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Marathon Training: Week 17, Day 3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Had to wait until the latest time possible to avoid the worst of the heat today. No idea what the temps were, but I suspect the mid to upper 80s.

2.21 miles
30:10 duration
13:38 pace
762 calories burned

I like that I scaled back on the short runs and kept it to 30 minutes only. The time passes very quickly and my pacing is always better on the short distances.

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HEALTHYCHIC 8/25/2009 8:52PM

    I love the little "blitz" runs..2-3 miles is so perfect..and easy to fit in. Great work with your training..i'm so impressed!!!

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Marathon Training: Week 17, Day 1

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So you saw a gap in the blogging and she hurt? Did she give up? Is she on vacation? No...none of those. I just overcommitted myself in the evening this past week. I was nervous about the weather. We've had a lot of hot weather and t-storms. I looked over the report last night, and it didn't look promising. But I set the alarm for 4am (yawn) and figured that I would at least check outside. All looked fine and my things were off I went.

Very foggy. Very dark. I had moments where I looked around and thought I must be insane. I don't carry any little light and there were times where cars passed and, as my eyes adjusted, it seemed like there was nothing at all around me. I saw some horses, cows, a bunny, and lots of dead frogs (ew). I got to the turnaround point (10 miles) and thought 'oh my G-d...i have to go all that way BACK'. LOL.

Overall, it wasn't too bad during sundown. In the mid 60s. I am sure it was approaching low 80s by the time I finished up b/c I was feeling it! When the lady on the Nike+ told me that I had 1 mile left I said 'Thank you, Jesus'. I really did not feel any odd pains. You will feel a lot of things when you go certain distances, and you just have to accept that and not fear it. Your body will become stronger.

So here's the skinny:

20 miles
4:51'49 duration
14:35 pace
4640 calories burned

I look forward to two Sundays of shorter distances. I am figuring on bumping up 2 miles more on the next distance and then another 2 miles. This will mean that the last two miles of the marathon will be 'new' to me, and I think I can handle that. I went 3 miles further today than the last long ditsance and I'm here to talk about it :)

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CHARQ09 8/25/2009 8:06AM

    Great job, Julie! You are inspirational!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KRISHARPER 8/24/2009 6:30PM

    Great job on an awesome run!!

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PEPPEY1 8/24/2009 1:20PM

    WOW, WOW, WOW - 20 miles at 4 am, 5 hours! I completely understand why you'd be looking forward to shorter distances.
I really admire your acheivements and am inspired by the resolve.
Like Lance Armstrong says in the Nike + training «Pain is tremporary quiting lasts forever!»
Way to go.

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GAIL461 8/24/2009 9:00AM

    Congrats Julie!!! Glad to see that your are doing so well.

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SHAKE_IT_CALI 8/23/2009 4:59PM

    Oh wow! First I'm so impressed that you got up so early to run... sounds like you had to due to the heat! Also congrats on your 20 mile run! You're almost there!

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COOPSM 8/23/2009 12:35PM

    Julie---holy cow!!! 20 miles...up at 4AM...outstanding!!!
It is so peaceful running at that time...I love it...paranoid at times, but not to much....I saw 3 deer today...

Keep up the great work...I still can't believe it...20 miles!!! You ROCK!!!! you know that route is a def. 20 miles?? My Nike+ once had me do over 1.25 miles...then I bought a Garmin....LOL...

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TRILLIUM22 8/23/2009 10:43AM

    Gosh fitting in those long runs can be a challenge, what with weather and other stuff. I'm glad I don't have anything over 13.1 miles again for a long time. Following Jeff Galloways stuff I'll do 13x800 repeats next week, which will actually get me about 12 miles, then 5 miles then my half. Then I'll figure out training for Dec 7 Half in Memphis. So no new mileage milestones until after Dec 7th and only if I decide to do a full. I might just be content with halfs. I have to say when my Garmin said I 17 miles yesterday I was soo glad I was done---just needed to walk up one more hill. But I think I felt similarly with each mileage milestone. Those of you who jump right in to training for full marathons are quite something. So many mileage milestones on your path to your goal.

Great job getting out early and running. What marathon are you doing---my family is still in the DC/Baltimore area, someday, when kids are in college I may get that way for a half or full.

Good Luck.

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Marathon Training: Week 16, Day 1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This had to be one of my worst runs. I struggled to get up and beat the heat. Crampy and tired I headed out. I did not push myself at all on pace, and boy did it show. But that is the point of the LSD. I did not eat before the run, and only took in my 3 Cliff Blocks during the run (along with water). I do not know if that contributed to my performance or it was not a terribly long distance. are the gruesome details:

7.5 miles
1:58'29 duration
15:47 pace
914 calories burned

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TRILLIUM22 8/18/2009 7:08AM

    I had a bad run last Wed. It was a misplaced in my schedule due to vacation LSD 15 mile run. It was on of my worse. There might be lots of reasons---but fuel could be one. I did not have my regular fuel, Luna Sport Moons, but instead tried to just grab a cliff bar. Dry and hard to eat, think I only finished 2/3 or it. Wonder if that was part of the bad run.

Of course there are just those bad days. Hopefully they are balanced by good days.

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Marathon Training: Week 15, Day 4

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Could not get out yesterday due to weather conditions, so got a short one in today

Temps: mid to upper 80s and humid
2.46 miles
32:03 duration
12:59 pace
506 calories burned


Marathon Training: Week 15, Day 1

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Forced myself to start out very early due to weather (hot/humid) and how long it would take me to complete the distance. Wiped the cobwebs away and left around 4:20am. I took my camelbak (2L) filled as much as I could, along with a few Clif Bars, some blocks, and a Gu. I inhaled a Clif Bar right before I left. I ate two during my run. I took in the Clif Blocks just after an hour, and then just after 2 hrs. I tried the Gu about 3.5 hrs in and almost lost my Clif Bars! SO NASTY. Yes...all caps. I did not even finish the packet. Never again. Thank goodness I only got one of them. I had the Clif Bars at 1.5 hrs in and 3.0 hrs in. I did not really feel that it was warming up until 3.75 hrs it was good that I got up very early.

17 miles
4:08'18 duration
14:35 pace
4288 calories burned

I did feel a little of the tenderness on top of my foot. That was my fault...caused by me trying to tighten a little too much on the Friday short run. Those last 2 extra miles were a doozy...but that is the norm when I am extending the distance.

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TAMTAM64 8/10/2009 8:15PM

    I hope to one day run 17 miles! You really did that run well. I had to laugh about that nasty GU... :)


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SHANA1973 8/9/2009 10:58AM

    That is awesome, Julie-Bean! i am so very proud of you!

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GIRLTRUCKIN 8/9/2009 9:42AM

    WOW! 17 miles....that is awesome!

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