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Asphalt is Best for Me

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I decided that, since we had SNOW FLURRIES in April (what the heck?)...I would use my neighbor's treadmill. I have not been on one in some time...and definitely not this year (until yesterday). I made the biggest mistake (I think). Instead of going at a comfortable pace...I chose a program. Not good. Just as I read in Jeff Galloway's go to fast and you putter out quick. The incline kept adjusting, and the highest speed (4.5) was faster than I am accustomed to. As a result, I was adjusting the incline and speed. If you run on asphalt and you need a's easier to stop. On the could really injure yourself by not having the same control. On the upside, it was good to be challenged in a different way. I burned ~500 calories in 40 minutes. I went to dinner with a good friend and it did not show up on the scale this morning. So asphalt it is. Just get out there and do it. Now to figure out timing my walk/run periods!


Marathon Training

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I have decided to prep for a marathon. There is a local one that I hope to run in this October...but I will look at others in case it is tough to get in. I am nervous, excited, and hoping for good things! After reading the first few chapters of 'Marathon: You Can Do It!', I feel that I have the right mindset. I never approached jogging/running at high speed. Slow and steady. So I think that I am less apt to overdo and hurt myself. My biggest challenge will be deciding my route. I do not know if I should repeat my current route to reach the long run distance on Sundays...or if I should look at other options. This would be a great goal for me to reach, and one that I considered about 7 yrs ago but did not commit to doing. So here I am! I'll likely start blogging more about my progress than anything else. Anyone with me? ;)


It's Me vs. The Pound

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I encountered the same problem early last month. I was fighting the same pound. I would weigh in, and it would be gone. The next day, it would be back. That same darned pound on the scale! I know that, after some perserverance...that pound came off....along with six additional pounds. Gotta keep plugging away and believe in myself that I'll lose my five pounds this month and it will all be behind me! emoticon


Navigating and Planning for a Dinner Party

Friday, April 03, 2009

It can be tough to plan a party and ensure that you win by having healthy choices...and your guests (some of whom could care less about if this and that are healthy) have a good time. We are celebrating my husband's college graduation this weekend, and that was my challenge. I will have freggies...just have to be careful with the TS dips. We made the most amazing wraps (using boston lettuce instead of tortillas) so we'll have those (except we'll offer both lettuce and wraps. My sister in law will bring the heaviest dish...homemade lasagna. Maybe I'll have a teaspoon of that? he he. My mother will bring a salad. I have a lite dip for the fruit if anyone desires it. There will be cake...but I'll navigate away from that. I hope that I will offer a fair balance to all and not wreck myself come weigh in time!


A Spoonful of the Elliptical Makes the Scale Go Down!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

After a rough patch with the scale, all is right with the world today. I was on the elliptical for just under an hour last night. Five minute intervals (five easy, five hard) until I finished. I'm still figuring out my HRM watch. It was not set properly when I first began. I did see that I burn about 100 cals for every 11 minutes of interval training on the elliptical. Very nice!

I also did better with my water yesterday. I have had to use Crystal Light to get it down. I had a soda a day here and there (caffiene free) and I think that caused me to develop a hankering for them. I nipped that in the bud! I will have to keep my stash of Crystal Light handy. I find that I can add a packet that is meant for 16 oz to a 32 oz Rubbermaid sipper and it is enough flavor for me.

I am so glad that I committed at the start to exercise daily. After 3 months, I feel very blah and cranky if I do not exercise. It is a part of my day.

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RKANE17 4/2/2009 2:16PM

    I'm glad that you found the elliptical to be your friend! For me I can't burn enough calories using it so I have to jog on the treadmill over using the elliptical...I prefer the elliptical more though since it takes less of a toll on my shins & achilles.

Good luck with your continued success!

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JESJES 4/2/2009 8:50AM

    Great job, Julie. I love the elliptical. Not only does it make my body feel great, but it burns more calories for me than any other activity in the gym. I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners, but I'll use the same trick with Emergen-C packets to get my water in. I find that 2 packs in 32 oz. works well (the instructions call for four).

What kind of HRM did you get? I got a Polar F11 as a weight-loss reward last year and I absolutely love it.

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