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Old habits....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SO true, old habits die hard...not logging, and in no time flat, I am sneaking a biscuit here and a little butter there...and soon you sneak up a kilo, then one and a half...
So I am logging again. 1500 cals a day. Still sitting with those kilos to loose. Still the same size.
So what is positive right now? I have found some really super exercise CD's from Beverly Callard that just gets me in the right mood! Makes sure I exercise around 5 hours per week. That is up from my normal 4 hours. (Not to be confused with helping weight loss though...hypothyroid is a bugger, I am finding!!)
Another positive is that I have started cutting back on my portion of oats in the morning. Have seen that 30 grams is considered a portion. Well, I eat 50....after my exercise I am starved and it makes a good breakfast and low cal. But I now eat 45 grams on hungry mornings and 40 on not so hungry ones.
Third positive is that summer is coming, and so is salad time!! Will be looking for some good recipes from now on.
Negative? I find it extremely hard, just to maintain the 5-6 kilos I have lost since last year, never mind loosing the last 5 I want to! Frustrating...... emoticon


Big Freeze??

Monday, January 18, 2010

Well I am not sure that the scale is now really suffering from the Big Freeze...I am down again, and I have not particularly been tracking 100% nor exercising my normal routine, on my first week back from holidays!! I have been thinking twice about what I put into my mouth and taking care to exercise every day, but did not expect the scale to go down so much!!
Having said that it was a pleasure to hit the sales last week and see that I am definitely down one more dress size. One more size and I am where I want to be!! ON the down side: I just measured my waist and hips and that seems to be wider than last year!! So not sure what the deal is here....
The REAL proof for me will be next week, when I have to see myself through the camera lens and note whether I look like a pudding face or not. I still have this week and half to make sure I look half decent - I hate photos, they really make me look much rounder and ugly than what I really am!
What I have changed is that I am drinking much less sparkling water, and more filtered. I am asking myself if that can make a difference, to how the body either retains it or the gas bloats or something??
Anyway, that is my one resolution for 2010, to wean myself off bubbly water, for the environment's sake. Too many plastic bottles...
The other is to increase my strength training, using resistance band and dumbbells, and the third is to finally buy that exercise ball and use it to sit on in front of the computer, to help strengthen core muscles.
An additional 3-5 kgs weight loss will just be super, but as it is so difficult to lose, I will consider that the cherry on the cake, rather than make it my soul focus at this stage.


Back to the future..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So the holiday was great!! We loved being in the mountains, had quite a sober Christmas (no gifts and just local SA quisine for Christmas, and when hubby and I got home the scale had good news for both of us...usually I come home from holidays with an additional 2-3 kgs to work off, this time it was less than one!! Of course we did indulge some, and as everyone in SA do home baking it was hard to resist. Living with people that eat bread for a staple and cookies for tea, it was difficult and at stages I simply skipped a meal to cut calories, but hey, one has to do some damage control at stages...I am still not sure what to make of it as I am sure the Big European Freeze has something to do with putting a gremlin in the scale's brain but anyhow, why fight good news?? I do feel some additional weight around my tum though, so getting back to some moderate exercise this week is my first goal. In SA we did some hiking and swimming, but not as regular as when I am home.

Additional good news is that I finally, after 2 years of hard work and inches thick ledgers of documentation, managed to be accepted by the Dutch government to become a Dutch citizen. My acceptance ceremony will be at the end of this month and if I can manage to be a kilo less than now, that will make me look so much better on the photo! (Vanity your name is woman....)

Now to get back on the wagon...which is again proving more of a challenge than before. Started yesterday to log foods again but did not get there altogether.
Add to that the fact that for some bizarre reason I started with headaches (I think the SA diet has something to do with that, at stages I suffered from constiaption, ) and battling to get rid of it. Sometimes headaches are ok but these seem to really tire me out and wear me down! Which makes it harder to consistently make the best choices possible! At least I have started by making my own veggie soup, some roast vegetables and oats again, so I hope to improve my diet from there...

Plan is to weigh in next Monday morning...mmm...will have to see how it goes...



Saturday, December 05, 2009

So I am off for a holiday visit with friends and family, in a sunny country, for around a month. Most the time we will be out of reach of computers and even mobile a real rest! I am not complaining...
Winter has come with a vengeance here and I immediately feel it in my bones. SAD is setting in so I will be glad to get away for a while.
Last week has been hectic and I am still working full today and half Monday before departing. Packing and preparing for some house guests who will stay here while we are away must still happen in just two days....
So I have been trying not to track the last week, and know it has not been going well. Good-bye dinners, thanksgiving with friends, winter melancholy and tiredness all played a role. I hope to fare better on holiday, perhaps where it's sunny and warm it's better to be disciplined...
Any way I will be back next year and aim on getting straight back on SP for another attempt at my 5 kg's before April.
I hope to limit the damage from the holidays, without spoiling my (and those around me) fun.
All at Spark, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas time with those you love and cherish, not too many (useless) gifts but an overflow of hugs, kisses, smiles and peace to y'all! C ya in the new year!!!

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IM4KINGDOM 12/19/2009 6:04PM

    I suffer from SAD also. Did you know that there is a SparkTeam for that? Yep, for commiserating as a hypo we have our Hypothyroid's... team and as a sufferer of SAD there is a team for that too. Here's the link (just copy and paste it)...


Hope you had a great time getting away...

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SALLYDEE 12/5/2009 2:52AM

  Right back at you, have a great month

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The straw that breaks the camel's back...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Struggle is ongoing. Kilo up, kilo down. Thought I broke the plateau, but I didn't. Winter is setting in and so does the need for a little winter comfort...a little dark chocolate, a little digestive biscuit with my afternoon tea....all the "crimes of passion" that torpedoes weight loss. Even though I count those into my daily calories!

For me, the straw that breaks the camel's back is that as soon as I let my guard down for even one meal and one exercise session, I am doomed! The scale goes up and, unfortunately, a dark mood overtakes...add to that the factor that my other half can loose 10 kilos and keep it off, and I can loose only 3 kilos in 6 months...we don't even discuss the weight issue because he claims it is just as difficult for him to loose weight and any way, why should he compliment me with my efforts if in a while, I may pick up the weight again. Rather say nothing, that way it's a safe bet...well, of course my attitude is if I can't have his encouragement I sure do not want his critisism! ANd of course, he has not thyroid issues, so I don't even go there with that argument.

So the battle continues...I ask myself if it is even possible to get further than loosing just 8% of body weight for me. I am so trying to loose another 5 kilos by next April, and now with holidays coming up I will certainly not be loosing, I know, as we will be living with family and friends for a month.

Well, new week, new effort. Why does it feel that my life is consumed with loosing weight??

I suppose last but not least, I should apologize to whoever reads this, for letting off steam in such a negative way. I believe the it helps to vent "on paper" rather than vent in person....

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IM4KINGDOM 11/28/2009 10:13PM

    I think it's great that you are venting in your blog, JELLEBABY. I hope you had a great week this week. I think 5 kilos by April is a very reasonable goal for a hypo. Vent anytime. emoticon

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JELLEBABY 11/24/2009 8:57AM

  Thanks for understanding, and for the encouragement.

And indeed, we are quite happy and he does not really criticize, in his case it has always been rather what he does NOT day than what he DOES....which can be equally disheartening and frustrating.
SO whereas I am not planning divorce, I SO agree that one has to do this for you and with the knowledge that the goal will be worth it!

I have always this space, I will be gorgeous when I'm sixty....well I have 8.5 years to get there....hehehehe....

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MMILUS 11/23/2009 8:16AM

    JELLEBABY - if you can't vent here, where can you? I know where you are coming from with a significant other that won't compliment but feels free to criticize. I've been divorced for 2 years (amicably - we are both MUCH happier now) but I've realized that I subconciously refused to do anything about my weight while we were together because he criticized my weight when I was 150 pounds and at 5' 9" - that was slim! I'm not suggesting that you divorce your husband over this but I do understand your frustration. Hang in there and remember, you are doing this for you and your health and, although it's slow and frustrating at times, the end goal will be worth it.

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