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Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been in a bit of a funk, and I think I need to remember the positives of the last few days:

(1) In less than 60 days, I made a commitment to permanently change my eating habits.
(2) I read all labels.
(3) I measure everything that requires measure.
(4) My womanhood issues are ongoing, but far less pain because I changed my diet and increased water.
(5) My kids are seeing Mom get fit and ask me about it. I am a positive role model for them.
(6) I have lost 15 pounds and at least 3 inches (I did not measure the first month so I don't have those stats).
(7) I did a light jog and finished my first 5k to meet an SP challenge.
(8) I do not feel as much physical stress from life because I am taking care of myself.
(9) I could easily chase my kids if they get ahead of me on a walk (and with my 4 yr olds...this can and does happen).
(10) Because of my changes, my husband is eating healthy and he has lost some weight also.
(11) Even though my weekend was busy, I was giving back to my community and my kids saw me in action. I hope they do the same when they are older.

I saw a beautiful view today on the way into work. The commute was slow, but the view was so nice. I was grateful to take it in.

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Change Is Constant

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I really can't wait for my shred DVD. I need a change. I just hope I can get it in with the kids around. Maybe if I can do three different types of exercises and rotate them (jog, ellipitcal, dvd)...then no two days are the same. Now, I have to say...despite how I have felt like lead on the elliptical...I am still doing interval training. I haven't let up on that. But I don't feel like I am giving my all. It doesn't help that work fills me with dread and my weekend was very demanding. Maybe I just had too much packed in my days. I'll know as the week progresses.

Today is one of maybe 2 days in the last ~60 ish days that I went over on calories. Otherwise, I am on target. I ate cake. Shouldn't have had the cake. I would have been on the high end of my caloric scale...but I ate the cake. At least I ate it early in the evening. The thing that stinks is that I really didn't crave it...just wanted to celebrate with everyone (my son is a Cub Scout and he moved up in ranks tonight). The scale will tell me the truth tomorrow.

Shuffling off to bed feeling frumpy. :\


I think I can!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yesterday was a blah day. I don't know if it was just sinuses, or what. My legs felt like lead on the elliptical. I am glad that I pushed through my blah feelings and just stuck to it. I have made so many positive changes in food choices, and daily workouts...I can't let up the momentum.

Today will be another day of talking myself into it, because I was on my feet at the church from 8a-1:30p. I did not eat the garbage I was selling (snicker) I am patting myself on the back for that....but man was I hungry when I got home! I forgot to bring my morning snack and something for lunch. Healthy Choice never tasted so good!


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REDNBROWN 2/22/2009 3:20AM

    I have days like too - the 'lead' legs. Fabulous that you didn't give up and hung in there. You did great for not caving with the food you were selling too - I think that is an ultimate sign of a change in mind-set, was for me anyway.

You are doing such a good job!



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The furnace is in high gear!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The interval training really does the trick. I swear.

On another note, I am running a concession stand tomorrow for my son's Pinewood Derby. Nothing that I'm selling is a good choice for me, so I will be packing my food. Thankfully I don't get tempted by junk when I am nose to the grindstone on weight loss. It's as though I put blinders on. Whew!

I am in love with my new Asics. It had been so long since I bought sneaks...although I did not wear them much to start since I wear fancy shoes to work.


Sometimes Even I Surprise Myself!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So I have been very diligent with keeping within my calorie range....but the last few weeks I have missed at least one day of exercise (okay I exercised the other 5-6 days and we could all use a day off, right?). I thought that, even though I have really resisted having foods that could sidetrack me, what would the result be? Would I be stuck on hold? Would I gain? I have been proven wrong on that one. I'm varying my calories each day but staying in the range. But I'm finding that one day without exercise seems to surprise my body even further on this journey. I stepped on the scale today (yes, I still get on daily....sorry....I know some sparkers only get on once a week)....and I am down 1.6 lbs! Yee haw! I'll take it! And, to means that I met the challenge on one of my groups to lose 5 lbs this month. I wasn't feeling like I was going to get there with the TOM monster hitting me two times...but wowza!

I definitely think one of the positives for me is that I don't have to be mad at myself if I don't exercise one out of the seven days. I'm being firm on journaling and staying in my range, so I can give myself a little break.

15 lbs GONE since I started on 12/29/08. Do a dance with me!
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AMANDALOREN 2/19/2009 1:52PM

    That is awesome!! Congragulations! I just hit 16lbs gone so I know how you feel. Keep up the good work emoticon emoticon

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