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Marathon Training: Week 14, Day 6

Friday, August 07, 2009

I should have gotten out yesterday...but Thursdays are a wash with my husband's schedule. Anywho...he was kind enough to stay up this morning so that I could get a run in...literally after rolling out of bed. It was nice and cool. 70s I would say.

2.95 miles
40:10 duration
13:35 pace
515 calories burned

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YOWSER 8/7/2009 12:00PM

  Hi! I'm thinking about training to walk a half-marathon. Thank you for the guidance with your training journal.

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Getting to Know You

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I wanted to answer all of these on one of my team forums but it would have been I thought I would post it here and anyone can peruse at their leisure:

Coffee - I was addicted. Gave up a lot of that to lose weight and I am okay with one cup per day

Thunderstorms - love them when it is time to sleep

First pet - a siamese named Suzie

Fave TV Show - don't see enough episodes...but love The Office

2009 Resolution - To lose weight. No excuses! I have lost 30 lbs to date.

Text msging - often

Biggest diet 'bump' - Caramel corn...and only since I have been marathon training

Relaxation - Go running b/c I am alone. It's peaceful. Or sleep.

Fave grade in school - college (UMCP)

If I won the lottery - Pay off the house, take the family on vacay, and set up accts for my kids

Best vacay - San Franciso with the hubby. Loved it and the food and the one on one time

Plastic surgery - I'd never do it

Personality - Hmm...Some ppl think I act like a know it mind is a sponge and I can't help it. I don't like that ppl think I don't know how to resolve that

Dream car - Saab

Coolest thing in my town - Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner here

Car - Minivan (Mazda and Chrysler)

Hardest thing I have completed - Childbirth!

Desert Island 3s - A water bottle, a blanket, and a salt shaker

Family vacay location - Bethany

Destination - I'd go to Paris because of the food, history, and romance

Theme Song - Every Woman by Garth Brooks

Most embarassing moment - Slipping on the muddy hill in middle school

Fave Holiday - Thanksgiving

Worst diet - Don't recall the name...but I ate beets, cottage cheese, green beans. Not a lot of food and it was a bust.

Meet anyone living or dead - I would like to see my daughter one day. My deceased sister too. I'd like to talk to her.

Goal for August - Eat my veggies!

Fave cd - I don't really play them. I play iTunes. Gonna see U2 and I love to listen to them any time!

Fave day of the week - Sunday

Fave movie - Pretty Woman

Fave book - Twilight

Pet peeve - People who don't use common sense

Fave color - Red

Craziest/weirdest thing that ever happened? - Hmmm...I do not know

Bucket list - Travel overseas

First kiss - Wow. I do not remember. But I was young. LOL. I practiced on my mother's friend's son. ROTFL. I did get a peck from a redhead boy in kindergarten. LOL

Food I can't live without - steel cut oats

Goal accomplished on SP - Lost 20 lbs

Destination vacation - the beach...anywhere

Kids - I have 2 boys and 2 girls. I also had a daughter when I was 18 and gave her up for adoption

Fave ice cream - Don't care for it, but do enjoy pb/chocolate type when I do have it

Farthest distance from home - CA

Pets - 1 dog and 3 cats

Fave season - Fall

Fave Childhood Memory - Camping trips with the Girl Scouts

Running - I have been running since March of this year

Where I Live - MD


Saying Lots of Prayers

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

For all I know, we could have had some fellow SparkPeople at this gym, in this class...or they know some of those hurt/killed. We all go about our days...doing what we do...and these ladies were just getting their fitness in like the rest of us. Such a sad and scary story.


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    I heard about this this morning on the news. I think they have no idea why??? So sad!!

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    I heard a tidbit about this on the radio this morning, but I just read the article. I will be keeping them in my thoughts. What a horrific event!

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Marathon Training: Week 14, Day 3

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waited until as late as I possibly could to avoid the heat/humidity. I had just enough light left to get it in.

2.88 miles
37:59 duration
13:09 pace
463 calories burned

A side note...I was guided to a website where there were video tutorials on lacing your shoes based on particular issues that runners encounter. I followed the tutorial for top of the foot being sore/laces tight before I left for my run. I am happy to report that I have no discomfort. Yay!


Marathon Training: Week 14, Day 1

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tried out the new orthotics on this run. I appreciated the extra cushion. I was on the fence about whether or not I would run on my neighbor's treadmill, or suck it up and run midday. We had a lot of rain this morning, so I could not fit it in when I wanted to. Anywho...I sure could have had extra water on this run. By the time I finished, it felt like 86 degrees with the humidity factored in. I did bring some Clif Blocks and took those around the one hr marker. I had a funny tingle spot on my shin, and my knees seemed to require a little warmup as well. I walked several minutes after I reached my goal and shut off my ipod during that portion. I did keep track of the calories though. I did appreciate the shorter run, as next Sunday will be a 17 miler!

Temp: Felt like 86 degrees w/ 66% humidity
7.00 miles
1:40'27 duration
14:20 pace
1865 calories burned

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CRZYRUNRGRL 8/4/2009 2:49PM

    Wow! It sounds like you are doing great!
I am working on the half distance right now and then will go directly into the full training.
What Marathon are you running?

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JONESDANIY 8/4/2009 12:19PM

    Excellent job! I am also training for the MCM in October. My hubby and I signed up with DCFit for the training, and those long runs in the hot and humid weather are brutal! Keep up the excellent work and hope to see you on Oct 25th!!!
Danielle emoticon

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MARATHON_MOM 8/3/2009 5:53AM

    Way to go on your run! I totally understand the humidity! It was so thick when I went out for my run yesterday it was tough to breathe! Georgia summers!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and yes, the tenderness in my foot is on the top. I actually had a doctor's appt today to have it checked out, but the kids go back to school tomorrow and I totally forgot about open house this afternoon at their school, so I have to reschedule it. Hopefully they can see me tomorrow.


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LAURA95368 8/2/2009 5:28PM

    Well Done You!!

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