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Timing is everything

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's odd how no matter what we SEEM to think, if we're not at the point in our lives where we are ready for something to happen it is just NOT going to happen. I originally joined SP about 6 years ago. I was all "gung ho" at first. I though I'm ready, I want this, I'm giong to make it happen. Yeah right. Here I am 6 years later starting all over. But the time is different, the mindset is different, the feeling is different. I didn't even know what I truely wanted 6 years ago. Ok, so to a point I was just wanting to look better. But now I want to FEEL better. I want to work better. I want to BE better. I want to be healthy. I DON'T want to turn 40 and still be the me I was 6 years ago. Counseling is what started the change this year. I didn't want to feel miserable about myself anymore and I knew that I wasn't going to quit feeling that way by myself. I have come to learn, and readily admit, some of us just can't do EVERYTHING on our own. The best part is we don't have to. That's why we're ALL here. I only recently got active on SP again. That's actually one of the reasons I know this time is different. I want to know how to do things on here. I've learned how. I've read message boards and left comments and joined a challenge. I made my first friends. Lol. I don't want to feel alone anymore. I want to connect with people. And hey, I LIKE getting points. LOL. I'm ok with not being perfect all the and not beating myself up if I do something "bad". And I like being ok with that. It feels ALOT better. So for now I'm active every day (working on being more active), I cook and clean for my family and still study my classes every day but I make time to take my dog for a walk. I managed to quit smoking last October 16th and I have lost 10lbs. I am happy where I am, which feels great and odd to say at the same time. I've never felt it before. I know it's different this time. If I can go into McDonald's and look at the calorie chat and pick something I've never tried before and LIKE it, things have changed! I have finally let it become MY time. So look out now! emoticon



Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yoga is great and I'm loving it. However, I certainly found out that you really have to be ok with your limitations at first. LOL


Don't understand

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something I just don't understand about my weight loss issues. Why is it that I'll be going along fine for awhile and then all of a sudden I have just this overwhelming urge to start eating something and not stup until absolutely everything in the house is gone??? I can still fight it this time, unlike my previous attempts but it is just so frustrating. I go and watch what I eat and weigh and measure and everything seems fine. Then after a few weeks the urge kicks in. And it's not something small that's easy to ignore. It's like all the food in the house is screaming my name or something. It's been a week now and it's not subsiding. Thankfully I haven't given in! But other than the fact that it's annoying as crap, I have to wonder WHY? Why does this keep happening and why won't it stop??? I want so much to lose the weight and be healthy but my Lord, some days I feel like I'm going to be insane before I ever get to that point. I hope it at least quiets down soon. I would really like for it to stop all together. But I'll keep going along like I have been and fighting it and doing what I should. I hope it eases up soon. Lol

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MPLANE37 7/29/2012 9:00PM

    Several reasons, you choose which ones may apply in your case:
1. Eating junk food, even if it is not as frequent as before. Over time you will win if you persist, but junk food, even in small quantities will play with your blood sugar and cause cravings, and at some point you will give in to your cravings.
2. You have just started your fat loss journey, and you are still with the "dieting" attitude and so you eat too little, unconsciously may be, in the hopes that it would accelerate your fat loss and at some point your body just cannot take it any more. There is no way to accelerate fat loss. There is an absolute max. that you can lose per month which changes as a function of your current fat percentage (it is the largest when you are the most overweight, and drops all the way to zero as you approach your healthy body fat percentage). So stay in your caloric range and workout only as much as you promised you would in your weekly exercise goal.
3. You are stressed too much, and you use your willpower to keep yourself from comfort eating, but willpower is unreliable over the long run. Unexpected stress is inevitable in life, so you need to find something that you love to do so that whenever you are stressed, you do that instead of finding comfort in sugar.
4. You are sleep deprived, so the hormones in your system are not in their normal ranges. Sleep deprived people and also animals are shown to consume more calories because they in general feel more hungry. Also, sleep deprivation accumulates. Only half an hour of deprivation per day will probably do no harm that day, but over the course of a few weeks, you will start feeling too much hunger. So get your sleep. Uninterrupted, quality sleep.
5. You do everything right, but since unconsciously you want to get slim as fast as possible, you work out a lot, and you don't care if the fitness tracker of SP yells at you for not updating your weekly expenditure goal. This is very similar to undereating, and over time your body will just revolt and cause you to storm the kitchen from now and then.

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THIN133 7/29/2012 8:43PM

    Hang in there baby !!!! Take one step at a time, make one decision at a time. wake up every day telling yourself you'll have a great day & make healthy decisions. Little victories will add up to great results. I journal everything , eating, excercise, moods, etc. and that helps me tremendously for accountabiility,and awareness. I also write down my goals.. for the day or week or even longer.If I see it in black and white it helps me stay focused . You can do it !!!!

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LYNNA1968 7/29/2012 8:38PM

    keep track daily on a calendar everything & see if you can notice a link.....
bills coming due, deadline @ work, hormonal issues, someone else w/hormonal issues. If you can find the commonality you will figure out how to change it. Best of luck

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Just what's on my mind

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I hear people all the time commenting on how hard it is to lose weight. I would have to agree. What I hear most is how hard the last 10lbs or so are the hardest to lose. Hitting a plateau is hard to overcome. I have to assume these people are right, I don't doubt them, I have just never made it far enough to find out. What is hard for me is just starting. It's easy to sit around and complain all day about being overweight, complaining about not liking how you look, or complaining about being unhealthy. What is hard is getting out of a lifetime of habit and taking the easy way out and self-indulgence. For me just saying enough is enough is the hardest. Deciding that I want to quit feeling so lazy and do something is hard. Saying I'm going to go to the trouble of measuring and weighing portions and breaking bad habits and not just sitting on the couch anymore is hard. Doing it feels almost impossible. It's new and different and not as easy as ignoring nutrition labels and filling up on just whatever. Trying to throw out and unlearn a lifetime of misinformation we grew up hearing and relearn health and nutrition is hard. But why is it hard? I'm a creature of habit. New, different, change, breaking out of the "norm", that is what's hard for me. But what has been the MOST difficult for me is to believe that I'm worth the trouble. The bad is always easier to believe, especially when so many always spoke it.

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MANTHA1624 7/19/2012 2:37AM

    Baby steps. Baby steps are the best way to reach your goal and the first one is the hardest. The first step is to know in your heart that YOU ARE WORTH IT! After that one the rest will come more easily. If you ever need someone to listen and encourage you just send me an email. Good luck and remember that you are worth it and you CAN do it. emoticon

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CHANGING-TURTLE 7/17/2012 6:41PM


Really you are worth it emoticon emoticon

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Starting Over

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Well I joind SP 6 years ago and here I sit still the same, just in a different state. It really gets pretty depressing and aggravating to think that I started out so gung-ho and hopeful about it all and 6 years later I'm exactly the same. I lost all motivation and sight of what I wanted. I'm afraid to set goals because I've never achieved them. I guess I figure if I don't try then I can't fail. But isn't that really the biggest failure of all??? Never trying at all. That means never really living. Which I guess when I look at the big picture I really don't live. I'm just here. Life passes me by. I sit here and do what I have to do to make my family and my home function and that's really it. I end up trying to keep my kids from ending up like I have. But aren't we supposed to lead by example, especially where our children are concerned??? What really eats at me the most is that I know all this stuff. I know what I need to do. I know how I need to eat. I know how I need to act. I have done such extensive research on diet, nutrition and exercise that I could probably be a nutritionist or personal trainer. What I seem to lack, and be unable to find, is the drive, determination and motivation to do something with it. It makes me sick that I fail at everything I say I want to do. Yet as much as it turns my stomach to think about it, I am still unable to find the strength inside me to do anything about it. It amazes me all that I have survived and come through to the other side of. The horrible childhood, the promiscuity brought on by the self-loathing, needing to feel like I had to be with a man to feel validated, being a young single mother. The problems early on in my marriage, the 14 month seperation. Becoming an army wife, wondering through 3 deployments if my husband was coming home alive or in a box, almost divorcing after the 2nd deployment. Then there were the problems with the kids. Wondering if my oldest son was dead or alive, was he going to end up doing so many drugs he ended up a vegetable or dead. Would he ever live to make it out of the gang crap. Was her going to end up in prison. Was I going to end up in prison trying to protect him? Is he going to have anywhere to live? Is he ever going to do anything with himself? And the problems are similar but not as severe with my youngest son and my daughter. I can come through all that but I can't seem to do the little that I need to do to take care of myself and lose weight and be healthy. I can't seem to grasp the one piece of myself that says enough is enough and I'm taking control of this. It's like I've spent so much of myself on everyone else that I have none left for me. I can survive all of that but I can't seem to find the strength to help myself. I know alot of it is all in wording. I say I can't alot. I'm not sure how else to put it right now and as long as I haven't done it how else WOULD I put it. I don't try to be negative, it's just always there. It always has been. I can see the good and wonderful in others but I'm still searching for it in myself. However, the counseling has been helping with it. I'll be glad when she is back from her operation. I will strive to keep working on myself. I really do hate feeling like this huge failure. I'll be 40 next year and I don't want to turn 40 looking the same as I do now. Six years ago I joined SP and the only difference is that I now live at Fort Lewis, WA. What a waste. I don't want to be sitting in this same chair at this same computer with these same issues in another 6 years. Lord help me figure out how to help myself and find the strength to do it. But as always Lord, thank you for another day to try.

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YESI-O 4/1/2012 2:35PM

  Wow, when I read your blog I feel like I wrote it. (except for the problems with the marraige and kids,, my daughter is only 4). But I myself Have told myself a million times I can and WILL do this and then never do anything so I end up so disappointed in myself. But today is the beginning of a new month. And last night I lay in bed thinking about how I've been pretty much mediocre at everything in my life, even being a mom, because I just can't find the energy to do anything. But then I started thinking about how I can't because I'm unhappy with myself. And I'm sick of making excuses for myself...I'm just going to do it. My daughter is old enough now to remember this stage in her life and I don't want her to remember me as always tired from work, and living a sedentary lifestyle. I want her to develop healthy habits and I am determined to do this. You should be determined with me. We could support each other.

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