month. My fingers are crossed and wishing good things for you.

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Loving the Elliptical Again

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I really see results with the elliptical. There is no denying it. I like the challenge of Jillian, but the interval training on the elliptical is a solid winner. The motivation that I get from the scale changes reassures me that I am making healthy choices and doing this! With my first 5k at the end of this month, I need to make sure that I am really ready to go...and the elliptical helps. When I increase the tension, I push through it and that will help me. The race coordinator said it is pretty flat...but I know the park. I am not sure if we'll take the little hills...but I need to be ready for them. It's amazing how I could only make it 5 minutes and could now see myself staying on for 55!

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DEZYNERMAMA 3/17/2009 2:09PM

    Way to go! I love my elliptical, too. I find that after an especially hard day, it's a great release. Even if I've already been to the gym, I'll sometimes hop on the elliptical at home just to get a few more minutes in. Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for stopping by my blog! emoticon

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The numbers game

Monday, March 16, 2009

On the scale, that is. I had a super duper weigh in last Monday, and the numbers went up after that. They have slowly dropped again. I don't know if I was dehydrated on weigh in day (had tummy trouble the day before), or my body started hollering at me for lack of exercise while I figured out the commute to/from my new job. No idea, really. Just had to stick to it and get back to the exercise on a daily basis. I knew when I started this journey that I had to make exercise a part of each day. No excuses...just move that body! I am hopeful that by the weigh in next Monday I will be back on track. My measurements haven't changed again since mid the numbers on the scale are a must to keep my motivated!



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