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The Eve of a New Year

Saturday, December 31, 2011

There are so many blogs and articles about NY resolutions, tricks to change bad habits and new things to try. But the one thing I'm focusing on isnt new at all, its what I needed to focus on for the last 3 years since I started gaining back a bunch of weight I lost. Its something you can't read or extract from an article. You find it in your head, right where you left it when the mood struck you to stick to your healthy eating, take care of yourself and feel better. I'm picking it up, I'm remembering, I am choosing...a choice, no one is forcing you to abuse food or lay around and not exercise. Just a few hours until a new year, a year of consciousness, happy memories and strength. Happy New Year!

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HEALTHYSLIM2 1/6/2013 7:40PM

    emoticon emoticon
Here's to healthy and excellent choices (most of the time) in 2013!
I will do my best to support you and look forward to watching you have great success in ALL you do this year!!
emoticon keep on Sparking!!

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CAROLISCIOUS 1/2/2012 6:35PM

    I struggled in lazy...wanted to do nothing and not gain weight. It doesn't work that way. Duh? I blogged about it today. Let's make 2012 our best year!

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A Coffin of Flesh

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you to "4A Healthy BMI" for her blog "Making up for lost time". Here is a crucial part of what she said today:

"I'm just so grateful to no longer be living in my own personal coffin of flesh at a BMI over 50, with mobility issues already beginning. I lived for about 15 years that way, from my mid-30s to my mid-40s. I was well over 200 lbs from my mid 20s to my mid 30s. And it wasn't fun.

It wasn't horrible; I mean I traveled and had hobbies and friends and enjoyed life. But I didn't enjoy it the way I do now. I can go places now that most of the rest of the human population can't, simply because I have developed unusual skills and I'm in the appropriate physical shape to do it.

4 years ago if you'd told me I'd be signing up for a class III-IV whitewater kayaking trip in Central America I'd have laughed at you. Because it wasn't even conceivable.

So now I'm living out loud and training hard and eating right during the week so that I can enjoy doing the things I love on the weekends and vacations.

Yes, I have to track my food on my iPod. Yes, I weigh myself every morning and log it on the tracker. No, I can't just go and eat whatever I want whenever I want, anymore.

But it's worth it. It is so totally worth it."

Wow, those few paragraphs have had such an impact on me today. The visual illusion of a "coffin of flesh" is so real to me right now. I was looking in an old journal from when I lost 80lbs in 2006-7. In just beginning my journey, I remarked that I couldn't wait to get "out of this fat suit". Its so TRUE! The fat is like a coffin, stopping me from LIVING!! I'm so glad I read this today.

Life has such a funny way of directing us to something right when we need it. I've picked myself up and continued on my journey since last Friday and every day I feel stronger. Blogs like 4A Healthy BMI's may not be exactly where I am on my journey (she's reached her goal and is now white water rafting!) but her experience is so relevant and her words are so helpful. Had to share!

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CAROLISCIOUS 10/13/2011 7:51AM

    Wow...that IS powerful! Glad you found something you needed and thanks for sharing. I will go check out her blog!

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Spring is the right time for running...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Wow, its weird how amazing a run in the cool, breezy Spring can feel. I've lived all over the world and run in several different types of "springs" but somehow you appreciate it more in the South, particularly here in NW Florida! Its so nice to have a cool breeze, you so cherish it because you know your time is limited. Soon enough the harsh, humid days will arrive and we'll miss these few precious "spring" days. Get out there and run if you can people!

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JIBBIE49 5/3/2011 12:09AM


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MCCOURTT 5/2/2011 5:46PM

    This being my first year for running, I have to say there is something about running outside, that just makes it!
(I know what you mean about Florida, never lived there, but use to visit a lot, that is some heat!, Spring was always beautiful)

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GREEKGEEK2012 5/2/2011 4:22PM

    I completely agree! I live in a desert climate-- so our summers are hot and dry! Enjoy your runs!

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Garden metaphors...for moving!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Its that (military) time again...the dreaded PCS - permanent change of station. Every summer, families everywhere begin the process of pulling up the shallow roots of their current home and readying for replanting. Some will find its time for dividing the plant of their family - with members moving on to college, or out on deployment. Others will be excited to replant into a larger home, with room for their roots to grow.

I have to admit, we were rather root-bound in our pot of a home in Pittsburgh - living there for 4 years! Really unheard of for a regular military family, move every 2-3 years like us. Still, we thrived where we re-planted ourselves, First, in the rich, mountainous soil of the Blue Ridge mountain town of Crozet, Virginia. Only a one year assignment, we were determined to spread out quickly, cover as much ground as we could and enrich the native land we had found ourselves in. To become an enhancement to our community, not a weed - a standout, a nuisance, something people look forward to eliminating or getting rid of. Alas, we uprooted again, this time to a totally different planting zone - the Coastal South! Sandy soil, full sun, warm days and breezes (almost) year round. We were fortunate enough to spend 2 full years here, enjoying the beaches, the slower life style and the expanded growing season - my boys have grown several inches influenced by all the healthy activities available and good folks here.

This Spring, word has come down by total surprise that we will move again to the Northeast, to New England, To Boston! Back and Forth along the East Coast, our PCS "EKG" looks like a healthy heatbeat...start in Louisiana, move to Northern New York, move to Western Texas, move to Italy, move to Germany, move to Florida, move to Pennsylvania, move to Virginia, move to Florida and now back up to Massachusetts! Along the way, I've seen my kids bloom so well, needing a bit more water and miracle grow when they wilted slightly, as kids will as they grow through their teen years. My oldest son turns 17 today - and I just am amazed at how well he has grown into such an amazing young man. Versatile, hardy, beautiful, blooms in partial shade or full sun - the easiest, most gratifying plant you can grow (with careful guidance and regular pruning, e.g., haircuts!! lol)

So here we go, off for another growing season - full of hope and plans, but never knowing exactly how everything will bloom. There will be amazing surprises, a few disappointments and memorable adaptations to a new environment. Here's to our year long growing season in New England - USDA Zone 6, Northeast. May we adapt well, with little root shock at being transplanted, and take hold, root well and stay hardy through the snowy winter - healthy enough to bloom again in the Spring and strong enough to be moved yet again when the year is over. Gloves on, trowels at the ready...


Statute of Limitations on Race PR's...what about weight loss PR's?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My mother and I ran the Disney Half Marathon this past January. We endured it is more accurate. It was her first, and she was disappointed that she didn't place better. I was just happy to have finished. Recently she reminded me that apparently you can only count having run a race length or good race time for a certain limited amount of time. She was adamant about it - you can't even say you had run a half marathon or marathon or anything after 2 years! In 2008 I ran my first and so far only marathon (MCM). I'll be darned if I will decline mentioning that I completed that race b/c so much time has elapsed. Not like I'm out there broadcasting it, but if it comes up, I'm telling!

This idea started me thinking about my long weight loss journey. I'm now on the upswing, slowly losing some of the weight I had regained but I wondered, "gee, is there a SOL on weight loss"? Like, should I even be sharing that I lost so much weight over 2 years ago? It does seem strange since it didn't stick, that I didn't make the permanent changes needed to never regain the weight. Can I count that weight loss PR? It used to be such a part of my story, especially since I would see people that noticed the loss and was constantly talking about it. But now that we've moved, new people only know the slightly chunky me, not the seriously overweight me and it seems strange to even talk about my old accomplishments.

So, I've decided I need to focus on what's going on right now. Its not like I didn't accomplish those amazing feats (running that danged marathon AND losing almost 100lbs!) but I've moved on with my life - both physically and otherwise - and I need to look forward. To new races, new challenges...maybe even new ways of dodging the mother comments, or at least just smiling and accepting them.

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MTER67 8/3/2010 8:55PM

    Can we have it both ways? I think whether a person runs a marathon successfully today or did 30 years ago, they are to be commended. Like you, I've run the distance and not everyone can do it; not everyone wants to. I think that accomplishment entitles a person to life long bragging rights. Similarly, losing a large amount of weight is a huge accomplishment and an emotional journey--how can a person just "forget" about it? But, the flip side is also true--we can't rest on our laurels when there is still a whole lot out there for us to achieve. Great blog!

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BALLOUZOO 8/1/2010 9:00PM

    Nope, we need to celebrate all victories for as long as we can remember them !!

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