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To GPS or Pedometer...that is the question

Friday, May 08, 2009

My official marathon training starts on Mother's Day. I am still thinking about what I should use and why. A GPS unit would tell me distance as I go...but Fitness Maps on SP would give me an idea of where to turn around and loop back before my run. I do have a pedometer. I could wear that and periodically open it up to see approximately how far I have run too. Decisions! Ack!


And Here Comes a Rut (Got any Cheese for my Whine?)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Throw me a lifeline! Ack! What a weird 24 hours...slipping past that time frame now. There are some things that you should just have sometimes. Sometimes is okay. But when you allow yourself to believe that sometimes means once a day is okay...slippery when wet, baby!

So I have this mentality...if it's decaf...I can have it sometimes. Sometimes turned into every afternoon this week. Trouble is...with every decaf comes a craving for something to go with it (aka 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin'). On top of this, I use either skim milk or fat free half and half plus Splenda in my decaf. So...that's more calories. It isn't just an innocent cup of decaf anymore!

I am not normally a salt craver. I decided 'hey, it's been a long time since I had Doritos/ I'll just have a portion'. Now, I see them and want a portion every day.

All of this is screwing up my harmony! I'm making good choices that are planned throughout the rest of my day and then I go and bang my head on the brick wall. Insanity!

Add to this I had one of the most pathetic workouts yesterday. It really was. I did not push myself as hard as I could have. Sure...I burned calories....but it's more to it than that. I did not reach my target heart rate. And that is what I should be doing. Ugh!

Enough pity. I'm mad at myself. Let this be a lesson learned and let me stop the madness!


Hauling Fuel on a Run

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It is amazing all of the neuances that go into picking up and heading out for a run. Using the proper clothing for the weather, good shoes, good socks, good music (when your iPod or MP3 player works...grrr...and if you like that on your run), and fuel. Fuel is tricky. To carry, or not to carry. Often times, I carry either a 16 oz recycle-able water bottle, or my trusty 32 oz Rubbermaid sipper full of water. I tend to consume it...even on a run that I could either take or leave the fuel (i.e. under 6 miles). However, I noted something interesting yesterday. I took off without my music (darned finicky iPod!) and water...and I reached a PR on my run. Who knew? Not having those items (I think the water more than the tunes) shaved 3 minutes off of my run. Wowza! I have read that you can plant your fuel along your run. I'd have to consider that for long runs. No harm in buying a case of cheap bottled water and planting water up the route just before the run. Given the time differential, I may need to look into a camel back. I have a son in Scouts anyhow, so it could come in handy for him as well. emoticon


Trust Your Gut - Sometimes

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last night I made a yummy stick to your ribs soup for dinner. I threw in some extras, and figured that a measured portion would do me and the hubby fine. About an hour later, however, my tummy was telling me another story! I knew I was not exercising, and wanted to be mindful of the evening calories. My tummy disagreed! I opted for a very hearty salad, and was glad that I stopped after feeling satisfied. I barely ate half of it and brought the rest for an AM snack since I was low on veggies to choose from. No harm no foul on this choice, as the scale went down .8 on this morning's WI. Yay me! I was hungry and made a good choice (and did not overdo). emoticon

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RKANE17 5/5/2009 9:21AM

    Good for you!!!!

I need to learn to have a low calorie but filling option for those times when hunger kicks in off schedule. The way I currently handle it is to ignore it and let my tummy poor abused tummy LOL.

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Twilight 5k

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I had a great time with a good friend tonight. We ran the local Twilight 5k. It was many races the point that the starting out is a bit of a neusance. We stuck near the back to avoid a lot of the collisions with other runners and kept a steady pace the entire route. I know I could have run faster, but it was a really good testament to how a partner can make a difference on your runs. Especially with marathon preparations. $5 for a run with a group and paying a sitter for some time would definitely be worth it as I get longer on distance.

I got a great shock at the end...the announced my name as I finished AND my husband (who works local) was there to give me a hug at the finish. It was so cool! :D

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TERJEGOLD 5/3/2009 12:07PM

    Way to go!!!

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TORTLOVE 5/3/2009 12:31AM

    VERY cool! Good job!!


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PUPPYWHISPERS 5/2/2009 10:22PM

    emoticon Great job!

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