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Great Inspirational Blog - Go See!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

This really struck home with me, with my kids on Spring Break and my work to do's piling up!

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DIVEGODDESS 4/6/2012 9:41PM


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LILYGAL 4/6/2012 7:57AM

    Thanks for sharing this. I sent this to my kids as I think that this applies to all aspects of life!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 4/6/2012 4:20AM

    Thanks for sharing this!

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Just A Short Run - My First Race of 2012!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I could not think of a BETTER way to start my racing this year. Why's that you say? Oh...well I was in the BEST company, of course! None other than fellow Sparkers! My first ever Spark meet up in my three years on Spark. I may have seemed so calm and shy...inside I was a giddy school girl!

I will spare you the pics on our four hour roadtrip, but I won't spare you the Rose Barn pics! emoticon

The Official Sign of Signs

Me and Mel (MGJARVI)

I know I will forget people, so help me! Nancy, Suezette (SUEZETTE-414) , Gail (RYHNIC), Tammy (TAMTAM64), Tom M. (MCCOURTT), John (JOPAPGH).

More lovlies! I see Deej (DEEJ4FITNESS), BobbyD (BOBBYD31) - (the JASR maestro!), Mel (MGJARVI), Renee (RENLA6991), and more lovely faces! Help! Some were new faces in my three years on Spark! Everyone was awesome!

My husband, Jim, used art effects on this I thought I would share :)

Me and the other half, Jim, at the Rose Barn

Me, Nancy (SP_COACH_NANCY), and who's that?! IPA-RAY!

Mel (MGJARVI), me, and Renee (RENLA6991)

Mel (MGJARVI) looking FABULOUS as she finished her 2nd lap. Go Mel!

I will end the picture montage with my husband, biting into a Primanti Brothers sandwich for the first time in his life. We both had great races (me - 5k; him - 13.1). We both PR'd and I could not think of the best possible people to do it with!

We will not discuss the calories involved in this refueling exercise! emoticon

Spark Friends are the best friends. I wish I had more days and hours to get to talk more. It was a tremendous weekend and I am SO glad I got to go! Join us next year!

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MIAMIA7 4/3/2012 5:23PM

    So wonderful to meet you this weekend! Bobby and I are glad you and Jim had a great time and that means you are coming back next year...RIGHT?
Hugs, Anne

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FARRAH511 4/3/2012 9:11AM


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BAKER1009 4/3/2012 8:07AM

    Way to go!! Glad you had such a good time!!

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NURSESARAH03 4/3/2012 12:11AM

    Sounds like you had an AWESOME time!! Congrats on the PR!

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RACING4ME 4/2/2012 11:25PM

    What an awesome blog!!! So glad I got to meet you this weekend, what an amazing race, not sure what will top this one!!!

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BOBBYD31 4/2/2012 11:10PM

    great job on the blog! looks and sounds like you had a good time, hope to see you back in 2013

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FITLIKENIC 4/2/2012 9:12PM

    AWESOME! Loved the pictures! You, Mel and Renee look FAB together :)

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MGJARVI 4/2/2012 11:07AM

    Ahhhh, can I copy this blog and just re-use it? It's perfect :-) Well, I'd have to edit the part about PR's, LOL, but that's so awesome!! I'm happy for you both! I was going to ask you how the "other half" did, glad to hear, slap 'em on the back and tell him congrats for me :-) SO great to have met you!!!

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IPA-RAY 4/2/2012 11:06AM


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LYNNANN43 4/2/2012 10:49AM

    As JoPaPgh told everyone, "There is NO calorie tracking this weekend!" And as Jen (Jenislovinglife) told us, "There are negative calories in our food this weekend." lol

It was so nice meeting you and your husband. CONGRATS to both of you!!!

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69NURSE 4/2/2012 9:08AM

    Thank you for the comments on my blog and you are so right - starting the year with SP friends (new and old) is emoticon John and I had a great weekend and look forward to seeing you (actually w/hugs and/or handshakes this time) next year. Congrats to both you and your spouse for those PR!! emoticon emoticon

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CARILOUIE 4/2/2012 7:24AM

    Yay! It *was* a wonderful weekend, wasn't it?

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DAS92687 4/2/2012 6:58AM

    Love all the pictures !!
So glad you had a great race and enjoyed yourselves emoticon

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LILYGAL 4/2/2012 6:50AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonTHis is so awesome!!! So happy for you....and glad that you could do it!!

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123ELAINE456 4/2/2012 5:08AM

  Congratulations on your race. Also all the other Sparklers too. Look like it was a fun time. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. This is the Way To Go!!!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 4/2/2012 4:43AM

    Great blog! It was so good meeting you this weekend!

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I Hate Cancer

Thursday, March 15, 2012

So tonight, a mom friend of mine shared that an acquaintance of hers passed away. At age 35. Of breast cancer. emoticon

35. I'll be 38 this year. I had cancer tests myself last Summer. Why? Because my sister has PCOS. I lost my grandmother (maternal) to ovarian cancer. My mother, in her mid 40s, had a hysterectomy because she had a large cyst that we did not know the status of (benign, cancerous). For my family, cancer is something we fear. All the time.

My oldest sister, Janet Ann, passed away from cancer. She was 7. I was 3, my older sister, Jennifer - age 4, my brother John - age 1. I remember going to her grave with Father Joe and I told my Mom I did not want her to die. The only trouble is...she was already gone from the world. My parents, who needed their own time, had not told us and this was their way of letting us know and they had the strength of the Lord with the priest present.

I do not understand cancer. I feel that it is something that should not be. All of the technology and treatments in the world. We should stop it dead in its tracks.

When my late FIL passed, we had been informed that he had developed some form of cancer in his lungs. Unsure if it was his smoking habit or the asbestos from his years in construction. We will never know. My father's sister passed from cancer. I need to talk to my aunt because it was never clear to me where it originated.

There is a lot we can do, from a nutritional standpoint, to battle this monster. Steve Jobs did just that. Crazy Sexy Diet, if you have not read it...very interesting read. So even if you do not have it, but your family history puts you at can be proactive.

I wish that we did not have to hear that another life has been lost. Another loved ones heart broken. 35. So many years to go. emoticon

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LILYGAL 3/24/2012 11:24AM

    Cancer is a horrible disease. I think it is the work of the devil!! We are some of the lucky ones. My MIL died from pancreatic cancer but so far she is the only one. But my friend of 40 years who died in January of this year had renal cell cancer (kidney). Horrible disease. Her daughter had both breast and uterine (still alive!), and her great granddaughter had lukemia. She is doing fine also.

I will put you and your family on my prayer list. Hang in there!! emoticon

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CIVIAV 3/18/2012 9:50AM

    I saw your blog on the day you wrote it and meant to reply. I couldn't for a time. I hate cancer too. It took much of my verve and energy away. However now what I hate even more is the way cancer takes the focus off of what's important like your love for those lives.

Hang in there and keep that love in your heart!

Boo Cancer!

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DMILLER33 3/18/2012 8:40AM


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EVWINGS 3/16/2012 8:32PM

    In November 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and 6 weeks after I finished my treatments and went for my first checkup, they found cancer on my right tonsil. It has really been a downer for eating, swollowing, teeth, etc. That said, I totally underswtand why you hate cancer. It truly is something nasty. Gather information as you can, but don't let it take over. If you do, you'll let it win!!

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123ELAINE456 3/16/2012 8:06PM

  There is a lot of cancer in my family so I know how you feel. i wish we never had to hear the word again also. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. God Loves You. Always remember that.

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SEEHOLZ 3/16/2012 5:19PM


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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 3/16/2012 9:13AM

    I hate cancer too. It sucks!

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LOVESLIFE48 3/16/2012 7:54AM

    I'm so sorry for all your losses to this monster!! I too have family members and friends lost to cancer. I totally agree with you, why can't something be done with all the research and technology??
Hug hugs, prayers and positive vibes!!!!

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ROOTIHAUSMAN 3/15/2012 10:13PM

    So sorry for you loss. I understand a little what you are going through. My son is a cancer survivor. My mother in law died of breast cancer and my step mother in law died of colon cancer. My husband's dad had prostrate cancer. Almost everyone on my husband's mom's side died of some kind of cancer. I agree that with all of the technology available, why are people still dying of cancer. I agree that nutrition can help people survive longer. One problem I have is that my son will always have other problems from the treatment he received. He does have his life which we are thankful for however, he does not really have the "normal life" that most 21 year olds have and he has many health concerns that need doctor care. I have not heard about the Crazy Sex Diet. Will have to read about that one. Hang in there!

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GODSFAITH 3/15/2012 10:13PM

    Hello, emoticon

Sorry to hear your sad news....
I hope that they find a cure soon...
I am a survivor who had stage 3 Breast Cancer..
I am doing well, but having had cancer I gained a lot of weight...
But, God has spared my life... so i take one day at a time..
Learning to be come more fit and healthy.
God has blessed me as an individual who he keeps me grounded in my life to become healthier in my journey to a new lifestyle.

So, I salute you in your courage to want to know more of your history... Do not let it consume you.. Live - Life - Laugh !
Continue to move forward, you are a blessed individual...

Peace and Blessing.... emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/15/2012 10:15:38 PM

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What Color is Your Mood Ring?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I was thinking this to my little self this evening. The last couple of weeks have been one fine blur for me. And, thanks to things I must do to keep my work...I gave 110% and left myself with:

What did that do to my mood? Well let's see the mood chart:

Out of the options, I'd say I was feeling pretty

Have you read 'The Spark'? If you haven't, whether you are new to SparkPeople, or very comfy in your SparkPeople chair...the I would encourage you to crack it open. Why? Well, it talks about this lovely thing called the

I feel like I was there for too long. That my shortened sleep cycles, worry, stress, lapses in choice on food due to affected my mood, it affected my performance once I could pull myself together this past week. I've been left with feelings of

And I felt like the only thing to soothe me was


and last, but not least

It would be no surprise, then, that I saw this on the scale this past Wednesday

In all seriousness, the reckless abandon had found me. So I'm trying to navigate through it...

You don't even want to hear the blasphemy I uttered because of how down I was over my limitations and slowly climbing back to I listened to my other half talk about the half marathon long distance run he had just finished. emoticon

Time to get back to self coaching, and crawling my way back to normal.

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CIVIAV 3/12/2012 10:45AM

    I hear ya hon and am with ya. You've laid it out. Now let's do something else for ourselves today - I'm taking Mac for a good walk and will go for having no treat pass my lips today... I know I can do it but will I? Yes, for today...THX!

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SYNCHRODAD 3/12/2012 12:33AM

    22 pictures are worth a 1000 words. The antidote is whatever you, the cool picture/Icon master could make out of the this: Get UP!, Get OUT!, Get GOING! Those would be cool pics. Thanks for the "mortal" blog.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Or should that be goals :) As pare of the BLC 18, I was asked to define/share what my short term, medium term and long term goals and rewards are.

Now, I will first start with the rewards. The rewards are good health. I have never been one to lay claim to a materialistic thing to get in return for doing what I should to take care of me. I don't think I should have to do these things to earn cute toes or fingers or hair or a relaxed back. That is part of hygiene and well being it should be a given. Don't let anyone tell you different! emoticon Did the other half have to lose 10 lbs to get something? Or pick up their mess? I rest me case. emoticon

Soooo....short term goals:
- exercise daily. at least 20 minutes
- get back to 140
- add a rep (again) to my ST on upper and lower body ST days

mid term goals:
- decide on another race besides JASR and register for it
- add more ab/core work to my ST days
- drink less coffee. lately the work grind has been tough and I have had more than I should

long term goals:
- half marathon next year. which one?
- take adult swim lessons or coaching to fix my eyes on a sprint tri

Those are the ones on my mind for now.

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BOBBYD31 3/6/2012 8:17PM

    awesome goals! you will love the sprint tri's, they are so much fun

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CIVIAV 3/6/2012 10:46AM

    I could literally copy and paste your goals to my page. Consider me a partner! Let's go for it...

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NAMMYOFTHREE 3/6/2012 8:57AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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