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Good, Better, Best - Dinner

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dinner is a family event. I try to cook meals that appeal to all of us and meet all of our needs and dietary restrictions. Sometimes my kids will cook too. I've taught my kids to look for recipes with lower sugar content and to include vegetables.

I made dinner on Monday - chicken, carrots and apples in a teriyaki sauce. I served brown rice with it for the family but skipped the rice for myself.

My 12 year old made dinner on Tuesday - shrimp scampi with a Caesar side salad. I am not doing grains right now so I picked out my shrimp and put it right on the salad.

My 17 year old made dinner on Wednesday. He grilled up gourmet burgers and made oven baked onion rings. I had my burger with no bun. ( I realize that he fudged a bit by counting onion rings as his vegetable but I wasn't involved in his cooking until he served it.)

If I had to rate these dinners I'd say that the healthiest was the shrimp scampi and salad. Then I'd say the teriyaki chicken, carrots and apple. And then the burgers and onion rings. I wouldn't say that any of them were "bad" meals unless you were to have burgers and onion rings every single day and if the onion rings had been deep fried. I think that adding a salad or other veggies to the burger meal would have improved it nutritionally.

What do you think is a good, better, best dinner?

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1MORNINGWALKER 7/11/2014 9:22PM

    Good job in teaching your children to cook, and I think they all sound like great balanced meals. My son loves to cook burgers and I too eat without a bun, usually veggies and salad on the side.
Unfortunately my other son loves to cook pizza, homemade crust too, and boy are they good, probably not healthy don't have any too often. Wish he would clean up after better too. LOL!!

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HOLLYM48 7/11/2014 5:56PM

    I like that yours kids are in on meal planning and preparing and even thinking of the healthy aspect of it. Congrats to you mom for imparting that upon them!

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LADYVOLSFAN1954 7/11/2014 2:48PM

    Like you said, I don't think you'll be eating the burger & onion rings daily so an occasional meal like that isn't "bad". All sounded yummy. I think it's really important to teach your kids to cook. My son loves to cook and he's always thinking of a healthier way to do favorites. Plus he's learned about the lower sodium or no added salt methods too and how to add extra flavor. Which is great considering what his friends eat! Great job!

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FRAN0426 7/11/2014 2:07PM

    I agree with you in the order you rated the three dinners. Nice that your children are making meals, it is a valuable lesson to know when they move out on their own some day.

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UMBILICAL 7/11/2014 12:31PM


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Good, Better, Best - Lunch

Thursday, July 10, 2014

When I'm lazy my go-to lunch is some kind of leftover grabbed from the fridge. They weren't bad leftover's - usually some kind of meat/veggie stir fry that I would have with some brown rice. But for me and my diabetes the brown rice would tip me over into bad bloodsugar territory. So what was a "good" lunch was also a "bad" lunch - for me!

Now that I'm trying to be more proactive, my go-to lunch is a salad with protein. This is usually a bed of mixed greens (I like the 50/50 mix that you can get at the grocery store). I then layer on some extra veggies. I like a small sprinkling of raw red onions. Sugar snap peas if I have some. Some cut carrots. Sometimes leftover mixed veggies from the fridge. I try to vary the vegetables so that I don't get too bored. For protein my usual choice is chicken - either leftover chicken in the fridge or some of the pre-grilled chicken slices that you can get in the frozen or refrigerated section in the grocery store. I keep a bag in the freezer and grab just a little bit to thaw and add to my salad. Sometimes I get tired of that and will use some canned black beans instead for protein. Or canned tuna. Or some other leftover meat. Now here is where a "best" lunch probably gets downgraded to just "better". I like my Brianna's poppyseed dressing. I try not to use too much. But it is more calories etc. than a balsamic vinaigrette or something like that. I also have my dessert for the day at noon - two squares of Theo's organic dark chocolate. Sometimes it's the kind with cherries and almonds, sometimes just salted almonds or sometimes the kind with raspberries.

What do you think is a good, better, best lunch?

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COASTAL6 7/11/2014 7:00AM

    Salads are good, I like mine with grilled fish, and tomatoes from my garden emoticon

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FRAN0426 7/11/2014 12:21AM

    Your salad lunches sound yummy Jean. I enjoy a good salad too, love to change up the veggies and use only one T. of dressing for a taste. I change up the dressing also and do try and but fat free or light dressings when possible. I also enjoy having a small portion of a leftover sometimes for lunch.

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1MORNINGWALKER 7/10/2014 8:43PM

    I pretty much have what you have, love my salads, with veggies, and soup too sometimes vegetable or chicken whatever we have.
I admit I love blue cheese dressing but I don't do it all the time. emoticon

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COMPCHIC52 7/10/2014 4:06PM

    you could take the lower cal dressing and what you like mix that together if your needing more. just mix more of the lower cal and then the higher cal one use it for just the taste . Me I would like the chicken salad one better. then also add in some almond to any salad for crunch. those meals sound great there is so much you can do and not have to do it with bread like get roman use the leafs as you would bread it taste better then using bread cause of the crunch. you can dress your sandwich up the same way as you would with bread.

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XRSIZE16 7/10/2014 1:20PM

    I've been trying to go meatless for breakfast and lunch just because I feel like you get a lot of nutrients from plant-based protein sources without as many calories. I have always been a big meat eater (especially red meat) and since I've made the switch I'm finding it really easy to stay within my calorie/nutrient goals.

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ALIHIKES 7/10/2014 12:10PM

    I think it sounds great! Very healthy choices, and they sound delicious. I sometimes make a ranch style dressing, whisking half Veggiennaise and half non-fat plain yogurt with herbs, that I like as a change. It's healthier than store bought ranch dressing.

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JENNEINAZ 7/10/2014 12:00PM

  I like your lunch. I just don't like salad. I usually eat eggs and veggies for lunch.

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Good, Better, Best - Breakfast

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pre low(er) carb, my go-to breakfast was one Eggo waffle or one Ezekiel English Muffin spread with peanut butter and two eggs. Not horrible like if I was eating a box of Krispy Kremes (love those!) but not maybe the best. I would rate it as a "good" breakfast.

Now that I'm trying to focus (again) on getting my diabetes under control my breakfast is two eggs and a piece of fruit. "Better".

Is it the best breakfast out there? Probably not. I'm sure if I whipped up some egg whites, added lots of spinach etc. and had a flax seed smoothie of some sort it would win some kind of "best" award.

What do you think is a good, better, best breakfast?

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ALIHIKES 7/10/2014 12:33PM

    Sounds like a good breakfast. I am trying to limit eggs because of my cholesterol; I don't have blood sugar problems. But I think your breakfast is great for your goals.

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JENNEINAZ 7/10/2014 11:52AM

  I eat some beef jerky and a piece of fruit for breakfast. It isn't traditional but it works for me.

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COASTAL6 7/10/2014 5:28AM

    Sounds good!

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1MORNINGWALKER 7/9/2014 8:34PM

    I never use to eat breakfast, but I have learned to have it everyday now, I love oatmeal (did not use to) with blueberries and mint tea, gives me energy for my morning walks.
I think the above is the best, sometimes I will have eggs and sausages not as good I think. emoticon

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SPERRIN2012 7/9/2014 6:47PM

The smoothie or protein drink actually add up to quite a few calories and carbohydrates when you add your fruits (usually Sm banana, frozen strawberries & some other wild card fruit) but the boiled egg whites work with blackberries and cantaloupe.

Either way I get my fair share of Skippy or Jiff peanut butter.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COMPCHIC52 7/9/2014 4:32PM

    now I am hungry think ill eat have not yet emoticon

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SPINNER86 7/9/2014 3:41PM

  I think your bkfst is pretty good & very similar to mine. I'll have 1 egg, half of banana, some Kefir for the probiotics and a cup of tea. Or cottage cheese instead of the egg. I feel much better eating this way than having toast or an english muffin in the morning.

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Grumpy Virtuous Day 2

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I ate low carb again today. The food is all food that I like. It is all healthy. It isn't extreme low carb in that I eat fruits and vegetables. I even get my 2 squares of organic dark chocolate at lunch time. But I'm grumpy. It isn't the kind of grumpy you get from not eating enough. It is the kind of grumpy you get when you need an attitude adjustment! I'm not sure why I'm being such a baby about this. Oh well. As I tell my kids, "You can make a fuss, but you still need to do it!"

I did not make my step goal today. No real reason except that it was hot and I am lethargic. I did 3954 steps today (instead of 5000).

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1MORNINGWALKER 7/9/2014 10:45AM

    I too have been grumpy, think it is the heat for me emoticon

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JENNEINAZ 7/9/2014 10:35AM

  I understand about the grumpy. I think it is because the 'choice' of what to eat is gone.

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COMPCHIC52 7/9/2014 2:39AM

    Give it a few more days your body will adjust right now its probably saying. hmm what are you doing to me now . it is freaking out a few more days it wont be freaking anymore. emoticon

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Day 1 of Low Carb Done

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

It wasn't bad. I actually didn't eat much differently than normal. I just cut out the breads and rice. But I still want a waffle.

Late in the day - a few hours after dinner - I started to feel pretty nauseated. I thought that my sugar must be low but was shocked to get a reading of 153 when I tested. Then I realized that I had forgotten to take my Metformin. So just eating low carb (for admittedly only one day!) wasn't enough to keep my sugars in check. So as much as it kills me, I'm glad that I have medicine to go along with the diet and exercise.

I got in 6394 steps.

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FRAN0426 7/8/2014 9:27PM

    Good job with those steps Jean.
One day isn't going to lower that blood sugar drastically, keep taking the Medformin. All the best in lowering the blood sugar levels---you can do it.

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1MORNINGWALKER 7/8/2014 1:37PM

    Glad you are getting those steps in, sure hope you feel better now. emoticon

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JENNEINAZ 7/8/2014 11:36AM

  I am glad modern medicine exists too. Great job on the walking and the low carb!

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COMPCHIC52 7/8/2014 11:24AM

    well carbs have a lot of sugar in them so for watching your sugars you have to watch carbs? well anyways that's what all the diabetics do in my family there is so many. but a 153 reading for a diabetic is good lower would be better but I know diabetics tend to run higher. good work with the steps . emoticon emoticon

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BRAINBENTT 7/8/2014 11:18AM


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144AUTUMN 7/8/2014 11:13AM

  Keep up the good work!!

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