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PT Progress Report

Thursday, September 08, 2011

So this week it was mixed up a little with the holiday. Had PT on Tuesday and Thursday. Added some ribbons and sideways run drills, as well as upping the pace on the TM. The PT doc didn't like me taking walk breaks because she couldn't get a feel for how the constant running would bother the knee. So this week there were no walk breaks.

On Tuesday, I got up to 4.5 on the TM with 0 incline. Today, I got up to 5.0 with 0 incline.

I will have an eval next Wednesday to see if I can be released to doing PT on my own and slowly increasing my minutes (not pace). I would periodically check in (approx every 2 wks) to see how it is going.

The knee taping, stretching, and ST will be required. So my run days will now involve ST (where they didn't before). I'd like to fill the alternate days with core and upper body work since they are a bit ignored these days.

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DAS92687 9/12/2011 3:46PM

    You must be happy with the progress !!

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NURSESARAH03 9/12/2011 1:42PM

    Sounds like things are coming along!! I'm so glad your knee is improving. Back to Rocking the half again in no time!!

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    You are having great success. Keep it up and we will see you out racing before you know it.

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Back to school, back to routine, back to...running?

Friday, September 02, 2011

What a busy week this has been...but we are falling back into school, signing agendas, homework for the two oldest, and going to bed nice and early so each day is as successful as it can be. emoticon

I was happy to walk into PT on Monday morning with zero discomforts to share. I do think that the elliptical plus the treadmill was too when we backed off elliptical and stuck to treadmill I did recoup just fine.

We did decide to go with taping to see if the brace wasn't giving enough support with my tracking issue. The PT doc told me to try going up to 4.0 on the treadmill on Wednesday. I did opt to do 1:1 ratio (run/walk) after I warmed up so as to recover easily. This worked very well.

I am walking 20 minutes on the alternating days. My walking pace is brisk...about a 15:00/mile. I did not know my pace until I wore the Garmin I'll have to let the PT doc know. I am supposed to do one day of PT on my own (Fridays) and have been remiss in it over the I am trying to make a point of doing the PT to move things along.

Since she did allow me to jog/run on Wednesday...I did want to try again and keep it to the timeframe allowed...which is 10-ish minutes. I did try my very best to stay slow. I do not know if the PT doc will like my pacing...but I'll let her know anyway.

So all told...3 or 4 minutes of jog/run 3 days a week. A couple hours later...after my stretch, walk/run, ST, icing...all is good. Feeling hopeful!

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    You are doing great. Glad it is going well - stay strong.

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Scuffled Into PT Today

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yeah I was crabby. What of it? emoticon I mean...I was all excited and I have been in PT all Summer...and I suddenly had soreness above my kneecap on Friday morning...and I recalled why I was in PT...for that soreness...and here I was...with that same soreness...made me want to emoticon

I distracted myself of the poor me feelings by doing some decluttering. Although it wasn't laden with the best choices...taking ~8 or 9 boxes to Goodwill plus a TV. Yeah that TV was a beast emoticon

So here comes Monday PT and the first thing I do is fuss about the knee emoticon so we did a lower pace on the treadmill emoticon and no elliptical emoticon

I did my PT like I have always done. Same old same old. The PT doc told me to walk 15-20 minutes per day outside emoticon So we'll see what goes. We were talking and wondering if the treadmill and elliptical in one session was too much too soon and that I need to do more to bring myself back to gametime emoticon

Going to switch from evening sessions to days with the kids going back to school in one week. Feeling like a emoticon through this process. emoticon

Got any emoticon for my emoticon


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KLSART 8/28/2011 3:31AM

    Glad I checked on your blogs. So sorry you're having a tough time. Man, it just seems to take forever to get back in the game sometimes, doesn't it? Do not give up girlfriend! I've been there on the slow slow (slow) road back before and just when you feel like giving up you'll experience a little victory. Stick with it, celebrate the progress you make and put one foot in front of the other. You will prevail!!! emoticon

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Took a Walk In My Shoes

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First...I haven't blogged this week. So the very first thing on my mind is my spark friend, NINJALINDA, who lost her husband this week. I have a very heavy heart about it and I am praying for her and her family. I am asking anyone reading to please say a prayer for her and her family too.

Second, I have been continuing this week with PT. A good bit of my PT has been lying on a table, doing reps that strengthen my quads (as well as work on improving the alignment of the kneecaps...most especially when I tighten the quad). I thought the brace would be a burden. I was a bit grouchy about it but I feel like a million bucks each and every time that I use it. I have been able to add elliptical in the last few weeks (no more than 10 minutes). I do need to make time to do it on the non-PT days. back to where I was with PT this week. The left knee (the most problematic) is improving. The right knee is a bit of a head scratcher. I have had no discomfort with the right knee, yet that kneecap doesn't track proper (and we haven't been taping or bracing it), the leg is not straight (when measured)...but the left leg is straight. Plus we have the bowed knee factor on this leg. It is a wonder I have not had injury with that leg. Honestly. So we are keeping an eye on it and might take other action.

I was allowed to spend some minutes on the treadmill during the two PT sessions. Not even a light jog pace, but we are testing the waters and all is well. I was grateful to be able to start back. It also makes me self concious about my shoes. I had held off on getting new shoes but it is time now. So I will check out my options. I have also been lazy and not put on socks. I need to put the socks on now that a chunk of my time is on my feet now.

I am happy to report fitness minutes and see improvement.

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NURSESARAH03 8/17/2011 11:18PM

    Sounds like things are coming along! That's great! emoticon

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New Fangled Contraption

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Well, I'm going to choose the positives of this recent arrival.

Because it let me do this

And I can do this

And some other stretches too. As well as some quad building ST.

It has hinges emoticon And it is a little stiff...but it is brand new and I have to get accustomed to using it. I do wonder if it will mess with my gait when the day comes that I can run again. emoticon

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    Glad you got your new brace.

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DAS92687 8/10/2011 10:20PM

    Hinges? emoticon Sounds like you might be the new bionic woman ... Hope it gets easier and easier to use :)

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NURSESARAH03 8/10/2011 5:50PM

    Good luck with the new brace, Julie! You'll be back to running in no time!

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HJFOGARTY 8/9/2011 9:53PM

    sounds like you found something that works for you and with you - that is awesome! way to go

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